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Roger Scott of Wealth Press is offering a venerable smorgasbord of financial products and services. All appear to be pure hogwash.

He claims the following outrageousness:

  • Worked in the White House as a “Key Economic Advisor” (he didn’t)
  • Is a commodity broker and hedge fund manager. (he’s not)
  • Turned $5k into $720,000,000 (pure fantasy)
  • Claims to be a lawyer. (nope)
  • Claims all manner of investment whack-a-doodle

Roger Scott appears to be well situated in the financial fraud capital of the world: Florida.

He is operating a ‘boiler room’ where unlicensed and unregistered advisors are making all manner of financial claims to an unwitting public.

According to one customer, “everything that comes out his mouth is a lie.”

A financial scoundrel of the highest order. Avoid this charlatan.


A slick and well oiled boiler room operation



A slick and well oiled boiler room operation

Thanks for reading today’s review of Wealth Press.

What is Wealth Press, and what are they selling? The company is a stocks and options trading signal service. The primary focus of this company is selling investment advice. This investment advice is delivered in the form of ‘trading signals’ that users must access through a subscription-based platform.

Wealth Press is owned by a person named Roger Scott. The business is located at 12276 San Jose Blvd Ste 518, Jacksonville, FL 32223.

Whenever I see a Florida address pop-up, I start to get really worried. Florida is the undisputed king of ‘investment scams.’

In fact, Fortune magazine rated Florida as “the fraud capital of the world.” In yet another study by the Department Of Justice, they ranked Florida as “the epicenter of many Ponzi schemes” and “a place where investment scams seem to flourish.”

Regardless, we decided to take a closer look at Wealth Press, this so-called “investments” company promising delightful stock picks.

The Wealth Press products offering.

Since 2018, TradingSchools.Org has received over 24 requests to review the products and services of Roger Scott and Wealth Press.

In the past several months of simply observing the Wealth Press website, we have seen several products ‘come and go.’ Lets take a closer look at what is on the current menu:

  • Alpha Rotation $1,495 per year. The service claims that in 1930, two world-renowned mathematicians discovered a secret profit formula. This secret will turn $10k into $238,956 with what appears to be nearly NO DRAWDOWNS.
  • Billionaire Breakout $1,497 per year. This service claims that you can turn $1k into $1,964,031 and this is achieved by legally ‘front-running’ Wall Street.
  • Dark Pool Trader. This service claims to own a “sonar signal” that reveals when stocks will gain 2,812%.
  • Red Lines In The Market. A service that delivers 300% in 48 hours.
  • Momentum Factor $1,495 per year. This service supposedly turns $10k into $2,600,000 in only 6 years. And it generates consistent income “Month After Month.”
  • Precision Profits $1,497 per year. A service that achieves 339% investment returns in “30-days or less.”
  • Prime Alpha Trader. A signal service that uses “Shadow Market Trades” that is “hidden and concealed” and investment returns of 2,812% or $412,119 for “just 2018 alone.”
  • Profit Trends Alert ETF $1,497 per year. This service coos “only work minutes per day, and earn 1291% over 7 years.”
  • Options Income Formula $1,497 per year. This service PROMISES “85% Winning Trades and Reliable, Steady Income Month After Month!”

At this point, most readers are probably already laughing. But for those that got suckered into these ridiculous promises, it is no laughing matter. More on that later.

Roger Scott of Wealth Press

Lately, at TradingSchools.Org, our inbox has been flooding with spam advertising from Wealth Press. Users from all over the planet have been forwarding these marketing emails, and begging that I draft a review.

The promotional material contained within these emails is truly outrageous. Let’s review a recent email. I won’t publish the entire email, simply because its just scammy marketing. However, I will publish a truncated summary below…

Roger Scott, the owner of Wealth Press, makes the following claims:

  1. He is a licensed Attorney.
  2. He started with $5k and realized profits of $720,000,000. Yep, he claims nearly a billion in profits.
  3. He worked in the White House as a “key economic advisor.”
  4. Is a Hedge Fund Manager.
  5. And a licensed Commodity Broker.

If true, this is one heck of a resume. We were curious, so we started digging.

The search for truth regarding Roger Scott.

The first step in our journey was a deep search to discover affiliated websites. Sure enough, Wealth Press is not his only marketing channel. You can find him peddling his wares at OptionsGeeks.com and MarketGeeks.com.

However, these websites use a different address than the Florida address. These businesses are located at 1976 South La Cienega Blvd #270, Los Angeles, California 90034. This address appears to be nothing more than a mail dump.

roger scottRoger Scott claims in promotional videos that he is a licensed and practicing attorney. This information was forwarded to our legal team at TradingSchools.Org — they could find NO MATCH for ‘Roger Scott’ on any State Bar registries with these addresses. Nor could they match his image profile with any of the ‘Roger Scott’ legal websites or profile photos of attorney’s named ‘Roger Scott.’

From our research, it appears that Roger Scott of Wealth Press is not, nor was he ever a State Barred licensed attorney. It would appear that he has fantasies of being an attorney.

The next step was to search Finra.Org to see if any ‘Roger Scott’ exists in their database. This database encompasses a wide range of financial registrations including stock brokers, Futures brokers, Commodity Trading Advisors, as well as any pertinent securities registrations.

Roger Scott claims to be a “Hedge Fund Manager” and a “licensed commodity broker” and he “worked in the White House as a key economic advisor.” However, according to Finra.Org, this Roger Scott person simply has no valid registrations or company registrations connecting his claims.

Additionally, we can find no ‘Roger Scott’ that ever worked in any White House as an economic advisor. Perhaps he meant White Castle, the hamburger house?

