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Here we go again. Les ‘Ray’ Freeman, formerly the owner of Your Trading Room is back with yet another live, day trading room. Apparently, after recently burning investors in a multi-million dollar trading scheme, has decided to bestow upon the world yet more day-trading financial wisdom. The latest financial incarnation is remarkably similar to the last turd he dropped on the financial community.

In the great swamp of investment educators, this guy is the grand floating turd of investment hustlers. A track record of failure and financial devastation second to none. Has left a soup kitchen full of broke and destitute investors over a multiple of times zone and continents.

An ultra rare, high-level con artist with a penchant for the elderly and the financially desperate. Absolutely avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of I Am A Day Trader

What is I Am A Day Trader? The website can be found at www.iamadaytrader.com. The company is a day trading educational company owned and operated by Ray ‘Les’ Freeman. An Australian citizen, currently living in Los Angeles, Ca.

The company is currently selling a day trading course, named the “Fast Track Program” for $197. In addition to the day trading course, the company is also offering a live day trading room at $297 per month.

I Am A Day Trader maintains a very active YouTube page at the following address.

And just like every other trading educator on the planet, the YouTube page is filled with dozens of promotional videos that extol the amazing trading abilities of Mr. Les ‘Ray’ Freeman. In fact, TradingSchools.Org was simply amazed and the unseemingly endless stream of “Live Winning Trades” and promises of  easy day trading profits.

Amazing Claims of Success

The I Am A Day Trader website tells the amazing story of Mr. Raymond ‘Les’ Freeman, and how he has tutored thousands of day traders worldwide to gain financial independence by learning his time-tested patterns to profits. In fact, Ray Freeman likes to refer to himself as “The Samurai Day Trader”. He assures the audience that for well over 20 years, he has been applying his Samurai skills like a karate master, each day pulling out easy profits. His mind is sharp, like the Samurai sword. And he wants to teach you his day trading secrets. For only a small fee.

But before you take out your credit card, it’s important that we take a closer look at Mr. Ray ‘Les’ Freeman. This is not his first trading product, nor his first live day trading room.

The Most Recent Failure: Your Trading Room

Prior to teaching his secret Samurai skills at Iamadaytrader.com, Ray Freemon owned and operated a company named My Trading Room.Your Trading Room

For only a small fee, a person would log into a live day trading room and watch the amazing day trading abilities of Ray Freemon. After signing up for a monthly subscription to the trading room, the customer would then weave and wind through a proverbial primrose path of upsells and additional spending opportunities.

The grand finale of sales would be the Global Prop Trading program, where the victim/sucker would be enticed into spending $20k to $30k for the Ulitmate Educational Experience, and once they completed the educational program, they would then be awarded up to $5 million of dollars of Ray Freeman’s own personal trading capital. He would supposedly, financially support the person with a fat trading account, with no risk of loss to them. And they would enjoy the massive profits that so many others were also enjoying.

Unfortunately, the Ultimate Educational Experience and the Global Prop Trading program turned out to nothing more than a complete and total scam. Have a read of the following…

Ray Les Freeman

Pretty juicy stuff. And it all coincides with the stories of various individuals that contacted TradingSchools.Org directly and asked that we expose the scam. And most importantly, talked about the slick talking, con artist with a penchant for hustling working people out of whatever their meager savings. Pretty sad stuff folks. This guy has hurt a lot of people.

The big question, how much money has this guy hustled with his trading scam? The prior article claims thousands of investors lost money in the millions of dollar range. However, an additional article that was published by The Australian Business Review claims that “about 2000 investors worldwide lost approximately $10 million dollars.”

Yet more scams and hustles

Of course, maybe my choice of words are being a bit too hostile towards Mr. Freeman? Or perhaps, the Courier Mail newspaper was more succinct in describing Mr. Freeman as “Mr. Falure Les Freeman Strikes Again.” The following article describes how Mr. Freeman hustled 135 investors out of $1.5 million by promising upwards of 100% annual investment returns in a scheme resembling multi-level marketing.

Only a short time later, after burning through $1.5 million, Mr. Freeman created yet another amazing investment opportunity that promised 50% to 100% annual returns and raised an additional $6.7 million dollars from investors. A wealth building seminar that pitched various real estate investments. Of course, that also went bust and the financial authorities shut it down. Some investors were so upset with being hustled that they rearranged Mr. Freeman’s car, courtesy of baseball bats.

