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Al Brooks is a charlatan. No track record. Claims to be a “full-time professional day trader”, yet can provide absolutely zero proof. Trading books are highly subjective, unscientific mumbo jumbo with no backtesting of trading concepts.

Live trading room is an exhibition of palm reading, fortune cookie wisdom, crystal ball divination, modernist voodoo, cult leader fanaticism, and Harry Potter magical thinking.

A specialist of “double-speak”, where the left ear hears the trample of bulls, while the right ear simultaneously hears the mauling from bears.

A circle jerk, waste-of-time carnival attraction meant to sucker the newbie into believing that an actual wizard is behind the curtain.

Pros: Good for the very basics. Nothing more.
Cons: Highly subjective, mumbo-jumbo trading books and courses from a supposed trading guru. No proof of trading success. No track record. No scientific evidence. Pure magical thinking. Trading room is a waste of time.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Al Brooks Trading

What is Al Brooks Trading? Al Brooks is day trading educator. He currently maintains and promotes the following web properties:

  • Brooks Price Action (2009) which is an online trading forum where purchasers of trading products can ask questions and access a live day trading room priced at $99 per month.
  • Brooks Trading Course (2012) which is a promotional store front that is selling a 36-hour video course for $249

Al Brooks also maintains various social media profiles:

In addition, Al Brooks has also published four trading books:

Al Brooks is also a frequent advertiser with the Online Traders Expo. Some readers might be offended or confused that I am using the word ‘advertiser’, instead of the word ‘speaker’ at Online Traders Expo. The truth is that Online Traders Expo is a quarterly seminar circuit that specializes in promoting and selling trading products.

Anyone can be an “expert speaker” at Online Traders Expo, you just need to spend several thousands of dollars for the privilege. There is no vetting of trading educators or the products being sold.

Al Brooks also receives a tremendous amount of press from Futures Magazine. In fact, he publishes a daily blog post on Futures Magazine where he provides a post-market summary of the daily price action.

Al Brooks Trading Performance

Al Brooks has no published track record. Although, there are many references in his books and promotional materials, as being a “full-time professional day trader” there is simply no evidence whatsoever. Al Brooks states repeatedly that he is a full-time professional day trader. But can provide nothing to the audience that establishes a baseline reference to measure his trading performance. What exactly is a “full-time professional day trader?” In my opinion, it would be someone that is earning a full-time income at trading. But with Al Brooks, there is absolutely zero reference material that describes what this actually means. It is simply a statement that he makes and then he hopes that you stop asking tough questions.

During the month September 2016 as well as October 2016, TradingSchools.Org used various alias’s and attended 8 of the live trading sessions being offered by Not once did we witness a live trade. Furthermore, we never witnessed a live or a simulated trading DOM on display inside of the live day trading room. All that is offered are verbal suggestions, pretzel logic, and ambiguous side-speak.

Attempting to verify performance

TradingSchools.Org, using various alias’s, made multiple attempts during live trading sessions, after live trading sessions, and through email in an attempt build a track record of Al Brooks trading results. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Al Brooks refused, at all levels to disclose whether he was trading, or had ever taken any live trades.

Finally, in one last desperate attempt, TradingSchools.Org reached out to Al Brooks directly and notified him that a review was pending. We asked for some sort of performance summary. He refused. His response was that by disclosing his individual trading performance, that he would be committing a criminal act or would be in violation of securities laws.

Is showing a record of trades a criminal act? TradingSchools.Org, in the past two years, has written extensively about trading educators. Not once have we ever witnessed a trading educator getting into trouble for being honest with consumers. In fact, we have been closely involved in both the criminal and civil prosecution of over a dozen fraudulently promoted trading educators and trading systems. In speaking with CFTC and SEC investigators directly, they simply laugh whenever they hear this well-worn piece of urban fiction.

There is nothing illegal with showing a trading record. However, it is fraudulent to show a trading record that has been falsified for marketing purposes. Perhaps this is the reason why Al Brooks does not publish a trading record?

