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Hubert Senters is a long time trading educator. Been selling trading products for nearly 15 years. Currently selling a live day trading room for a very modest fee of $97 per month, and a 30 day trial for only $7. However, there is no record of trades on the website. Also, there is nearly zero transparency inside of the trading room. No DOM present on the screen, no trading from the charts, no account statements. None of the moderators could be seen trading, but they talked about successful trades after the fact.

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Pros: Hubert and the gang have friendly personalities and are very personable. Reasonably priced at $97 per month with a 30 day trial at only $7.
Cons: No record of trades from Hubert or his moderators. No DOM present on the screen, no trading from the charts, no account statements to verify performance. Trading room is more of a social gathering.

Today’s review is HubertSenters.Com

Thanks for reading today’s review of HubertSenters.Com. Hubert Senters has been a long time trading educator, this appears to be his 15th year offering an educational service. The Hubert Senters website has been active since about 2013, and prior to, he was the long time business partner of John Carter where they both operated the website. It appears that John and Hubert “broke up” in 2012 and they went their separate ways.

I actually met Hubert Senters and John Carter one time in Las Vegas, while attending a TraderExpo event. I believe this was 2007, and John Carter and Hubert Senters were the “Featured Speakers”. This was back when I innocently believed that I could buy a trading education on Monday, and then become a successful trader by the following Friday. The Vegas event was a bit of a eye opener for me. After the TradersExpo event, Hubert invited me to meet up with John and him at the Voodoo Lounge located at the top of the Rio hotel in Las Vegas.

It was a fun evening. Especially getting plenty juiced and dancing like a mad man on the dance floor. It was great fun. I will never forget watching Hubert get out on the dance floor and basically bumble around, doing his best to move that middle aged  chubby body to the techno beat. Hilarious stuff folks. Some things cannot be unseen.

Another thing I remember is a conversation that I had with Hubert, specifically about the Traders Expo event. I asked him, Hubert, how does a person become the featured speaker at the Traders Expo? He just laughed and told me, “For $5,000 anyone can be the featured speaker at Trader Expo!”. This sort of took a little air of out my balloon. I innocently believed that Traders Expo went out and found the best and the brightest to be the featured speaker, but it turns out that its just a fee scheme. Darn. I felt like such a idiot. An innocent idiot. Ok, enough about that, lets talk about the trading room.

Hubert Senters Live Day Trading Room

The trading room costs a very reasonable $97 a month. And the first 30 days is only $7, so you have plenty of time to evaluate if the trading room is a good fit. I recorded the live trading room from August 10th though August 24th. Truthfully, I did not sit through each and every trading day, rather my assistant recorded the first week. She then watched the video and reported back to me, via spreadsheet the trades that were called live in the trading room. During the week, she only recorded one trade for the YM. And this single trade did not even have a time stamp on the video. Why? Because at no time did the moderators ever make a clear call on a position. I found this a little disheartening. How could she spend an entire week and only catch a single trade? And so I went back and watched the tape.

At no time during the first week of the trading room did I ever see a live trading DOM, nor did I see any trading from the charts. This was really frustrating for me because I thought that for sure Hubert and his crew would be doing live trading. Rather, it was just a lot of conversation and talking about trading. Every once in awhile, the moderators Mike or Pat would mention that they picked up a few ticks here and there. But nothing where I could definitively and clearly catch a trade being called before the market made a move. It was always after the fact. Normally, I would of pulled the plug after a single week of no clear trading and written this review. However, I sort of like Hubert, he is a funny southerner with a very light hearted attitude. And so I gave it another week.

During the second week, yet again no trades were called out before the market made a move. Again, Mike or Pat would casually mention that they picked up a few ticks. It was frustrating, I was expecting more from Hubert and the gang.

Pressing for the truth

After two weeks of watching the live trading room, I then emailed Hubert directly and with a very cordial and friendly attitude, I asked him for some sort of record of trades that were called inside of the trading room. He never even responded. At no time did I mention that I was from TradingSchools.Org and that I would be writing a review. Instead, I just portrayed myself as yet another paying subscriber looking to learn. Honestly, I was more than a little perturbed about being ignored regarding the lack of performance disclosure.

Another thing you will notice on the Hubert Senters website is that there is no mention of trading performance. You wont find any spreadsheets, or records of any sort that indicate whether any of these guys actually trade. I found the whole thing quite perplexing. Whom would spend $97 a month with absolutely no track record of trades? And after watching the live trading room for two weeks, I dont know how Hubert converts anyone beyond that initial $7 trial period.

Wrapping Things Up

Hubert is sort of a “old school” trading educator. Back in the day, it didn’t really matter if the trading educator really traded, they just needed to get a website up. Once the website was up, then folks just came and signed up. However, in the past few years, things have really changed. Long gone are the days of tossing up a website and then countless sheep, desperately hungry to learn how to trade would spend $3,000 to learn whatever was offered. There are quite literally hundreds of trading educators offering educational products. Most are scams.

Its 2015, and guys like Hubert Senters need to get real. Folks want to know if a trading moderator actually trades. And if they trade, do they trade successfully? A lot of these educators send me nasty emails proclaiming that it does not matter if a trading educator trades, the only thing that matters is the quality of the education. Fair enough. However, if I am going to spend XYZ dollars for a trading educator, then I would at least like to know this person trades successfully. If I purchase a trading education from a consistently losing trader, then it would be reasonable to assume that I will do no better than the teacher. Common sense right?

Well that’s if for today. And Hubert, if you ever read this…I would love to write you a nice new review. But I need to know if you and the moderators are actually trading. Trading from a DOM during the trading room session will work. Or an account statement. Or trading from the charts. But these verbals of “I got a few ticks” after the market made the move, it just doesn’t cut it.

Thanks for reading. I tried to keep this review short, as there is currently little value to be found at Don’t forget to leave your comments below. Even the haters will find that their voice will be heard.



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