Trust Pilot: the Mecca of FRAUDULENT trading reviews?


Trust Pilot is arguably a “pay to play” scheme that specializes in “reputation management.” The Trust Pilot website actively manages and encourages consumer reviews — many within the trading educational niche.

However, many of the reviews are extremely suspect. A perfect example would be Jason Bond Picks that received an incredible 93 positive reviews on a single day. Eighty-three of these reviews are a full 5-stars, with an additional ten reviews as 4-stars. I find it highly improbable that a company, with such an incredibly sullied reputation, could possibly find even 1-person to write something positive — let alone 93 on a single day.

Additionally, we uncovered more suspect behavior from Warrior Trading. We documented how low rating reviews were being “hidden” from users in a clever IP cloaking scheme. The techniques used by Trust Pilot to suppress and hide negative reviews are extremely clever, highly unethical, and likely illegal.

A deep read into the following article explains how this “scam” works.

Can you trust the reviews on Trust Pilot?

All too often, I receive an email from a consumer, and it goes like this…

“Dear TradingSchools.Org, I really want to purchase XYZ trading course, but I am conflicted. I have been reading fantastic reviews on Trust Pilot, but are the reviews on Trust Pilot authentic?”

Let me answer this question as succinctly as possible: TrustPilot is a FRAUD. They are enablers. They are a pay-to-play scheme that allows trading educators to “review stuffing” hundreds of false reviews in order to fool consumers. Trust Pilot does this to the detriment of the consumer at large.

Trust Pilot does not care about you. They could care less about your pain,  frustration, or misery.

The business model of Trust Pilot is to encourage businesses to post as many consumer reviews as possible. Once the reviews begin to become indexed by Google, then the review will usually appear on page one of the search rankings.

Consumers with a legitimate gripe, complaint, or have been outright swindled by a Trust Pilot listed company will usually want to post their negative experience on Trust Pilot. Once this negative review appears on Trust Pilot, the business that received the negative review will be offered a “reputation management” package.

This so-called “reputation management” package allows a business to simply delete the negative review. As crazy as all this reads, it is absolutely true. In fact, these “reputation managment” packages are little more than ‘swindling the swindlers.’

The cost of “reputation management ranges from $599 per month to $22,000 per month. The worse the business reputation, or volume of negative reviews that need to be deleted…the more a business must pay Trust Pilot to remove the negative reviews.

Additionally, there is an entire economy built upon drafting false reviews and posting these false reviews on Trust Pilot.

The fraudulent economy of Trust Pilot reviews

Suppose that you are running a fraudulent investment scheme, where you are selling a bogus “investment education” course or live trading room. Or suppose that you are running a blatant “front running” scheme that encourages investors to purchase worthless penny stocks.

The first step would be to open a “free” business account with Trust Pilot. This “free” account gives you the limited ability to change a review or remove a review.

Like the good swindler that you are, you begin to write a bunch of phony reviews with fake email addresses and lavish yourself with praise.

But this is time consuming. And most trading swindlers are quite lazy and afraid of actually doing any work. So, they simply Google search: Buy Fake Trust Pilot Reviews.

What pours forth upon the screen is a festival of swamp creatures located in India that will gladly populate your Trust Pilot review page with as many reviews as you are willing to purchase. Lets take a look at a few of these Trust Pilot “review stuffers.”

For only 50 cents to $2.50 cents, they will populate your Trust Pilot page with hundreds of fake reviews over an extended period of time. Heck, they will even write the review. Just tell them what you are selling, and the Asian chain smokers get to work.

BuyServiceUSA charges upwards of $1,000 per month to “slow drip” reviews. They write the reviews, post the reviews, whatever you want!

In fact, there are literally dozens of these companies: Example A, Example B, Example C. Shall I continue?

Examples of potential review fraud: Jason Bond Picks

As an example of what potential review fraud looks like, let’s take a closer look at the Trust Pilot reviews of two well-known trading educational companies: Jason Bond Picks and Warrior Trading.

Let’s start with Jason Bond Picks (Raging Bull). As many readers are already aware, I have written several articles about Jason Bond Picks, Petra Picks and their parent company Raging Bull.

