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Delta Trading Group is a set of ridiculously expensive trading indicators that cost $7,800 and $600 each month for accompanying trading room. There is absolutely no track record of success from the trading moderator. No live trades called in room. No published track record, moderator refuses to verify live trading results. The moderator prefers to be called a Doctor, but a Doctor or what? Appears to be a mail order PhD. A complete smoke show of trading nonsense that targets low information AM radio listeners. The trading room is a daily, two hour infomercial focused on selling, not trading.

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Pros: Pretty good customer support. That's about it.
Cons: Trading room moderator is a fake PhD proclaiming that his trading indicators are the answer to all your money problems. No track record. Moderator refuses to verify personal trading results. A complete and total waste of time.

Today’s review is Delta Trading Group

What is Delta Trading Group? Delta Trading Group is an indicator package and trading room owned and moderated by Dr. Vance Cast. The cost of the indicators is a one time fee of $7,800, and the trading room has a monthly fee of $600. The indicators are programmed to work only on the Ensign charting platform.

Typically, when I am attempting to determine the effectiveness of a trading indicator, I like to see that the developer has developed an accompanying trading system that specifically uses the indicator. Every developer should be able to curve fit his indicator to work perfectly on past price data. Unfortunately, this developer never took this step, so there is no way to measure the effectiveness of his indicators. I consider this to be a major red flag. Most modern trading platforms have the ability to drop an indicator onto a chart and quickly back test. Apparently, Dr. Vance Cast feels that submitting his indicators to statistical analysis is not that important.

The next thing I look for is track record of trades from the indicator developer. It only makes sense that if the indicator developer has a positive trading track record using his own indicators, then I should at least have a chance of replication. However, Dr. Vance Cast provides no track record of any of his personal trades.

Finally, I look for a track record of the trades called in the live trading room. Simply put, where the moderator calls out a trade in demonstration of his software and then each trade is recorded. Over a period of time, usually a few weeks, we can determine whether the moderator’s trades are consistently profitable, and whether these trades are can be replicated. Once again, Dr Vance can provide no record of any trades called in his live trading room. There is simply no proof.

Calling Dr. Vance Cast

Next step was to call Dr. Vance himself, and speak with him about his indicators and how someone could verify the promises of “turning me into a full time professional trader”.  Unfortunately, the doctor was very busy and so I got to speak with both of his assistants, on two separate occasions. The first assistant explained that the doctor does not show any sort of trading verification, but if I attended the trading room, then I would be able to plainly see the brilliance of the doctor on full display.

The next guy I spoke with, I was a bit more aggressive regarding verifying Dr. Vance’s claims of being a full time professional trader for the past 20 years. Again, the next representative said that I should just watch Dr. Vance trade live and that I should talk to the other people in the trading room, and that they will all verify that Dr. Vance is indeed a master trader. I told him that all of this could be quickly alleviated, and that I was ready to send my $7,800 the very moment that Dr. Vance could show me that he is trading. I wasn’t asking for much, just a single month account statement showing that he trades, and that he made a net profit of at least one dollar. This simple request, the lowest of low bars was flatly denied. I found it amazing that he couldn’t even verify a single month, and yet he wanted me to send him $7,800 and pay $600 per month without even the smallest amount of verification.

A Closer Look At Dr. Vance

Vance Cast

Dr. Ridiculous Ego

One of things I found odd and highly annoying is how Vance and his assistants liberally use the title of “Doctor”. Both assistants always refer to him by “The Doctor” in nearly every sentence. They would toss out “The Doctor”, as if I were supposed to be impressed by such a lofty title. And so, I decided to do a little research into our “Doctor”. Just what sort of Doctor is he? From an accredited University? This really opened up a lot of questions and so I once again asked his assistants and requested more information. One of the assistants said that he was a doctor of psychology, and so I asked him which university? He said that nobody had ever asked him this question and he would get back to me. The other assistant wasn’t really sure what a doctor was, or what a person had to do, or what process they needed to be titled a doctor.

On the Delta Trading Group website, Dr. Vance claims that he earned a PhD in organizational management. But there is no reference to which accredited university that Dr. Vance studied. He also claims that he is world renowned expert in Risk Homeostasis Theory and that his dissertation can be read at the University of Minnesota library. Next, I went to the University of Minnesota library and ran a search for any published articles by Dr. Vance Cast. No articles whatsoever. This left me confused and so I next called the library and asked if they could find any reference to this supposed dissertation. The librarian called me the next day and could find no reference to this person. Interesting.

