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A venerable housing project for stock trading Guru's trying to make a quick buck from the carnival crowd. A few good traders do ply their wares at, but far too much chicanery riddled with outright fraud.

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Pros: Sprinkles of truth can sometimes be found at A fair attempt at transparency. Several good and verified traders actively contribute to the community at
Cons: The verification of brokerage accounts at is easily gamed and cannot be trusted. Most everyone on is posting trading results that are beyond comedy and attempting to sell a newsletter. The entire site is basically a marketing funnel for Tim Sykes to sell products.

Let’s Talk About Tim Sykes

If you have been around awhile, you have probably heard of What is If you don’t know by now, let me be give you a brief overview. is a website where any trader can join for a small fee, and then the trader may upload brokerage statements directly into the database. The purpose of is to find out who can actually trade, and who cannot trade. The original idea was to weed out the shady fraudulent trading vendors and con artists from the honest trading vendors, many I written about on this blog. Anyway, the system is supposed to be a fool proof system where only accurate trading entries and exits are inputted directly from the brokerage company into the servers at, time stamped and irrefutable. No shady stuff! The website was created by Tim Sykes, a pretty famous marketing personality, a guy with deep pockets and a big following of faithful worshipers willing to subscribe to his insider stock tip newsletters.

Nobody is really sure just how much Tim Sykes makes selling subscriptions. But its rumored in the millions of dollars. In addition to Tim Sykes selling newsletters, there are also a few other Guru’s. One of these Guru’s I recently had written a review about is a guy named Paul Scolardi (Superman) Paul is a real deal trader, a real superman trader. However, what I want to talk about is the verification system at

Can Be Trusted? is it real?If you log onto the website and search for the most profitable traders, you will see a list like this…pretty amazing numbers. One has to wonder is someone named Lucky Strike really made $10.94 million dollars. Or another user name ECNC really made $7.33 million dollars. If you drill down deeper, the website actually shows an equity curve of each of these traders. The equity curve is amazing with most of these guys on the first page regularly making $50,000 each and every day, without every suffering any losses!

Now keep in mind that just about everybody is selling a newsletter on Of course, Tim Sykes gets a cut of all of the sales. And all of this makes you really wonder whether all of these profits are in fact real, or just made up nonsense. also has an affiliate program where anyone with a little marketing saavy can earn a commission for these newsletter subscriptions. Therefore, if you run a simple google search for or many of the newsletter guru’s that you see on, there is an absolute certainty that an army of people will swear how great is and how much they are also making massive profits. Of course, all of these reviews also link back to, complete with an affiliate link and tracking cookie to record sales.

All of this creates one big marketing snowball that picks up speed and is hard to contain or make sense of. Who doesn’t want to subscribe to a $90 newsletter and make $50,000 a month with almost now risk, from a verified Guru, that submitted a brokerage statement? I certainly do!

Sometimes we just really want to believe the Guru. We have a deep need to believe that someone out there can help us solve our problems. And this is the fundamental problem with, the entire website is a Guru platform, meant to dazzle the viewer into believing that profits are only a click and credit card number away.

If A Fraud?

Truthfully, its hard to find a voice that is willing to challenge That is willing to take a critical view and ask the tough questions, look for smoke that could reveal a fire, find inconsistencies that reveal any fraud on However, I spent a few weeks attempting to game the system, attempting to portray myself as a Guru. To prove that if I could casually game, then others could also game, with the intention of selling newsletters, trading DVD’s, mentorships, trading rooms, indicators etc.

How To Hustle And Be A Guru…OR NOT

Have you ever wanted to be a stock trading millionaire Guru trader? Well, it would be nice. But what if I could be the worst performing trader on Now that is an accomplishment worthy of some sort of award. And that is exactly what I set out to do! To be the worst! So lets review the steps I took to be the verified worst trader on Step 1, create a trading system and then optimize it to buy at the high and sell at the low. And that every single trade was fully leveraged to lose at least $1,000,000. Since I am a pretty good programmer, this took me about 5 minutes. Next I exported all trades out of my trading systematic trading platform and into a .csv file. Step 2, create an account at and select the broker, I selected a Forex Broker. Enter credentials and upload a properly formatted .csv file into the system. The file has to be correctly formatted to be accepted into Once file is uploaded into the system, its time to admire the handiwork and fully embrace myself as the worst trader on

worst loserSimply amazing, with just a little creativity and bit of persistence, I am officially a really bad trader. Row after row, page after page of confirmed losing trades, a net loss of $650,000,000. To celebrate this amazing feat of failure, perhaps I should also join the ranks of trading Guru’s at Sell my own newsletter, or DVD, or workshop, or trading system. I could title it “How To Lose $650,000,000 Trading Only 5 Minutes Each Day”.


Admittedly, its very tempting to create a fake internet persona and then magically create a “verified” trading record, with the sole purpose of selling a product. It would be so easy to just go to the dark side, take the fast money, fleece the suckers. Much easier than actually trading.

Well that’s it for now. Sorry if I offended many of my readers with this big letdown regarding If I could be put one final note into this…I really do believe that Timothy Sykes is a great trader, but an even better promoter.

Please leave your comments below. Good comments, bad comments, please speak freely.


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The $1m trades you posted are not verified. It is true anyone can manually type in a trade or do it how you did it. But if you actually imported from your broker, there would be a check mark by the date and time, which means that the trade is truly verified.


The next time you “fake” trades on, try to have timestamps on your trades that are chronological in order and vary the amounts. I will give you one thing, anyone that looks at that picture and believes it doesn’t deserve to be anywhere on or near! If you’re gonna hate, try to do it without lying. Here’s what your account really looks like:

Since you can “game”

true emmet.png

You need to also allow my comment to show here on this page or else you aren’t being transparent.

