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Academy Of Trading And Portfolio Management is yet another trading educator touting a fantasy lifestyle of shrimp cocktails and champagne, sports cars, private jets, helicopters, yachts, and exotic travels. The owner of the company is even claiming to be taking a rocket ship into space. Yes folks, for only $2,999 you can purchase the video lessons that reveal all of the secrets to finally become a full-time professional trader.

Unfortunately, the performance history of Anton Kreil is nowhere to found. Claims of being a multimillionaire and retiring by age 25 cannot be verified. Claims of being the top rated trader in the world while working at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Lehman Brothers appear to be an alternative reality that feeds into the typical stereotype of the millionaire trader.

And finally, why would any “World renowned, multi-millionaire super trader” opt to become a lowly trading educator, peddling video courses and $20 dollar, get rich quick seminars?

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Pros: World class marketing, and excellent salesmanship.
Cons: World class bullshit artist and probable online charlatan. No track record of trades. Claims of prior history appear to be 100% marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Institute Of Trading And Portfolio Management

(Big thanks to Vlad at for helping with the research for this review)

What is this company with the fancy sounding name? Quite simply, it’s yet another trading educational company. The company is offering a smorgasbord of trading educational products that will surely make your trading dreams come true and unlock the secrets to making millions of dollars trading stocks, futures, forex, and commodities…from a true master trader.

Let’s take a closer look at what is being offered:

  • Professional Trading Masterclass, which includes 12 months access to 28 core training videos, and 8 bonus videos of “secrets of hedge fund masters”. Cost: $2,999.
  • Professional  Forex Trading Masterclass, which includes 12 months access to 29 core training videos and several “super secrets of the billionaire traders”. Cost: $2,999

Perhaps you need a little extra help from a true master trader? No problem. Simply sign up for the 3-month trader mentoring program. Cost: $7,000. Better hurry, because space is extremely limited.

Do you like live investment seminars? Well, great news because the Institute of Trading And Portfolio Management is taking the world by storm! For only $20 you can sit anywhere, but the front row. For only $247 you can sit in the front row, very close to the trading guru, and you get to enjoy a pre-seminar lunch with a true master-trader, Mr. Anton Kreil. Hurry, because seating is extremely limited, Mr. Kreil is a man in high demand, and provides economic advice to world leaders, Central Banks, celebrities, and CEO’s of major financial institutions.

Who in the heck is Anton Kreil?

It appears that in 2010, Mr. Kreil appeared in a TV reality show titled, “Million Dollar Traders”.  Mr. Kreil appeared as one of the “trading instructors” in the show. The show claims that Anton Kreil became a millionaire trader by the age of 25. Though none of this can actually be independently verified, it is important to note that the producer of the show, and Anton Kreil were close personal friends before the production of the reality show.

A review of Anton Kreil’s biography and supposed personal history includes a charming story about he grew up dirt poor in the UK, and then he began trading at the age of 16. At the age of 20, his trading was so amazing that Goldman Sachs eagerly sought his guidance and counsel on international trading. He claims to have worked the next 4 years as an equities trader with truly marvelous success.

Word of his amazing trading abilities spread quickly throughout the world’s trading communities. At 24, he claims to have been recruited by Lehman Brothers, where he worked for 2 years, and built the “number one in the world ranked European trading operation.” He then claims that he then joined Lehman Brothers and then JP Morgan where he went on to earn millions of dollars.

When he was only 25 years old, he became disillusioned with the world of international finance. He then decided to sell everything and become an international traveller. He then travelled all over the world, in search of deeper meaning, and to discover the meaning of life. After travelling through 25 countries and interacting with “common folk” he had an epiphany. He discovered his true calling. He wanted to be a trading educator. And spread the wealth of his financial knowledge to the world. The idea of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management was born. Now, anyone could become a millionaire trader, just like Anton Kreil. All for today’s low price of only $2,999. But people should hurry because the price is increasing at any moment.

Anton Kreil Who?