Of course, trading educators like Al Brooks will attempt to obfuscate and confuse this point. They will say things like, “I talked to an attorney and they said it’s against the law”. This is pure nonsense. Securities regulators love disclosure. The more the better.

Perhaps Al Brooks should contact world champion trader Kevin Davey about his published track record. Kevin has been selling trading system since before Jesus walked the earth, and has never had a problem with a securities regulator.

Anyone that tells you that they cannot show you a track record of trading performance “because it’s illegal” is trying to fit you with a custom butt plug, while telling you that it is a lolly pop. Huge red flag (or butt plug).

Does a lack of a track record automatically disqualify?

Does Al Brooks lack of a track record mean that he is a scam artist? Or a con man? In my opinion, it does not. It just means that he probably isn’t a very good trader, and doesn’t want anyone to know about it. The massive amount of promotions, videos, books, seminars and courses simply paint a picture of what Al Brooks truly is…he is a just another trading promoter. A retired eye doctor that couldn’t make it as a retail trader and decided to sell some stuff to supplement his income.

Al keeps his promotional efforts clean and tidy. He doesn’t produce a track record or make wild claims of success because he knows that it will get him into real trouble. His ‘game’ is to leverage social media, various media channels, books, etc that create the impression that he is some sort of “trading wizard”. But the reality is he is just an average guy out selling the dream to the unwashed masses.

Al Brooks is certainly not going to qualify as one of TradingSchools worst educators. Not even close.

The real problem with Al Brooks

Trading educators all seem to occupy a particular niche. Some educators claim that magical order flow indicators can divine the future, others claim that rocket science mathematics infused into a moving average will surely bring big trading profits, others claim that 700-year-old Japanese stick characters portend the future. With Al Brooks, his niche is “Reading Price Action”. What exactly does that mean? Quite simply, from Al Brooks perspective, he claims that he can look at just about any 5-minute bar, and from these tiny bits of information, he can consistently predict the future.

What does an Al Brooks prediction look like? Well, lets start with the trading room, and what we heard…

“Indecision bars, indecision bars, with a possible micro bubble climax definitely looking to buy support. But sellers may overwhelm swing, so looking to sell at resistence trigger”

“Double bottom probably buyers on doji candle looking for long entry and short entry on resistence failure short entry for quick profit, be aggressive and careful with either position”

“Final flag, final flag, definitely final flag probably entering trading range with close support at possible entry point for aggresive buyers and definite exit point on multi-point sell  position”

“Failure reversal bull flag with sellers climax possible sell, but looking to buy on minor pullback of micro bubble. Indecision bars signalling continuation of reversal points.”

On and on, throughout the trading day, Al Brooks talks his way through the trading session. Making these weird, highly indigestible, utterly confusing references to things that apparently only he can see. Not once does he ever say, “I am going long at price X, stop at price Y, target at Z.” Nothing he say’s is ever direct, concise, or definable. The entire trading room is meant to be a lesson in confusing terminology, innuendo, and twisted statements. Everything is meant to lead the consumer back to the reference material, in other words, if you buy the book specifically on Trends, then you will understand what I am saying. And after you buy the book on Reversals, then you understand this. And after buy the book on Ranges, then you can understand the ranges terminology.

And if the books are not enough, then you need to purchase the 36-hour course that ties it all together. And you need to keep paying $99 per month and watch the live trading room, and eventually it will sink in. On and on it goes, until finally the disgruntled and dismayed start writing to TradingSchools.Org and complaining and are pissed off about wasting time and money.

No scientific evidence

Thankfully, multiple readers sent me copies of Al Brooks trading books. Although the books are stuffed full of perfect chart examples, there is absolutely no backtested evidence that any of his chart patterns are valid. Everything he writes is subjective and pure opinion. Today’s modern trading platforms make it simple to backtest ideas, and specific set-ups, but Al Brooks does none of this. We are supposed to “see the patterns” and “feel the patterns”. And if we follow Al Brooks long enough, we also will begin to “see and feel these patterns”. But you have to keep paying, and buying and watching in and endless loop of hope.

