Profit ly Fake

Is Profit ly A Scam?

Timothy Sykes Stock ScamYesterday, I posted a review of If you are unfamiliar with, then please read the post that contains information on how I gamed the trade verification system with the intention of becoming the worlds worst trader. In a very short period of time, I was able to create fake account statements and then upload the statements into that showed that I had lost $650,000,000. This loss officially crowned me as the worst “verified” trader on Since everyone on is trying to be the most impressive trader, achieving my goal was relatively easy.

However the real goal was not to show that I was the worlds worst “100% verified” trader on The goal was to show that anyone, in only a few minutes could creatively game the verification system. And in addition, expose for what it really and truly is…a marketing platform to sell useless membership subscriptions and educational DVD’s to naive investors.

One Day After My Post

Today, I received a clever email from a high school kid in upstate New York. He prefers to go by the name Young Jeezy. I have no idea what a Jeezy actually is. Anyway, he also notified me that he had also easily gamed the system with the sole purpose of showing himself as a millionaire trader. His motivation was to show “big money” trading, and that the trade results would be used as link bait for affiliate marketing. The idea was that if a high school kid could become a trading millionaire buy purchasing products, then anyone could. The hustle was to use his story as link bait that people would click on, and then once clicked on, a tracking cookie would activate and any purchases made a would earn him a commission of sales.

Executing The Scam

Young Jeezy then explained to me how he created his millionaire trader persona, complete with fake trades showing massive profits…all he did was create demo accounts with the intention of Massive Fake Profitly Profitsuploading fake trades into How? Create TWO demo accounts at any of the 30+ brokers listed on Once the dual accounts were created, next you buy 10,000 shares of a popular stock in demo account A, and then sell 10,000 shares in demo account B. The net effect is that one of the two accounts will always show a winner. Everyday, simply upload into only the results from the demo account with the winning trade. After a short period of time, you can now show a equity curve that looks fantastic. Everyone once in awhile, he explained that he would pepper in a losing trade to make it look believable.

Next Create Webpages and Video Testamonials

After he created the “verified” track record, he then created several websites touting his success. He also created several You Tube video testimonials. Young Jeezy refused to give me the web addresses and video testimonials, but he did send me a long list of websites of others pulling the same hustle, and others that had also created fake video testimonials. Example below:

If you watch this video, its pretty laughable. Of course, I don’t expect you to believe me, simply go to You Tube and search the names of gurus on that are selling DVD’s and advisories. Also, the internet is lliterallyclogged up with people attempting to earn a quick buck with this exact same testimonial hustle.

Coming Clean

I asked Young Jeezy why he decided to contact me and tell me about the scam. He explained that initially he was earning about $1500 a month for several straight months but slowly the amount tricked down to nearly nothing. The typical life cycle of a newsletter is only 30 days, and the target might purchase an educational DVD. But nobody would subscribe for more than 60 days. Sometimes they would purchase a Tim Sykes subscription, then another guru, then another, but in the end they would end of cancelling.

In addition to the income drying up, friends and family became aware of the web videos and became concerned that he was committing fraud. He thought about using a fake name and paying for fake reviews from professional reviewers on fiverr. But in the end, he decided to go back to college and finish his education.

Well that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. I understand that when Tim Sykes and the rest of the gurus and affiliate marketers read this post and all of its raw negativity, they will how with anger and attack me. Truthfully, it is easier to just keep my mouth shut and let stupid people just keep being stupid, but just a little part of me say’s “fuck it”. Please leave your comments below. Speak freely, speak liberally.


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Roberto Bora Bora
Roberto Bora Bora (@guest_6063658)
2 years ago

I read the whole post, my answer ain’t good or bad, just reality, i have the whole sykes course to learn how to trade pennystocks i can assure you that by watching and rewatching and rewatching at least the 30 day boot camp course and the trader’s checklist course, you can start day trade-ing with security and win.

Now regarding the whole and many more stuff about sykes success, yes part of it comes from all the marketing stuff, but when he says that he turned his bar mitzbah money in to thousands of dollars, i can tell you guys that its 100% real that can be done, the problem is people doesn’t want to study every day, even weekends, im saying this because i have seen it in person from the daily study and successful trades of a good friend of mine, tradeing ain’t a game and also ain’t a casino because you can actually change the odds by studying, what has happened in the past will always repeat in the future an if you learn to identify basic doji patterns you will part of that 10% of traders who live from tradeing.

Depending on the amount of money in your account and most importantly personal hunger to become rich so you leave behind videogames, social life, everything for a while you’ll successful.