Apparently, after the baseball bat episode, Mr. Freeman grabbed whatever remaining loot that he had stolen from investors and made a mad-dash escape to safer lands. He found fertile pastures in the tony Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica, where he now enjoys his days lounging in the sun, drinking fruit punch and dreaming up his next outrageous investment scheme. It appears that I Am A Day Trader is the latest hustle.

Truth be told, I could write an additional 1000 word article describing yet another “wealth building educational seminar” that hustled yet more people out of an estimated $5.5 million dollars. But to continue is to beleaguer the point…everything this guy touches turns to crap.

A tsunami of broken dreams, broken promises, and thousands of investors losing millions of dollars. Eventually, after lawsuits, regulators, and angry mobs make his life too uncomfortable, he disappears like a fart in the wind. And then later reappears with yet another amazing investment opportunity.

The latest hustle: I Am A Day Trader

Let’s not be naive to believe that “Iamadaytrader.com” is only selling a day trading room at $298 per month. This latest scheme is a nearly identical pitch that Mr. Freeman used to market Your Trading Room.

The victim is slowly drawn in Mr. Freemon’s world via the live trading room. Mr. Freeman then develops and cultivates a relationship. Not unlike a naive alter boy and a pervert priest. He creates the illusion of friendship and trust, he then probes the victim for information on their available credit card limit and available savings. Once the victim is woozy and delirious from the dreams of day trading glory, he then springs forth with his financial dildo of destruction. And begins unmercifully and gleefully thrusting away until the victim is broke, despondent, ashamed, and feeling very icky from the experience.

Of course, my description might be offensive or too visual for some. However, in interviews with the multitudes of victims, the feeling of financial rape is the most common descriptive terminology. So let’s call it what it is, Mr. Freeman is a financial predator, a financial rapist. A slick talking, slim emitting, ooze extruding financial con artist pitching snake oil in various flavors.

Wrapping things up

Some of these reviews really rile me up. And Mr. Freeman, with his marathon of BS investment schemes, has been going full tilt for nearly his entire life. It just amazes me how he moves from big-time hustle to big-time hustle, scamming millions of dollars and never catches a prison cell. Always slipping through the hangman’s noose, always blaming someone else for the missing monies, and then sliding through the sewage pipe to yet another grand escape.

Sometimes I wonder if Karma is real.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Diana (@guest_5061622)
1 month ago

wow… I almost bought his course. Good thing I read this…

Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones (@guest_5057249)
5 months ago

Thank you for this review. I was about to pay for the material at $197 but was a bit suspicious due to the terrible website and his constantly referencing “the worlds best”. In addition the warning about not being able to service people from Australia was a red flag. Anyway it was hard to find a review so I’m going to be sure to reference this review in more place on the web.

Another good read

Andrew (@guest_4055810)
1 year ago

Prison Cell required for this low life – scams go way back to the early 2000’s and before

William (@guest_3053692)
1 year ago

I paid the $197 for “lifetime access” to his Fast Track Program, and now can no longer log in. I’ve sent him emails about it but all I received in return was yet another offer to buy his program. He doesn’t know me very well. People who cross me like this end up paying for it in the end. If I have to, I’ll inundate his website with so many emails it’ll cause the site to crash.

Wayne (@guest_4055334)
1 year ago
Reply to  William

Hi William

Freeman refunded me in full when I copied him the address of the article that heads this discussion

I suppose he knows he is a crook Wayne

Blake (@guest_3048755)
1 year ago

I bought the fast track course and am happy with it. New to hearing all these negative comments about Ray. There are loads of good information here. I think some stuff is a bit unorganized but the content is good. I have found many helpful tips and tricks to improve my trading. Never tried the day trading room and do not intend to but in my opinion I think the course is helpful.

Pat (@guest_1042117)
2 years ago

Trade with momentum and well defined trends. Its been a proven strategy for many a trend/momentum trader – that is indeed a fact as shown by high powered industry trend traders. That’s also what these guys teach. They help you stick to the plan. Trend trading takes many consecutive losses (frequently 70% losing trades for extended periods of time maybe even 6 months or more). The trend trader knows that the home runs make up for this. I don’t see how educating on this proven method is a scam. Trend trading is not for the impatient or those that don’t understand the equity curve of the strategy.

