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hi Emmett, me and my brother were both scammed by Nonko/Logix a few years ago. I’m not really sure what steps there are to get any of our money back. Are you able to point us in the right direction?

Stray Dog

TJ read this review You’ll find some information there that can get you started.


Hi Emmett,

Happy to have found your site and appreciate your hard work on these reviews!

Do you (or any reader) have recommendations on must read books for trading/markets?

I didn’t see any reviews specifically on trading simulators and was wondering if there are any that you or your readers recommend?


Hello Folks,
Can you have a look at they trade futures. It seems legit to me.

Thanks you for your efforts!

H. Sedat
First of all, I say thanks for the service and honesty as presenting, upfront that you get a commission from Dekmar Trades on whoever signs up through you for his trading service. What I don’t get is that, for example, Bill Poulos, which I do not subscribe to, is allowed to advertise here on your site. I’m not trying to bash you and I know that ad dollars are important but where do you draw the line. You gave Bill Poulos 1 star. It’s alright to promote people that are scam artist under a light of honesty. That seems hypocritical… Read more »

Hi Emmet, can you please review


Ash Fontanatred
Ash Fontanatred

Adriano, he’s not selling anything directly. Madaz.

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