The problem with Al Brooks always circles back to square one. Does this guy even trade? Does he even have a trading account? Has he ever had any success whatsoever? All he has to do is release information on his own personal trading performance, and this would be the final verdict. But Al Brooks will not do this. Nobody is allowed to peak behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz for a reason.

My own opinion

On a typical trading day, Al Brooks will make an average of about 25 trading suggestions. They are suggestions, and nothing more. There are no exact entry points, or stops, or profit targets. Everything is left to the imagination of the viewer. And the imagination of the viewer is where the con is played out.

Al BrooksAl Brooks is a palm reader. With his nerdy demeanor, he holds your palm and starts pointing to lines that supposedly tell the future. He suggests that a straight line here, with a squiggly line over here, and a strange line there means that something amazing could happen to you at any moment. Never does he take out his own palm and tell you what is happening with him, its always about playing into the imagination of his audience. He is an eye doctor, and he can see things really well, and his daughter is going to an Ivy League college which means that he is successful and can afford such a thing. And that since Futures Magazine publishes his articles that they have witnessed his grandeur and endorse his predictive abilities. And since he is a “speaker” at Traders Expo, that he is authentic, and the multiples of books and video courses are yet more proof of his amazing abilities.

But the sad and simple truth is that Al Brooks has no trading record. He is just a simple little man projecting something that he is not. He is not a successful trader. Just another vendor, selling the dream. Of course, I would love to be wrong. And it would be so incredibly easy to prove me wrong, by releasing a performance record, but Al Brooks knows that he can never do this.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for yet another negative review. There are plenty of Al Brooks fans out there, and they are going to be pissed off that I am calling him a charlatan. But it’s just how I see it. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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George Papazov
George Papazov (@guest_6062197)
8 days ago

Trading tips are really important for traders. It helps them to perform their trade-in a short time but swiftly. Your article is very helpful. I want to read your next article.

Jimmy (@guest_5061136)
4 months ago

I trade FULL TIME (going on 3 years now). The same e-mini Al Brooks claims to trade, and to a lesser extent /GC and /CL I’m always looking to improve my entries so I read his book and then some of his weekly market blog entries. Couldn’t agree more with the reviewer. His “method”, or whatever he’s calling it, had zero value. It’s a lot of smoke and double speak. Just look at his market blog and you’ll find a theme. “Market has an W%chance of going up, X%chance of going down, Y% chance of going sideways, and a Z% chance of going up, down and sideways”. Meanwhile the %’s he throws out have absolutely no basis — no backtesting, nothing. I asked him directly if the % were from backtesting and I got a lot of noise but no answer. It’s ridiculous. Every link of his you click on directs you to the “if you want more of these un-tested, unverifiable figures, pay me 300 bucks for my course and I’ll give you access to even more” page. Stay away.

Deve (@guest_5057360)
5 months ago

I am lucky enough to know some extremely successful traders who have a very high market IQ and all of them state that Al Brooks is a very good trader and have absorbed much of his works into their systems.

Mayur (@guest_5056735)
9 months ago

“… Nothing he say’s is ever direct, concise, or definable…”

You have no idea what you’re talking about. You just can’t comprehend the stuff he(Al) has to offer because you lack basic assumption that the market is NOT direct, NOT concise, and absolutely NOT defineable. And that is why Al almost always says everything in probabilities. And that is also why he uses words such as – probably, possibly, likelihood, and so on. On the other hand, you want a mere definable set of rules you can rely upon to make money. If that was the case, everyone would just grab a cup of coffee and then become a millionaire in no time. That’s not the way it works.

On a side note, I’ve read all his books, blog articles, most of forum information and almost everything that’s available on the internet about him or his methodology. I’ve spent countless hours of my life getting to know his work and his way of trading. Wherther you want to believe it or not. What I’ve observed over a period of time is that people often buy his book or read one or two articles and then get extremely confused and then they are just pissed at him because of the confusion. I’m sure as hell, you’re no different. And hey, just so you know, I’m making a hell lot of money trading his methodologies.

But those who puts in the time and efforst and perserver, eventually reaps the rewards.

His is a work that’s absolutely invalueable and it’s for those – as he says in the book title – SERIOUS Traders. Not for people like you, who just want a get rich quick scheme.