There is also a link to read his dissertation at Hong Kong University, but the link, followed to its completion leads to only a blank page.

Next, my final search for this dissertation was by searching Google Scholar. Once again, no links to this ground breaking Phd material.


This whole question of having a Phd, and having his staff always refer to Vance as “The Doctor” of something fancy sounding got my imagination really working overtime. Wouldn’t it be cool if I got a PhD and started referring to myself as a doctor? Can you imagine the respect I would get if I added that to the end of my name and had all my of employees now refer to me as a doctor? What is the first thing when someone thinks when they hear “Doctor”? You think of someone really smart, educated, and well respected. But really, how difficult is it to be called a Doctor? Is there any special thing one must attain, from some accredited body?

Considering that our Doctor Vance Cast is offering a trading product, and since trading product vendors seems to attract the shadiest hustlers, I decided that I should find out exactly what it takes to get an official degree and now begin calling myself Doctor. And so I google searched, “Get a PhD Fast“. I was surprised at what I found. Apparently, there is a cottage industry of “Universities” that will issue a PhD based on life experience work. In a nutshell, a person writes an article about a topic of interest and then submits to one of these universities and they guarantee, for a fee, that you will have your PhD in only a few days. This appears to be the likely path of our newly appointed Dr. Vance Cast. Still dont believe how easy it is to get a PhD? Check out the story of Zoe the cat…a real house cat with mutiple Phd’s.

Why is this relevant? If I were to offer a trading room or a trading product, and if I also have an accompanying PhD in something titled, “Risk Homeostasis Theory and Auction Market Theory of Financial Markets” it certainly makes my product appear to be much more credible. The unwashed person could very easily be fooled into believing that I am an expert, and that verifying something like an actual trading record would be unnecessary due diligence. In fact, in speaking with several of Dr. Vance’s students, I asked them if they verified that he actually trades. The response was uniform in that each felt that since he was a doctor, that he must be credible and they didn’t need to verify because of the implied trustworthiness of his lofty title.

The Reverend Vance Cast

Apparently, being a doctor was not good enough for Vance Cast. He also needed to be a reverend. For only a small fee, a person can also be a fully ordained Reverend, which includes an official diploma and a badge. You can find our good Dr. Vance Cast’s listing at the First Church of Atheism. In my opinion, the good doctor should also include on the Delta Trading Group website that he is also a reverend. When I found this listing, it literally made me laugh hysterically.

Some Other Exploits Worthy Of Mention

Vance Cast is quite the showman. In addition to the current gig as trading guru, he also has done some other corny things. On his twitter page, he describes himself as a Best Selling Author (whatever that means), research analyst, and commercial pilot.  There is no mention of being a full time professional trader of 20 years. His last twit was November 2012, so I assume that this trading guru thing is a relatively new endeavor. If you run a search on Archive.Org, you will see that the DeltaTradingGroup website is about a year old.

In addition to the Delta Trading Group website, our good doctor/Reverend has promoted a few other projects:, where our good doctor will build you a website for only $24.95 each month., where the good doctor can show you how to promote trading products and make big bucks., a website that teaches the secrets of Forex trading., and, dating websites. You better ask the doctor personally about this craziness.

Once thing we can say for sure about Vance Cast, he is a great promoter with a long history of selling stuff.

The Crown Jewel Of Promotion

So how does Vance keep feeding his marketing machine? How is he able to generate new leads? AM radio. The following link is to a site titled The American Dream Radio Show. Vance has a pre-recorded, one hour show that is tailor made to appeal to the lowest of the low information consumer…AM radio listeners.

You can listen to the show, in its entirety here. The marketing is quite good. He does a great job of convincing folks that he is the real deal, and that becoming a full time professional day trader is super easy…if you only follow the advice of the good doctor.

The whole point of the show is to drive people into a free trial of his trading room.

The Delta Trading Room

First things first, this is not the average trading room that I typically encounter when writing a review. The Delta trading room typically lasts two hours each day. In total, I recorded 14 hours of video footage. Not once did I witness actual trading. What I did witness was a daily infomercial and promotion on how great Vance is, and how everyone is together and making money and reaching their dreams of a worry free, financially independent lifestyle. You know the pitch.