Emmett, This is an interesting website. I really like what you’re trying to do, but I have to wonder if you have a few kinks that need to be worked out. On 5/13/2015 you said, “Even the “checkmark” can be gamed”. Have you done it yourself, or are you relying on others who have said that they have done it? If it is true (and you know how to do it), then it seems that doing so would be the logical next step. Because Mike (the technical guy from profitly) has said that what you did back in January wasn’t… Read more »
Allen Pitre
Darn Emmett, why did this topic die off? I am new to this community and was really getting into these comments for a timely reason. I am recently unemployed and fortunately have a couple accounts with brokerage houses and am actually considering setting aside a day-trading amount to start. Doing some research, I came across Tim and and was really being drawn into the story. Of course I have not invested in any of these programs yet and have only began learning and evaluating. Thank God for your site and the honest (hopefully), impartial and informed opinions. Someone please… Read more »

I’ve given negative reviews on investomonials as well as other negative reviews to Warrior trading and investors underground. All my negative reviews have been removed and my IP address has been banned so I can’t even visit investomonials anymore.. So they don’t like negative reviews and are very selective on what negative reviews they will accept but if you have a positive review your their best friend at least for awhile.


Since you claim to be able to “game” once, you can do it again and leave your handiwork for all to see, n’est ce pas?

A question on this is why didn’t you become the best trader? why try the worst? surely you would have more evidence and noise if everyone saw your name on the top gainers listing above tim sykes. This would also cause them to notify the reasons and also close out the potential to post paper trades. If you posted 650,000,000 profits in a month I would guarantee that you would get more noise from the marketing/trading gurus. I greatly appreciate your website and dedication to review the truth and shames of trading courses. However with that in mind we should… Read more »

I found this article while researching someone who is rugby on, and who comments on Seeking Alpha as digger1234 where he brags about trading TNA and other leveraged ETFs. His site is

Does anyone here have any experience with him? His comments on SA appear to be someone who is knowledgeable, but his claims seem unbelievable.


[…] If you are unfamiliar with, then please read the post that contains information on how I gamed the trade verification system with the intention of becoming the worlds worst trader. In a very short […]

Wow, looks easy to fool. Maybe you could review the live trading room. Thank you for the review. There other sites that have better trading records that I think are correct. Future Truth Magazine – reviews mechanical trading systems. myFxbook for forex trading. It logs directly into your forex account. You need to give it passwords for your account. Collective2 is a site of gurus and they have active accounts. I saw one guru on Collective2 with a very negative account. I think he did not bother to hide it as people are searching for the best systems,… Read more »

sorry i meant myfxbook as craig states Collective2 need to do that also as I have no confidence in their systems which are based on demo accounts.


What they need to do is link the live trading accounts of any operator to pro-fitly ( no demo accounts permitted)
. This is currently done at i think fxstreet.

Ricardo Furburger
Ricardo Furburger


If there is no ‘checkmark’ on their they are fake, period. Thats how Tim created it to verify demo v. real accounts. Done, case closed. Check marks equal real, no check marks equal fake.

If supports the brokerage download, a check mark next to the trade indicates a real and verified trade. However, if there is no check mark, the trader has the option to upload proof of the trade. Traders will upload proof of a trade if does not support the brokerage download feature. It is impossible for to support every broker out there. For those who upload trading transactions for unsupported brokers, you want to see clearly dates transaction details, trading codes,, commissions,, fees and NET P/L, not gross P/L. If you just see a bunch of transactions with… Read more »

Does anyone have a screenshot of Nathan Michaud’s trades? From Emmet’s earlier review of and Nathan, it would seem Nathan is a fraud and was cheating the system. But if his trades were verified with a checkmark, then that would be proof can be cheated.


Thank you for giving this review.
Trading seams to be 90% bullshit con men and 5% average traders who realised selling the dream is easer money. The other 5% are professional.

Don’t be fooled by the gold rush. Sell the shovels and the dream.


What is your opinion on collective2?

I saw this complaint on rippoffreport: ” #12 Consumer Comment We know Tim Sykes AUTHOR: scammed by tim sykes – () SUBMITTED: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 I don’t know Tim directly but we have a colleague who works with Tim and is a personal friend. Whether this is true or not I don’t know but I do know he is a personal friend of Tim’s as he has show me pictures and parties with him on occasion. Here’s what he told me in confidence: Sykes doesn’t trade actively himself. When my friend asked Sykes about his trading, his amounts which… Read more »
Guest is down at the moment. I have been trying to sign on to this website, but was unsuccessfully. It has stopped running this past 30 minutes. Anyone has the same problem, please try it!


I am curious. I have been following some alerts from Tim and superman on twitter for a little while. I am looking to join but not sure who to pick or both. I am looking to jump in everything but try a few alerts to jump in and out of. Bacially give it a try and play safe for a little while to see what I can trust.

Any feedback on who is better to do with?

Stray Dog

Don’t get involved with either of them they are both running scams.

New Trader

Why would you want to shadow his trades??? Why not try to learn trading yourself???


That is too much work when one wants to “get rich quick” with as little effort as possible?


Hello can you please review Tim Sykes as you did superman? Thank you


Sykes is the ring leader, this guy has to be the biggest fraud of them all, between Investimonials and there is enough evidence to give him 3 life sentences (sarcasm). Take his pump and dump biz along with him promoting shady penny stock brokers abroad to get his members passed the DTP rule and voila, another cell mate for big bubba.


In hindsight, it now makes sense how Investimonials was started to herd more aspiring retailers into the trap nets of the scam sites post 2009 with their so called pubic mission as a “user reviews” site when it’s now nothing but a referral and plant comment “investi-scamma” site.