My reviews are extremely negative. However, if you visit Trust Pilot and search for Jason Bond Picks, you will discover that Jason Bond has received 638 reviews. Nearly all positive.

A closer look at these so-called reviews reveals that 580 reviews are a full 5-stars and 38 reviews are 4-stars. Really? Are we supposed to believe that a venereal wart is this popular?

Further, if you dig deeper into these so-called “real” 4 and 5-star reviews, you will discover some seriously questionable behavior. Example: On August 16, 2019, Jason Bond¬† Picks received eighty-three 5-star reviews and ten 4-star reviews.

How is this even possible? On only a single day, August 16, Jason Bond Picks received nearly 100 5-star reviews! Sure looks like a scam to me. Who would be stupid enough to fall for this?

More Examples: Warrior Trading

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite pincushions is Ross Cameron of Warrior Trading. When it comes to day trading douchebaggery, Ross Cameron is the king of the douchebags.

He also got a negative review. But my negative review only goes so far, to really get a feel for this guy, you have to talk to his students. I would describe their experiences as “the pit of misery.”

The poor suckers pile into his live trading room looking to learn his magical day trading secrets and are too often left in pathetic financial shape, according to student interviews.

As a matter of fact, this past March 2019, I decided to waste $5 and yet again visit the Warrior Trading “pit of misery.” My experience was exactly like my prior experience — a total disappointment.

After visiting the trading room and wasting my $5, I decided to post a review on Trust Pilot. At this point, people were already emailing me, complaining that the Warrior Trading Trust Pilot reviews were likely a sham or “something strange is happening.” But I had to see for myself. So I posted the following review on Trust Pilot:

Total waste of time. The “education” which costs $10k isn’t worth $10.

I should be compensated for wasting a week of my life in their “live trading room.” Which is basically a big circle jerk where the moderator buys low-float penny stocks with huge spreads…and the “students” attempt to copy his trades. It doesn’t work.

Except for the moderator that enters before everyone else, and then sell his shares to the “students.” Who of course, are stuck holding the bag.

Sure enough, almost immediately after posting this review of Warrior Trading, I got an email from Trust Pilot notifying me that the review was removed and “under investigation.”

My negative review disappeared faster than a fart in the wind.

A short time later, I emailed Trust Pilot and demanded that they repost the Warrior Trading review. They responded, “OK, we will repost your review, but you need to send proof that you actually purchased a product from Warrior Trading. I responded by sending a copy of my credit card purchase of Warrior Trading to Trust Pilot.

The next day, my review of Warrior Trading magically reappeared. Or so I thought.

My Warrior Trading Review and I GOT SCAMMED

The next morning, I checked Trust Pilot and the Warrior Trading review was appearing on my computer screen. I giggled to myself, “This should piss off Ross.”

I next walked over to my other computer, which is a laptop, and again checked to see if the review was viewable. IT WAS NOT!

So to recap, on my personal computer — the Warrior Trading review was showing up. But on my laptop — the Warrior Trading was not showing up. What happened?

Let me explain how this Trust Pilot SCAM works. On my desktop computer, my IP address was not hidden. But on my laptop computer, I have a VPN or virtual private network which cloakes my IP address.

Trust Pilot was only showing my negative Warrior Trading review to a single IP address, my IP address. But it was blocking my Warrior Trading review from being shown to the general public, or any other IP address.

The end result is that Trust Pilot tricks consumers into believing that their negative review is active and viewable to the general public. But if you pay Trust Pilot for “reputation management” then Trust Pilot will only show the negative review to ONLY the person that posted the review. The general public will never actually see the negative review.

What a clever scam! Once again, let me repeat how this scam works:

  • Step One: the consumer leaves a negative review of Warrior Trading on Trust Pilot.
  • Step Two: Warrior Trading disputes the negative review and the review is temporarily removed.
  • Step Three: Trust Pilot asks the consumer to send proof that they are actually a customer of Warrior Trading.
  • Step Four: The customer sends a credit card receipt to Trust Pilot that proves they are a legitimate customer of Warrior Trading.
  • Step Five: The Warrior Trading review will then reappear on the computer screen of the customer.
  • Step Six: The Warrior Trading review will only be viewable to the person that left the review. The general public will not see the review.
  • Step Seven: The consumer is tricked into believing his review is “live” and viewable to everyone. It is not. The negative review is only viewable to the person with that unique IP address.

