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Pros: Very clever marketing, from a highly intelligent individual. A very good and clever wolf, wearing a very convincing sheep suit.
Cons: No verified trading. The user has zero chance of replicating the moderators trading results. No trading DOM present. No verifiable existence of a trading account. Anyone that trades with Ross Cameron will experience a death by a thousand cuts.

Today’s review is Warrior Trading, a day trading room owned and moderated by Ross Cameron. The trading room specializes in momentum trading of low float stocks. The monthly fee for the trading room is $99, educational courses may be purchased with prices ranging from $800 to $2,400. There is a free trial of 5 trading days. In order to access the free trading room trial, you must sign up with Pay Pal. Once the trial period ends, then Pay Pal will automatically begin billing your account.

My Initial Observation

My initial observation of the Warrior Trading website is that everything is neat and well organized. There is a
picture of a group Ross Cameronof sky divers, all falling to earth and holding hands together, a conveyance of camaraderie. The imagery gives a sense of fun and excitement, and teamwork. The images say’s, “We are in this together!”. And “Day Trading Is Fun!”.

The next that I look for is any button that say’s Performance, or Results. I want to know if the trading room is posting results. You will clearly see a performance button proudly displayed on Page 1. Ok, great so far.

After the performance, I want to see a biography or some sort of write up on the room owner. I want to know whom I am dealing with. On Ross’s About page, you will see a picture of Ross and a narrative of how he got into the business of day trading. As I read the story, I could not help but feel how romantic this story sounded. Ross tells the story of how he was a miserable architect in New York City and he was tired of the rat race and wanted financial freedom. How he dreamed of becoming a day trader and leaving his miserable job behind, and moving out to the country and living in a farm house. I can visually imagine all of this in my head…Ross living in a rustic farmhouse, with dogs and chickens and goats, and of course a big bank of computer monitors on which he rules his simple kingdom of farm animals and day trading.

It all reads so well. And look at Ross, he looks like the guy from the Farmers Market that sells loaves of fresh warm bread. You know the guy I am talking about, he is not materialistic, cares about nature, wants to lead an agrarian sort of lifestyle, believes in Karma, grows tomatoes and cucumbers in his garden, drives a Prius. In a word, NON THREATENING. We all know this sort of fellow, and we trust him because we can generally trust people that have long hair and don’t wear shoes to work.

Ross Cameron Warrior TradingFurthermore, Ross is an architect. How many architects have you heard that have ever ripped off anyone? Or have done anything wrong? The image of an architect conjures up thoughts of bookish, owlish, honest, earnest, hard working, building something, educated. NOT A HUSTLER.

Ross Cameron projects himself as NON-THREATENING, and NOT A HUSTLER. And yet he is now a trading guru. And we all know that the realm of trading gurus is located in the very heart of Hustlersville. So, the big question is whether our granola eating day trading guru is pushing a scam. In effect, is this a wolf in sheep’s clothing type situation. Let’s present the evidence.

Initial Contact with Warrior Trading

A reader contacted me on February 6, requesting that I write a review of Warrior Trading. On Monday, February 9th Ross was holding an open house. In other words, for that one day only, Ross was allowing anyone to sign up for a one-day free trial, without having to submit a credit card number. I signed up and recorded the event. Generally speaking, I am very suspicious of these one day open houses because the trading guru is going to be on his very best behavior. These events are generally well rehearsed, scripted and presented in such a tone and manner that the moderator cannot help but look great. Think of these one day free trials as a one-day free tour of the local butcher. On this particular day, you walk into the butcher’s shop and you see the perfect displays of sausage, cuts of meats, etc. It’s all looks so clean and nice. But really, the thing we need to see most is the business end of the butchers’ shop. In order to figure things out, we want to see what is happening with the sausage making, and where the meat is locked, and the cleanliness of the place, the back of the place. I have personally found that these one day, free trial trading events are scripted and useless sales presentation. And in the case of Ross, I needed to enter my credit card number, pay for a subscription, do some hardcore screen recording on Camtasia to figure out the truth.

Insider Observations Of Warrior Trading

Before I get into the meaty details, let me first explain something about Ross’s trading style. He specializes in what are called low float stocks with high momentum. What is a low float stock? Simply put, there are not a lot of shares on the open market. For instance, General Electric is a high float stock, there are plenty of shares outstanding, the stock is highly liquid with an average of over 40 million shares trading each day. Why is this important? Because stocks with a high float and a high daily trading volume have very tight spreads. Therefore, if the price of GE is currently 27.05 per share, then at any moment during the trading day, you can easily execute a market order to buy GE at 27.06, or a market order to sell GE at 27.04. The spread to buy or sell is very tight, the market is very deep with plenty buyers and sellers, and there are massive amounts of shares floating around.

Ross likes low float stocks that move fast. Here is the problem, stocks that have a low float and high momentum have a problem with wide spreads. What does this mean? This means that since not many shares are floating around, and these stocks tend to move quickly, then the cost of executing a market order can be very high. Example: XYX company is currently selling for $8 per share. To execute a market order to buy, a person would have to execute at $8.05 to immediately execute the order. A person would not enjoy the added liquidity of a high float stock, a person would have to pay a premium of .05 to immediately execute the order. Conversely, if a person executes an immediate order to execute a short trade, or exit a profitable trade, or exit a losing trade, then this person is going to pay this .05 at every angle. Another term, that futures traders use would be “slippage”.

