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dtchurn (@guest_5061124)
14 days ago

Here’s another one run by a bunch of young guys , . Seems to be a better toned down version of “the trading fraternity”. No real sign of trader#orn, instead they have party pics of nyc, a club, and wall st. in the background to have maybe more a veneer of respectability. And of course there’s the “jumpstart” course at about 33% off, typical of these shamshow hot dog package products. It’s even amusing there’s a service set of products for “tax planning for traders” ( , like they and their students are so profitable, they need their multi $k courses to tax haven all the supposed massive yearly profits they’re assumed to be making, lolol. A latest clever new gimmick of appearing “authentic” (instead of broker statement proof as usual). For Ross Scameron of Warrior Trading, initially it was the webcam of him in the chatroom. But then some noticed his arms weren’t moving or moved at different times when he called out trades. So later, the webcam was tilted higher from a different angle and only showed his face from his neck, lol. So there’s that site. Also probably many have seen this gal “The Humbled Trader” around on youtube trader video suggestions. So that could be another “new generation”, youtube “content” guru, of shamshows to expose on the list of tradingschools’ future exposé articles.

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Mark (@guest_5060942)
1 month ago

Could you make a review for TrueTrader? they have ads all over youtube and I’ve read lots of BBB complains and terrible reviews online. Curious to read your thoughts of them.

dtchurn (@guest_5057337)
1 month ago

Long time legacy options spreads guru vendor shamshow, one of the earlier ones, that should be exposed. , just putting it out there. I’m sure some long time retailers remember or have heard of this ex-cboe farce.
(good that “Dr. J”/Najarian of “Monster”-options and cnbc-guest-talkinghead got exposed by tradingschools in a recent review. ( He was one of the earlier instigators of HFT organizations infecting the options markets being a predatory insider. Sheridan and J are similarly from the same old termite sham log of the latter ’00s)

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Hustle (@guest_5057311)
2 months ago

Hey Emmett, Please, please review Christon Jones with The Truth Jones ( It is really urgent.

Jose (@guest_5057244)
2 months ago

Could you pls make a review for


. They offer some mt4 soft but sell it via mql5 main website, not directly. Is there a reason?

Marcel (@guest_5057181)
2 months ago

Has anyone experience with using for charting and technical analysis?

Kay (@guest_5057117)
3 months ago

Do not trade with rayner. He is a scam. He gets people to subscribe for $150 and recommend a fraudulent broker to swindle money from subscribers. This broker will not approve your deposits until rayner text them , then they respond to livechat which shows he may be the one running both.

abbas (@guest_5057100)
3 months ago

has anyone bought zedd monopoly course

John (@guest_5056912)
4 months ago

Anybody hear of Preston Pirate James?

Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers (@guest_5056872)
4 months ago

Please do a review on Matthew R. Kratter, an author on Amazon. He claims to be a “pro” stock trader and former hedge fund manager, however when running a hedge fund, he had nothing but negative returns. His full record can be found at this Google Drive link:

Matt Richardson
Matt Richardson (@guest_5056871)
4 months ago

Just testing

Tommy Arencibia
Tommy Arencibia (@guest_5056869)
4 months ago

Be careful of OTWS / OTWSTEVE / Option trading with Steve. The biggest fraud I’ve come across on Discord. He’s not knowledgeable and loses on many trades. What keeps him going are the poor people who subscribe and pay $125 per month for him to continue with his trading which I think he paper trades. Who tells the group to load the boat and loses on the trade later on. WFC was the worst, so many people lost thousands on it. He was so confident it would be over $30 in July. On top of it, he’s a prick to his members and deletes negative reviews and comments and only keeps the good ones

Striker (@guest_5056829)
4 months ago

Anyone heard of Trading Made Easy, or Cambridge Trading Academy, located in Las Vegas? Run by a James Viscuglia, PhD(??), also know as “Frank”. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Mike (@guest_5056828)
4 months ago

Delta Trading group is back under now. Same system, same guy Clifford Vance Cast, the convicted meth dealer…..on AM radios all over country again. Maybe time to update your info and add this new website

bob (@guest_5056764)
5 months ago

Hi, can you please review two sites when you have some time? The first a training site is called, the second is



Jade Bronco
Jade Bronco (@guest_5057192)
2 months ago
Reply to  bob

Hi Bob / Mike? This is Bronco from
Ever notice that most broker-dealers have free investment education? Ever wonder why? Because information is worthless if it doesn’t produce profit. And there are 1,000 strategies and indicators for every one empirically valuable way. Here’s my approach: show students how to win, then teach why it works. I spent 20 years trying to find an honest program. I tried to bring the cream to the surface at every turn but only got bullied and ultimately fired several times. I HATE LIARS and FRAUDSTERS. I expose them. I am not popular, but I am profitable, and so are my students. I publish my real $ trading returns and welcome auditors. Ask ANYONE else for that in this business and please let me know what you find.

Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson (@guest_5061161)
5 days ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Emmett, I haven’t heard from you so here is how to get ahold of me (after you check out ; ; and our facebook page) but here is the ph # to someone who can set you up for a screen-sharing show and tell with me: 800-658-5214
Thank you!

Guest (@guest_5056689)
5 months ago

Any thoughts on system trading? Specifically

Nicole (@guest_5056620)
6 months ago

You reviewed Kevin Kleinman from WatchHimTrade.Com in 2015 and gave him 5 stars. That website points you to a different company now. Kevin has a new website called I’m interested but I would like to know if you still recommend his service and if you still give him 5 stars? Thanks

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