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GooRoo (@guest_7117384)
1 year ago

Michael J. Huddleston supposed super guru. Amazing nothing is on your site about him.

Paul (@guest_7114227)
1 year ago

TTG warning update… owner

Adam Heimann. They Call me SUGE! Owner of, &

Paul (@guest_7114224)
1 year ago

Here’s a warning. Be careful of these guys.

Sif (@guest_7114518)
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul

Michael Perinotti Micheal Edward is, in fact, Micheal Perinotti. true Trading group is smashing it with new sign-ups

Sif (@guest_7114921)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sif

This is what you get when you ask for trading results.

Paul Landon
Paul Landon (@guest_7110042)
1 year ago

Is it possible to become a member of this site and have contact with the people behind this great blog/ website

Christina (@guest_7117279)
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Landon

absolutely !! is the real deal. The owner and moderators post their trades and results every. single. day. As well as notify you that they’re making the trade in the chat room. You get 2 1:1s with the traders for signing up for 1 year. And now they give a double money back guarantee if you take and pass the courses, trade for 1 year and don’t make money, the double the 1 year membership fee back. These guys are amazing!!! I’m making money and so happy I landed at their site first before all these other scam sites.

Filip (@guest_7106142)
1 year ago

Hello Emmett Moore,
I have just written you an email in which I asked you to review a certain guy who calls himself Crypto Face.
I just wanted to say that I will really appreciate it if you review him and his services (that indicator package called Market Cipher).
In the email, I forgot to include some information about him, there is obviously a lot more to it.
Basically he is a trader (mostly daytrader and scalper from what I have seen). He sells the Market Cipher for quite a lot of money. I really do think that he is a scammer. I have seen some opinions that the Market Cipher is basically normal indicators made in a different graphical style.
I even (but this is only a speculation) saw some speculations that this guy Crypto Face scammed some people even before he became Crypto Face, allegedly he called himself CryptoJeffrey back then. His real name is probably Jeff Centrella from what I could find.
He has a few associates that work with him and basically promote his product too. They also have their own YouTube channels. Their names/nicknames are Flopping Groper and Jason Casper.
I just wanted to add this information since I forgot to include it in the original email.
For everyone here: Be very careful about this man, this Crypto Face and his products. He claims to be making crazy gains that are unheard of even in trading cryptocurrencies. If his strategies and indicators really worked that well, he would be making a lot more than just 1% per day as some other gurus promise.
Take care.

Filip (@guest_7106144)
1 year ago
Reply to  Filip

Just one more thing: Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am not right in what I think and perhaps Crypto Face is a trading genius, kind of a crypto Houdini that makes loads of money trading. I just do not believe it because I have seen far too much on the internet to believe this now.
But my good friend believes it and trades using Crypto Faces strategies. I am trying to convince him, but nothing seems to make him believe me. I do not want him to lose his money.

AgTrader (@guest_7104140)
1 year ago

This is not trading per se but crops. There are these ag developments that claim various big returns where you buy mangoes or various crops. Obviously, no guarantees. But, unfortunately, a lot of frauds in this sector.

Any way to determine if these guys are legit or not?


Nadina (@guest_7098973)
1 year ago

Emmett do you want to nail this guy? It sounds like he needs your special treatment. He is squeezing people who were stupid enough to enter into a mentoring contract with him. They did not even dare reveal his name until the page 3 for fear of legal repercussions:

His name is Kim Mangalindan of FB Freedom Challenge Group. I feel so sorry for his victims that in fact I am going to send him an email. Something to the tune of:

“I have some unwelcome news for you. I have asked Emmett Moore to look into your case. Don’t offend my intelligence by telling me you don’t know who Emmett Moore is. God have mercy on you.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Nadina
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers (@guest_6075151)
2 years ago

Please do a review of Matt Kratter. His hedge fund had a total return of NEGATIVE 14% over a 3 year period… then it closed down. Here is the proof:

Chris (@guest_6071686)
2 years ago

Could you check out

Wondering if it is legit

Edwin C
Edwin C (@guest_6063770)
2 years ago

There is a lot of YouTube chatter and its all centered around this site

John (@guest_6063892)
2 years ago
Reply to  Edwin C

There is a YouTube feud brewing between DayTradeParadise (Matt) and Algobox (Vinny). Both claiming a similar story about being contacted by Emmett back in 2017

John (@guest_6063993)
2 years ago
Reply to  John

i am also interested in this

EA Tester
EA Tester (@guest_6064390)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Okay thanks for the candor.

I do have a question though.