Margaret Beck
Margaret Beck (@guest_39350)
2 years ago

My husband and I were sucked in as investors. We invested close to $1M and lost the lot. He employed many good people to do the work for him and I believe he hus just rehashing the previously produced material from Your Trading Room. I also know several others of the investors in the YTR business and their investments were equal to or greater than ours. We are elderly, broke and on the pension. Thanks Les.

Bobbi Black
Bobbi Black (@guest_4055579)
1 year ago
Reply to  Margaret Beck

I would love to talk with Margaret Beck – same think happened to us.

dtchurn (@guest_5057252)
5 months ago
Reply to  Margaret Beck

That’s terrible to hear , which sounds like losing a liftetime nest egg retirement of $1M(?). I think your best recourse is to sue this felonius fraud, with the help of the authorities (fbi, sec, cftc, etc. ) and maybe with advice from Emmett. At least get him locally and legally exposed again, his assets garnered and auctioned off to help pay restitution and maybe have him locked up back in jail for good.

Last edited 5 months ago by dtchurn
Trev (@guest_38583)
2 years ago

Think Amway personality crossed with ADHD.

Samuel (@guest_34385)
2 years ago

Any updates on this guy?

eman (@guest_33602)
2 years ago

Well, this is depressing. I am no stranger to risk or markets. Though pretty new to scalping. And I have been out for a while and decided to look into what others were doing. Education, research, motivation etc.

Found Ray Freemans iamadaytrader youtube clips.

Compellingly authentic, to the point of being a terrible speaker that there is no way he could be anything else than a good trader. Because he sure cant communicate or teach! Most entry setups are easy to work out from his videos. I liked the way his setups gave some structure to what I was already doing. It was motivating.

Decided to pay $197 to get access to his stuff.

– His member materials are appallingly disorganized, random, rambling and repetitive.
– His written work regarding entries is not accurate and full of exceptions and contradictions. His Powerpoints and cheat sheets are terribly prepared and presented. They would be insulting to anyone in business who works to a professional standard. How did he ever con anyone when he is so bad at delivering quality work?
– He is not selling a true mechanical system, just concepts.
– He is not capable of teaching in coherent sequences of thought. This would be terrible for a beginner and highly frustrating for educated articulate professionals
– He immediately up-sells his trading room program.
– His member google drive has a folder full of commercially available books in pdf. Which struck me as unprofessional, if not illegal.

It is disappointing to hear that he doesn’t actually trade for a living. He always talks about trading personal account and his “ES fund”. The one thing he seemed to have going for him was his genuine character as a simple motivated lifelong trader. I was obviously very alert to the fact that his recorded sessions were all so awesome. Never chop days.

As far as his trading setups go, they are standard methods available in books. But they are much better in the hands of a skilled discretionary trader, with some luck on his side.

I can’t listen to his videos anymore after reading this and other material on his past apparent fraud.

Still interested in motivated, ethical, intelligent day trading mentors.

dtchurn (@guest_5057251)
5 months ago
Reply to  eman

If his material is disorganized and vague on critical details and particulars of some questions of trading, I’ve come to think it’s usually a sign of regurgitating rip-off type of scam from another scam traducation which is of course so typically common among these snakeoil charlatans and their sites and material. As an example, I even caught “Dwacter” Barry Burns plagiarizing Al B_ook’s book on price action on his site, the outline ad and contents was ridiculously lazy and very close to Al’s book’s contents by chapter, and I informed Al’s site’s webmaster. Obviously BBurns was just reading through B_ooks’ books and paraphrasing up his “new” “course”. Soon after there was no more ad or word about Burn’s supposed “new” price action “course”. And BBurn’s beginner and intro course which I got suckered into way back as a starting newb was also a disorganized mess of .pdfs , just that he called five indicators “energies”, otherwise obviously plagiarized from old material and books looking by hindsight now as I doubt he could have ever traded his way out of a paper bag to pay his next few months of rent. (he also had to move in recent years from Thousand Oaks to Sherman Oaks! obviously to some shittier apartment as his yt videos show narrower camera angles in a smallish apartment room now, lolol) But of course he’s old school scam and shamshow, now his scam and plenty of others of legacy snakeoil are surpassed in the chicanery by today’s youtube and social media utilizing young ‘hotshot’ trading gurus, or alternately “neighborhood” affiliates of Scott-nose’s Wealthpress sham ad group.

