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No live trading. Trading room is a “showroom” set up to sell indicators and trading courses. Vendor has a perfect trading record, after the fact. Vender claimed profits from a live account, however account was later discovered to be a DEMO account. A long time track record at marketing excellence and exuding confidence. Buyer beware.

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Pros: Very good salesperson. Exudes confidence. Excellent at trading after the market closes.
Cons: Refuses to verify existence of trading account. Will not trade live in the trading room. Waste of time for all involved. Attempting to sell rehashed old indicators that are free on any most trading platforms. Makes recordings of of trades on simulated account, after the market closes, and then posts results as real profit.

Gail Mercer, Traders Help DeskThe following review is for Traders Help Desk, a live day trading room hosted and moderated by Gail Mercer. Traders Help Desk is “dedicated to helping traders achieve success” and Gail claims to be a highly respected trader, trainer, author, speaker and mentor with over 15 years of experience trading and developing custom indicators. In addition to a live trading room, Gail offers a two ebooks, several indicator packages, and several recording training webinars.

The prices and offerings include:

  • Platinum Trading Package $3,495
  • Silver Trading Package $2,995
  • Getting Started With Day Trading Package $2,495
  • Nine Separate Indicator Offerings ranging from $99 to $995.

The Platinum and Silver Trading Packages also have an additional annual membership option of $795 that gives you full access to any additional indicators or webinars.

The Live Trading Room Experience

The first thing you notice when browsing through the Traders Help Desk website and blog is that no performance for the trading room is present.┬áIn addition to no performance for the trading room, Gail Mercer also does not disclose her personal trading performance anywhere on the website or blog. However, the blog contains post trade summaries of Gail’s trades. Since we do not have the benefit of hindsight, the only option was to actually log into the Traders Help Desk trading room and record everything that we witnessed.

During the months of October, November and December, we managed to record the minimum 20 hours we use for our initial review. The video was collected and recorded with Camtasia screen recording software, and the raw video was reviewed and edited by my assistant in the Philippines. During the entire 20 hours, over multiple days, spanning 3 months, we were not able to record a single trade given by Gale. There was a massive amount of conversation about indicators that foretold possible events, but the entire time in the trade room was really meant not for trading, but for selling of indicators. Once again, no trading. The trading room is meant as only a marketing prop for the selling of indicators and trading packages.

One of the things we found disturbing was the post trade results that Gail would publish on her blog, that described how well she was performing. For instance, On November 18, 2014 Gail published “Beautiful entry this morning on the DAX Futures that netted me 106 points”. This trade was never discussed in the live trading room. I emailed Gail and requested that she provide a screen shot or broker statement that verified that she took this trade. She never responded.

Post Trade Perfection

If you review more of Gail Mercer’s trading blog, you will also plenty of posts showing how well she is trading. However, these are always after the market has closed and she has had plenty of time to create the post. Which in itself is not sign of fraud, however, over a three month period we requested that she show some sort of proof that she ever took these trades. She never responded.

Clear Signs Of Deception

Although we were never able to capture any real trades within the live trading room, we did capture some outright deception within her video posts. For instance, on October 8th, Gail posted a video and sent out an email alert on how she had profited $1,565 on a series of binary option trades. I outright asked if these were live money trades and she confirmed. Next I requested a brokerage account to confirm and was ignored. However, she did post a live recorded video of the trades that I was able to scrutinize. But first lets take a look at what she claimed on her blog post and email:

Traders Help Desk Review

This results show 5 trades; 4 winners and 1 loser for a daily profit of $1,545. I confirmed with Gail that these were live trades. However, when I took a closer look at the video of her live trades on the Nadex platform…you can clearly see that these were not actual trades. These trades were executed onTraders Help Desk Fraud DEMO account. Is it possible to trade a real money account from a Nadex demo platform? I was curious, so I called Nadex and asked them if it was possible. They confirmed that it was not possible and that I was witnessing only paper trading. If you are starting to feel a little upset, well you should be.

Seeking The Truth

Over the past 3 months, we have gone around and around with Gail Mercer regarding any verification that she actually trades or even has a trading account. She is more than willing to show videos of her actual live trading on simulator and posts results on her website and blog, but whenever you ask for real verifacation, Gail would come up with some very creative responses like, “I would have to schedule an audit and the audit would need to be verified before it could be posted or sent”. Another response, “Since I publish many articles to various news sources, these news sources make sure I am in compliance with the regulations, I cannot ignore these rules and regulations”, and, “The CFTC and NFA will not allow me to show a screen shot of my real account because it could jeopardize the internal security at the brokerage”.

In Summary

At the end of the day, Gail Mercer has been selling trading indicators and courses on the internet for years. She is good at misdirection and teasing the reader with just enough information where Gail Mercer Traders Help Deskthe reader could actually believe that she has solution that will solve their trading failures. But once you start asking questions and digging deeper, she quickly becomes uncomfortable and will brush you aside, waiting for the next sucker to arrive. The whole scheme has the feel of a carnival game. The person is excited about the money that can be made, and Gail’s indicators all look so wonderful, and she send out tempting emails, blog posts, and facebook updates that show how wonderful her methods are. However, if you really pin Gale into a corner, which is not easy, you will clearly see that Gail Mercer does not trade.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for another depressing review. But keep your chin up, and dont lose faith in humanity just yet. Why? Because there are some really good educators out there, that are more interested in teach you how to trade than fleecing you of your money.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below. And Gail, if you are reading this…if you can just show me that you have made even single trade with a real account, then I will be happy to take this review down.