Essentially, each day was a repeat of the conversation from the prior day. No trading. But lots of talking. Vance can really talk. In fact, he spends the entire two hours each day talking and talking and talking. Telling us how great his software is, and how much money is made, and how easy it is, etc. How trading is about psychology and money management, etc. The usual platitudes that we commonly hear. But no trading. And certainly no track record.

Some of you reading this are probably wondering why I even bothered recording 14 hours of video, when it was quickly obvious that no actual trading was occurring. Well, the assistants kept assuring me that if I waited long enough, at some point I would definitely be watching some live trading. After 7 days of recording, I simply could not witness a single trade. Frustrating.

Of course, some of you might still be thirsty to consume some of the good Doctor’s magical trading elixir, and so I snipped out a portion of his endless rambling and produced the following video. He gets a little animated in this short clip.

Wrapping Things Up

So what exactly is the Delta Trading Group? In a nutshell, Vance Cast is very clever promoter. He attached the PhD to his name to sound really official and smart. Next he got an off the shelf trading platform and whipped up some custom trading indicators. Then, he had a one hour radio infomercial produced that runs nearly non stop to the most naive and low information purchaser….the AM radio listener. The entire goal is to drive traffic from the radio program into the daily trading room, which is just an infomercial.

There is no track record of any sort. The entire goal of Vance is to play the numbers and find those few naive suckers with little experience at trading, and are clueless about how most of these trading promoters work. He is not looking for the typical person that spends $200 a month for a trading room signal provider. He is looking for the poor rube that is driving his car, listening to AM radio, interested in listening to shallow stories of conspiracy theories and UFO sightings. This person is probably driving in his car, either to or from work, is probably blue collar with little hope of escaping the misery of the current rat race existence. They hear the radio show and imagine the cool elixir of a well worded hope cocktail, about how anyone can easily become a day trader and achieve the financial success that they have always hoped for. How they need to call now and get access to the live trading room, where Dr Vance will show them how to simply sit in front of a computer and trading dollars start magically appearing with the greatest of ease.

Of course, many of my readers know that this is all a fantasy.

A Personal Note To Vance Cast

Show me the money. Show me an account statement. I would love to be proven wrong and have to come back and grovel and apologize. And just imagine how many of my readers that will flock to your site to purchase your product, once you prove me wrong. Surely you will soon read this review and you are going to be pissed off to no end. You will want to sue me for defamation (like everyone else) and whatever else you can think of. So come here, onto TradingSchools.Org and talk to me. I am waiting. Ready to engage a brilliant doctor. Ready to debate the reality of your proposition.

But we know that you wont engage me. Because this means that you will be forced into showing trading performance, something you have intention of doing. Why? Because the truth is that you do not trade profitably. Delta Trading is a fantasy. These fantastic profits that you profess are just a smoke show, they are not real. Just like your mail order PhD.

Well that’s if for today. Another crummy trading product from yet another charlatan. Another guru with no proof, hiding behind a curtain of lies and deceit. Dont forget to leave your comments below. Seems like its been forever since I have written a positive review. Thanks for reading.

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Bruce Hinds
Bruce Hinds (@guest_1043472)
2 years ago

Wow, thanks so much Emmett. From the beginning it sounded too good to be true and when I couldn’t find any positive feed back on the internet, anywhere it really made me suspicious. Yes, as others have posted, it’s now the S&P 500 Futures Trading Group. Interesting show now on FM talk radio, I guess they’re coming up in the world. At least their prices are! After nice chats with reps and a free two day sit in on their trading group they then tell you it cost $9600 to attend their Academy. $600/mo for their Dues and an account for one contract to trade is $3000.

Their nice website design has zero information or feedback, then there is there FaceBook page. Where have you ever seen a FB page where there’s been ZERO action in a year and a half. Not only no action, but they claim over 2,000 followers and absolutely no conversation.

