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A smoke show of pure BS. Global Trade Room claims 98% winning days and $300,000 in 100% verifiable profits from real trading accounts. Complete and total malarkey. Zero transparency. They refuse to verify any of these wild and outrageous claims of success. Trading room is a complete joke, no trading DOM present on screen, no trading from the charts, all orders are limit in and limit out, all trades are verbal BS. Avoid these shady hustlers.

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Pros: Absolutely nothing to recommend.
Cons: Outrageous claims of fully verifiable trading performance, including 98% winning days, and $30,000 average winning months. Claims all trading is with live, real money trading accounts, yet refuses to verify. No trading DOM visible in trading room, no trading from charts, limit order scalping BS. Complete and total fraud.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Global Trade Room

Global Trade Room is a day trading room and day trading educational company founded and owned by Simon Joseph, a registered CTA or Commodity Trading Advisor. The day trading room is moderated by Simon Jousef, Sandy Seghal, and Bob “Bang Bang” Amico. The cost of the trading room is a one time fee of $9,850. There is only a one day free trial in which to access the validity of the trading methods that they teach.

The Global Trade Room is also listed as one of Dr. Dean Handley’s “Trading Titans”, in which Dr. Dean Handley supposedly verified that the performance is honest and accurate.

Initial Observation

One of the things I found to be highly interesting is that Simon Joseph is a registered commodity trading advisor or CTA. Why is this important? Because if a person is registered with the NFA, then they better be able to verify every single claim regarding trading performance. The NFA and CFTC (regulatory body) take disclosure and reported performance very seriously for all registered members. In other words, the reported performance claims of Global Trade Room had better be spot-on perfect, else the regulators are coming.

Reported Performance

The Global Trade Room does report performance. In fact, a review of the spreadsheets listed on their website claims that the Global Trade Room made a total net profit of $308,160 trading three contracts per trade, for the year 2014. Also, for the year 2015, Global Trade Room is reporting profits of over $200,000. Where these trades simulated or hypothetical? According to Bob “Bang Bang” Amico, these trades are 100% real and verifiable, and these trades were traded using only live trading accounts. Please watch the following video which confirms…

Bob “Bang Bang” Amico also claims that for the entire year of 2014, the Global Trade Room had only 5 losing days. In other words, the Global Trade Room has winning days over 98% of the time. Pretty impressive numbers. But are they real?

In addition to this outrageously excellent performance, Bob “Bang Bang” Amico also claims to be a pretty big trader, in fact he claims that he usually trades in the 20’s. Meaning that he trades 20 contracts per trade.

How did I collect all of this information? I attended the live trading room sessions for the month of August and the first week of September. Everything that I am writing came directly from the recorded transcripts of the live trading room. Again, I am not making this stuff up. The video does not lie.

As I watched the video and recorded everything that was happening, I could not help but keep thinking about these wild claims of success within the context of a being a fully registered CTA. Once again, a registered CTA better be able to fully verify every single one of these claims, or the regulatory body is going to come down like a mountain of pain. I hope for Simon Joseph’s sake, he can produce the trading records that verify these returns.

Inside the live trading room

The video below shows the typical trade inside of the Global Trade Room.

If you watched the video, you will notice that at no time during the trading day will you see a trading DOM, nor will you see any trading from the charts. Rather, everything is verbal. I personally found it quite confusing as the charts were so small and the trades were typically only a few seconds long.

One of the things I found very unsettling were the consistent use of limit orders for entry and exit. Both Sandy and Bob would quickly declare, “I am in” always on a limit entry and they always got into the trade with no delay. Unfortunately, this is not how the real world of trading works, a person does not simply enter on a limit order. Limit orders take time to fill, yet Sandy and Bob always got their price, always got their fill.

Another problem was the quick scalping exits on limit orders. In particular, Sandy would quickly declare that he got his 10 ticks or 5 ticks with zero delays. He would just howl into the microphone and congratulate himself on yet another winning trade. After every winning trade that Sandy would declare, Bob would immediately begin howling congratulations to Sandy on yet another winning trade.