A rookie with little knowledge would be reading this and be thinking to themselves…”hey it’s only a nickel, what’s the big deal?”. But it’s a big deal. It’s big fucking deal. And it highly skews performance from Trader A when compared to Trader B. In fact, Tim Sykes, the popular trading guru has had a big problem with his trading service because of this very problem. He would initiate a trade in a lightly traded penny stock, then blast out to the subscribers that he just entered an order. The subscribers would then trample over each other to get into the trade, which distorted the price and caused so many problems that Tim had to create a swing trading service because of all of the complaints. In a nutshell, the moderator buys at $8 per share, then tells everyone that they should buy. Everyone jumps in at the same moment and the price jumps to $8.20. The moderator wins, everyone else loses.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how a low float with high momentum greatly affects the entry and exit price, I would like to put this information into the context of Warrior Trading and my individual findings.

Real Time Observations Of Warrior Trading

From the week of February 23rd, 2015 through February 27, 2005. I recorded and observed everything that happened inside of the trading room. I was able to confirm that 44 trades were actually called live, by Ross inside of the trading room. At the end of the week, Ross reported a profit of about $9,000 from his trades. Am impressive number! However, at no time during the week was I able to visually confirm the presence of a trading DOM on Ross’s screen. What is a trading DOM? A trading DOM is a price ladder that shows exact prices, allows order entries and exits, and shows the spread at the current price. Also, and most importantly, a trading DOM will show the real time profit and loss for the current position. Ross was not willing to show this information.

During the week, I sent Ross an email requesting that he show the DOM on the screen, this would show us that he was actually executing trades. However, Ross ignored my initial emails and began dodging me. Little did Ross know, that all of my emails are embedded with a tracking program that notifies me in real time, whenever my email is opened and viewed. I could see in real time that Ross was opening my emails and I was expecting him to respond. Ross would not respond. I would email him the next day and he would respond that he did not receive any such email. I knew he was lying. He did not know that I was watching him open the emails.

After Ross refused to show his trading DOM, I then asked him if he would send me a .pdf of only one day’s worth of trading activity. Every broker sends out a nightly report of trading activity, and any account numbers can easily be redacted to hide an account number. I was not asking for names, addresses, account numbers, or any personal or private information…I only wanted to see that he was executing trades, for only a single day. Again, he dodged me with all sorts of excuses about not receiving my messages. It was all nonsense. I canceled the membership shortly thereafter.

Review Part II-More Of The Same

Typically, I like a minimum of two weeks of screen recordings before I write a review. More evidence is better than less evidence. In the case of Ross and Warrior Day Trading, I then signed up for yet another subscription on May 4th, 2015. The newest subscription was under an assumed pen name, an IP address different from the original client Trading Accountaddress, and a Pay Pal account that was established with a pre-paid debit card. Why do I go through all of this trouble of hiding my identity? Because I want to create the illusion of different personas, I have found that the trading Guru will treat Aunt Margie differently than Cousin Carl. They craft the message to the audience.

During the second round of screen recordings and review, nothing has really changed since February. Ross still refuses to show a trading DOM to viewers, so we have no idea whether he is actually making any trades, and if you send him an email showing an account statement, he again acts like he did not receive it. However, this most recent request for an account statement, I got a bit more aggressive and demanded proof of actual trading. Ross responded by sending me a picture that he took with his smartphone. This appears to show something. But not really useful. Why? Simply put, most of todays modern trading software allow a replay mode on a simulated account. What the fuck does that mean? It means that a person can watch the market in the morning, and then go back with a simulator and enter and exit orders at exactly the optimal moment. The trading platform records the trade as “real time”. The trading guru then uses this information as marketing fodder. A slight of hand gimmick, and one used very often on Profit.ly. You can read more about profit.ly here and here.

When I ask for proof from a trading vendor, and he sends me a picture that he took with a camera phone…this screams fraud and fake. Why not just be honest and send me a redacted account statement, many vendors do this for me now. Heck, the guy that runs Night Scalper gives me so much proof that he is borderline obsessive in proving how real he his.

How This Looks On Video

The following video is an example of a trade the Ross took in the trading room. I have videos of both winning and losing trades, but this video, in particular, was a big winner for Ross. The stock really broke out to new highs, however, the Ross never gave the room much of a warning that he was getting into the stock. He just announced, “OK, I am Long!”. Then after the stock breaks out to newer highs, he announced: “OK, I am half out!”. How many shares? At what price did he get? Again, the room members have no advance information and we have no idea what is going on.

Losing Trades

The example above was for a perfect winning trade. But what about the losing trades? The losing trades drove me bonkers. Why? Because when the price moved against Ross, he would shout out, “OK I am OUT!”. Really? Just like that? We are sitting there holding our trades and you never gave us a stop to exit! The market continues to move against us, and now we must exit at the market, with no warning. And remember, these are light float stocks with high spreads…so we get slaughtered on a market order. Amazing stuff folks.

A Message For Ross

Warrior Day Trading is a fraud. I do not believe you, Ross. The trades that you call in the live trading room cannot be replicated. Even on a simulator, with recorded time and sales, my virtual assistant was not able to come anywhere near what you post as actual results on your website. However, I sincerely want to be wrong. But the evidence is so deep, damning and thorough that I simply have to declare that your trading room is one of the most deceptive trading rooms that I have ever witnessed. The fraud is subtle. The deception is slight but powerful. You are very good at creating small angles where a person of lesser intelligence could very easily be swayed into believing that you are real. Please, Ross, prove me wrong. Release an account statement, this is the only way that I will ever be convinced that the fantastic results posted on your website are the true and honest results that you yourself are present as fact.

Thanks For Reading

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. It’s long and I was especially tough on Ross. But I feel that Warrior Trading is highly deceptive, is a complicated fraud, and I wanted to make sure that I captured enough video evidence before I wrote such a scathing review. Many of you will disagree with me, and I hope that you will reach out to me and express your opinion. In fact, I hope that you can convince me otherwise. Nothing would make me happier than to eat humble pie.


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