At TradingSchools.Org, we have heard all of this sort of stuff before. And too many times, we have discovered that the supposed trading guru is just a charlatan looking to hustle a few thousandAnton Kreil dollars by suckering in the newbie trader for what remains of their credit card limit. With Anton Kreil, we began our investigation by contacting him directly. The number one question, is this guy really a millionaire trader? Is there any track record? If any track record of successful trading exists, he certainly was not willing to share it with TradingSchools.Org. Nor is he willing to share his supposed performance with prospective purchasers of his various trading products.

Anton Kreil

I drink champagne in Monaco. While I look at my yacht.

Anton Kreil claims to have managed one of the largest trading desks in the world, which he claims was rated number one in the world for performance. Yet no articles referencing this information exists.

Is Anton Kreil really a millionaire trader? In all honesty, nobody really knows for sure. Can we legitimise or validate any of his story regarding his work history? Yes. In fact, a prior work history of Anton Kreil can be found posted on the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Anton Kreil is listed as an investment advisor for Goldman Sachs from 2001 – 2004, and then Lehman Brothers from 2004 – 2006, JP Morgan from 2006 – 2007.

Registered Investment Advisor=Anton Kreil=World Class Trader?

The big question that prospective consumers of Anton Kreil products need to ask themselves…if Anton Kreil is a registered investment advisor, does this also mean that he is a millionaire and a world class trader? My mother has a registered investment advisor that advises her, and has worked at JP Morgan for 20+ years. In fact, he is the Vice President of JP Morgan. One of many thousands of Vice Presidents at JP Morgan. This is the corny little secret with big banks, everyone gets a fancy title…which means very little.

Whenever a registered investment advisor starts flaunting their supposed personal wealth and spends a major portion of their day talking about their personal wealth…it all sounds so suspicious. Maybe this is why the SEC created a video to remind the general public to be wary of investment advisors that like to flaunt their amazing lifestyle:

The fantasy lifestyle of Anton Kreil

Everyone is familiar with Timothy Sykes and his rented Ferrari’s, rented mansions, rented bikini models, etc. Its what I like to call “Trader Porn”. Tim Sykes was an early pioneer of the marketing concept. Create a fantasy world of what the trading public dreams about; trading from a laptop, taking exotic vacations, driving Italian sports cars, dating bikini models, flying helicopters and private jets, bottles of champagne flowing freely, beautiful people enjoying parties and poolside retreats, private yachts. All you need is a laptop computer and the “secrets of trading” course for $4,999. has written extensively about this new class of online hustlers and charlatans. Let’s not forget Fous Alerts, Bulls On Wall Street, and Infinite-Prosperity. All fine examples of “Trader Porn”.

It seems that Anton Kreil is of the “Trader Porn” variety. His Facebook page is a testament to his supposed trading greatness and personal wealth, included are exotic Italian sports cars, beautiful women, exotic locales, champagne bubbling, a yacht, private jets, helicopters, all manner of ostentatious nonsense. Even a rocket ship. No kidding. Even pictures of a supposed rocket ship that is going to fly him to outer space. It is all a red herring. Its meant to distract from the obviousness of no track record and numerous inconsistencies. The following are a few images from this supposed fantasy lifestyle, which can all be yours for only $2,999.

What is obvious? There is no performance history for Anton Kreil. All of these shiny objects are meant to convey a virtual, fantasy world, that you too can be part of. For only a small fee, you can be part of the 1%, that does not worry about money. Instead, uses the magical trading techniques of Anton Kreil to predict where world markets are moving. It’s all a fantasy folks. And these poor people got suckered into that fantasy…complaint A, complaint B.

Wrapping Things Up

Nothing would make me happier than the supposed super trader, known as Anton Kreil to prove me wrong. Anton, when you read this, it’s going to sting. But I believe this is an accurate portrayal of you. Am not buying your bullshit about becoming a multimillionaire by age 25, neither am I buying the bullshit of building world class trading desks at JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs. None of it adds up. Even the story of your rocket ship flying you to space appears to be pure PS. To me, you appear to be a nothing more than a common charlatan.

Thanks for reading. Thanks again to Vlad at for helping with research. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Chris Brandlon
Chris Brandlon (@guest_5061335)
26 days ago

As I pointed out three months ago, Anton Kreil could care less what you think of his trading record. He is not selling trading advice.