The whole time, Bob declaring that this was real-time trading, with real money accounts, not the “simulated trash” like the other trading rooms. He also liked to reference Dr. Dean Handley and how Dr. Dean Handley had fully vetted the company and the performance. The whole time that I was listening and recording, I kept thinking about the field day that the CFTC was going to have with this video. These guys better be able to verify every single trade, else there is going to be hell to pay with the regulators.

Verifying Performance

At the end of the long trading day on September 2nd, I sent an email to Bob “Bang Bang” Amico and said that I was ready to send my $9,850. I was excited about the opportunity and could not wait to learn all of the secret trading methods of the Global Trade Room. However, before I sent my $9,850, I just needed to verify that the trades called in the single recorded trading session were real trades(as Bob claimed). I just wanted a screenshot of Bob and Sandy’s consolidated trade report that comes with Ninja Trader. Bob responded with a very curt, “NO”. Bob “Bang Bang” Amico simply blew me off. Bob has no problem declaring that each and every trade is 100% real and verifiable, that the Global Trade Room is the highest-earning trading room on the internet, and a whole host of other wild exaggerations,  however, the moment you ask him to verify performance…he turns as slippery as a wet turd.

How could someone simply send these guys $9,850 without verifying performance? It truly amazes me. They claim that they earn over $30,000, every single month. And win over 98% of the trading days. This is by far the most outrageous claim that I have ever witnessed since I began writing these reviews.

What should you do?

These guys claim 100% real trades, with real money accounts. If you are on the fence or thinking about sending these guys $9,850, then you should make them verify these magnificent claims of success. Is verification really such an outrageous request?

I will wrap up this review and speak very candidly. A lot of people have blindly purchased this trading room based upon the implied credibility of Dr. Dean Handley’s “Trading Titans” list. However, in my opinion, the Global Trade Room represents all that is wrong with the trading education industry. These folks are ugly, shady, and outrageously dishonest. I wish I were wrong, and I would love for these jackoffs to prove me wrong by showing account statements, but I am afraid that they are just going to keep on with the scam until the CFTC comes calling. Which I am sure they will, as I have already filed a complaint.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Alex Wasilewski
Alex Wasilewski (@guest_5061085)
5 months ago

And here is the F.B.I. file on Amico.

Guys I was an undercover investigator for years infiltrating these con men.

People ask, “why does Dean Handley hate me?”

I prosecuted these bastards that’s why.

Amicos for their mortgage frauds, Handely for his false statements to the FDA.

Alex Wasilewski
Alex Wasilewski (@guest_5061082)
5 months ago

Check out page 22 of this lawsuit involving Handley the convicted liar.

Alex Wasilewski
Alex Wasilewski (@guest_5061081)
5 months ago

You can add con man Handley to the list of losers pretending to be watchdogs.
That would have been like Ted Bundy writing a women’s rights column. LOL
Here is Handley’s fine work.
It is a long legal document but search down for “Handley”

Alex Wasilewski
Alex Wasilewski (@guest_5061080)
5 months ago

Court approves CFTC’s settlement with FuturesFX and Simon JousefFuturesFX and Simon Jousef will have to pay $1.3 million in restitution, as well as a civil monetary penalty in the amount of $450,000.

Brad (@guest_4055519)
1 year ago

Bob Amico with these people?

sex (@guest_3053277)
1 year ago

Nice respond in return of this matter with solid arguments and describing everything about

blog (@guest_3050977)
1 year ago

Thanks for finally writing about >Global Trade Room – Trading Schools.Org <Loved it!

poker ovo
poker ovo (@guest_3050927)
1 year ago

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hіs web site, fⲟr the reason that heгee every stuff is quality based information.

Andrew Stephen McAllister
Andrew Stephen McAllister (@guest_34440)
2 years ago

Simon Jousef (not in the video) is the best teacher trader I've ever met.


