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Adam O’Dell of Dent Research claims to be a multi-millionaire trader that routinely advises hedge funds and the world investing elite with his various ‘magical’ investment newsletters and trading systems.

All manner of investment whack-a-doodle is on full display. Including the promises that you can earn 452,062% nearly overnight, by simply copying and pasting his trades.

Unfortunately, numerous investors have contacted TradingSchools.Org and are reporting massive investment losses and outright fraudulent and phony ‘trading systems.’

Additionally, a public records search revealed the Adam O’Dell recently filed bankruptcy, and his employer, Agora Financial is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission alleging investment fraud.


Powerhouse marketing


A complete and total scam

Massive investor losses

Company is being sued for fraud

Outrageous claims of profits with no verified proof

What is Dent Research, who is Adam O’Dell, and what they selling? If you are not familiar, Dent Research is a very large investment advisory publisher operating out of 819 N Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

If the address might not seem familiar, well it should be. It’s the same address as Agora Publishing. Yes, that Agora Publishing — the same company recently sued by the Federal Trade Commission alleging investment fraud.

According to The Agora Companies website, the company employs more than 2,000 writers, editors, publishers, marketers, copywriters, and film and radio producers.

TradingSchools.Org has written several articles about this company, and their many investment scam artists, like Tom Gentile and Andrew Keene.

Agora Financial is a target-rich environment. Every single week, for the past several years, TradingSchools.Org has received numerous complaints about the financial hucksters operating at Agora Financial.

But Agora Financial encompasses a large and vast sewer of financial websites. They operate across multiple domain names, and so connecting the dots is difficult. At last count, they have several hundred registered domain names offering all manner of investment whack-a-doodle and snake oil health cures.

Different investment products will also quickly appear, and then just as quickly — will disappear. But only after investors begin reporting complaints of investment losses and being swindled.

Today, I want to focus on Adam O’Dell of Dent Research, an Agora Financial company.

Who is Adam O’Dell?

According to the Dent Research website, Adam O’Dell is the “Chief Investment Strategist” of Dent Research. He is a very public figure. He regularly speaks at investment conferences and portrays himself as a former medical student that decided to forego medical school and become a professional trader.

He also claims to be “one of the best investment advisors in the world” and a multi-millionaire.

Additionally, he claims that his trading performance is better than Warren Buffet, George Soros, and Carl Icahn — combined. Yes, combined. Better than all three combined together. Quite an achievement, if true.

Dent Research Adam O'Dell Investment Returns

Or course, Adam O’Dell is selling something. And that something, as he describes is … “the holy grail of financial secrets.” Let’s take a closer look at the product offerings of this supposed financial savant. And his many financial “secrets.”

Adam O’Dell, Dent Research: The Complete Product Offering

The Dent Research website is currently selling Adam’s products, and they are as follows:

Adam O’Dell’s 10X Profits

According to Adam, he is a highly successful Forex, commodities, and Futures trader. And he claims he knows how volatility cuts both ways. The 10X Profits trading service is both long and short.

The buy and sell alerts are delivered via email, include a monthly newsletter and a trading manual.

Adam O’Dell claims that you can reasonably expect investment returns of 60% per year and 1,043% over a 5-year period. Have a look…

Adam O'Dell's 10X Profits
Adam O’Dell investment claims

And the cost of the 10X investment program? ‘Only’ $1,495 per year.

But can an investor really expect to earn such a generous reward? According to one TradingSchools.Org reader, that filed the following complaint…

I had a windfall profit on a home I sold. Adam talked me into investing $15,000 in XIV. Approximetly a week later, my investment was worth $800.

But I consider myself lucky because another invester lost $3 million dollars.

-Investor wishes to remain anonymous

In speaking with the investor, he regrets that he did not do more research into Dent Research, Agora Financial, and Adam O’Dell.

One thing I find ridiculous is that Adam O’Dell and Dent Research never mention any potential losses within the sales and marketing materials.