As for your reference to the ‘meltdown’. I believe you are referring to his Macrohedged period of time. Where-in as you most likely saw the MH community attacking Vinny and sharing the personal information (i.e. addresses, phone numbers, etc) of family, friends, trading community, etc.

He has many videos on it that I have watched. I also watched the admission video from MH (Adam) that he lied.

As well, I have been watching YouTube traders for quite some time, if I also recall during that time period, Vinny’s wife was pregnant and if you remember that was the Macrohedged vs Vinny (AlgoBox) trading contest. Where Vinny showed that Macrohedged (Adam) falsified his results and Vinny won that contest. MH followers started attacking Vinny for that if you recall. On multiple platforms. I saw it on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

I don’t consider being extremely protective of family, friends, his trading community, etc when being doxed by a proven loser (Macrohedged) a term of ‘meltdown’.

Last edited 2 years ago by EA Tester
Tom Dante
Tom Dante (@guest_6064394)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

This “meltdown” that you’re referring to was because he was doxxed on Twitter by Macrohedged and was then subjected to racist taunts by Myke Smith which were aimed at his then pregnant wife. At one point they even called CPS to try and have his children removed from him. It was disgusting behaviour and would have made anyone normal completely lose it. And it all arose just because Vinny beat MH in a trading contest.

Vinny Emini
Vinny Emini (@guest_6065089)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Haha – I find it EPIC-ly hilarious and befitting that we all find out today that Matt at DTP (who is in here hiding under other names like the COWART he is) has “cleaned up” his shill fraud room for the sole purpose of – ( to quote Matt here:) “just in case Emmett drops by”. And he has deleted and removed ALL of his live stream videos after being exposed as a fraud from his own words in his streams. And is now going to present Emmett with his “pristine” small account challenge results as his evidence of a legitimate educator worthy of a trader’s time. {I can’t muster up a strong enough scoffing laugh to do here justice}

This is going to he hilarious. I’m going to get my popcorn and prepare for another one of my “meltdowns”. Right Mr. Moore?

Can’t wait for this shit show. Let’s see if Emmett can see thru the façade and the pony show and give a real review of yet another account blowing martingaling nightmare of a fake trader.

Thru research and discovery and credible people who have approached us, since 2016, while Matt has been shilling DTP – Matt has been soliciting funds and has received in excess of $405,000. Many questions arise around this that hopefully Emmett further uncovers and helps these people get their money back. From our contacts so far what we know is that they have lost at least half of the funds that Matt received. I think we all know where this goes, but I’m just going to leave this right here for now. Carry on.

Good luck Martingale Matt. We’ll be recording the comedy show. We appreciate the entertainment value as long as new vulnerable traders have the chance to be warned to stay away from this con job.

See YA!  😅  😂  😍  😝  💩 

Some Videos with questions that need answers to save Emmett some time having to sift thru the Day Trader Paradise vomit worthy live streams – to Summarize the community’s findings thus far:

With Love, Mr. Emini

Last edited 2 years ago by Vinny Emini
Anon (@guest_7103789)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Vinny provided a lot of good information for free early on and demonstrated some creativity and some ability as a trader. He appeared like a nice guy on stream but became unhinged or the real Vinny came out. The change is fairly remarkable from his early to late videos.

And, the really Vinny is not nice. Vinny might be a great trader but he acts like a narcist, unhinged, unstable, compulsive lies, etc. He is known to verbally abuse his members, compulsively lies, grandiose claims (“quant”) ,half-truths (“C2 systems”), etc.

His software looks somewhat promising and well made but no software worth dealing with someone like that.

His marketing plan appears to be trying to start feuds with all other traders, software, etc. He is probably his own worst enemy but looks like a nasty fellow would will cause equal problems for anyone who is foolish to deal with him.

Anon (@guest_7103825)
1 year ago
Reply to  Anon

Do not get me completely wrong– I think Vinny has a lot of great content and ideas that are worthwhile. Best to take and learn from a distance though– you do not want to deal with this character. Trust me.

However, just look at his ranting response to an honest and positive review from paying client.

He’s the kind of guy who will spout Bible verses while he curses, belittles, attacks, rants, and acts completely superior to everyone him. He is smart but not as smart as he claims.

Anon (@guest_7104124)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Bingo! Just a few of his misrepresentations,

If you search the ID of his C2 systems, you will find one he renamed “test” that was previously listed with an actual ID on his Youtube. He renamed it to hide a bad performance. This was before the big blow up that happened and that is already well documented. C2 has a lot of problems but he continued to make claims after his blow up. You can look in history of all systems and search the IDs to prove this.

His claims to be a quant are ridiculous. No published work of any kind. No documented experience working as a quant in any capacity. I think he’s probably a good programmer and does demonstrate a basic knowledge of backtesting.