The end result is that consumers are cheated and swindled into believing the multitudes of positive reviews are the only reviews. Which is false, the negative reviews are hidden at the discretion of the company.

Have a look for yourself…the following screen clip is my review of Warrior Trading, dated Mar 19, 2019. Now go to Trust Pilot and search for the review posted by “The Cat” where I gave Warrior Trading a 1-Star rating. You won’t find it.

Warrior Trading Reviews

Where is my god damn review, Ross?

Wrapping things up

The trading “educational” industry is rotten to the core. It’s full of scammers, swindlers, weasels, charlatans, carnival barkers, and get-rick-quick daydreamers. It’s absolutely disgusting.

And Trust Pilot? What a scam business model. I find it ironic that their name includes “Trust.” There is absolutely nothing trustworthy about Trust Pilot.

And what about Jason Bond Picks (Raging Bull)? One hundred five star review on a single day? Come on man, seriously?

And Warrior Trading? Having negative reviews “hidden” from the general public, while the author believes its an active review? How ugly is this? It is shady, totally disgusting behavior.

Thanks for reading.

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Bill (@guest_5061684)
1 month ago

Not to poke holes here but I was able to find your review on Warrior Trading without issue.

Marc Bell
Marc Bell (@guest_5061664)
1 month ago

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Eva Watson
Eva Watson (@guest_5057069)
6 months ago

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Eva Rios
Eva Rios (@guest_5057047)
6 months ago

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Lisa Mayo
Lisa Mayo (@guest_5057044)
6 months ago

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Susan P
Susan P (@guest_4055155)
1 year ago

What about Investimonials? Or Day Trade Review?
Which review sites are credible? Any?

dtchurn (@guest_4055377)
1 year ago
Reply to  Susan P

Investimonials was started by scammeister Sykes. Bond and Kavan could pay him off to hide or delete bad reviews. Well, the most credible review site/blog is the one you posted on. Might be a few copycat blogs out there, but they die off and never do the diligence or take the flak, threats and sues, from psychopath vendors that Emmett goes through.

dtchurn (@guest_4055475)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Thanks for all that you do with this site as usual, Emmett. Yes, it’s sad there’s very few positives in this snakeoil industry because it implies the general greed and inhumanity in our overall financial society. (Like seeing shamshow “families” such as the Busbys or that Deaton gym prick showing off his family pics when knowing the extent of many newb victims were suckered over the years to maintain their trading venducation ‘business”. And of course just two small examples of the overall cess.).
I’d noticed the “about” and info pages of tradingschools seemed to have been updated where you mentioned google ad-sense revenue helps maintain the site. I’d mentioned before why not include a paypal donation button, or patreon link, but I guess there might be some other reasons I’m not aware where those ideas may not be helpful. But when I see some yoututbe channels like movie review discussions, sometimes live, where they have insta-donations “superchat” remarks where many donate from $2 to $20 or more, occasionally every few minutes or so, I’m sometimes thinking why tradingschools couldn’t be donated to similarly, since it’s been mentioned there have been up to hundreds of thousands of visits to tradingschools monthly, even in years past.
Anyways, KD’s “this is your penance” is a statement that makes sense to me regarding your life journey. Although of course I have posted in the past I don’t put much stock into KD’s legitimacy as well as FT71, the Jigsaw guy, and others who had their earlier sham existence in the bigmike’s forum. Sorry, but they are all shams to me and I’d seen their myriad spam “guru” postings as vendor buddies/sponsors with bmt long before I discovered tradingschools , before Jigsaw became the orderflow marketed behemoth it is today. But isn’t that ok, and what sets tradingschools apart. Even longtime fans of the site such as myself or anyone else can respectfully disagree with certain aspects of the reviews or posts, and we aren’t shills or connected to these vendor shams. Before tradingschools, would sometimes even warn or ban or even shame members who were calling out vendors they saw as scams, because of pathetically wanting to maintain a more “neutral” tone, while still selling more elite memberships. I finally had it when the guy raised the elite membership price again bigtime, when he hightailed it off to Ecuador and the beaches. But it’s better now thanks to tradingschools influence overall. Today anyone can call out these scams on the vendor sections of the forum itself, but hypocritically, the sham vendor partners are still basically untouchable.
Anyways, yes, tradingschools continues to be a great service and warning site, even though so many newbs monthly still miss it and get churned by the shamshows before they wise up eventually. (And imo, you’re not really an old man yet Emmett, I mean just get in shape like Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Arnold, or that longevity Dr. guy in his 70’s, as you seem to still be a long ways from social security age (65+). ).
There have been a few better reviews over the years of the “breakeveners” who do live trading which I feel is at least refreshing and of some value to newcomers to actually learn something about trading live with a vendor who at least demonstrates some of it. (Just that after too long I kind of lose patience with them becoming legacy and still endlessly selling dreams, where it’s just not worth it anymore to a veteran retailer wanting to really get to a consistent and truly profitable level). Those of us longtime fans of tradingschools who have read every review, most posts, know by now the trials and tribulations of your reviewing and maintaining this site’s presence and message, and as usual are grateful and thank you for the service (and the entertainment!) . Have a great holiday season.

