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Rayner Teo: Another phony Forex Trader?
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Rayner Teo is a popular YouTuber with nearly 190,000 followers. He purports to be a “professional Forex and Futures trader” and wants to teach you his “secrets.”

These supposed secrets are nothing more than debunked and nearly useless indicators like MACD and Stochastics. In fact, he claims to know nearly countless “secrets” and he can “teach you to be a full-time professional trader.” Simply pay the monthly fee to become a member of his “secret inner circle” of newbies, wannabes, and financial illiterate.

Rayner Teo tailors his pitch with a smooth and disarming demeanor. Gently cooing into the microphone how he wants to be your friend, and help you become rich.

Unfortunately, he appears to be a professional charlatan cranking about financial ridiculousness like a snake oil salesman at a carnival.

No verifiable proof of ever trading successfully. No verifiable proof that he even has a trading account. Attempts to verify were met with all manner of evasiveness and excuses.

Avoid this smooth hustler.



  • Very clean marketing
  • Folksy and relatable
  • Disarming and charming


  • Wolf in sheep’s clothing
  • Claims of success cannot be verified
  • Methods appear to be bunk
  • A smooth swindler

Thanks for reading today’s review of Trading With Rayner

What is Trading With Rayner, and who is Rayner Teo? According to the Trading With Rayner website, a person named Rayner Teo wants to teach you the “secrets” to profitable Forex and Futures trading.

There are two primary products that the consumer may choose: Pro Traders Edge Elite and Pro Traders Edge Premium.

The Pro Traders Edge Elite is a $99 per month package that includes live bi-monthly question and answer sessions, weekly trade alerts, various ‘boot camps’ and ‘trading secrets’, some sort of cheat sheets and access to a book club.

The Pro Traders Edge Premium is a $49 per month package and includes most of the features from ‘Elite.’ However, you will not be admitted into the ‘secret circle’ and these mysterious will only be revealed in the live questions and answers sessions.

According to Rayner, these ‘secret’ sessions are where you will be inducted into this secret society and interact with the investment maestro himself.

Rayner Teo: The Rambo of Singapore

According to Rayner Teo, when he turned 19, he was required to join the Singapore military and serve his country valiantly and ward off all invaders.

The military commanders, upon first seeing all 5 foot one inch of Rayner could immediately recognize this midget sized man as the next Malaysian Rambo. According to Rayner, he was immediately sent to an elite military training academy and taught all manner of fighting techniques.

Some of these included elite hand-to-hand fighting skills, counter-terrorism, hostage remediation, spoon fighting, jungle survival, and mid-flight parachute repair.

The going wasn’t easy for Rayner. After being promoted to a knight and then subsequently awarded the golden cane pole fighting award, he then began to question whether being an elite military fighter and commando was his true calling in life.

He then left the elite commando military unit and wandered the earth in search of life’s meaning. “What should I do with myself?” the 103-pound warrior pondered.

Singapore was not at war and there were no more enemies to defeat. But what should our young warrior do next? For he only knew combat and hand to hand fighting — not exactly the skills required to survive in civil society.

And then, in an epiphany, Rayner discovered the amazing world of Forex trading. He quickly began to realize that his elite commando skills were perfectly suited to the rough and tumble “no prisoners” world of Forex trading.

A short time later, he was recruited by a “prop trading Forex company” and became a professional Forex trader. According to Rayner.

And now, he wants to teach you all of his secret methods and techniques so that you can also become a full-time Forex and Futures trader.

Rayner Teo: Lots of “Secrets”

According to his self-written biography, he is “the most famous trader in Singapore.” In fact, on his YouTube channel, he has an incredible 189,000 subscribers that apparently tune in to learn a bevy of “trading secrets.”

Some of these trading secrets include the following:

  • The secrets of MACD indicators
  • The secrets of moving averages
  • The secrets of stochastics
  • The secrets of candle bars
  • The secrets of price action
  • The secrets of Bollinger bands
  • The most secret trading indicator of all time
  • The secrets of the Golden Cross
  • The secrets of the average true range
  • The secrets of support and resistance
  • The secrets to false breakouts

I can literally go on for hours. Apparently, Rayner Teo knows the secrets to anything and everything related to trading. All of these secrets are revealed as he hand selects a chart and overlays an indicator which magically fits the chart like a thong fits a bikini model. (If only it were that easy)

He then opines on how these seemingly useless indicators reveal the magical key to unlock limitless amounts of wealth, prosperity, and unlimited shrimp cocktail.