He continually claims to have won a competition against Ross. There was no competition. He just traded his own account, unverified, and made it up.

After Dr. Dean verified him, he started going off screen and blanking it out after losing and would come back with a win. After Dr. Dean pulled his good review, he exposed Dr. Dean’s wife was running the room. Where did the good Dr. go? He should come back to doing room reviews. I suspect he has capability to be a good trader but he’s never demonstrated he can trade over 1 year even and be profitable.

I agree with him about Jigsaw’s ridiculous leader board. He’s absolutely right about that. But, he does the same thing by posting sim results from his students and not openly disclosing it. Reports are that he asks his students to never share that results are sim.

He whines like a baby about Big Mike. He probably has a point. But, Big Mike was not why I did not buy his software– it was because he launched into a 2 hour tirade about how awful I was and how great he was. I never said anything. He just ranted for 2 hours straight. Really think he might be disturbed.

Occasionally, he drops some good information on trading but its like wading through steaming pile of sh*t to get too it.

Anon (@guest_7104125)
1 year ago
Reply to  Anon

His latest thing his ragging on ICT which no one cares about!

Vinny Emini modus operandi:

  1. Bully, belittle, attack, etc. his own customers.
  2. Threaten to cut anyone off from his software if they say the wrong thing.
  3. Pick beef with other vendors
  4. Break down when they dox him and come after
  5. Whine like a baby
Anon (@guest_7104134)
1 year ago
Reply to  Anon

Vinny should quit trying to expose other vendors given his disastrous C2 results.

Lesson for Vinny, quit bullying everyone, quit preaching at people, quit making excuses for your blow ups, and just focus on your trading and software.

He has made all his systems “private”. But, even before his big blow up he had renamed a system to from to “test” that had published on his Youtube. It is possible he was trading multiple systems and went live with the one that did well. Or he first tried to hide the system by renaming it but C2 keeps a history of all renames.

Now, he has made all his systems private.

A google image search for 110369211 will show though that now EGI is renamed “EZGetMomDays”. Nice one.

Again, this is not the rename I am referring too. Before he blew up, he had published a strategy, linked it in Youtube, and later renamed it “test”. So, that’s 2 strikes Vinny.

Given his shenanigans, it is not even about whether this fool can trade. I think he might can, honestly. But, I am always optimistic.

It is not even about being able to trade with this assclown. It is about asking yourself if you to be in 5k to debt to some asshole assclown who will bully, intimidate, etc. and threaten to revoke your rights to the software you purchased at his whim.

anon (@guest_7104236)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Few last notes,

Emmett, you probably should start saving stuff on Vinny emini because he is crafty. He is deleting, hiding, making results private, etc. I cannot even find the “test” rename now. If you ever review him, make sure he opens up his C2 record for you to analyze and analyze the history of renames.

Some more of his misrepresentations,

  • Still shows C2 track record even though he blew the account out and made it private. Whether this was C2 fault or not, he cannot have it both ways. He has made his other C2 records private too. These records he has likely renamed to test to indicate they were never live but they were promoted at one point. C2 keeps full track record of renames. Still shows “C2 Verified Trader”!!! Still shows his performance before blow up!
  • Claims to be a “professional trader”. Vinny do you know what a professional trader is? It has a very specific meaning. It means a trader who is LICENSED or TRADES OTHER PEOPLE MONEY. You do neither based on your video claims.
  • Claims to be a quant. No record of published articles, no record of working in a quant capacity, no audited/tracked results available showing any kind of systematic trading success. What I have seen of his methodology, demonstrates someone with only very basic system development skills. Example, he runs a backtest then picks the best times to trade based on in-sample performance. This is classic example of data snooping bias. But if it works for him, great.

All that shared, when he’s not posting videos of him dropping a deuce, ragging on vendors, preaching at members, making grandiose unsubstantiated claims, praising Trump, threatening everyone, making menacing videos of his guns, whining about how the world is so unfair to him, he occasionally offers something useful on trading.

Matt (@guest_6063255)
2 years ago – Andrew Aziz – Scam artist of the century

Mark Robertson
Mark Robertson (@guest_6063282)
2 years ago
Reply to  Matt

What makes you say that?

dtchurn (@guest_6064054)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Aziz might be a fun one to review. On the bearbulltraders bio, it claims he was a “PhD” in chem-e , and was “let go” from a research position. His book has apparently taken over Toni Turner as one of the most noobie-pop-trading books out there and often incessantly shilled for again and again by dummy accounts on reddit. Oh, and “bearbulltraders” shows affiliate links with DAStrader and TradeIdeas, same as Scameron’s site. lol, Ross and Handlley may have started the trend of fake proof gurus claiming to have been credentialed professionals in their “past” careers (whether fake architect lies like Scameron, or shamefully discharged like Handley and plastic mutilator-pill pusher Sachs still with a faked wharton “phd”.) before being able to “trade for a living”/but still going to charge up to thousands to teach “how to do it too!” shamshows.

