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Trading Schools.Org Is A Blog About Trading Products

Trading Schools.Org was founded in 2013 as a review website that provides unbiased and honest reviews about all sorts of investment products. We write about trading educators, newsletter providers, trading software, live trading rooms, brokers, etc.

We dig up the dirt and relentlessly search for the truth.

We have nothing to sell. The entire site runs on income from Google Adsense advertising. We won’t write fake reviews about fraudulent products hoping to make a quick affiliate commission.

We will also give you the inside scoop on the best and brightest trading products available.

About Our Reviews

We are not here to hurt anyone. If we write a negative review, this is because we genuinely feel that the product is poor. And we will gladly rewrite any negative review if the vendor makes positive and reasonable changes that bring value to the consumer.

The trading software and education ecosystem are constantly changing. What was an excellent product last year, and we had written a positive review might now be a poor product. We will fearlessly tear apart and report any poor-performing investment products. What might have been an excellent product in 2010 might now be a substandard investment product or service. 

No Fake Reviews

No Fake ReviewsOne of the major problems with trading product websites is fake testimonials and fake reviews that are posted on 3rd party sites like TrustPilot.

Read here how review websites scam consumers.

We have some bad news.

The bad news is that 95% of the investment products on the internet are overhyped “snake oil” meant to hustle you out of your hard-earned money.

If you believe that the regulators from the FTC, CFTC, NFA, or SEC care about you and are there to instantly help — then you are sorely mistaken.

The sad and simple truth is that the regulators simply do not have the time or resources to follow every scam on the internet.

We have some good news.

The good news is that there actually are some very good products and services available to the retail investor.

But they are hard to find. How hard?

TradingSchools.Org typically writes one or two positive reviews each year.

You don’t have to be a loser at trading.

Unfortunately, we all start out investing as losers. Nobody starts out winning. We all start as losers, and we typically get worse. Then we start looking for help. We become desperate and want to believe. And then most become trapped in a never-ending cycle of marketing nonsense from an entire industry that specializes in selling us fantasies about trading glory.

The problem is that the cycle repeats until the aspiring investor is fleeced out of all of his available trading money. He purchases a flawed system, or indicator package, or educational package, or trading room, or trading mentor, or whatever the newest zany crazy thing promoters dream up. In the end, the aspiring trader is left with nothing but a busted trading account and an education in alchemy.

But this does not have to be your journey. Yes, you can make money at trading and investing. And once you learn how, you will be amazed at how fast and how easy you can earn a steady income. But it takes time.

Thanks for reading.

-Emmett Moore


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Marius Coroiu
Marius Coroiu (@guest_5057313)
2 months ago

Hello, where can I find a top of the best trading courses?

Ed Alcantara
Ed Alcantara (@guest_5057255)
2 months ago

Which ones are the best out there? How can I find them easily on your site?

Jess (@guest_5057070)
3 months ago

Just an FYI. Maybe Clay will prove to his followers he practices what he teaches? I hope so. 🙂

Jess (@guest_5057071)
3 months ago
Reply to  Jess

Hm… don’t think my image attachment worked.

Al (@guest_5057007)
4 months ago

Why are all the comments blocked out ? Aren’t these supposed to be public comments?

Al B
Al B (@guest_5057011)
4 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I am using desktop/laptop PCs , with Chrome and Firefox, and I cannot see any comments below your reviews. Am I the only one?

Kristi (@guest_5056994)
4 months ago


I’m confused what happened to the Buy side global review? Did you change your mind about them?


Kristi (@guest_5056993)
4 months ago

Hello, I’m confused what happened to the Buy Side Global review? Did you change your mind about them?


Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis (@guest_5056895)
4 months ago

Thank you for providing this website and honest information. I accidentally ran across it because I was contemplating The Authentic Trader since it sounded so real and also honest, lol. I typically research everything, whether it be products or companies, so that brought me to you, and your honest review of this scam artist. Sure wish it could be broadcast on the news because I KNOW there are many putting out that $297 “reasonable” amount to succeed. Such a shame.

Thankfully I read your review and of course closed the tab for this sham on my computer. I am going to start doing a lot of reading, here, so I can learn. Maybe I can succeed with trading down the road.

Your time and dedication is much appreciated!

MaBlack (@guest_5056800)
5 months ago

Thank you for this site. I bought a package from TechniTrader back in 2014. Wondering if anyone else has used them and what you’re experience is? I am re-watching the video course now and find it helpful. She doesn’t offer snake oil but teaches people to trade.

Tbreaker19 (@guest_5056651)
5 months ago

Appriciate this site

Steven D Van Zandt
Steven D Van Zandt (@guest_5056648)
5 months ago

Thank you!

Bob (@guest_5056637)
6 months ago


This one should be easy! Steven Brooks, supposedly an ex baseball player, has a course he sells. But he gives a couple of his plays for free in his webinar, one being buy the S&P at the close on Monday and sell at the close on Tuesday, he says that one day is the most profitable day of the week going back to 2000, and Friday being the worst, so technically one could short on Thurs/Friday. Can you check out if that one thing is true?
at 18:26

Jim Morris
Jim Morris (@guest_5056553)
6 months ago

how do I find the good reviews?

Ken (@guest_5056583)
6 months ago
Reply to  Jim Morris

That’s what I want to know. Surely there is a solid teacher out there who is willing to exchange money for a legit program?