ITPM teaches traders how to develop solid trading ideas, using both fundamental and technical analysis. Kreil emphasizes risk-weighted returns and insists on professional-level risk management. They are one of the few educators in this business that puts risk management at the top of the required knowledge list.

ITPM makes absolutely no representation that anyone will make money with their methods. What they say is if you’re smart and work hard, you can achieve success the same way institutional traders do, without the bothersome degree from Harvard, Yale or Oxford.

You guys are so steeped in snake oil that you see everything through that horribly cracked lens. Avoid *anyone* who says follow me. Think for yourself, learn from the best, work your ass off… and maybe, just maybe, you can be a successful trader.

Chris Brandlon
Chris Brandlon (@guest_5057085)
4 months ago

The point about Anton Kreil and ITPM is that they absolutely do not purport to offer trading advice. They actually scorn “nugget hunters,” or “bottom-feeders,” as they term those seeking hot tips. Their programs are designed to teach traders how to do their own work, come up with their own trading ideas, and achieve success — or failure! – on their own.

There is a prop trading enticement– how genuine I can’t say — but it is only offered to traders who achieve outstanding results trading with their own money. As I see it, this is basically an alternative path into the world of institutional trading, for those who don’t have the academic bona fides, or are too late in their career, to get hired at the big banks or hedge funds.

The glamour piece seems to be tied to the live seminar experience they are presenting, not as a result of quick trading riches. For sure, when I pay $25,000 to attend a training, I’d better get a few shrimp cocktails!

Whether there’s justifiable value in the live or recorded programs is for each individual to decide for him/herself, but this is not a get rich quick pitch by any means. Anton insists it take hard work, diligent effort, and tireless dedication to skills development to become a successful trader. And that, I’d say, is about right.

He savages the investor education business on You Tube, and his 10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success is rock-solid advice, given freely. He is clearly not peddling “whack-a-doodle.”

(Note: Before posting I scrolled down and read Emmet’s exchange with Paulie, so I will withhold my criticism of unfair cynicism. Look, what anyone wants to do with their surplus funds is up to them… I have no information about this alleged rocket ship, but that has nothing to do with the course content, in any case!)

Axel (@guest_5057083)
4 months ago

You claim his career is imaginary but you didn’t even bother looking him up on the FCA’s register? Suddenly I don’t believe anything you have to say

bla (@guest_5056989)
5 months ago

Has anyone bloomberged him yet?

Austen Anizor
Austen Anizor (@guest_5056680)
7 months ago

We would like to know your terms and conditions of trading. We are a firm of management consultants and would like you to manage our clients’ funds.

bob (@guest_5056556)
8 months ago

reading comments

Ganiza (@guest_5056447)
8 months ago

There is no good teacher for a stray student!

Frank (@guest_5056326)
9 months ago

He might been a bad trader as we dont have any proofs for his income as a trader but i tell u wat give him a try on his course…dont buy from insitute but from third party

Giovanni (@guest_5057247)
4 months ago
Reply to  Frank

Why a third part?

Pariah (@guest_5061077)
2 months ago
Reply to  Giovanni

Because you can get access to his course and like 100 others for 25$ a month from certain sources.

kur (@guest_4055933)
11 months ago


whitney (@guest_4055770)
1 year ago


Daniel (@guest_4055679)
1 year ago

you r right

Mark (@guest_4055533)
1 year ago

This is wrong review. I have taken Anton courses and learned a lot from them on what are the real indicators that moves market with public available data and stats on them to prove the hypothesis.Anton is a real deal if you want to know why the stock is trending up or down fundamentally

Paulie G
Paulie G (@guest_4055528)
1 year ago

I took the PTM and POTM and both were well worth the time and money for a new investor.

As with all things, if the price is too steep you can wait and see if a deal comes along. Either way, $1500-$3000 is on par with any college course, and the information I got was on par with any college course.

From first finding him on YouTube, attending a live seminar with Raj Malhotra, and taking the PTM and POTM course themselves, I’ve never once felt Anton or ITPM were promising me riches or luxury lifestyle– just to teach me how a professional protects and grows an account and what they look for in idea generation. I received all of that information.