Last edited 2 years ago by dtchurn
Alex (@guest_6062420)
2 years ago

Saul Shaoul Trading Room

Start TRADING for PROFITS | Learn to Earn via – Trade Setups – Entry Exit Stop Strategies

dave (@guest_6062277)
2 years ago anyone know this?

Cam T
Cam T (@guest_6062042)
2 years ago

Would it be possible for you to do a review on


He offers a course as well as an alerts service.

dtchurn (@guest_5061495)
2 years ago

Here’s another one on orderflow. As veteran readers of tradingschools probably know, reviews here are skeptical of these orderflow tape-reading “magicians” or had exposed shamshows like Ms. Roussos and her ice cream summer-school truck, lol. Ok, here is “Adam” of, where he claims to have worked at a “GPC” prop firm from 2003-5 ( and supposedly made “$783,159.84” in profits there. Also included is table of a whole bunch of trades supposedly as “proof”. ( . The site sells an orderflow “3 module” course costing $1497 in a one-time payment. So another one if tradingschools is thinking about reviewing and scrutinizing another orderflow related site and traducation vendor, now sporting a beard similar to DeanJenkins of followmetrades, haha.

Last edited 2 years ago by dtchurn
BootyBoy (@guest_5061440)
2 years ago

Can you please audit Chris Haroun’s “MBA” Course at
The individual, Chris Haroun, seems legitimate enough, however I’m unsure that a unaccredited (which he admits) “MBA” course justifies a $2,500- price point.  BTW, your “Do you need a product review?” page does not seem to be working. Thanks.

BootyBoy (@guest_5061441)
2 years ago
Reply to  BootyBoy

disregard the last sentence, the submission form is now working.

larrygx (@guest_5061424)
2 years ago

PLEASE write a review about I bought into their “easy and safe strategy” and lost over $50,000 of my savings by following them. Their strategy is literally catching falling knives and averaging down until there’s nothing left. It’s the riskied thing you can possible do and they advertise it to newbies like I was as “safe and easy”. No refunds of course. They need to be exposed…

larrygx (@guest_5061425)
2 years ago
Reply to  larrygx

I meant to spell, my apologies

larrygx (@guest_5061426)
2 years ago
Reply to  larrygx

To add some more information, i bought a year’s membership last february when the group had about 300 members, within 3 members that grew to over 7000 members. they advertised aggressively on youtube to hook newbies. Once in the live stream the main trader said they were spending $40k a day in advertising. It’s a big business but I know of so many members who have lost so much while they profit handsomely from subscriptions. They regularly ask members to write positive trustpilot reviews in exchange of free membership months. Members write good reviews because due to their average down system they have a high winning percentage but when they lose they lose huge. New members can go on for months not having any losses and then one huge one happens and wipes them out. That’s what happened to me and many others on a couple ocassions. No they charge $1000 a month for an “add on” room. They do whatever they can to pump money from their users. Thank you Emmett for considering my request. Larry.

dtchurn (@guest_5061427)
2 years ago
Reply to  larrygx

This sounds terrible. Averaging down a loser is probably the single worst trading habit infecting newbs and it’s a disgusting scam that this shamshow is teaching all their members to do this. It’s a hard habit to shake off once a trading aspirant tries it and it self-destructs most all efforts at maintaining trading risk management strategies and rules because then one rationalizes away the need for a stoploss which often then becomes a bad habit, doubling down a loss in overleverage even more to risk of account busting, and forgetting the need for consistent performance of one’s strategy and trade risk management with adhering to defined stop losses , respecting the percentages instead of trying to change them mid-trade. I suspect a big portion of those testimonials are the typical shills as usual, friends, distant family or hired. These scammers are trying to be next Sykes or Raging Bull in size montrosity. Their disclaimer page, neatly off to the side on another link, tries to cover their stink by saying they’re “educational only!” (Primo-like, throwing up their hands, hidin’ under the desk, hoping the tradingschool’s spotlight misses or passes over them quickly enough, lolol) and they probably learned from OTA’s and RagingBull’s arrogant debacle to cover their bases more and not be too outlandish with yt video in-your-face commercials filmed inside a rented private jet, but shamshow up the “average trader guy” shill testimonial videos even more.

Last edited 2 years ago by dtchurn
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