Adam O’Dell’s Cycle 9 Alert

According to Adam, the Cycle 9 Alert investment advisory service costs $2,795 per year and “I will make you an investment hero.”

He claims that you can reasonably expect to earn 201% to 428% in a matter of weeks or months.

All you simply do is copy and paste the trades and watch the money come rolling in.

However, according to two individuals that contacted TradingSchools.Org, the money never came rolling in. In fact, it did nothing more than roll out of their retirement savings.

One commenter included a narrative of how they attempted to cancel the service with their credit card company but missed the 60-day chargeback deadline.

Adam O’Dell’s Cannabis Paydays

According to Adam, he discovered something called “The Cannabis Profit Code algorithm” and reports the following profits…

Adam O'Dell's Cannabis Paydays

Quite an impressive feat! 452,063% investment returns in only a single year? Wow. Sign me up. Of course, the cost of this investment program will ‘only’ cost you $3,495 per year.

So how have the Cannabis Paydays “secret algorithm” performed for the readers of TradingSchools.Org? Glad you asked.

According to one reader, his portfolio included Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, HEXO, The Green Organic Dutchmen, and MedMen Enterprises.

He invested $10k in each company. His total combined investment was $50k.

Currently, his total investment of $50k is now worth a whopping $2,750. An overall investment loss of 94%.

His wife is pissed.

Adam O’Dell’s Rich Investors Club

Do you want to be rich? And I mean really, really rich?

Do you want to get rich quick? How would you like a “secret trading system” that “returns 400% per year, no matter if the overall market is soaring upwards, plummeting downwards, or not moving at all?” (obtained directly from the marketing material)

According to Adam O’Dell, his Rich Investors Club can “Completely eliminate every scrap of debt in your life— anything from car loans to credit cards or even your mortgage.”

Additionally, he promises so much wealth that you can pay our children, grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren’s college debt! It’s so simple, all you need to do is press a button when the light turns green.

I have included the actual marketing visual that he actually includes in rediculous sales promo

Isn’t this the dumbest thing ever? Apparently, all you need to do log into the application and you simply wait until the green button starts flashing.

Once the ‘green button’ say’s “buy here” then you must frantically start clicking the button to enter your order in your investment account.

And the investment returns? According to Adam O’Dell, you can reasonably expect to turn $5k into $76,640 “All in just two or to three months on average!” This is so unbelievable and outrageous that we had to include the actual graphic from the sales promotional material…

Rich Investors Club

The real story of Adam O’Dell of Dent Research

I think most people are probably laughing that this rediculous financial fraud. I certainly did.

However, part of our investigation and research included a full background check on Adam O’Dell of Dent Research. What other dirt could be dug up on this financial huckster? Well, we found plenty.

According to various social media profiles, public court records, and a search of government records, we found plenty of ‘red flags’ that warrant the title of ‘Financial Fraudster.’

First things first, he claims he was training to be a doctor before he decided to become a “full-time trader.” However, the medical school that he claims to have attended only offers training for nurses.

Additionally, he claims to have a millionaire trader status and advising hedge funds on investment strategy. However, public records reveal that his only qualifications included a short stint at TradeStation, where he was a salesman for only a few months.

He claims that he was a “professional prop trader” and “traded at a prestigious Forex prop firm where he earned zillions.” However, we researched this supposed Forex prop firm, which is named Integra FX, and discovered that the company consisted of one employee. And the company was in business for only 4 months.

It turns out that Integra FX was nothing more than a “Top Step Trader” type trader educational company where you pay money each month to play on a simulator.

And probably the most damning is the public records search that revealed that Adam O’Dell recently had a personal bankruptcy because “I was flat broke” and “I couldn’t pay my credit card bills” and “I had to move back home with my mom and dad.”

Can someone please explain how this guy went from having a bankruptcy discharged in 2014 and then only a couple of years later…he is the “Chief Investment Advisor” for Dent Research? And claims to have earned millions of dollars as a “professional trader.”

Its no wonder that the Federal Trade Commission is suing this company for financial fraud.

Thanks for reading.


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