You would imagine that anyone that proclaims to have turned $5k into $720,000,000 would be featured in Forbes or some reputable publication, eager to publish his truly amazing investment successes. But alas, nothing can be found.

Next, I reached out to National Futures Association, the regulator that manages Commodity Trading Advisors, Futures Hedge Funds, and Futures brokers. According to their databases, this ‘Roger Scott’ person simply does not exist.

It would appear that this ‘Roger Scott” fellow just made all this shit up. But to come to such a conclusion, without reaching out to ‘Roger Scott’ would be irresponsible reporting. And so, we listed these irregularities and emailed ‘Roger Scott’ directly.

In real time, we could watch him frantically clicking and opening the email. We know because all emails contain tracking links that time stamps everything. Does he respond? Not a peep.

Our email was crystal clear, direct, and no-nonsense. It came directly from TradingSchools.Org, and he was notified in advance, that this article would be coming down the river. But like a fart in the wind, he quickly vanished. So sad.

The Wealth Press Boiler Room

Next, we decided to take a more proactive approach. On the Wealth Press YouTube channel, Roger Scott has a video where he appears to be in a ‘boiler room’ with a bunch of salespeople taking calls and dispensing of his so-called investment magic. Have a look…

We next picked up the phone and made the call.

Well, the ‘boiler room’ is just like you can imagine, there is a cacophony of excited voices all mixed together into a buffet of hyped sales pitch.

The guy that took my call, a person named Josiah Hardacre was a really excited fella. He couldn’t wait to tell me about all the money that people were making with “Roger’s Wealth Secrets” and “how my life was about to change.”

In the background, I could hear all of the other salespeople swarming and squawking like seagulls after a music festival. I could hear distant voices saying words like, “truly amazing, it’s incredible, fantastic, and today’s special low price.”

I asked Josiah, “what in the heck is going on over there!” He was actually a really nice kid. And he was completely honest and said, “I know nothing about investing” and “I am trying to understand this investing stuff, but I am a newbie.” His honesty was actually quite refreshing. I could tell he was a brand new huckster, not yet soiled by the whack-a-doodles sitting to his left and right.

Truthfully, I felt kind of sad for the kid. He was basting in snake oil, I could only imagine the working conditions.

Wealth Press: where is the track record of trades?

Next, I began gently coercing poor Josiah into answering a series of softball questions. I always start with softball questions, and then I start putting more heat on the pitch.

One of my more heated questions, “Is Roger Scott actually an attorney?” Josiah was honest. He replied, “No. But Roger took some classes about the law — I think.”

We then started to wade into the deeper water, all the while poor Josiah thought my credit card was sitting in front of me. I asked, “I want to buy the $6k daily special, but I just need a little more information. I wanted to see the audited trading record of the amazing Roger Scott. Josiah responded, “Roger Scott doesn’t share his account statements with anyone. But I have some actual proof.”

A short time later, I received the “actual proof”. Have a peek below…

Momentum Factor

37,147.73% investment returns in 9 years?

Profit Trends Wealth PressWealth Press Momentum Factor Wealth Press Alpha Rotation Options Income Elite Wealth Press Alpha Rotation Wealth Press Record of Trades


Apparently, this is supposed to be the “proof” of Roger Scott’s actual trading performance. And Josiah promised me 100% that “These are all real trades! Roger took every single trade!”

Imagine carrying this “proof” into a local bank and trying to get a loan? It’s just laughable. Who would be stupid enough to believe this nonsense?

Just imagine, if you had $720,000,000 in the bank. You can now earn 3% with a certificate of deposit, which would give you $1,800,000 million each month — risk-free. Why would you need a boiler room selling ‘magical’ investment products to naive country bumpkins? Come on people, isn’t this sounding ‘too good to be true?’

World’s Worst Refund Policy

All of the Wealth Press products are subscription based. But what if you want to cancel, and you want your money back? No refunds. Ever.

What if you purchase a one-year subscription and then want to cancel after one-year? Sure! But first, you must jump through several hoops of fire. The first step to cancel, according to their Terms of Service Contract, you must give a 30-day written notice.

After you give 30-day written notice, you will then be automatically billed for the next 30-days. And here is the best part…you must pay a $250 cancellation fee.

What the fuck? You have to pay $250 to get rid of these fools! Amazing.

Wealth Press Complaints

Of course, at TradingSchools.Org, we hear about many of the complaints. And complaints have been streaming into my inbox like a clogged toilet at Thanksgiving Dinner. In no particular order, here are a few:

No!No!No!….. so far so bad. 6 weeks into his recommendations after paying 1495 for the non refundable signals….results….down 27% on my trading account. Approx. 1500 dollars lost so far. -FW

If his lips are moving, he’s lying. Roger Scott (not his real name) is another fraudster. -DY

Sadly, I got caught up in Roger’s marketing (which is very convincing, he is a great presenter) and signed up for several programs, his recommendations were mediocre, mostly losing, losing a lot if you used options. -CS

I bought Roger Scott’s ” Momentum Factor” for $1500.00 and I am very disappointed with it. Loses far greater then the few wins I have had…definitely stay away from any of his products. -CM

A monkey throwing darts could do about the same….or better! What a waste of money. -MG

Wrapping things up

Well, there you have it. Yet another internet huckster making all sorts of fantastical promises, and not an ounce of verifiable proof.

In fact, I would estimate that plenty of Roger Scott’s claims are outright fraudulent misrepresentations. Especially the part about being a lawyer, working in the White House, being a licensed commodity broker, and a hedge fund manager.

I won’t even expand on the part of supposedly turning $5k into $720,000,000 million dollars. That’s just stupid and doesn’t even deserve a comment.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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