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The Trading Fraternity is a live day trading room, educational course, and mentorship program offered by a person named ‘Josh Answers’, a fake name. An absolute shit-show of fraud and outright misrepresentation.

The marketing pitch is pure pornography. Images of Mercedes, Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, Maserati’s, and even a Rolls Royce. ‘Josh Answers’ claims to be the world’s most successful day trader that has earned millions of dollars day trading. Claims to own multiple mansions around San Diego, Ca. Loves to take pictures of himself eating lobster. Completely ridiculous, overhyped marketing that is tailor made to the newbie day trader, ages 17 to 26.

The end result for victims are maxed out credit cards, financial destruction, failure, and feelings of abuse bordering on molestation.

A top level con artist. Avoid.

Pros: Excellent social media marketing.
Cons: An absolute shit-show of BS trading performance. The person running the company is a top level con artist and extremely manipulative.

Thanks for reading today’s review of The Trading Fraternity

What is The Trading Fraternity? The Trading Fraternity is a stocks and options day trading school. The person that owns the company will not reveal his real name, he prefers to only be known as ‘Josh Answers’. The Trading Fraternity occupies the following web addresses: Site A, Site B.

The Trading Fraternity is selling an online educational course, live day trading room, and day trading mentorship program that will supposedly help you turn “only a few hundred dollars into millions of dollars.” But in order to learn the secrets of The Trading Fraternity, you must first purchase the Citizen Package, which has a beginning price of $29.99 per month. Mentorship programs range in the upwards of thousands of dollars per individual.

Normally, when I see a $29.99 introductory day-trading product, I just move onto the next review. Whom would actually be stupid enough to spend $29.99 for a stock trading newsletter, a day trading room, and a few videos claiming to teach the secrets of becoming an online, stock trading millionaire? Well, you would be surprised at how many people have been suckered into the web of this very clever online con artist.

Before we go any further, let us go over the marketing efforts of The Trading Fraternity. It is quite interesting and highly amusing.

The online presence of The Trading Fraternity

A review of reveals that The Trading Fraternity first appeared on the day trading educational scene sometime during the summer of 2014. Since 2014, the Trading Fraternity has had an exploding social media presence which includes the following social media profiles:

  • You Tube: Which includes dozens of videos of supposedly ‘real trades’ earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in ‘real’ profits. Amazingly, the YouTube channel has over 8,800 subscribers and a incredible 1,589,000+ views of the videos. The videos are usually a combination of either a Mercedes, Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati or a Rolls Royce. The driver is usually driving around San Diego, Ca and spends his time talking about the millions of dollars that he has earned day trading.
  • Facebook: Included are pictures of multiple mansions around San Diego, Ca and surrounding areas. In multiple posts, ‘Josh Answers’ claims to own these mansions, all through his amazing ability to day trade stocks and options.
  • Twitter: An incredible 27.5k followers and 10.5k tweets. Each tweet is basically a personal promotion of either a luxury car, a video of stacks of $100 bills, exotic houses, and thousands of supposedly ‘real’ trades that earned millions of dollars.
  • Instagram: Nearly 400 posts claiming that ‘Josh Answers’ is a self-made millionaire with multiple million dollar properties, and the owner of a Mercedes, Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, and a Rolls Royce. Pics of exotic locations, people dancing and partying, the typical trader pornography that we see from so many, so called day trading educators.

The following are a few of the images that are expertly marketed and produced. However, please notice that ‘Josh Answers’ never shows his face. Nor will you find any identifying registration information for any of the exotic automobiles. He was smart to remove this, recently busted Mook Trader for placing a fake license plate on a $125k Porsche and proclaiming he paid for the car with day trading profits. It turned out that the license plate was a fake plate.

In addition to the ‘trader porn’ visual images, ‘Josh Answers’ is also an excellent video marketer. Example below:

In my opinion, what is so amazing is that ‘Josh Answers’ has been so darn clever as removing any and all identifying information that reveals his personal identity. We know that he is galavanting around San Diego, making videos with fancy rental cars. But tracking down his exact physical address has been a real challenge.

Hopefully, someone within the trading community or social media can unwrap the mystery of this creative con man.

How this con artist is targeting the victim began receiving a steady request for reviews beginning in early 2016. Over the course of 2016, was able to interview several individuals that had terrible experiences with ‘Josh Answers’ and The Trading Fraternity. Their stories are remarkably similar.