I was just trying to google an article he wrote on and now the articles is lost. But in the process I stumbled upon this shitty review, So I thought I might as well help others open their eyes. As for your eyes, I’m pretty sure as far as the awareness about Al’s work is concerned, you’re blind!!


Andras Nagy
Andras Nagy (@guest_5056693)
9 months ago

Do you really rate Als course quality as two-star? Who the fuck are you? Your sour-grape teacher rating website is a NEGATIVE one star! How do you like that!

Bob (@guest_4055585)
1 year ago

Well, I see you dumped my last comment about your being from Planet BS down to the bottom in hopes no one would see it, so let’s take another tack. Since you are “obviously” a great trader, given that you can make pronouncements and judgements about other traders, why don’t you post your live trading results so we can all see them. Preferably audited by an accountant.

If you won’t do that, then we know you are just another opinionated dimwit, contributing to the ever-burgeoning online pollution, and the pot calling the kettle black. Why do I know you won’t have the balls to publish this post?

Bob (@guest_4055584)
1 year ago

Your opinion sucks IMO. I use Brooks stuff and it definitely works. So do the rest of the guys in our trading group. What planet are you from? Planet BS?

dtchurn (@guest_4055460)
1 year ago

LoL! I couldn’t believe seeing this recent video “interview”. ( I had been in B_ooks’ pro-rated trading room for a few months (and had read his original book page to page, unlike gollum-peets and his trollish nonsense) and heard some other audio convention samples. But his voice always sounded lower and pushy, like when he enunciated “com-PU-ters”, “com-PUU-dters”. Then this video and his skinny throat voicebox makes it seem all this time his computer and mic setup had his voice modified to octave(s) lower. Lolol!

Thomas J Brandstetter
Thomas J Brandstetter (@guest_4055404)
1 year ago

You are an idiot and I will enjoy taking your money

Dave Rogers
Dave Rogers (@guest_3048209)
1 year ago

Knowing when to get in and when to get out is the whole point. A “system” that can’t teach you that is totally worthless.

JJ (@guest_3048113)
2 years ago

Right on Jerry!! Al tells you right at the beginning, “Traders spend their trading life all day in a fog wondering what is going to happen next in a haze of 50-50 probabilities, which never gets better then 60-40 in either the bull or bear direction. Then at the end of the day the fog lifts, the sun comes out and what happened all day long is obvious to everyone.” If you don’t like living like that, dont trade.

Jerry’s allusiion to the casinos is so correct.

Al spent a bunch of time while he looked for the Grail. He lost money for 10 years before he was able to get profitable (his words not mine). He knows that to function as a successful trrader he has to think in that crazy way that most of the reviewers here are mocking. They need to be able to think in “Al Brooks Speak.” Thinking in ay other way produces loses as most of us can attest.

Al brooks penchant for hard work is incredible. Al doesn’t offer you the Holy Grail for products that cost $7997, $1997 or even $997. What he did do was put togther the most incredible series of videos and sell it for $359. there are 120 videos that cover every aspect of forex and e-Mini. When you get done with them you speak “Brooks speak.” AND you stop being surprised at the outcomes of the market.


ian (@guest_1046423)
2 years ago

Hi, a friend of mine told me about this review and I feel compelled to respond
I have been studying Al Brooks methods since 2009, which is when he first started producing content online. There is no doubt that his material takes alot of time and effort to understand but it is absolutely worth the effort. He has his own intepretation of how the market moves and his own language for describing it. I made a decision to see if what he said made sense and can say now with experience that it does and it can be used to help structure a method with edge. (this took me 6 years)
Does it bother me that he doesnt produce an audited trading performance record? It did initially but now I have come to the conclusion that it just doesnt matter – I cannot replicate his performance and in any event, just as in sport coaching, the best coaches were not necessarily the best players. By this I am saying that even if he is not trading for a living, he can still qualify as a top coach, which I absolutely believe he is. (I suspect that he does make money from trading however)
These are just my opinions, I have no ties to Al Brooks etc, but I believe your review is unfair.

