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Candace Pendleton of 123 Easy Trade wants you to believe she earns $100k each month trading futures contracts.

For only a pimple in fee’s ($1995) you too can own the magical Profit Rocket trading indicators that supposedly will deliver a life-changing experience of unlimited shrimp cocktails, bikini babes, and unlimited wealth.

Unfortunately, under closer inspection and confirmed with actual conversations with Candace Pendleton, its all a magical daydream of simulated trading performance and clever salesmanship.

One of the more ridiculous investment education charlatans that TradingSchools.Org has reviewed. About as believable as Trump University.

Thanks for reading today’s review of 123 Easy Trade

What is 123 Easy Trade? The company is a futures day trading educational company owned and operated by Candace Pendleton.

According to Candace Pendleton, she is a “prolific trader and mentor with over two decades of experience day trading the futures market. Using her system and coaching, thousands of people trade profitably and achieve financial freedom.”

Candace is offering the following products and services…

Profit Rocket Trading Indicators $1995: “Colorful, compelling, visually pleasing trading indicators that…work on any time frame. Including ticks, minutes, daily or monthly. All presented in an ‘artistic’ manner.” Whatever that means.

Six Killer Strategies $295: An essential part of your trading arsenal with ‘edge’ and a high probability of success. According to the literature.

Profit From The First Trade $97: Tip and tricks from 20 years of trading experience. A beginners guide to ‘perfect trading.’

Live Trading Room: “Everyday, Monday through Friday, Candace trades live in front of a select group of forward-thinking traders. As a member, you can mirror her trades and take immediate profits” she coos onto the sales page.

Private Coaching $500: “In just one hour, you will get valuable advice…to become a profitable day trader immediately.” In one hour, I can be a profitable trader?

History and Social Media Profiles

According to Archive.Org, the 123EasyTrader.Com website began offering futures trading educational services in about 2014.

Candace Pendleton also occupies the following social media profiles:

A closer examination of the YouTube videos reveals that Candace Pendleton’s marketing is squarely focused on the elderly. For instance, a person named ‘Jerry’ gives personal testimony of how much profit he has supposedly earned by trading with the ‘magical’ trading indicators.

Jerry appears to be an elderly gentleman, wearing a baseball cap, suspenders, and a flannel shirt. The quintessential blue collar worker that has supposedly discovered a new life trading futures. Unlimted shrimp cocktails and the finest Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Or a person named Rich, yet another elderly gentleman that supposedly earned $27k last month–thanks to the 123EasyTrade magical methods of Candace Pendleton.

In addition to the supposed persons earning massive profits with the Profit Rocket trading indicators, the YouTube pages are filled with videos of Candace supposedly executing live trades. However, on closer examination, it appears that Candace is simply executing trades on market replay, using a simulator. The overall impression is that Candace is also earning big profits, in live markets.

Supposed Real Trading Performance

During the month April – May, TradingSchools.Org signed up for a free trial of the live trading room.

During our visit, Candace Pendleton claimed that she was trading with a live trading account. Furthermore, Candace claims in her Performance Summary webpage that the posted results are all real time, and executed with a live trading account.

For the month of April 2018, we recorded the following supposed results:

  • April 2: +$2535
  • April 3: +$1040
  • April 4: +$1570
  • April 5: +$2135
  • April 6: +$4400
  • April 9: +$4962
  • April 10: +$2830
  • April 11: +$2180
  • April 12: +$1260
  • April 13: +$3915
  • April 16: +$1785
  • April 18: +$1235
  • April 19: +$2440
  • April 20: +$2780

For the month of April 2018, Candace Pendleton claims to have earned over $35k–with NO LOSING DAYS.

If you are like me, you are probably starting to become a little suspicious. Hold your hats, it’s about to get even crazier.

For the month of January 2018, Candace claims to have earned $30,200 with only ONE LOSING DAY.

But for Candace, our master futures trader, $30k was a terrible month. And so she rebounded in February 2018 with total profits of $121,460! NOT A SINGLE LOSING DAY. The following a screenshot that Candace produced as “proof” of her amazing trading abilities.


March 2018? You guessed it. All winning days. Massive profits.