If Clifford Vance Cast claims to be a Commercial Pilot, there is no record of it in the FAA database. It shows that he’d received a Second Class Physical which is required to fly for hire, but any information on his actual licenses is referred to an FAA email address. Being an pilot myself, I requested the information from them. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Fred (@guest_1041368)
2 years ago

If you believe this is a scam, as I do, I encourage everyone to file complaints with the Arizona Securites Division and the Arizona Attorney General. I’ve, already, filed complaints, but, I encourage everyone who has lost money believing in this charade should do the same. I’ve, also, filed a complaint with the BBB in the state of Arizona. Bottom line. The trading signal is the only thing that matters. It doesn’t, remotely, work consistently enough to break even, let alone turn a profit. In my experience, it worked about 2 out of 10 trades. All those videos, workshops, boot camps are just smoke & mirrors. Anyone saying that Mr. Cast’s past credentials doesn’t matter is an idiot. No one in their right mind would’ve forked over 10 grand, knowing he was a twice convicted meth dealer. His partnership with Joseph Fusco aka Bobby Fusco, another known criminal is, also, very alarming.

Tony (@guest_36491)
2 years ago

Just heard this scam on Denver radio and called the number. They answered with S&P 500 trading. I wanted to see if it was for real or if it was a scam. Thanks for your heads up on this guy.

christine k.
christine k. (@guest_34128)
2 years ago

If someone wanted to learn and become a day trader, what would be a more reputable source. thank you so much for any input.

Longshot (@guest_34148)
2 years ago
Reply to  christine k.

You won’t like this, but I’d learn a different skill online: selling on Amazon, blogging, affiliate sales, membership sites, running FB or Google ads for other businesses, etc. I experimented with short-term trading for years, and found nothing that was better than break-even for the retail trader. If you can work for a prop firm and do things like high-frequency trading, that may be different. But the odds are very much stacked against the stay-at-home small time trader. The people making all the money are doing the things I mentioned (internet marketing, membership sites, selling courses, etc).

Joe (@guest_34215)
2 years ago
Reply to  christine k.

If you don’t heed Longshot’s warning and still want to attempt daytrading, there’s plenty of free info out there. Investopedia has a lot of info. Tradingsim has a free blog with 1000% better educational info than you will find in what Mr. PhD (Prison has Degrees) Cast is peddling. Learn on your own and save the cost of a “guru” for your trading capital.

small business
small business (@guest_33911)
2 years ago

What’s up mates, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say regarding this paragraph,
in my view its genuinely remarkable for me.

Longshot (@guest_33580)
2 years ago

This is what your links now direct to:

He made a revenge write-up.

I had no real interest in buying his stuff (been burned multiple times going back to Ken Roberts’ book on “easy commodity trading” in the 1990s). However, they’re on a local station so I looked them up for fun. If there were simple patterns or indicators that were CONSISTENTLY profitable, the hedge funds and real algo traders would’ve discovered and exhausted them years ago. If this guy is for real, he can use Collective 2, Striker or a similar platform to show his real-time results. Until he does, don’t waste a dime on it. And don’t hold your break on audited 3rd party verification of his claims.

Longshot (@guest_33587)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Yep, that’s the guy. Great marketer–I’ll give him that. He’d mail these little books about how easy and profitable commodity trading was. It was written in a fun, folksy style, telling you about the 1-2-3 pattern that apparently no floor trader or hedge fund knew about. Of course you had to buy his $200 course to know the details, and when you did, there were no mechanical rules to test or trade.

Delta sounds similar. If they give mechanical rules, someone in their program could backtest it with software. However, they seem to appeal to non-traders who wouldn’t do that. And they can always make excuses (“you have to trade in a specific 2-hour period that changes weekly”).

Just curious, do you have any response to their claims about you?

christine k.q
christine k.q (@guest_34092)
2 years ago
Reply to  Longshot

Maybe you can help. Yes, I have been trying to find info and came across your post. I heard them on my local radio but is using company name S&P 500 Futures Trading Group. How is he using both Delta Trading and S&P?

Longshot (@guest_34098)
2 years ago
Reply to  Longshot

Christine, it appears to be the same. Both are based in Tucson and the guy in the picture looks like Vance.

They’ve probably set it up legally under several names. Why? I don’t know, but I’d guess they’re “diversifying.” If Delta gets a bad enough reputation or performs very poorly, they’ll switch to S&P 500 or vice versa.

Both groups claim to have “audited results,” but don’t post anything after 2015-2016.

I have no interest in them, but if I did, I’d demand to see full audited results since they started. It sounds like they only show that to paying members (and even then it may be shady, depending who audits it). Still, I wouldn’t pay a cent until I reviewed that.