In speaking with victims, it appears that each person was drawn into the scam by searching You Tube for videos regarding day trading or money making opportunities. Each victim’s age varied from 17 to 26. And each had absolutely no prior experience at investing, day trading stocks, or trading options. The social media profiles, the videos of expensive sports cars and stacks of hundred dollar bills, the pictures of expensive food, exotic locations, screen shots of ‘real trading accounts’ all acted as visual pornography to entice the potential victim closer to the con man.

The initial purchase price of $29.99 serves only as bait. It’s a cheap price for a day trading room. And it acts as an entry to obtain a small initial fee and provide an audience for which the con artist can now ‘groom’ the victim.

Once inside of the live day trading room, each victim describes an environment where everyone seemed to be making massive amounts of easy money via day trading stocks. ‘Josh Answers’ serves as the ultimate performer, proclaiming million dollar profits and how he started with only a few hundred dollars and turned it into millions of dollars in profits. Everyone seems to be making money, and each victim described how they were warmly welcomed by the group. The sense of community gave a feeling of safety, security, and friendship. This served as a platform in which ‘Josh Answers’ proceeds to ‘groom’ the target. Similar to the way a pervert priest will slowly build trust with an innocent and naive child. Eventually, he slips his filthy finger into the buttock of the victim. Not surprisingly, most victims of this type of abuse willingly submit themselves to the abuse. Only to later realize that they were slowly manipulated into willful participation.

‘Josh Answers’ lures the victim closer. Providing a tempting and tantalizing narrative, that if they learn his day trading secrets, they will be “in the good blessings of Jesus” and all of their financial troubles will be a thing of the past. That they might not be worthy of his secrets. Not worthy of their impending wealth. The narrative is the classic primrose path scenario where the victim follows the con into the trap. They entrap themselves.

The final destination of the con is the so-called mentorship program. And it’s an “exclusive fraternity” of supposed Ferarri drivers and compulsive eaters of fresh lobster. used multiple aliasas, and it was not much of a surprise that each alias was accepted into the private mentoring program with ‘Josh Answers’. But here is where the fun part begins, it seems that the price of the private mentoring program is predicated upon the available credit limit that is remaining on the victims’ credit card. In other words, ‘Josh Answers’ ultimate goal is to max out the credit card of the victim. Constantly feeding the victim a steady stream of hope, in exchange ‘Josh Answers’ goal is to draw the victim further and further along the primrose path, until the inevitable. When the credit card runs out of available purchasing power, and then the victim is dropped like an aging porn star.

What about trading capital? This is of secondary concern for ‘Josh Answers’. He soothingly tells his victims that once they immolate and immerse themselves in his ‘trading secrets’ that profits will surely flow to them like the blessing’s of Jesus to his beloved flock. But first, they must use a simulator and prove to themselves that they have properly learned the ‘trading secrets’.

The end game

It appears that the average failure time is 3-4 months. Each victim, after becoming a mentoring student, and spending thousands of dollars in ‘education’ will typically go broke at around 3-4 months. The entire time they attempted to learn and replicate the trading performance of ‘Josh Answers’. But never experiencing his supposed million dollar trading performance. Many became suspicious as to whether ‘Josh Answers’ was ever actually trading. And whether the individuals inside of the trading room, all proclaiming the trading greatness of ‘Josh Answers’ where even real people. Or just paid shills to create the appearance of daily trading success.

Wrapping things up

‘Josh Answers’ is a clever con artist. An A+, top level marketer. He appears to have taken Cameron Fous, Bulls On Wall Street, Anton Kreil, and Timothy Sykes to the next level. Gonzo trader-porn visual marketing on steroids. Heck, Tim Sykes has only one orange Lamborghini, Cameron Fous has only one Maserati, Kunal Desai has only one Porsche, Anton Kreil has only one Ferrari. But the truly amazing ‘Josh Answers’ has a Mercedes, Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, Rolls Royce, and several mansions! Therefore, his ‘day trading secrets’ must be better than all of them combined.

What will these day trading con artists think of next? A personal rocket ship, a fleet of private jets, a harem of bikini models, a navy of yachts? When does it end? How crazy does this business need to become before people begin to wake up and smell the obvious fraud?

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment below. And try and not be too hard on the newbie victims that got suckered into the scam. I am pretty sure that everyone that reads this blog, at one time or another, has also been suckered by a so-called day trading educator.