I trade with Simon every day and have been for a few months. I have brought new traders in as well. Everyone has been using their method, all of us are hugely profitable. If their were scammers Simon was not one of them. Everything is verifiable all trades are protected with stops. This is a training site and a method of trading. I can now put a forex trade in on my own USD.CAD is my preferred as I’m Canadian and get great margin. I have an alert on my entry, I know my stop and I know my exit. This is what I’ve learned and I am so successful at it now that I’m willing to bring friends and family in. What ever issues there were they are not Simon.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

dtchurn (@guest_3054005)
1 year ago

It’s quite telling “Andrew Stephen McAllister” with your title “Simon Jousef(not in the video)” which unconsciously means you are not this made-up name but actually Simon himself , or Daryl Swanson per the new review ( with this old pathetic shill post. Might as well point the CFTC and FBI to Amico ( who owes 23 million in restitution for his mortgate scam )too since you pushed him to make that basement sewer pipe video in response to the outraged victim comments.
Nadina, and all the others who were scammed for 1.3 million. You are VINDICATED. All the shilling and lying by these pathetic shits, sociopaths causing financial damage to churn the new trading newbs every month. Finally justice and exposure is arriving. All the lies and smokescreen (Alex Wassssilllesky, bwhahaha) won’t work anymore on forums. Tradingschools should be actual national treasure instead of the Wolf of wall st. guy. Without this site and Emmet, the dirt and confirmed truth the victims always suspected deep in their hearts after being scammed would have never been exposed to the truth with with their fake and nonexistent trading accounts of which I had long knew after I first ecountered this site finally starting exposing these shamshows. 99.999% of them never had a real trading account, or at best losing old accounts before they became trading educational psychopaths like schooloftrade. This cess industry needs to be shut down with strict new laws requiring live trading to always be available and confirmable with the brokers for any “educational only!” incl. the desk duckers that admit they are education. Well the day is finally here for GTR and good comeback Emmett, against that clown Dean Handley gobbledygook with his AlexWassy fartsmoke. Thanks so much and congrats. Handley indeed is part every trifecta with each of his grand fraud tetons, shamrock crews, and good use of “abode” in the new review, haha!

Andrew (@guest_4055773)
1 year ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Hi, I’m still trading with Simons Volume Profile method and using his indicators to make money. He is no longer running his room as he deals with the case, however, there are many over 200 members in the Elite group and we all communicate. I have seen nothing but positivity there and I’m not fake and can easily be found on social media. I now incorporate the DOM order flow for more confirmation, however, I personally am always looking for an edge and incorporating more confirmation. I have taken Urban Forex, Sykes, Warrior Trading, and read many books and Simons technique is still the best I’ve ever used. I get how many people lose their shirts due to not following the process however if you do you will make money. Trading isn’t for everyone. As well Urban forex teaches the same type of trading but without the indicators which make it a lower win rate. They both teach that algos are attracted to large order areas and are also repelled by these areas, and that true S&R are areas where the algos will turn the market. It’s not rocket science it professional trading.

Nadina S
Nadina S (@guest_5056246)
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrew

Interesting then that CFTC has found him a fraud. Why they must have different criteria. Maybe ever having a live trading account is one of them? As Simon never had one.

trader (@guest_32556)
2 years ago
steve (@guest_29656)
3 years ago ,,,bob amico

dtchurn (@guest_29665)
3 years ago
Reply to  steve

lol, looks like Sandy and Amico split. Where Seaghal kept TFIA and the Handly grand teton “trophy”, lol.
So the “veritas” results show a profit in the month just after this original review and shenanigans as seen in the old comments here, then suddenly big whopper gain in Jan. 2016 and after, lol.
Too bad that baseball cap weaing long haired under the basement sewer pipes video Amico did for Simonsez GTR is gone. That video was a keeper, lol.
So now it’s dom after dom, of “hyptothetical” results. Any current members want to inform whether those results reflect the veritas p/l graph or it’s fill in after hours or hyptothetical backtest only? /w ninja set up to show the dom with its color and renaming options to make it look like a “live” account dom? probably the oldest known trick of NT in support of the shams.
I hope Emmett wasn’t vigged by either of them to stay away.
It would surely be entertaining for a follow up review of either TFIA or now “Veritas” with it’s never lose upgraph. Man with that kind of “performance” a trader would already be at GS or trading for himself not having to do a silly shamshow of hypotheticals, lol.
oh yeah, thepricing, the usual monthly churn bs:
$400/month, $1k/quarterly, $1900/half-year,$3500/yearly.
(i.e., RobB’s lion barfing pic. one of my favorites)