Tony (@guest_5056821)
5 months ago
Reply to  Jim Morris

Try marketpugilists.com

Raghu Ram
Raghu Ram (@guest_5056400)
7 months ago

Is there a review on Breaking Chart Alerts – http://breakingchartalerts.com. You may want to check out – too many concerns on how they operate.

songman M0000SE
songman M0000SE (@guest_5056339)
7 months ago

indeed. it does take time. i now think of success-full stock-trading as a college degree, or a baby going from diapers/crawling to running, or a kid learning to be a gymnast. TAKES TIME. but i guarantee you this, if you are not making money trading, follow these steps and something magical happens: (1)start KEEPING money (not saving, keeping with no plans to ever spend, not to invest, nothing – just keep in an account as MINE-TO-HAVE-FOR-FOREVER – $100 to $200 a week / or a month depending on your income (2)start paying ANY and ALL debt with more focus – don’t have to pay it off – just focus on paying it a bit more [THIS WILL IN FACT REVEAL TO YOU DEBTS THAT ARE JUST USELESS WASTES], and you will begin to cancel the HULUs and all those monthly subs that just take money AND TIME from your life, and surprisingly you will also stop hanging with people and situations that zap your energy (3)TAKE OUT ALL MONEY FROM YOUR BROKERAGE account, and pause any and all trading for three weeks, then put back only a fraction: 12% tops, of the amount you used to trade with, and resume trading with that amount. [if you are a professional day-trader, i.e. your only and every income comes to you as a stock/futures/forex trader then of course you need your $25,000 minimum but keep it tight, and add a buffer of say $2,000 and only trade that $2,000 buffer – then the $25,000 is just there to “allow” you to day-trade]. (4)take out SAME-DAY any and all profit you make that day – transfer 1/4 to your MINE-TO-HAVE-FOR-FOREVER account, transfer 1/4 to your ‘oh!-taxes-better-get-paid’ account, transfer 1/4 to your ‘i’m-living-off-of-this’ account, and then keep 1/4 right there in the trading account. — Do this for six months: the (1)Hoarding cash, (2)Paying debt with more focus, (3)Reducing trading account size and position sizes, and (4)Transferring out 3/4 of any and all profit same-day – and you will un-wrap your trading genius in no uncertain terms. YOU WILL SEE THE MARKET IN SUCH CLARITY you will be baffled! — and you will trade with the ease of a maestro. Why is this? – Step (1). When you start HOARDING money for yourself, the effect on your psychology is your value-of-self grows! – your SELF-WORTH increases with leaps and bounds, such that the “oh-i-gotta-get-in-this-trade-now” impulses start to fly off your persona; and you start being calm in a way you never before could access. KEEPING MONEY FOR YOURSELF, SHOWS YOU!!! that you value yourself, and you value money. When you demonstrate this to be fact by hoarding $100 here, $10 there, week-in, week-out, and you suddenly start to see YOU ALREADY HAVE MONEY!! you become a ‘spectator’ of the markets, and trade as one – instead of being too much in the game, trading in frantic ways that you end up losing your head, you start to “not care” if you win or lose, because you already have money that you are STORING for yourself; so you ‘play’ with more ‘flow’ – and as you ‘play with flow’ you win, win, win.

songman M0000SE
songman M0000SE (@guest_5056340)
7 months ago

After you do this [steps (1) through (4)] for 6 months, you could return to trading your bigger-size account [the money must come from job income or somewhere, however – but FOREVER money in step (1) is to be continuously added to and kept. When you are 90 or so years old, you will know best what, if anything, to do with the amassed sum of cash.]

Tom David
Tom David (@guest_5056202)
8 months ago

Hi Emmett, any chance you could do a review of https://cycletraderpro.com/.


Tom …

Jake (@guest_5056293)
7 months ago
Reply to  Tom David

Why have him do a review? This is an easy answer. If you are on this site and you are asking for this DON’T Trade. You are just looking for an excuse not to. You know the answer is going to be negative.

Tom David
Tom David (@guest_5056294)
7 months ago
Reply to  Jake

A little niave to just assume that since everyone here is looking for a better edge to trade and spend thousands learning to do so. Since all reviews aren’t negative from Emmett makes me wonder why you are on here. Worried about the honesty? I’ve been trading for many years, never easy though. Avoiding a mistake is at the heart of all of this. Pointless comment.

Dale Black
Dale Black (@guest_5056167)
8 months ago

I REALLY appreciate and respect your personal testimonial. You are now making a positive impact with your life. Well done, sir. I’m retired military and wonder if there is a site or company you could recommend where honest trading instructors, instructions or trading platforms can be obtained? If these are on your site, somehow I missed them. Thank you.

MaBlack (@guest_5056801)
5 months ago
Reply to  Dale Black

I would like him to check out TechniTrader. Martha Stokes has a series of video products. I purchased the basic course and the position trade course and proceeded to tank and not heed her advice on first paper trading. Since lockdown, I’m finding all my other streams of income frozen and revisiting her videos. Since ’14, my modest portfolio is up around 100%, even counting a few positions that are now 99% losses. I am now looking at turning my retirement account into an income stream. I think she’s a good one. They still try to sell me everything, but they never make recommendations. They teach people to sell. I’m not sure if they’ve updated the videos, which now seem a bit more old-fashioned than they did even when they were fairly new. But the info is solid. She has a monthly subscription with morning updates that I’ve subscribed to once or twice, but was unable to keep up with. I may do it again since she gives access to special market scans etc. Good luck.

Ray (@guest_5056083)
8 months ago

Good work guys, I’m fascinated.I have the obvious question, do you name the best sites for trading recomendations information and advice.

John Curry
John Curry (@guest_5056289)
8 months ago
Reply to  Ray

Same question, the website seems to list every school to avoid, so where do we go from here?

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