Ant (@guest_1047176)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Sometimes it is not necessary to be good trader to be a good coach, for instance, Nick Bollettieri, a world famous tennis coach has won no grand slams.

Dave Rogers
Dave Rogers (@guest_3048208)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ant

Yes, but he can show the results of his coaching and choices. He has proof that his coaching works.

Alan Brooks Fan
Alan Brooks Fan (@guest_1044816)
2 years ago

This website is an scam, and the people are running just like dogs small dogs they crate bad reviews and try to negotiate with the reviews anyway here is just a sample visit Alan brooks amazon and check some reviews

And forget about this crap or website

YoursTruly (@guest_1045368)
2 years ago

Hey Alan Brooks Fan, it’s Albert Brooks not Alan Brooks. Just thought you should know your heroes correct name 🙂

Honest Opinion
Honest Opinion (@guest_1041482)
2 years ago

I’d like to offer my objective opinion after following Al Brooks and his work for the last 3 years. I’ll discuss the positive, the negative, and my conclusion.

First, the positive:
1) The things that Al Brooks talks about in his books definitely does have merit. If you study his work and then watch the markets during the day, you will see Al’s concepts playing out in real-time during the trading day.

2) Al gives realistic warnings to people reading his material – in terms of best-case win-loss rates, the difficulties of successful trading, and zero-sum nature of markets.

3) Al’s material essentially gives an aspiring trader a “lens” in which to view the markets, in which that trader eventually can learn to navigate and learn how to structure profitable trades.

Now, the negative:
1) Al Brooks works very hard on his website his content that he sells – daily updates premarket and aftermarket close on his website. Weekend updates. It is remarkable how much effort Al puts into his website every day, month after month. Why is this negative? Well, if I find it hard to believe that a trader making consistent, good living from trading the markets would have motivation to so religiously work on updating a website, unless that trader was financially movitated by the website. It is just human nature. A guy making $150,000 a year trading is simply not going to be motivated to work so hard on a website constantly.
2) Predictions on daily/weekly chart are no better than a coin flip. The only time Al makes documented predictions are on his daily and weekly updates on his website. I’ve been reading his predictions for a long time, and can tell you that the actual results are no better than a coin flip. I have seen zero evidence that Al has a statistically significant ability to predict the next move in a market on the daily and weekly chart. Much of it is because Al relies so much on technical analysis, and often it is news announcements that have been driving the market (at least since Trump has been in office).

Also, another thing that bothers me, is that I used to follow Al’s trading room (another paid service) and at the end of the day, Al would pull up the 5 minute chart and review it. He would literally call out every bars action while having the results in front of him to stare at! This is like me becoming an NFL announcer and predicting the next play while watching instant replay (AFTER seeing the play already take place!).
3) No documented results: I have mixed feelings about this. I understand that a person may want financial privacy, I really do. But if you are going to promote yourself as a “full-time, consistently profitable trader” you have an inherent obligation to produce some level of proof. I don’t care about seeing Al’s account balances – I would be happy if he went to a financial auditing firm, and got an audited statement from them swearing that “we have reviewed Al Brooks trading results, and can confirm that he has ended the month profitably on XX% of the last 60 months.”

Something like that alone would be helpful. Because the bottom line, is that not one of Al’s students have ever seen him take a trade on the hard-right edge of the screen. And that is a problem.

Conclusion: The books and materials definitely do have merit. However, taking those materials and converting them into profits in the markets is an entirely different endeavor altogether – until Al shows us otherwise, I struggle to believe that he is a consistently profitable full-time trader.

Ian (@guest_1046424)
2 years ago
Reply to  Honest Opinion

Hi Honest opinion
Interesting review and I agree in the main with your comments.
Just two points that I want to counter on – his daily and weekly pre and post market updates that you suggest (he doesnt sell access to this content btw, nor does he manage and update the website) a profitable trader would not spend the time on.
I would suggest politely that if you are not doing this yourself for every day that you trade that you are missing out on one of the key components that directly support your bottom line results.
Regarding the predictions and coin flips, I believe that you have to consider his comments as probable outcomes. As you say he often gets it wrong but thats just confirming that the least probable outcome occurred – which is what markets do regularly. The point being – dont get caught up measuring him by his predictions, but ask yourself whether you can structure trades with edge based on the probable outcomes
Hope this helps!

