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Cody (@guest_5057099)
1 month ago

I’ve signed up for the free trading session from the S&P 500 Futures Trading Group (formally The Delta Trading Group it looks like) and read your review here:
Which looks pretty bad. This was written in 2015, but I assume it’s the same deal? BTW – they tell you to watch an intro video before your session, which I have here:
The guy says they log each trade so it can be verified, which your article from 2015 says they didn’t do. So has it changed? I have also read it costs 10k upfront and $600 per month, which immediately I won’t do. If this is true, what really irks me is the radio broadcast that brought me to the group. Never mentioned anything about a price, yet they LITERALLY said that other trading groups will charge you absorbent prices. (They even said “thousands of dollars”) If the 10k is true, the radio broadcast outright lied. The radio broadcast also says, they win 9 out of 10 trades if you follow the program, yet this video says 60/40 split. I guess I can take the free session and tell you how it goes….

Gareth McAllister
Gareth McAllister (@guest_5057003)
2 months ago

I was somewhat assured that I saw trades actually happen on the Delta Trading Group site. I also noted that some of the time the trades were just simulations and not actual trades. But the concept of the 4/3 risk management and the trend, retracement, cloudy stop, and headroom all seem to be reasonable. I visited the site more than 10 times and saw various instructors and quite a few individuals commenting about their trades. Also ran an excel spreadsheet with a random (heads (zero) or tails (one)) and then another random number between 37 to 63 based on the time head or tails would show up – and in 100 trades always came out in the positive. So what am I not understanding about this concept. I fully understand that I will not gain in trades all the time and that I will loose from time to time.

Ryan (@guest_5056978)
2 months ago

Hi – I’m trying to figure out how to see all the comments on these blog posts. I used to be able to see all of them but I can’t see any of them anymore

Bill wall
Bill wall (@guest_5056935)
2 months ago

Have you heard or seen services that follow 13f filings with the SEC? So far I’ve just seen a lot of headlines and clickbait. Is this a strategy that could work? I see how the theory is attractive but it seems like The information gathered would not be complete enough to be relevant.
This is an amazing service you are doing.

DANIEL (@guest_5056804)
3 months ago


Tony (@guest_5056820)
3 months ago
Reply to  DANIEL is a good one. Truth and transparency.

Private investor
Private investor (@guest_5056784)
3 months ago

Whitney Tilson Empire Market watch is a huge scam. It’s a bait and lure tactic with a rabbit hole. Sign up for all the bells and whistles then once subscribed there are minor useless bits of info but if you subscribe to the other features or folks who’ve joined Whitney and his tactics he’ll rob you as bad these other low life’s. Fortunately I got my money back.

Private investor
Private investor (@guest_5056783)
3 months ago

Beat the Market by Darron Hatch Has surfaced as a former Wall Street employee. Claims to make over 16- 20% average on trades. But joined his training and see it’s more like 3-4%. Not enough to cover expenses for orders nor does he do his research thoroughly.

tom (@guest_5056775)
3 months ago

Danny Devan of Ace Ventures. Using typical funneling scheme to corral noobs into a Discord , posts what are suppose to be trades in the chat, claims great victories, and of course posts the typical occasional loss to prove he’s legit.

Appears a classic funnel , give away all these trade secrets , post crazy results , and typical plants in the room who follow along and make big money a happy to cheer him on.
He may be legit, but seen this all too many times, and they never end well or have good intentions ..

John (@guest_5056785)
3 months ago
Reply to  tom

Emmit this one is Global Trade Room all over again , just join the discord anonymously and you will quickly see the circus , the up selling , and hocking of everything from courses, to indicators, to websites claiming to track Dark Pool bullshit . It’s really amazing as I feel like I am seeing it first hand as it builds into a gigantic cesspool. It’s really awesome .

tom (@guest_5056874)
3 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

This rathole continues to get more sleazy by the day ..
Who knows, maybe the money is being donated, but I’m not buying it ..

Sorry for live crashing everyone, TikTok is acting strange! But we went over all the important points 🎯 As I was saying from the course proceeds, today we have just donated thousands of dollars to multiple organizations. First to the Lebanon Red Cross to help them in their efforts with the tragedy that occurred. Next we have hired a team to donate care kits to more than 500 struggling families during this time that contain essential needs! ❤️ But it doesn’t end there… Next we’ll be focusing on purchasing supplies to help low income community education programs when schools start in the fall. 📚 We’re also deciding between getting dog beds, treats and food to donate to shelters ourselves. Another option is donating to overnight fosters because during COVID, the shelters are over populated. 🐶 We will continue to donate to multiple programs and organizations, to help everyone around the world. If you have any suggestions or programs you want us to donate to. Please email me This group was made to be a community to help others during this time to make an extra income source. The course was purposely made to be affordable and to not only help you, but everyone in the world. ❤️ @everyone

tom (@guest_5056885)
2 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Just when you thought it cant get even more ridiculous …
I remember another guy who used to send out these emails about all the ticks they made.. Thats didn’t end well either ..

Jaime Moreno
Jaime Moreno (@guest_5056889)
2 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

My friend told me about this guy, any verdict yet ?