Last edited 5 months ago by dtchurn
Wayne Wardman
Wayne Wardman (@guest_33063)
2 years ago

I recently signed up for a month of reasonably intensive training under Mr Freeman. I quit after two sessions when I realised that he had absolutely no teaching ability.
I asked for a refund and he agreed to pay me half

I am amazed by this man. His abundant YouTube presence does not show his blemishes and his ‘testimonials’ glisten.

He is such a disappointment.

I support your comments 100%

Amie (@guest_31562)
3 years ago

Mr Emmett, I clicked on this article expecting a unbiased feedback on Mr Ray’s system. I don’t see any. It’s like a personal attack on him and nothing to do with trading. Please don’t mislead readers next time. I see no exact facts and I don’t know if you ever used his system to give a fair feedback about it. After reading this I came to a conclusion that a lot of stuff in this article is just your opinion. I wasted my time reading this. All you did was dig up past events which may or may not be related to the current topic at hand. I don’t even know if you actually trade for a living to trust your opinions.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_31877)
3 years ago
Reply to  Amie

Amie, your comments confirm what I have suspected for a while now. Some people are so stupid that they almost deserve to get scammed.

Colleen (@guest_30188)
3 years ago

Hello, I have just come across this site when researching an indicator…Strange seeing this scenario all over again after so many years. I am a resident of Australia and was a member of Your Trading Room joining in September 2009. I joined as a member after receiving a referral to them from an educational group dealing in shares. Being an alternative trading instrument, I was keen to learn Forex as I had acquaintances who were trading Forex successfully at that time. I paid AUD$5,000 to join and then a further monthly fees for daily rooms where members met with Moderators for education purposes. We were trained in using Ninja Trader Platforms and required a separate broker platform to enter trades at that stage, namely FXCM. We needed to have a separate data provider for Ninja Trader as well which all came at another cost. There was a Moderator for all three global sessions each day. We were able to react and speak together each session. In July 2010 I was invited to become a member of a GPT Program (Global Prop Traders Program). Off the top of my head the total cost to me for the original YTR program plus the GPT program was $20,000. The short version is that all YTR members including GPT members lost their money in a short period of time as YTR went out of business. The brokers platforms were unusable, indicators that were made specifically for the programs were unusable. The Moderators were not being paid and had not been for 6 months before the Company set up in the US by this stage finally was put into administration. Some members were threatened with being sued if they persisted in telling others their stories as it was incorrect information.

I find it quite offensive for some in this review forum to state that these and other issues involving Ray or Less Freeman are beat up and exaggerated by the media. I have to say the actual events of the YTR and YTR GPT programs were quite disgusting educationally speaking, as well as mentally and financially for many, not only for the 2,000 odd members but for the staff as well. I belong to a tight group of traders to this day who have been persistent and continued to educate ourselves. We all trade in a different way and we need pure chart time to work out what we as individuals find is the niche way of trading for ourselves.

I do not understand what the personal life of Les or Ray Freeman has to do with anything to do with trading, except for the fact that he has led a charmed life funded by the many millions of dollars he has manipulated from many people through his scams. In my world Les or Ray Freeman is a common thief. It continuously stuns me at the lack of Federal apprehension of this man in both Australia and the US.

Mr Freeman has also been heavily involved in Real Estate scams where ASIC (the Australian federal body looking after Companies) banned him from being a Director. But he still persists by changing names and Country of residence.
Many tens of millions of dollars have been lost to this man at a cost of much heartache.

Many of us have moved on …there is no choice in the matter. If some want to be part of this new group Mr Freeman has begun, then that is your decision alone….all power to you. If some people in this review are part of this organisation engaging with prospective customers by being offensive to the people previously affected by Mr Freeman, then absolute shame on you.

For all of these years I have stayed silent, but when I saw by accident some of these comments, I had to speak up.