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Gail Mercer
Gail Mercer (@guest_9209)
4 years ago

Hi Emmett,

I just realized in your article you now say if I can prove even one trade, then you will take this review. Well, here you go. As you can see, this is video from October 2014 of the THD Live Trading Room that was held on October 14, 2014 and I did trade my live account in the room that day. Here is the snapshot to prove it and you can’t say it is a demo either. I thought it was most appropriate to have one from the periods that you claim a trade never occurred, as well.

Emmett Moore.png
dtchurn (@guest_28285)
3 years ago
Reply to  Gail Mercer

Do the retail industry a favor. Once you get on ss, shut down your insultingly named unhelpful scam site so no newb ever again gets churned out by your worthless subpar indicators only worth SIMdog bucks.

justin (@guest_3048086)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gail Mercer

didn’t you use to work for hawkeye traders

mike (@guest_8688)
4 years ago

I did ask her during one of her free trading sessions if she traded live or demo,and her answer was” none of your damn business”.Just another scum trying to sell garbage.

sam (@guest_8209)
4 years ago

update: TradersHELP!desk has upped their prices for their regular indicators again as expected since time has passed since the initial review. Well, could be due to “inflation”, yearight. Also, she is now a binaryoptions expert and claims to be “more profitable” with it. Only for $199/month , oops! now $99/month discounted there is a twitter signal service for binaryoptions signals, “help” is on the way!

sam (@guest_5797)
5 years ago

The direct link to the blog reply. I think people can pretty much make up their mind after reading the refund policy and example:

Sam (@guest_3381)
5 years ago

There’s a review of this review on blog section.

Sam (@guest_3382)
5 years ago
Reply to  Sam

Interesting, and a 17 min video about this review page on youtube.

Gail Mercer
Gail Mercer (@guest_2295)
5 years ago

Hi Emmett,

According to my emails, you did not even contact me until January 2015 and then to ask if I offered a free live trading room. I responded that I did and how to enter. You then came back and requested snapshots of my account, etc.

As far as taking a trade in both demo and my live account with Nadex — yes you most certainly can. You open a Nadex demo in Mozilla and then open your live account in Chrome. This allows you to mimic the trades. Why would you want to? Because most simulators will fill a trade at the best price resulting in a false profit. Since I recommend that traders use the Nadex demo, I like to make sure the trades are filled exactly the same. There are other reasons for doing this, ie you set a profit target and then decide to get out earlier. You can track how well those decisions are by replicating trades in the demo and comparing them with your “split second decision” to exit early.

As for Mark’s comments, his email to me stated:

“I am in need of your help. I have gone over your training materials and do not understand. I have some isues that are preventing me from understanding what I am reading, hearing, seeing. I am not able to continue down this trading path and must stop now. Would you consider a refund for all or part of the silver program I purchased? ”

I responded:

“I am more than willing to help you understand any aspects that you are not understanding. However, I do not issue refunds.”

His response was:

“You’re not comprehending what I am saying. Thanks any way.”

That does not make me or my indicators fraud or a fake. The fact that I will not give you my trading account information does not either. As far as me posting trades after the market closes, that is purely fictional. Most of my trades are posted within 5 to 10 minutes after I take a trade. The date and time when the video is posted is available on youtube and that is not altered.

As for the trading room being used to advertise my product, yes it is.

Additionally, the Average True Range indicator is available in every platform and so is the ADX and RSI. I have always advised traders of this and given credit to Welles Wilder for these indicators. However, comparisons easily show they are not the same.

If you want to give me bad marks for not complying with your requests, I have no issues with that. However, the other information you provided was false and I have the snapshots to prove they are.

Mark Paris
Mark Paris (@guest_31372)
3 years ago
Reply to  Gail Mercer

I’m finally reading this old review and discussion regarding Trader’s Help Desk and Gail Mercer.

I was wondering if anyone ever had the chance to verify whether or not Mercer’s claim is true that you can access both Demo and Live accounts through different browsers, say Mozilla (Firefox) and Chrome?

After reading both the review and discussion in full, I don’t think that point was checked and reported back here.

Not that it’s all that important since, if Mercer doesn’t trade a Live (real money) account in the “Live Trading Room,” then I’d call its value of limited use.



justin (@guest_3048087)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gail Mercer

you don’t issue refunds because you already spent the money nothing more than a gold digger

Mark (@guest_262)
6 years ago

Thank you fora the encouraging words Emmett. Are there some teacher/mentors you would highly recommend to learn how to day trade futures that are good and economical?


[…] Recent review: Traders Help Desk Review – Trading Schools.Org […]

Mark (@guest_119)
6 years ago

I purchased her silver package and feel ripped off. Your review is spot on. I would advise all to stay away from Gail Mercer and Traders Help Desk!

John (@guest_2642)
5 years ago
Reply to  Mark

You are a failure. First off, Gail has specifically laid out to you, in great detail, what her program is and what it isn’t prior to your purchase. It can be implied that her program was NOT for you because you wanted the ‘quick fix,’ the ‘magical indicator,’ and the ‘one-button’ path to profits. Hence; if you’re going to spend over $1,000 for Gail’s program, you’re going to have to put in a lot of dedication and work.

Also, you told her that you spent over $15,000 in previous programs and hopeful indicators; and pretty much implied that you have not made up that amount in profits. Regardless, despite her lengthy email to you, you STILL went ahead and purchased the program. In the end, you have yourself to blame for going into her program with doubts, fears, and complete lack of discipline. To say she ‘scammed’ you is entirely laughable and plain false!

Craigthinks (@guest_100)
6 years ago

Thank you, for the review. I am looking for a live trading site with trades clearly called out and a record of trades with out a large up front fee. I noticed that you can see the visit live room for free, but need to pay a large upfront fee (training material) to be a member. And no published trading record. Large up front fees are a scamming red flag.
Thank again

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