Jerry (@guest_32934)
2 years ago

I’m trying to research Delta Trading Group . I’d like to listen to the entire radio ad. When I click on your link, it directs me to a page that says, “Ooops! The page that you are looking for is no longer here.” By chance, do you have an audio file of the radio spot? If so, could you email it to me? Thank you!

Joe (@guest_32937)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

What more research do you need to do? There’s plenty of information on his fraudulent background on this website. You will get nothing out of your membership. His “boot camp” is a fucking joke. His blue/green balls is nothing more than a pivot high/low that any trading platform has. Do yourself a favor and avoid at all cost. Since you still want to research them, you obviously haven’t seen this link: If you don’t care that his bio on his website is complete bullshit, well, go ahead and throw your money in the garbage. Don’t say didn’t warn you!

Carol Waltens
Carol Waltens (@guest_32581)
2 years ago

Thank you for doing all the leg work. I personally am one of those under educated lack of stock knowledge type of person who listens to Am radio and were considering furthering my knowledge in possible day trading, BUT I knew there was a catch so before I got involved, I looked for reviews to see if this was anything real. Your sight answered all my questions, I have loss no time or money and I can go back to my normal work and now enjoy it more for what it is worth. Thank you

Michael (@guest_32302)
2 years ago

Thank goodness for your review! After caring for mom and her recent passing, I would have gullible enough to fall for this as I seek to have time to serve others.

MARCIN LAMBRYCH (@guest_32207)
2 years ago

Thank you

Bill (@guest_31097)
3 years ago

Thanks for the warning, Emmett! Great review. I’m very disappointed that my local Radio station would promote this crap. Poor reflection on them.

Bill (@guest_31096)
3 years ago

Thank you for the great information, Emmett. I happened to listen in to the radio commercial the other day and received their pitch. Thanks for the heads up and warning!

Jeremy D
Jeremy D (@guest_30556)
3 years ago

Wondering if this site “” is an offshoot of delta trading group, or a re-packaging of the same stuff… It looks very similar, with similar fees. Thanks.

Patrick (@guest_30191)
3 years ago

I have been in this group for over two years, and the comments above are incorrect. Mr. Cast does show the group moderated track record of all trades year to date, he does call trades, and loses trades like anyone else in front of you. It has never been different, and I do make a living off of it. Managed to quit my job, and go full time with this. Granted it is not an overnight deal, but you can be very profitable if you follow the rules. I don’t care who you trade with. An emotional trader is his own worst enemy. It is about risk vs. reward, and money management. As far as the cost? Nothing compared to OTA. I met a trader that came from there and spent $19,000 and has very limited results. So for $7900. It’s a steal. The Bootcamp is an awesome education, and you should go through it a few times before trading real money. I go back to it from time to time to refresh myself, and keep my head on straight. Also I couldn’t care less what someones past is, as long as they are trying to redeem themselves. If it is even true. Dr Cast does have a PHD, and have seen it in person. I challenge anyone to sit in and try to verify any of the statement made here. My life has never been better since I joined, and yes, I blew out my account the first run through! Adrenaline I got back on the horse, and he put me on a trading diet for a month, and since then never looked back..

Doug Brown
Doug Brown (@guest_30119)
3 years ago

Thank you for the insight. Heard it on the radio, and in doing my DD I’ve gotten interested in day trading, but I figured it had to be too good to be true. I hope I can find some alternatives for education, charting and trading tools that are not a sham.

Mike (@guest_29957)
3 years ago

One of Delta’s videos on Vimeo stated that they were “RISK ADVERSE”, if you can believe it. That confirms your review by poking a hot stick in the eye of Dr. Vance’s organization. If they are as smart as they claim, they should have english comprehension at a college level at least. Anyone with a legit doctorial degree should know the difference between adverse and averse. I had signed up for their free trading room demo, but after this 15 minute search, and seeing photos of the Dr. with his leather coat and Rolls Royce I cancelled the appointment. I guess I’m just risk adverse.

Joe (@guest_30039)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Mike, I think he still uses prison lingo. His website is a jumbled mess of grammatical errors and bullshit. You should’ve done the free demo and called him out in the chat to see how long it took him to shut you down and clear the screen.

BTW, that’s a nice house Ensign Software (his go-to charting company) is run out of. Been in business since 1981 and still operating out of a house (if that’s their real business address)?

Joe (@guest_28334)
3 years ago

I am sorry, but looking at all the comments, it looks like this review is mainly to gain web Clicks and thus get people to come here.