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John (@guest_6062136)
1 month ago

Well done. Yes if you say his real name in the chat the mods or him gay lovers will ban you even if you superchat and send him money. It is born 1/28/1993 he is not even 30 years old yet. HAAA People listening to philosophy demon whose father came to America and changed his last name to Masseih like they are the Jacob Franks of the cult. False prophet and will give you bad advice do not ever listen to him and when any decides to hire a lawyer for class action post the details here. His name is jonathan-massieh if you do a business search in california of the Trading Fraternity LLC his name jonathan-massieh is the CEO dahhh Secrartary Of State California. He hides himself with his big nose and his brother is Josh and his father is false prophet with a Muslim Christian Church another way his cult can infiltrate America to rob them with grand larceny by acting like he is working for God. They are worse than the robocallers press 1 and send all your money to me cause I am with God calls.

Ezybaby (@guest_5060203)
6 months ago

lil jonathan massiah is a fraud, conman, and overall bad human being. if it wasn’t for youtube paying him he would be back to finding a bunch of suckers to waste their time for 3 month using them and taking their money all while having them sign a contract where he can sue you for anything he feels like suing you for. His ex who he supported for years left him for a his best friend says it all about this guy lol

LarsOwen (@guest_5057142)
7 months ago

i won’t deny that he has talent and makes money, but he’s not truthful or honest about who he is, preferring to hide in the shadows. do you really want johnnie massieh as your financial advisor/educator money when he won’t reveal that’s he’s josh massieh’s little brother? (it really isnt all that difficult to figure out when he reveals his lifestyle details–like going to school in arizona, living in san diego, and his dad’s a preacher. only the clueless who can’t perform a google search don’t know who he is.) and he seems to be a bit of a sadist abusing both his loyal followers and any who disagree with him. if you enjoy a religious sermon that serves to isolate and manipulate people of faith as well as rambling political discussions where you have to be positive and respectful–which means you can’t really say what you feel politically one way or the other, while he engages in a one sided discussion and seems to say praise the lord and amen after each trade, as well as openly peeing on everyone at the end–and all of this happens while he’s supposed to be watching stocks and options for you and announcing plays, then give him your money by tuning into his you tube channel. frankly i’d rather find another means of entertaining myself; and not making this immature brat child any richer. you have to love someone that resorts to ghetto talk to get his point across when he knows how to speak professionally. his channel is like sitting in a hell fire and brimstone sunday school while trading stocks and options. it’s great if you enjoy brainwashing and non-thinking personalities. don’t try to ask any real questions about trading because youll typically get a tim sykes like snide answer.

do you trust a guy that blurs all the license plates on his (probably leased) expensive cars in his videos and says you shouldn’t be concerned about material possessions while flaunting his supposed wealth around you tube? even if it’s real, he’s the ultimate hypocrite. good luck. this cat is far too arrogant for me. i think he gives good financially sound advice and has winning trades, but it’s definitely not worth putting up with his juvenile antics and immaturity. he won’t tell you why his ex-girlfriend left him but i have a pretty good idea. amen.

oh and today i had to listen to him ramble for one hour about how child abuse in arab families was a given and how it was good discipline for kids. this guy is such a sadist that he would actually advocate abusing children–and he does all this while trading stocks. how sick is that? clearly, this man baby and his mindless followers who were actually backing his child abuse is good discipline claim is one to avoid.

he’ll also censor at lightspeed any comments that he doesn’t agree with because he’s not big enough to handle the truth. another saddam hussein in the making. caveat emptor. in the interim, i highly recommend not drinking the kool-aid. he’s probably too young to understand the reference.

Kyle obie
Kyle obie (@guest_5057137)
8 months ago

Dude you have it all worng. He has helped me in so many ways. When I found his channel my life was a litteral mess. Relationships were in shitter. in so much debt and he has helped with so much more than just money. I now have no debt and more money than I could have imagined a year ago. I now get along with my family. Im positive and respectful. I love life now. You should seriously come check out the trading fraternity you will love it bro. For real. God bless. If you want to see a real peice you should check out my channel. I made a video called philomonial on youtube.