dtchurn (@guest_29666)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Also, on the main TFIA page, it links to a recent Handly video review of “felons/criminals” of the industry trying to catch up to tradingschools bar-setting of more truthful reviewing. The underlined “video” link actually leads to a second right after Handly criticizes only tradingschools better reviews of B2 and Soares while conveniently ignoring the over 100 reviews that helped stopped new clients from being duped unlike Handley’s own shilling cessmess causing so much financial pain to dupes just for his lousy grubbing vig deals and his stinky rushomre tetons.
So actually linking to Handly’s words on Emmett without trying to seem like it, pathetic.
Laughably Handly also piles on David Kuvelas which is lame because any sham vs. sham can easily pile on Kuvelas by default, the craziest raging-ranting shamshow clown ever.

Sandy (@guest_29673)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Sure looks like Bob booted Sandy after he helped build up a few hundred fool payers for Bobs mystical magic.
Trading Futures In Action does appear to be Sandy’s dog and Veritas Futures Trading is Bob Amico planetary magic. Market/ Volume profile BS that does not work

Brad (@guest_4055520)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sandy

Did bang bang ever pay the mortgage fraud people

majormongo (@guest_9617)
4 years ago

Speaking of POS scam artists…I think Emmett takes the cake. Nice Job Emmett on this rave review of just how trustworthy and honest your endorsements are…who’d listen to a fraudulent con artist such as yourself…just idiots who can’t think for themselves.

George (@guest_27055)
4 years ago
Reply to  majormongo

Live Room & Trade Calls

is the new Simon website

Craig (@guest_6975)
5 years ago

Emmett, would you consider reviewing and/or offering Dean’s Titans the Robot? You’ve already reviewed 3 of them, as far as I know (emini volume, Global, and CFRN). Would you be inerested in at least approaching the others? Thanks for your hard work and honesty. You have really changed this industry for those of us who have found you.

Delicatesoft (@guest_6725)
5 years ago

Can anyone recommend the online trading software, which works perfectly without loss of money. I am in doubt, if everyone will use this kind of trading software where no one losses money then how someone will earn. In trading, someone makes money when someone else losses it.

sam (@guest_6069)
5 years ago

If this post is true, it sheds more light as seen in the youtube video by the tradingpriceactioninfutures guy.

Delicatesoft (@guest_6724)
5 years ago
Reply to  sam

Absolutely agreed with this, Knowledge is increased when shared.
It takes lot of time when going through this kind of article but it helps.

Barry K
Barry K (@guest_5588)
5 years ago

Robert Amico’s has officially been dropped by Ninja Trader as a third part partner. No surprise as I predicted this would happen weeks ago.

emailspamalert (@guest_5546)
5 years ago

Wow. Dr. Dean Handley responds to the “kitchen” video review youtube video with his own.
Mentioning at the five minute mark as an indirect rebuttal to the earlier comments and video link here.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_5549)
5 years ago
Reply to  emailspamalert

I can not even see how this guy earned a Ph.D. He can not even get his chart right. He put 4 months old under GTR instead of Trading

But on top of that his argument is non sense. The only thing that shows is that GTR has been ripping people off for 2 years. It shows nothing about the accuracy of Emmett’s review.

Dr. Dean for the 1 million time, I dare you to show any proof you took live trades and those live trade results for those trading titans room and made a dime. Every single person I know that has tried one of your Trading Titans has lost money. In fact Simon has admitted he does not even trade live. As far as I am concerned you are one of the worst swindlers out there by pretending to be this honest 3rd party evaluator. I dare you show PROOF of your claims!!!!!!!

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