A couple of alumni claimed to have paid the course off with what they learned and actually turns out *I have too*… it took a few months, but I’ve paid it off and then some. The guy can put whatever he wants on his personal Facebook page, it’s his, and none of that shit is on anything branded with the Institute.

I’m sorry two very poor English speakers who likely couldn’t get anything out of the course due to language barrier felt scammed enough to make reports to a website clearly designed to placate angry consumers with a sense of revenge for grave injustices done upon them by businesses (ripoffreport)… anyone who’s ever worked in retail knows the type: sorry pal, sometimes the customer is wrong… and dumb.

This review seems personal. I think they must have asked Anton for info or records and pissed him off, and being the cocky asshole prick he can and is totally allowed to be, he told them to fuck off… so they leveraged their readership against him in retaliation… which doesn’t bode well for the credibility of the site, but, oh well?

Anyway, Anton is no Tim Sykes or Josh Answers and it really sucks this site is driving so many people away from something that might help them because Anton was mean to the reviewers. lol.

Paulie G
Paulie G (@guest_4055540)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

It’s probably not enough for you but all of the traders/mentors at the Institute have balls enough to put the banks they’ve worked at on their LinkedIn. Anton even accounts for his time off. Most furus seem to either start out as successful furus or have a blank resume. Call me naive, but I trust and believe that all these guys have traded professionally for these banks, whether they were top traders at these banks or not, they know more than I do and they know how the inside works…

Tbh, I don’t think guys who get those jobs are meant to last long… it seems high stress and you make the money you need to and gtfo.

As far as trade performance… if you’re reviewing a school that might be scamming students, and all of the students are saying they haven’t been scammed/got alot out of the course/paid the course off with what they learned… isn’t that the performance that actually matters?

I will say one of the things Anton says, even in some of his free vids on youtube, is that yes, he sells an online course and data and manages the institute for income. He doesn’t trade for income. You can’t trade for income. Nobody trades for income. Even the hedge fund managers and bank traders take a basic salary. I’ve actually given up my dream of trading from home as a job because of Anton’s course… because that’s the real shit. NO promise of unlimited wealth from trading WHATSOEVER. Just a means to grow and protect the account that needs to last you through a comfortable retirement.

Also worth mentioning: the institute ultimate source of income is their student, but not necessarily just the course fee. When they find a good trader, and I’m sure it’s rare and you have to be a damn good one, they will take you on board with their capital and pay you commission on the money you make them. It’s in their best interest not to rip you off with bad information.

If you’re interested and willing, perhaps take a look at one their recent videos in a new series they’ve started. They interview the mentors and talk about some of the plays they’re watching. It’s nothing like the usual youtube trader… very methodical, thought out, well researched, supported with data, etc. etc. These guys are thinkers, not day trade reactionists.

Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards (@guest_4055151)
1 year ago

I have never read such a stupid review in all my life. The course is long, it is difficult and follows the trianing pattern of most investment bank trainees. If you hate excel don’t do the course! It’s not cheap but it will help you make more money than you lose. The reviewer hasn’t even put their name to what they wrote. A total blonker.


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John Dylan
John Dylan (@guest_4055218)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Anton never said he’s ever purchased a rocket ship, you absolute spastic

tordrop (@guest_5061327)
1 month ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Anton was referring to Virgin Galactic, which had been advertising seats on the first commercial space tourism ship for $200k, which he purchased. He never claimed to have a rocket ship.

Laeeq Humam
Laeeq Humam (@guest_3048199)
1 year ago

PAID REVIEW. This stupid guy is paid by someone to review him down.

Ri0T (@guest_1047778)
1 year ago

If you think Anton is bad, show us what YOU (the review author) got. Why should anyone be convinced about what you say ? Are you a professional trader ? If yes, how can we track your experience ?

TraderLife (@guest_1047746)
1 year ago

Reviewer didn’t do any real digging into the guy. This lecture, he provides links to all of his work history, and breaks down exactly why the entire game is setup to get you to fail. Pretty honest approach. He even tells you his personal approach to trading which is mostly fundamental macro approach. Solid watch.

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