Trade-ing is 100% real, but its engulfed in a globe of lies and scammers that want to profit from the idiots who want things through the easy way…

Everything, every action, every thing that happens in this planet has a relation to the movements inside the stock market, it sounds crazy but it’s real, watch (Pi: the order of chaos) from director Aronofsky

No school, no college will teach the direct way to understand the penny stock and otc market, it seams like if it company around the world want normal people to assume that its 100% a scam, no intermediate salary citizen could live from tradeing from home, look at this stuff like it, study everything you can find and not only make your own answers, make better ones, and you’ll learn with the time if you really under stand it, that you cant help anyone, there are no friends only people you know, many will laugh and many will call you crazy, but believe me that financial freedom they talk about is 100% real but only comes by studying every dam day, by studying i mean investigating new ways to make longs and short trades, watching the daily premarket preps and after market daily gains, everything is on youtube, after 4 im completely free and i can work from any freaking part of the planet.๐Ÿ‘Œ


SED (@guest_7102123)
1 year ago


SHERLOCK (@guest_1041535)
4 years ago

โ€˜Itโ€™s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooledโ€™

What troubles me deeply is the refusal to provide trading records of himself & ‘millionaire’ students – What fantastic national press exposure he would have garnered for himself. The Q you must ask is – Why didn’t he?

Alex (@guest_34345)
5 years ago

I made a detailed video investigating Tim Sykes and those type of scams. Is long, but worth it to anyone that is considering investing in His program.

Kuda (@guest_34087)
5 years ago

No guru has time to find loopholes on profitly lol

TickerCandy (@guest_31881)
5 years ago

Hello again everyone. Just wanted to inform the community that I have discovered a way to game the profitly verification system and YES I am able to produce the “verified” check mark. I believe there are several ways to achieve this. If you would not mind sharing your methods with me I would like to create a video detailing how this is done. I can give credit to those who provide info or you may remain anonymous. You can contact me on twitter at @TickerCandy or email

FJ-Schmid (@guest_30314)
6 years ago

Is there a review of Tim Sykes and his millionaire challenge in particular? This would also be very interesting. If not, what do you think about his services? I think if is fake then he has no validation = no credibility.

Brian Jordan
Brian Jordan (@guest_31531)
5 years ago
Reply to  FJ-Schmid

Tim Sykes is 1000% a fraud. I don’t know why this site hasn’t been more aggressive in exposing him.

Alex (@guest_34344)
5 years ago
Reply to  FJ-Schmid

I made a detailed video investigating Tim Sykes and those type of scams. Is long, but worth it to anyone that is considering investing in His program.

Julio Faria
Julio Faria (@guest_29558)
6 years ago

thank you for this article!

Chris (@guest_27756)
6 years ago

Having read a great deal of the comments here and other reviews I have only one significant thing to add. There’s a great deal of phenomenal, wealthy traders I’ve studied, etc. Yes, the successful ones are in the minority and what does that do? It upsets the majority who — COMPLAIN and find FAULT. There is a path and it comes from work. Not insane, ‘kill yourself’ work — just work. There is a strategy and system which comes from work. I’m positive the wealthy traders pass by these comments and smile. The spoils go to the persistent, hungry FEW. I’m here to tell you the secret is in your face but you have to sweep away the noise and go to the source. If that last sentence is cryptic, then so be it… but think about it. Wisdom cries aloud in the street, in the markets she raises her voice.
Yep. While the internet is rife with information, it’s not with actionable specifics… or is it? It is. But that, again, requires — work.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_27761)
6 years ago
Reply to  Chris

In my experience people who leave cryptic message to make them sound smart or that they have some secret knowledge usually aren’t and don’t.

David (@guest_26795)
6 years ago

Who can confirm that he was deceived by his DVDs? With real evidence related Scam! From someone who just bought them ๐Ÿ˜ …many with opinions, but nothing conclusive…

jimmy jammy
jimmy jammy (@guest_12562)
6 years ago

lol, I knew it was all bullshit … IS A SCAM , u want a REAL , NO BULSHIT , BAREBONES , HONEST 2 GOD PENNYSTOCK NEWSLETTER ? then I’d suggest that you give FALCONSTOCKS.COM a try . they are honest , trustworthy & you don’t have 2 worry about them ripping u pff .

Mike (@guest_12550)
6 years ago

Did you ever get a hold of Paul Scolardi as mentioned in a September 2015 post? I’m curious to know your thoughts after the meeting/discussion.

TraderGG (@guest_9685)
7 years ago

This is a big eye opener to me, had no idea how easy it was to upload trades to their site.

Ted (@guest_9066)
7 years ago

Tried it myself, definitely a scam. All their buying and stock notifications are just so bad to the point, it doesn’t even make sense. I lost more money following their stock tips.

