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Thanks for the great review. I found this link on the net:

Can you review this person too ?

This one seems another sales man.


Hi Emmett, your reviews are very helpful. I have a question for you about reviewing a vendor I don’t see previously reviewed on your site. Can you pm me? Thanks.

Christopher Totten
Christopher Totten

I need a product review done and this is very different from what I have seen.


Different how? Looks like the same type of snake oil nonsense BS system being sold by every other crock.

Per their own site:

“Backtested Algorithmic Trade Alerts”

Any idiot can manipulate date in order to create a back tested proven system. That is a piece of cake. It is forward testing where you lose all your money.

If their system really worked they would be selling it for $100 million to a hedge fund manager or use it themselves to make a fortune.

It is amazing people are foolish enough to believe this type of nonsense.



According to this group they have 95% winning rate…ur review is greatly appereciated!

Hi Emmet Thanks for your hard work in exposing those charlatans on line. Some time ago I read you review on Algorithmic That was very nice and rosy. The fact is those guys (Richard & Rich ) developed an extreme case of self importance. I tried to set a meeting with one of them for at least two months. On three occasions non of them appeared at the meeting. Mind you I had to take time of work to be available for the meeting. Finally Richard called me and asked if I wanted a demo ??? When I asked… Read more »

Hi Emmet –

Thank you so much for everything that you do. There are not enough words to express the gratitude for all the reviews and help you provide for everyone.

I wanted to know if you would be able to review the following sites:

Thank you!

Gurn Blanstin

Would you please review

The reviews on are excellent..

wow..they hardly lose day trading bonds and ES.
Please review

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