LarsOwen (@guest_5057143)
7 months ago
Reply to  Kyle obie

i respect your decision to do what’s right for your life, including joining a cult if that’s really what you want to do, but this guy isn’t the answer. when the little lying sociopath treats you like he just treated one of his loyal followers mufasa and throws you out because you said something he didn’t like or he was having a bad day, how is your life going to be different… make no mistake this guy will eventually abuse you and throw you away because that’s how evil he and his family are. you can get your salvation in private with whatever god you believe in. you don’t need a manipulative, diseased kid to take advantage of your desperation. he should stick to stock market and options trading and be less about saving and proselytizing his jaded ‘come to jesus” message. i don’t like to feel like i’m in church when i’m trading stocks. if this guy is the new prophet, why is his LLC suspended by the ftb–check trading fraternity llc at the secretary of state in california. maybe god told him not to pay his taxes to the franchise tax board. by the way, his daddy wants to convert all muslims to christianity–which is very insulting to a lot of people. we wish his daddy the best of luck. maybe they can go back to egypt and spread that message to the muslim communities. i’m sure they’ll respond in a positive and respectful way.

Kuda (@guest_5057166)
7 months ago
Reply to  LarsOwen
Bro, you're so full of hate. Just like he said, be where you want to be. Get out of the zone of judging others without knowing them.
Last edited 7 months ago by Kuda
LarsOwen (@guest_5057182)
7 months ago
Reply to  Kuda

not being hateful at all. i think the guy does have a good strategy for options, but actually throws away all of his integrity by lying about and flaunting his fictitious personal wealth. i just wish the guy would stop fibbing all the time. listening to him is kind of like listening to scammy jim baker of the old ptl club while stock investing. a guy trying to convince you of his angel like, glorious existence while he’s living off the donations of others. he often boasts about all the real estate he owns, yet a simple search of property records brings up only properties that his family owns. there is absolutely nothing in his name in california. (yes, the real estate empire could be under a trust or company name, but keep in mind that his llc was suspended by the ftb–probably when he failed to pay the $800 min annual tax.) he rents an expensive apartment in san diego. end of story. he isn’t the millionaire that he wants you to believe he is. far from it in fact. a few days back he claimed he travelled with a bodyguard. i couldn’t stop laughing. if you want to buy this guy’s lies and deceit, then god bless you. i wish you the best of luck.

Sksk (@guest_5056906)
9 months ago

You sound like a jealous little shit head. Just being honest. Imagine being you, writing out this essay to “express” how bad his course is. Which, by the way, is 5$ now. Also, um.. he doesn’t owe you a fucking income report, tax proof, car titles, etc. there is a video of the guy literally making 350k on some options in one day. Is it lucky? NO. If you fucking had any intelligence, you could see what happened. Same with the play on TNT? It’s not luck! The feds cut 20yr bond yields and TNT skyrocketed because of it. It’s public information. He got in at a good time, and made 40k in a day when it spiked. ANET? clear pattern of rallying pre earnings and dropping after. Does it take a genius to see that for yourself? I guess. Maybe you’re just not cut out for the stocks, bud. Deal with it.

Ryan G
Ryan G (@guest_5056684)
10 months ago

Uhhh, lol. This is a absolutely absurd review. You should re review this for the current time. Josh teaches financial security and long term holding. He does play options but he preaches about controlling the budget. You may have misjudged him when he was first getting the channel going, but it’s a amazing resource now. (@guest_5056718)
10 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

How is living down the street from you have anything to do with being a real shit bird?

chad (@guest_5056621)
10 months ago

You guys are so confused, linking to Jonathan Massieh which is not even Josh Answers 😆

Rick (@guest_5056528)
11 months ago

Anything you dedicate yourself two for only 3-4 months will surely lead to failure. The trading fraternity does not claim to make you a millionaire as he does not ask you to trade anything. He states paper trade so you will learn. Most choose to paper trade with their real accounts. I hope one day people will learn to follow as great as they want to lead. If you can show me any company or profession that can turn you into a professional in 3-4 months please contact me immediately!!! As I would love to share that with others as soon as possible. So that we may all bask in glory of success.

Anonymous (@guest_5056518)
11 months ago

It’s funny, because this is a very assumptive review based on perhaps a single experience. I’m new to watching Josh’s live stream (2 weeks approximately) and he constantly tells people to stop being stupid with stocks and play it smart. He constantly talks about how it’s not a get-rich-quick thing, and that everyone needs a long term portfolio. But then again, perhaps the writer of this article needs to be reminded of the quote: “How little do they see what really is, who frame their hasty judgement upon that which seems.”