AGN (@guest_8635)
7 years ago

As much as i like your site, but the mentors you approve of don’t show real results done by an authentic, third party. They’re showing screenshots and data listed on their own sites, which can be designed by anyone.

truth (@guest_31714)
5 years ago
Reply to  AGN

this is because this entire website is a reverse psychology effort. Open your mind

jerry (@guest_8272)
7 years ago

The great Time Sykes even conned the Steve Harvey people. I just caught the re run, but did you see his two “best” students ? They were so sheepish, looking down all the time, like they just hated to be involved in this whole mess. I guarantee you, if the FTC gets involved with Sykes, he will be cell mates with Trudeau.

These con men make more money selling the dream than living it. Dear IDIOTS: If you had the secret to making millions, would you sell it for a few hundred dollars ?? And if you did, do you think that system would work after 100’s of people start using it ? WAKE UP !!!

Blue Street Trading
Blue Street Trading (@guest_10870)
7 years ago
Reply to  jerry

Well, actually, for a strategy to work you need 100s of people to be aware of that strategy in the market. If a breakout happens but no one knows about the breakout strategy and no one plays the breakout then it lingers and dies. Timothy Sykes is not a fraud trader. He really does have transparency, but his DVDs are the worst shit ever and he can’t stand when someone points that out to him. If you really want to learn how to trade go find books about trading and read them. You’ll get more out of a $50 dollar book then you will someone’s $1000 dollar trading DVD. If you’re going to buy these silly DVDs buy them off of ebay or something for 1/10th the price. Or say fuck it and just pirate the shit. Also, if you want to learn about trading for free, go to my blog All free information, and probably better information than you’ll ever get from some dumb rich assholes $1000 dollar DVD. Something people don’t seem to realize is that none of these traders made up these trading systems. They all learned it or formed it from information that they read from a book. Good day.

Sean G
Sean G (@guest_31187)
5 years ago
Reply to  jerry

Not very good at math are you? Penny stocks he made a few million in a few years, selling DVD’s in example his silver package at a little over 1k$ if he sells 5000 of them a year he made how much a year?
Then add in say 1000 sells a year on his millionaire challenge at 6500 a pop. Now as you said more people doing it it then evolves so he does what? Sells updated dvds(which he has) third or more of his customers then buy more.
Who always makes more? The trainer or the tradesmen?
Truck drivers make 60k-100k with good experience, but a guy teaching new drivers makes that working half the hours.
Programmers make good money but those teaching it are making a killing.
I can give 1000s of examples from farms to industry to everything. Teaching a skill makes more then practicing it.
I just bought a small package and am learning this stuff. Money and sales, and the dark side most people walk by and don’t know exists I grew up with this. Tim is a dumbass genius (Tim u read this don’t be mad it is actually a compliment from me) who is using known sales psychology to understand how to make plays.
Sales teaches lots of psychology and watching his training if you learned that sales stuff you would get it instantly and relate quickly.
I’m going take just 1500 and turn it to 100000 minimum in 2018 using this.

Vuk (@guest_7413)
7 years ago

Tim is A decent trader that made money in a crazy market. and mastered the one strategy he is best at and that is shorting pump&dumps/ we will give him credit for that. But over all he is nothing special of a trader and has become a master at another thing and that is marketing. He at the moment traders very low float stocks and has a big subscriber base that blindly follows him on every trade he makes. He sells a bunch of times straight into his students probably even to some of them directly. ๐Ÿ™‚ I started of with his school and bought his full challenge cause basically i was a noob starting of trading wanting to FOLLOW, but i admit it. I learned alot every day not only his dvds but many other schools and read alot. Over time i noticed whats going on and left, found Investors Underground and have done more there in a month than at TIMS school in 5. Nate from IU is a master of the markets and the guy in the video above is not a fake review its Timothy Bohen and its not a fake review the guy had a succesfull business and sold it and trades part time cause he likes it. He has 0 profits from doing the videos other than Youtube maybe. SO dont talk about shit you dont know. I think is the one thing TIM is not scaming. Its a decent SN for traders and yeah you can upload trades by using the CSV and writing it your self but its not veryfied. All in all Tim is a decent trader-marketing GURU and promoting a lifestyle that his students are giving him from paying subs not from great trading like NATE. I am and will be in the IU community and urge everyone to join. IF you need help let me know. You can use on the side if you want its not that but to monitor yourself.

Chuck (@guest_6842)
7 years ago

Hopefully this link works better

7 years ago
Reply to  Chuck

Can’t find this on the county website, can you post the direct link?

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