Amidst this nearly endless stream of indicator ridiculousness is the deafening quiet of when these worthless indicators make the wrong prediction. Apparently, this is not that important.

Most of the indicators that Rayner gleefully reveals as “secret” indicators have been around for 50 years and have consistently been debunked as statistically insignificant. Don’t believe me? Read Professor David Aronson’s book:

In this book, Professor Aronson systematically exposes every single indicator that Rayner Teo proffers as somehow “secretive” and “the answer to your questions.”

Sorry folks, technical analysis indicators are not predictive. In fact, as Professor Aronson states in his 500-page tomb, “these sorts of investment techniques are the realm of wizards, con artists, fairies and unicorns.”

Does Rayner Teo Even Trade?

Of course, there are some folks that use these sorts of magical techniques to profit. This is undeniable.

And if Rayner Teo can actually verify trading success with actual account statements, then I would be the first to give him a 5-star review.

With this in mind, TradingSchools.Org reached out to Rayner Teo in hopes of verifying his supposed “commando trading techniques” during the month of June 2019.

Over the course of 3 weeks, we went back and forth with Rayner and his “virtual assistant” located in the Philipines. We went back an forth, around and around, up and down with Rayner. We simply wanted to know whether he had undeniable proof, that we could verify, that shows an actual track record.

Unfortunately, it appears that Rayner Teo does not even have a trading account. Instead, the best he could proffer was a series of videos (made in hindsight) where he analyses different markets. This is supposed to be “proof” and we must simply trust him.

It appears that our supposed Malaysian Rambo is little more than a Youtube con artist too lazy to get a real job. Instead, he spends his days creating useless videos that have little to no value, other than enriching Rayner.

Wrapping Things Up

Another day and yet another YouTube conman gets exposed as a charlatan.

There is nothing wrong with using “technical analysis.” However, it must be within the context of actual backtesting.

This backtesting must then be traded live and “forward tested” to authenticate the pattern is valid. There simply is no other way.

The key to success for Rayner Teo is that he is very much down to earth. Very friendly, jovial, and he is entertaining within the context of a YouTube video. However, there are millions of entertaining characters on YouTube in which to waste my time.

Getting financial advice from a kid with no track record on YouTube is about the dumbest thing a person can do. I would recommend avoiding Rayner Teo.

Thanks for reading.

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Edward Butte
Edward Butte

Bottom Line do not listen to this review he is biased and the fact that he thinks that the MACD is a completely useless indicator proves he is either a bad investor or simply ignorant. The techniques Yeo teaches are just factual known Technical Analysis. These are techniques that I was taught as a stock broker along my 25 years in the business. So these are not “scams” they are simply known facts. Depending on how you apply them they can work or not work…but this is the case for EVERY discipline in investing! If you want to learn check… Read more »


This is a bit harsh on the lad dont you think?
In a free world Rayner has a right to engage with you or not and on his terms rather than yours.I have been able to learn something from his videos and I am about to contact him as I am key gurus in order to learn.
Respect to all.
The quest of excalibur the holly grail or seeking perfection is a daunting matter. At least men can live and let live. Sharing is cool, the pros and cons above is one individual’s opinion.
Peace and Love!
“Teaching is good for the teacher”!( A. Elder).


Thanks for the article. I happened to see his videos yesterday and as a new trader, I got a bit anxious. Even if he is a con, I think he is a very smooth operator because I was tempted to believe everything he said. You have opened my eyes.
By the way, I am looking for a very good tutorial on this subject. Would you be in a position to assist me?


This article is hot trash. No substance. Thanks for wasting my time. Pure click bait.

Daniel Nyam
Daniel Nyam

Hi Sir, May i know are you a student of Rayner? As from your reply, you may seem to disagree of the statement above and if yes, how was your experience with Rayner?

This is just a hit piece.
This is just a hit piece.

Rayner actually went over this specific review himself on his YT. He showed live trades, as well as old monthly statements.
Looking at reviews of Rayner on other websites seem to bring up more positive reviews.

Obviously if you don’t trust it, don’t follow it. Though looking further into Rayner, he seems legit. This article is garbage.

Last White Indian
Last White Indian

Raynor says 1 important thing – go and test what I am saying for yourself. The risk is yours, work out what works and what doesn’t, take the good, leave the bad – but get off your arse and prove it for yourself. Thank you Raynor.