Cricket (@guest_5056275)
1 year ago

I have been watching his live stream daily for months, and I think this is an unfair review. He chooses to use a fictitious name and stay anonymous, but that is his choice and completely understandable. There are crazy ass people out there that will slit your throat in a heartbeat if they could get away with it and benefit in some way. I use a fictitious name myself, so how can I judge. I do this for self protection and I have conned no one. He makes it very clear how risky option trading can be and strongly encourages paper trading until your good at it. He mainly teaches sound management of personal finances, such as developing a long term portfolio of quality stocks, and sticking to a strict and consistent budget. He will often go off on other subjects such as real estate and philosophic Jesus talk, but is generally is educational and entertaining at the same time. He has changed the way I think about some deep issues. By complete freak accident I have figured out who he is by some info I stumbled upon, and because I have read some books of an author that he is related to. But, out of respect to his right to privacy I will not give his name. I don’t know if he has scammed in the past, but I am not seeing any con game with his You-tube channel. He is quite hyper and can be moody, but he can also be hysterically funny. At the end of the day he has not made me a millionaire, but then again he never promised me he would. I’m not entitled to that, if that is what I want it’s my responsibility to make that happen, not his. But, what I can say is that I make much better financial decisions. I now have a long term portfolio with dividends and drips. I bought my first house, and I win in the stock market more than I loose. In a time of Covid-19 where almost everyone is in a panic, I am financially secure for the first time in my life. I grew up with nothing, and started my Robinhood account with $500. That account hit $45,000 this week. So when your done passing your judgement on him you can kiss my ass.

Michael (@guest_5056318)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Oh wow! Looks like jonathan is a BIG HIT on youtube these days and the little sheep come out to defend this DICK all because he provides a “free” youtube stream. I think you may need to do a 2020 rupdate Emmett & refresh people how he scammed hundreds of people with paid mentorship bullshit charging each one thousands of dollars per person and did it for years along with other the other shady shit!!!!! People need to know the truth about this guy

Josh (@guest_5056719)
10 months ago
Reply to  Michael

Yes… Emmett you seem to know the guy, know what he looks like. please shed some light…I doubt it.

Bob gosukurself
Bob gosukurself (@guest_5056904)
9 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Lmao. Hilarious

Anonymous (@guest_5056777)
10 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Then do it…

ben (@guest_5056247)
1 year ago

this article could not be farther from the truth. Josh streams everyday his trading you can litterly watch him make plays and learn how he picks what he picks all for free. ive personally seen him make a ton of money, and Ilearned so much all FOR FREE. he in my opinion is the complete opposite of a fraud. his main source of income is realestate also not trading so…

SFP (@guest_5056217)
1 year ago

I’m not sure how you consider him to be a fraud. What is he taking from people? The guy simply gives tips on how to read the market and how to make big-win predictions with about a 20% probability. If anyone lost money by following his advice, it’s because they only followed SOME of it. A 20% probability trade is gonna lose 4 out of 5 times, so if you just pick and choose which ones you like, you could literally lose on 100% of your picks.

There’s no scam, he’s just sharing his interpretation of what’s happening in the market. Sometimes he’s wrong, because everybody is wrong. But he’s not just INVENTING an understanding of the market. He’s not just fabricating things to base his moves on and selling them to people. He sits and breaks down what is happening, and then explains why he thinks that will cause movement in different areas.

The idiots you guys interviewed about this, according to your own post, are people who know nothing about the market. Because the ones who know nothing about the market are going to trade like idiots and lose money. There are lots of people who watch him (as indicated by the chat on his livestream) that have a working understanding of the market, and often immediately share rumors in the news to the chat, and Josh will pull the trigger and execute a play, sharing what he did, then sharing how it worked out, all the while sharing the disclaimer that it’s for educational purposes only, and that we’ll lose money if we make the same trades as him.

Where is the con? You mad that he makes money? You mad that he gives lessons away for free every day instead of trying to fleece them out of $500/month subscriptions for the same quality information?

michael (@guest_4055789)
1 year ago

Can someone explain to me how nearly a thousand people watch the trading fraternity/ stock market live youtube channel ? This hack lose money everyday he trades live on youtube. His trading consist of buying a bunch of option positions hoping something hits while making bank off youtube ad revenue, morons donating to him, and selling his garbage courses and services.

He makes no money from trading otherwise he would have no problem showing a verified Profit/Loss for week, month, year. Instead, he is at a loss or at most breakeven whenever he shows is account. Don’t be fooled.

