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Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers (@guest_6075148)
9 days ago

Please do a report on Matthew R. Kratter. He claims to be a “stock expert” on Amazon yet his hedge fund, which he ran personally, made a NEGATIVE 14% return in the 3 years it was open. Here is the proof of his returns:

dtchurn (@guest_6075264)
9 days ago
Reply to  Mike Rogers

I saw that it all goes back to “”.com , and saw your other comment about his hedge fund performance. What a farce of another “university” shamshow. Not even a free list of momentum stocks. One has to pay $125/month, or $1250 a year for any access to anything, typical shamshow fees. Why hasn’t Emmett already reviewed this? haha, I guess it’s because the shamshow couldn’t get the domain instead of having to do traderDOTuniversitycom so a lot of newbs could “miss” it anyways, thankfully so. And yeah, bitcoin this and that. The shamshow education not working, still losing for newbs? well, there’s bitcoin trading education to “fall back on” as bitcoin is more of a “sure thing” as these shamshows use as new bait. same as reddit fad pushing bitcoin on teens and young twerps exposed to the bitcoin and the gme/wsb trading fad, fooled into thinking it’s an alternative to college in their early lives, disgusting how this bitcoin malarky (and sham Aziz) is hyped so much on reddit.

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Jay Ratliff
Jay Ratliff (@guest_6069169)
1 month ago

Awaiting your review!

Day Trade Fun
Cincinnati, OH

ghostrader (@guest_6068439)
1 month ago

Why did you remove your review of Kavan Klein/Picks That Make Cents/Trading With Kavan?

dtchurn (@guest_6068792)
1 month ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

lol. a ‘good’ ending for that shamshow Kavan. That’s what I wish would happen with Bond where he should go back with his toothy grin to being a p.e. teacher, before he started his scammy sites since the early 2010’s, and ragingbull defunct for good. Enough damage already.

Joe (@guest_6068368)
1 month ago

Do a review on ? Has over 3,000+ paying subscribers who pay atleast $200 a month for his private twitter and even more for his chat room.. His twitter @smartertrader is known for posting hundreds of thousands of dollar options gains but not a single loser. One of the cockiest people on twitter, but no one has called him out or done a review on this guy.

chuck (@guest_6068504)
1 month ago
Reply to  Joe
Tony (@guest_6070886)
1 month ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Here another one of these option guy scam artists on twitter. Goes by @HulkCapital , website
Both him and Sam from smartertrader need a review on this site. I’ll warn you as soon as you ask any of these guys for a brokerage statement, you’ll get a quick block. Heard HulkCapital dont even trade.

dtchurn (@guest_6068788)
1 month ago
Reply to  chuck

“sitejabber” seems to be the new “forexpeacearmy” of victims calling out scams with the review message pages. Seems to be more trustworthy than “trustpilot” where real complaints aren’t deleted or bribed off by the scammer like ripoffreport is now, that is until the scammer tries to counter the balance of review posts with his faked ones on the review page. But then again forexpeacearmy always had this same problem.

Last edited 1 month ago by dtchurn
Tim L.
Tim L. (@guest_6064806)
2 months ago

Your review of “” is dated 2015, and has generally favorable reviews. The BBB rating is still 4.6/5. However, the first five or so reviews on the BBB website say they have lost (a total of) about $150,000 or so from August 2020 to March, 2021. The review needs some updating!
Also thanks for the heads-up on pricing.

Son L.
Son L. (@guest_6062422)
2 months ago

Hi. Can you please review Connected Investor

FutureTrooper (@guest_6062360)
3 months ago

Please review Wealth Builders Institute, Todd Rampe, Las Vegas

Last edited 3 months ago by FutureTrooper
CLGuy (@guest_6062345)
3 months ago

Please review Thomas Kralow and his course he’s all over youtube thank you

CLGuy (@guest_6062344)
3 months ago

can you review Thomas Kralow course thanks

MICHAEL Aguiar (@guest_6062239)
4 months ago

Hi EMMETT,Keep up the great work and God Bless you my friend.Emmett what do you know of PLATINUM TRADES(click on their site and you get)-THE MONEY PIT stock subscription service for $60 dollars a month?They claim over 74 days of overnight swing trading and a 9 out of 10 call winners.They claim they are the most successful and profitable alert service anywhere(I have been following EasyMoney@Platinum Trades on Stock twits and you will see everything I wrote above).Can you email me Emmett and let me know please.Emmett keep up the Great Immense Work you do to protect the public from fraudsters.Your a good man sir,”Salt Of The Earth”.Take Care and Thank You Emmett..Michael

John (@guest_6062193)
4 months ago

You need to start investigating these TikTok clowns and their paid Discord’s.
Nothing but hustlers. There are at least 5-10 main characters involved in each and many have other rooms that they collaborate. Idea is to pump as many sheep into the landing room where the shills all claim great success from the trades called in the PREMIUM room. This goes on in infancy . Once they join the premium , its all nothing but a jerk fest .. between 7-8 am someone will make a very general statement , HYE watch these stocks today .. 1 will go nuts , they will all claim to get it . And then make 10 video posts on the app about it . Then the typical TrustPilot type bots will fill the comments with how great everyone did .. It’s really is amazing …
Take at look at this sleaze machine ….

John (@guest_6062194)
4 months ago
Reply to  John

TeamBullTrading Absolute joke …

Richard Krug
Richard Krug (@guest_6062188)
4 months ago

Is Ernie Veritimos of a scam?

jackie (@guest_6062119)
5 months ago

Please review mike swartz

jim (@guest_6062081)
5 months ago

Please review “The Intentional Trader” or what is now known as “SecondBrainTrading”

Jason (@guest_6062065)
5 months ago

Please also review Vladimir Ribakov. Appears genuine and not too flashy but often does subtly promote the lifestyle etc.

I have tested some strategies he shows and they actually do have potential

Claims he has tested certain strategies, would be worth asking for test results or proof.

Jason (@guest_6062064)
5 months ago

MBA (My Bitcoin Academy) from Australia. They often teach basic price action for $180+ monthly fee which is information you can find anywhere. They appear to be becoming huge.

Facebook posts from people appear as if a kid is talking. “Crypto Calls Australia” page

They give members the opportunity to recruit new members, often which is done with Facebook posts on groups such as “I’m offering to go over any charts you like, we could set up a call” “I’ve been using a great course, PM me if you want more details”

Would be worth seeing if any of them can provide statements where they actually trade in any markets, with stop loss and profit target in place and see how it stacks up

Last edited 5 months ago by Jason
Boondoggle (@guest_5061595)
6 months ago

Word on the street is that a certain fella found civilly liable of securities fraud in 2007 is planning to take his outfit public. Probably a very good reason why his company’s LinkedIn page has been stripped of anything but the template…

Worth looking into?

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