On and on it goes. Massive profits with hardly a loss. Yes folks, you too can be master futures trader for only a one-time small fee of $1995. All of your financial worries are a thing of the past. Or are they?

Kevin Davey: A real master futures trader

As many reader are aware, Kevin Davey is real ‘master’ of the futures trading game. He is a multiple winner of the Robbins World Cup of Futures Trading. I have written several articles about Kevin. He is the real deal. You can read the most recent article at this link.

Anyway, during the month of May 2018, Kevin stumbled upon Candace’s YouTube promotional videos and proceeded to watch a video. To his shock, he watched as Candace proceeded to ‘teach’ her audience about the futures markets. In the video, Candace claimed that the minimum tick value for the SP500 Emini Futures Contract was $6.25 per tick.

If you know anything about trading the SP500 Emini Futures Contract, then you must know that the minimum tick value is $12.50. NOT $6.25. It is the most basic of the pricing structure. In fact, its the very starting point of trading–knowing the minimum of tick values.

Yet Candace cooed into the YouTube video that during her 20 years of trading, she loves how the minimum tick value is only $6.25.

Of course, this drove Kevin Davey absolutely nuts. And so he proceeded to chat with Candace. And to explain to her that she had it all wrong. That she was passing erroneous information that would end up hurting novice investors. Did Candace admit to her mistake? Nope. As a matter of fact, she doubled down and proceeded to scold and properly educate this newbie trader, named Kevin Davey.

I found this whole interaction hilarious. Kevin was smart enough to take a screenshot of the conversation, you can view it below…

If you read this interaction, you probably found this both humorous and exasperating. Here we have this con artist attempting to school a true world champion trader. It’s like me giving advice on how to perform brain surgery using only a margarita blender. Both horrifying and yet humorous.

Conversation with Candace Pendleton

As a reviewer of these sorts of trading products, it is funny how the truth reveals itself in most interesting of ways. And so of course, I had to speak with Candace directly. I had a few questions.

Using an alias, I signed up for a free “trader counseling session” with Candace. I needed her wisdom and guidance. I also wanted to make $100k each month with the “visually pleasing” Profit Rocket trading indicators.

Most importantly, I also wanted proof of her nearly 100% record of winning traders and massive trading profits.

Our telephone conversation started off well. She is super-friendly and cordial. She soothed my many trading wounds and scabs. Assured me that the pain would soon be over. That I was now, so very close to my dreams of unlimited shrimp cocktail, bikini babes, and that new red Ferrari. I just needed the Profit Rocket trading indicators and all of my financial worries would be a thing of the past. That I could soon quit my loathsome career as an assistant manager at Shabby’s Car Wash.

Mommy Candace would make it all better.

As she attempted to tickle my credit card out of my wallet. I began to come clear of Mommy Candace’s lovely words. But I had just one more question. I desperately pulled myself from her soothing bosom and asked her: Candace, can I see your NinjaTrader account statements?

And just like that, a cold chill ran up my spine. Her whole demeanor changed. She immediately transformed into a frog trapped on a busy freeway. She desperately attempted to hop this way and that way, attempting to avoid that cold hard question–can I see your account statements?

After a while, Candace knew that the gig was up. She had been totally exposed. Her voice transformed from a warm soft tone to a harsh cackle. Like when you attempt to steal the handbag of a transvestite. The voice is soft and warm, until it is not. And you are now frightened, scared and confused.

Eventually, she admitted that she was just playing on a simulator, and had no account statements. In fact, she didn’t even know that NinjaTrader brokerage emails account statements nightly. So completely oblivious to the most basic of functions. Yet, she sounded so authentic. So incredibly believable. Until she didn’t.

Our call ended with Candace hanging up the phone on me. She flat crashed the call. So desperate to avoid any more revealing questions that drove down and exposed her rotten heart.

Wrapping things up

Thanks for reading. Yet another charlatan with a slippery tongue and absolutely no proof to verify the supposed trading performance.

Once again, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a trading education. But you must demand transparency. The internet is full of clever con artists looking to fleece you of your last dollar.

Demand that the trading educator submit some sort of proof that they are actually trading. And not just talking about trading.

And remember, if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.



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