Margaret Beck
Margaret Beck (@guest_39351)
2 years ago
Reply to  Colleen

I can vouch for every word of the above. We invested in his company, which was going to fund our retirement..this went broke. He then started up YTR and said if we wanted our initial investment back, we would need to invest more dollars…I am talking big dollars….ASIC got involved and because Les was broke, or so he said, no action was taken against him to recover the monies. I believe it had to be far greater than $10M. So what did he really do with it?

Bobbi Black
Bobbi Black (@guest_5056508)
10 months ago
Reply to  Colleen

Colleen – there actually are some choices in the matter. I was scammed by Freeman and his gang of bandits too. Please reach out if you would like to exchange stories.

Garry (@guest_29444)
3 years ago

Have just come across this site. If scamming was an Olympic sport then Leslie Raymond Freeman would be the undisputed gold medalist. He scammed me back in the 1990s, his promotion was plausible and stood up to all of my scrutiny, he did it with accreditation supplied by the Australian ASIC and with the support of a Citibank manager which proved to be valueless. I exhausted every avenue to report him without success during which time he went from scam to scam with immunity and it would appear he enjoys the same immunity in the US the man is Teflon coated he’s become a very wealthy man draining the pockets of ALL who invested their hard earned in his engineered to fail schemes.

dtchurn (@guest_29453)
3 years ago
Reply to  Garry

Yes, aren’t you glad this site tradingschools actually exists? The rest of the trading media has been all shilled and compromised so a scumbag like Freeman hasn’t gotten scott-free away with his ill-gotten churned gains while leaving millions in financial devastation in his wake. Emmett has done a great public service bringing this scum’s transgressions into the spotlight where shills wither and have little effect in the cleansing commentary of truth. Eventually maybe some authorities may act and handcuff this guy away from his simshow generating pc for good. Perhaps you and other victims could send CFTC complaints since there is ample evidence of the scumbags foulness the authorities can bring up charges with.

Bobbi Black
Bobbi Black (@guest_4055900)
1 year ago
Reply to  dtchurn

I have also been scammed by Ray Freeman and tracked several others who suffered similar losses. There are some things that can be done about this. Please email me privately if you would like to discuss BobbiBlack@golegalnurse.com.

jorgeviola (@guest_28306)
3 years ago

As one of the suckers in YourTradingRoom.com, I would love to know his address. I might show up at his front door asking for my several thousands of dollars of my retirement fund with which he absconded! Anyone know?

dtchurn (@guest_29454)
3 years ago
Reply to  jorgeviola

Here’s the address at the bottom of the scamster’s site:
Suite 300, 10100 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90067
Supposedly “suite 300” is somewhere in this building in the Beverly Hills financial block..rrightt.
http://www.google.com/maps/ Fermin84Y44315.062151,-118.4168675,3a,75y,145.04h,123.17t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s006QuHdYzKEncknzFGveUA!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo1.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3D006QuHdYzKEncknzFGveUA%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D195.4717%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i13312!8i6656

dtchurn (@guest_29455)
3 years ago
Reply to  jorgeviola

Found out there are personal offices or sale or rent at Suite 300 of the address. Anyone could rent an office cubicle corner for $18 for one hour and call it their “business office”.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_29456)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

LOL nice job dtchurn. It’s insane how far the cons will go to dupe the retail public. Unfortunately, the address will sometimes solidify their credibility to the uninformed. From what I can understand this guy has been perpetually conning people for decades. I am a true believer in karma which dictates that he will have to pay for his transgressions one day. We can only hope.

Mike (@guest_28032)
3 years ago

Thanks very much for your candid expose’ of Mr. Freeman. I almost bought in and thought twice enough to Google the man. Thankfully, you showed up and saved my dollars.

Damjan (@guest_27406)
4 years ago

These guys are the biggest crooks and slim you can imagine. The Live Room Started in Jan. John Sheely and Ray have both traded and have been unable to produce a profit on their live accounts. So they now only trade in SIM mode and just offer advice and education. As far as his claim that “Traders LOVE their room, they stated out with about 80 clients and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the original 80 have left and are now trying to get refunds. Sadly, many are being denied refunds, even though they claimed that “no one would be charged until their accounts were profitable”. As BIG a SHAM as you will ever see. Also, a quick Google search of Ray Freeman will show that he had another similar venture that was shut down, and also was shut down by Australian authorities for bilking Real Estate investors out of MILLIONS! PROCEED WITH UTMOST CAREE!!

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