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Mook Trader is a live day-trading room that is long on claims of massive trading profits, and short on actual proof. The owner of the company, Hubert Tsai claims to be a full-time professional day trader, with a $500,000 per year track record…and apparently, no losing trades. Additionally, Mook Trader claims that all trades are 100% real, and verifiable. Unfortunately, no proof of these amazing claims of trading profits could be provided to TradingSchools.Org.

When Hubert Tsai was asked for a consolidated report of trading results for the prior year, his response was that he does not keep a record of his trading results. But that all of his trades could be verified by asking members of the live chat room.

Claims to own a $115,000 Porsche. Unfortunately, the license plate on the car “MOOKTDR” appears to be a fake license plate with no DMV record.

Pros: Hubert Tsai is a charming character that really sounds like he knows what he is talking about.
Cons: Unfortunately, nothing much of what he claims can be verified. No verifiable track record of trading results. Plenty of sizzle, but not much steak.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Mook Trader

What is Mook Trader? The website is live day trading room that specializes in day trading stocks. The cost of the live day trading room is $159 per month and includes a one-week free trial. A review of reveals that MookTrader has been in business since 2015.

Mook Trader is owned by a person named Hubert Tsai. Hubert claims that he has been a full-time professional day trader since his 1996, and has trained hundreds of traders to learn his proprietary “prop trading methods”.

Mook Trader maintains the following social media profiles: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and StockTwits.

Mook Trader: Performance Claims

Mook Trader claims that all trades are 100% real trades and that all trades are verifiable. A list of supposed trades that were called live, inside of the trading room can be found on the following performance page link. It is important to note that Mook Trader is posting no disclaimer regarding hypothetical performance. Since there is no disclosure regarding hypothetical performance, then we are under the assumption that all trades are real. From a regulatory perspective, this is extremeley sketchy.

The following screen shots are the supposed performance of the live trading room, for the past 12 months:

[foogallery id=”3593″]


Obviously, this looks quite impressive. All winners. No losers. The following is a summary of the supposed profits:

[table id=43 /]

Pretty impressive results…a grand total of $477,422. Think about this a moment. Mook Trader is claiming a profit of $477,422 for the prior 12 months. All 100% verifiable and authentic, executed through an actual brokerage account. And no disclosed losses!

I don’t know about you, but I would love to pay Hubert $159 each month for his amazing trading room, where I can earn $477,422 by simply copying his trades. All of my day trading dreams can come true.

Trader Porn

With so much easy, day trading profits, Hubert has apparently been stocking up on expensive sports cars and even a Rolls Royce. Every day-trading guru needs at least one $100k sports car, and Hubert is without exception. The following images were scraped from his social media profile:

[foogallery id=”3602″]

That’s a pretty nice car. A Porsche Panamera GTS, with a starting price of $115,000. And that license place, “MOOKTDR” is really nice looking. However, is it real? Does he own this car? Well, thankfully Experian has a website named The history of any vehicle can be quickly reviewed by entering either the VIN or the license plate number. And so I checked the license plate number for “MOOKTDR”, for California. 

Unfortunately, the license plate “MOOKTDR” is not registered in the state of California. It appears that Hubert Tsai created a fake license plate and slapped it on somebody’s car.

Maybe Hubert had the license plate created by this guy.

Now let us be clear, I am not calling Hubert Tsai, the Mook Trader a fraud and a phony. But these claims of amazing profits simply sound too good to be true. And this whole fake car nonsense is enough to make my stomach turn sour.

Contacting Hubert Tsai

Hubert Tsai is actually an entertaining character. TradingSchools.Org attended the live trading room during the month of September. He is quite charming and fun to listen too. And he knows how to talk about the stock market. He is a constant stream of comments. He loves to talk about why a company is moving up or down. But his trading? Whom in the heck knows. There is no live trading account on his screen. His trading calls are a mish-mash of  grunts, hollers, and verbal instructions like “GOING LONG HERE!”. And if the price goes against him, he starts hollering “GOING LONG SOME MORE”, and if the price keeps going against him…you guessed it “GOING LONG EVEN MORE!!!”. In fact, on various trades in the chat room, he just keeps screaming and adding to his losing position. Sometimes holding overnight.

In multiple instances, we witnessed supposed trades that started off as a loser with 1000 shares and he progressively adds to the losing position until he had accumulated a position of nearly 14,000 shares. Keep in mind, each share was priced at nearly $20 a share. This would have required an account size of over $520,000. My question to Hubert, is any of this real?

TradingSchools.Org reached out to Hubert Tsai, seeking clarification on some of these performance issues. In particular, we asked for some sort of proof that he was executing with a live trading account, as he claims on his promotional videos. Hubert Tsai responded that he could not produce any trading records.

Our next question to Hubert is whether he could produce a consolidated record of all of his trades for the past year. He responded that he was a 20-year trading veteran, and he “personally does not keep a track record of his trading.” Furthermore, he stated that if I needed a verified record of his trading results, that I should speak with chatroom members, and that they would verify that everything is real and truly amazing.

Wrapping things up

Let’s wrap this up. Hubert Tsai is claiming profits of nearly $500,000 as a day trader. Yet can provide absolutely no proof. He is publishing pictures of a $115,000 Porsche and claims to own a Rolls Royce. The license plate on the Porsche appears to be a fake license plate that he purchased over the internet. His only form of proof? That we should talk to people inside of the chat room. They will verify everything. Ok, sure Hubert.

Pretty funny stuff. But also pretty sad that anyone would fall for this.

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