RYAN (@guest_5057097)
1 month ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Well what is your verdict?
I went to the site…
I found it on the up and up. Helping younger people learn the basics. He has constantly told everyone that his course can be found on his you tube channel for free. Seems like many people didn’t give the kid a fair shake.

tom (@guest_5057191)
1 month ago
Reply to  RYAN

Whole back story being told is fabricated and lies.
His course is copied material, the so called vetted traders are all from other trade rooms that have been shutdown.
Google Search “Ace Ventures Fraud” … He’s just a front man for a larger funnel scheme from everything from real estate to venture capital .
You are obviously someone connected because you’d have no other reason to comment otherwise .
Most of us who have contributed to this site for many years can sniff out a shill .
Make sure you tell your boy, the SEC had several complaints filed about the pump & dump in those Tesla options for battery day (Sept 495/500). Remember those that had zero open interest 3 weeks prior and were pumped up to the day before and they increased 200% higher then options severely IN THE Money like the 420/425 call options.. 50K people in a discord can inflate options prices enough so the people who front run, would make out pretty good .. It was also done on a bunch of other ridiculously Out of The Money options, and was documented and submitted. Also noticed your boy not posting those ridiculously OTM option trades anymore.. Wonder why ?

John (@guest_5056790)
3 months ago
Reply to  John

Total hype house

dtchurn (@guest_5056840)
3 months ago
Reply to  tom

Having shill plants in the room already signifies blatant fraud to me. I can’t see it anymore than outright disgusting fakery and disrespectful tomfoolery such as sending a pic of a fake wharton phd degree ala Rightline’s pill pusher and plastic mutilator quackdoc. Kind of like fake shilled star reviews on amazon or whatever, but it feels worse with actors or the host himself pretending to be a “fellow” room member “student” or alternatively a “veteran” “successful” student. One time in my early journey I was in a fake daytrading futures room. The host apparently signaled a “lucky” big trade where price moved fast and big in his favor and he was high-faluting about it. I mentioned I followed along but only in sim. And in his scam guru mind, he misinterpreted what I typed and said too quickly like he was “caught” somehow, “yes!, it’s sim ( meaning he was in sim, or not even bothering to put a sim trade)..uh.but! look how good that trade was!” (like holy smokes, how good their “system” is they “teach” in the room) lolol. I quit soon after, as I was still learning they were and are all shamshows and never traded live and couldn’t even trade live if put on the spot, and even if their next six month to month rent depended on it. Tradingschools and Emmett’s reviewing wasn’t around yet, and these older and legacy shamshows had long gotten away with duping prior generations of several wannabe traders since most review sites were severely compromised already back then to sponsor scam vendors, bribes, or didn’t want to take responsibility to moderate their forum or discussions from vendor scammers’ posts who were “popular”. Shamshow cess every one of them. (

tom (@guest_5056848)
3 months ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Someone tipped me off about this guy in his early 20’s who turned 1k into a million. I was in his discord for about 2 weeks and nothing added up. His TikTok videos would claim these huge profits from these crazy OTM option spreads on the Tech stocks that move like TSLA . I’d go in the room and it was nothing but a chart posting , if / then else / bullshit session . Couple trades a week would get posted and 90% of the people had no idea what a spread was, so would never even do them. Worse, they would just buy the buy side , and end up getting creamed because of the price and missing the initial move (so called entry), and of course the host caught it perfect and exited perfect .. And you see it was all real because it was posted in chat, and he would post an image of the account (or what was suppose to be the account) afterward. SEE LOOK I MADE 10K. What tipped it off to me, the account balance posted in the background of the trades, was always $100K plus, what ever he claimed to make that day .. This happened 3 times I could see it. Which tells me he’s using a SIM account and resetting it to 100K . What makes it really horrible , is the amount of young people involved so duped up with his bullshit, all bought into the courses, indicators , and websites , once the market gets soft for a patch, they all gonna get wiped out .. But hopefully Emmit will take this one on.

Ron (@guest_5056763)
3 months ago

Have you done a review on Vantage Point software trading program?

Vanka (@guest_5056731)
3 months ago

How on god’s green earth can I not find a review on Dan Parker/True Trader? Seems like he has 98% of the Youtube trader channel ad market cornered.

Tom (@guest_5056702)
3 months ago

Have you done a review of Day Trader Paradise? (
They are trying to sell a “algo” but all it seems to be is a spread sheet. For months and months they keep promising the release of this software “algo” but keeps getting delayed and/or changed. All the while trying to sale a product that really does not even exist. People are just paying for the hopes it gets released. It is quite remarkable really. Look through the Discord room in the “announcement” room to see for last year or so this software has been delayed over and over.

Jas (@guest_5056672)
4 months ago

Can you do one of The Humbled Trader? Don’t fall in love with her now Emmett…

Dave (@guest_5057161)
1 month ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Just going over a post that you made re: Rayner and you mention that he is a 5 foot 1 inch midget. Can you show me the proof that he is 5 foot 1 inch? Rayner seems to prove otherwise. Just not sure who is lying or is fake. Hard to tell these days. Can you provide your proof? If you do then I will consider this website to be the truth. If not then then I will consider this website completely fake and worse than the review that was given to Rayner. I doubt I will get a reply… Thx

Bob (@guest_5056638)
4 months ago

To Emmett,

This one should be easy! Steven Brooks, supposedly an ex baseball player, has a course he sells. But he gives a couple of his plays for free in his webinar, one being buy the S&P at the close on Monday and sell at the close on Tuesday, he says that one day is the most profitable day of the week going back to 2000, and Friday being the worst, so technically one could short on Thurs/Friday. Can you check out if that one thing is true?
around 18:30 in the video

Ryan (@guest_5056614)
4 months ago

Hey, why is there no mentions of the Motley Fool on this site? I’d think that would be one of the first ones you all would review, considering the popularity

James Andrews
James Andrews (@guest_5056612)
4 months ago

Emmet, have you ever reviewed Tom Morge and his ?

Heard a few people rate him over the years.

Damian (@guest_5056578)
4 months ago

Please review

Pretend Lade
Pretend Lade (@guest_5056562)
4 months ago

Please review Thank you.

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