After going through this trading school post and older comments, he ditched his mentorship bullshit and is focused now selling his courses and services and getting that ad revenue from youtube and donations. Ad revenue from youtube pays very well for finance channels which is why he does it, don’t be fooled into thinking he gives a shit about helping people. Doesn’t show his face and tries to hide his identiy says it all –
Jonathan Massieh the trading fraternity stock market live from california

Ryan m
Ryan m (@guest_4055861)
1 year ago
Reply to  michael

Hes made thousands on big plays, He gives philosophy that is super beneficial. I guess you are just too stubborn or arrogant to listen to other people.

michael (@guest_4055863)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ryan m

Again where the P/L for 2019? Anyone can make big plays if your playing far out of the money options and one hits, but at the end of the day its about how much you NET. He’s a fraud like all other gurus , except he don’t show his face and tries to hide his name. He makes money off people like you while making nothing off trading. Why not make a video posting his P/L for the last several years? Why not make a video of his million dollar stock portfolio he claims he has? If he had any of this, he would post to get more views to get more people to follow him. This is the same guy who posted on his social media for years claiming he owned expensive cars when they were owned by yoga Bikram Choudhury (google him). Every comment on this site last several years says it all about the type of guy “Josh Answers” is

All I can say is be grateful you didn’t pay thousands of dollars like some people did on here to get “mentored”and “learn” to trade from this POS. karma. I guess you are just too stubborn or arrogant to listen to other people like Emmett, Guruleaks, and the many others who have exposed this fraud.

Sksk (@guest_5056905)
9 months ago
Reply to  michael

Dude, he doesn’t owe you a fucking PL for 2019, or car titles, or deeds in his name. You’re all fucking entitled jealous twats that can’t believe someone so young can be so wealthy. Is Ricky Gutierrez fake, too? What a dumbass.

Bernard Captian Putz
Bernard Captian Putz (@guest_5056205)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ryan m

He saved me thousands on the day you wrote this.. as 2 days later the market tanked

Bernard (@guest_5056204)
1 year ago
Reply to  michael

Then you have not watched long enough, or watched the sister channel that gives you the NEXT days trade, I do not think the guy who runs it now is the same guy bc it is all free now.
However, I started trading, and have watched him for the past 3 months, he tells you NOT to do his trades, but I have watched with my own eyes him make trades and win and lose..
I think it’s under new management.

SFP (@guest_5056219)
1 year ago
Reply to  michael

He does show his profit/loss almost everyday, and he also shows the Open/Close screenshots of him entering and exiting a position, to show how much he made off of it. He uses probabilities. Everybody who trades does so on a different probability regimen. He picks Big Movers and plays that are a certain distance from hitting so that they produce a 20% likelihood (average) of landing big and covering the losses from the other 80%. It’s not a shotgun method, as it’s based on news, earnings, and other global, economic factors.

You posted this in February. If you would’ve waited around for another month, you would’ve landed a monster TLT play where hundreds of people made tens of thousands of dollars. Your crappy timing is probably why you don’t have much success in the market, so you can’t grasp what is happening at TTF.

Hunter Bounty
Hunter Bounty (@guest_3048085)
2 years ago

His name is Johnatan Rosenbloom. He luves in Winslow Maine with his mistress Jennifer Bergeron. He is currently on the run… But we are following him. Anyone with information on this thrip please contact

SFP (@guest_5056220)
1 year ago
Reply to  Hunter Bounty

You’re obviously following the wrong person.

Josh (@guest_33167)
2 years ago

Been hit with his free course advertisement on instagram non stop lately. Checked it out and you can clearly see its just a way for him to find the dumb people who will then pay for his mentorship program. He deleted my comment when I called him out on his instagram post.

Emmett, you should consider doing an update on this guy.

Jon (@guest_32753)
2 years ago

Jonathan Massieh aka josh answers ditched his scam trading course and service and is on to the next scam ttf real estate course

Sam (@guest_33044)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jon

Seen him pushing his new “free” stock trading room and course lately. Wait until he offers his other mentorship course for $3k which you get mentored by this garbage trader who makes more off subscribers then actually trading. Must need the money to be coming back with a course after his supercars owned by bikram choudhury (google him) got taken away.

Ryan G
Ryan G (@guest_5056685)
10 months ago
Reply to  Sam

Still waiting dipshit.

Ricky (@guest_32689)
2 years ago

Scammer. STAY AWAY

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