Eugene (@guest_5060914)
5 months ago
Reply to  Honest Opinion

There is intra-day trader Tom Hougaard. He is multimillionaire and he is trading live everyday for last 5 years and he using Al brooks principles of trading. Hes made 16000 points trading indicies this year and over 38000 points for the last year. He’s group is free and you can see trades every day.
i start being profitable after reading Al brooks Price action bar by bar book.
It works!

Jimmy (@guest_5061138)
4 months ago
Reply to  Honest Opinion

“2)Predictions on daily/weekly chart are no better than a coin flip. The only time Al makes documented predictions are on his daily and weekly updates on his website. I’ve been reading his predictions for a long time, and can tell you that the actual results are no better than a coin flip. I have seen zero evidence that Al has a statistically significant ability to predict the next move in a market on the daily and weekly chart”

Your quote. And it’s spot on. One of Al Brooks’ most egregious frauds is that daily/weekly blog. I imagine he puts it out as a promotional tool to lure in subs. If you’re new to the game all that double speak probably seems legitimate. However, anyone with a decent amount of experience should be able to tell he’s basically saying it could go up down or sideways. I’m just glad I only spent $ on his book and didn’t get roped into the course.

dwain j
dwain j (@guest_1040000)
2 years ago

Just came upon your site. This is great, the Internet needs a site like this. There are a lot of people being deceived on the internet when it comes to trading. If Al Brooks can’t or won’t show results as a trader he should be considered a suspect charlatan. I have been reading his books and his web site and I to have been very interested in his methods. But I am very leery of people claiming to be traders and selling products claiming to make you a good trader if they indeed aren’t doing it themselves or making a profit. So, Al is under my suspicions after looking at your info. Keep up the detective work, trading fools need it. !!There is a sucker born every minute!! Or in trading a sucker trades every minute!

CharlesS (@guest_38907)
2 years ago

Emmet, Actually I think you’re also adding value by identifying purported trading educators who: 1) make unfounded claims; 2) charge exorbitant amounts of money w/o showing substantiated benefit. And you’re also flagging prop firms w/ dubious money-soaking practices. Net-net, ie I think overall your doing a great job.

CharlesS (@guest_38889)
2 years ago


I appreciate your consumer-directed approach and think that your site is well-structured, thorough, clear, and easy to use, but I suggest that your review of Al Brooks is akin to saying Newton didn’t communicate anything worthwhile about gravitational force because he didn’t build bridges. And further, that his ideas are not worth anyone’s time because the math and text in “The Principia” is difficult.

And after 3+ years of regularly seeing daily analysis from Brooks, as well as several webinars, I find it hard to believe that he’s not trading, but again that does not really matter, it’s the insight that matters. I think you’re using a cookie-cutter model here, somewhat like a contemporary economist who looks at GDP growth and thinks that it by itself proves a healthy economy.

Trader Army
Trader Army (@trader-army)
2 years ago
Reply to  CharlesS

I am definitely open to learning new things. But I agree, I tend to use a ‘hot sharp knife’ and quickly cut to where I believe the truth might be hiding.

Al Brooks is nice guy. I have enjoyed speaking with him, on occasion. But the jury is still out on whether he actually trades, and to what degree of success.

Regardless, he contributes to the conversation and is willing to bring ideas. And there is some value there.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

CharlesS (@guest_38902)
2 years ago
Reply to  Trader Army

I think the crux of it is that your criteria for a service is: “Does it call out actionable trades and does a consumer make money acting on them ?”

For a service that claims to be calling out trades, this criteria is entirely appropriate, in fact it is needed — this is where you are adding value.

But that’s not the only way to learn from someone else, and not the only meaningful component in a trading education. If a site is not offering a ‘call-out’ service, then I don’t think it is appropriate to apply a ‘call-out’ criteria in reviewing it, which I think you are doing wrt Brooks.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x