cloudsandskye (@guest_5061706)
30 days ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

How to monetize your website? Well, to start, how about providing a list of the positive reviews. How are we otherwise supposed to find them?

Cyn (@guest_3054328)
1 year ago

When are you going to learn that Ross monitors this site like a hawk, and always takes action so that there are no increased comments, which just draws attention to him, and prevents a few more suckers from signing up for a fleecing?

dtchurn (@guest_4055378)
1 year ago
Reply to  Cyn

Absolutely Cyn. I remember that time , when almost every critique I posted in the old warrior thread , Ross changed the way he shammed his “proof”. At first it was a “journaling” trader site which could be stuffed with sim numbers. Then later, he showed an account partially seen, but easy to see he could have just deposited something. Then he showed a fake server pretending to be a broker site, then had his hired coder mock up a login to the fake server and fake broker page, lol. He could never prove he was consistent as he kept depositing less than 40k or so, then “withdrawing” each month and “starting over” with close to the same size account obviously obfuscating and probably inserting sim and faked broker looking pages on the way. Then later, Ross shut down from holding old Warrior pages showing he lied as an architect. (doesn’t matter, I have a copy of the page and screenshots, lol). He even did a stupid videos response with puppets mocking my comments and others of the WT review. Jason Bond didn’t remove his archived pages showing Ross sans glasses and mustache as a mod for Bond’s trading room during the time he was supposedly an “architect”. Now Ross has vigged or threatened reddit itself to “outlaw” any mention of “Warrior Trading” on all the trading related subrredits, so you get bot warned and posts deleted! All using churned newb victim wasted fees for funding all his marketing and internet narrative fixing (and paying off trustpilot). Even the Suretrader collapse seems to be just a temporary setback for WT, since Emmet now shows Ross even has ties with CapitalMarketsElite group in the latest review. (Good catch with Ross and capitalmarkets, Emmett, showing him branching out to other dubious south american brokers, not caring if WT students are risking going into further financial trouble other than trading losses already.) Wh0 knows, maybe Ross help set up this “Roshenda” as another actress , just like “Crystal” another black lady who has appeared multiple times. (Crystal sure isn’t a successful trader by now. They and “secretaries” of these shamshows are always “learning”, year after year in their “testimonials”). I wouldn’t put it past Ross to do the most shenanigans, that churned victim money can pay for at this point. Even features on Lightspeed as an “expert” teaching “trading basics” videos, “Powered by Warrior Trading”, blech. ( Pathetic and despicable.

Troy (@guest_3054164)
1 year ago

Hey Emmett,
The trust pilot review you left for Warrior Trading along with a response from them shows up on my computer. And yes, I have not believed trust pilot for years. Thanks for shedding some light on how they work!

Peter (@guest_5061874)
22 days ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I’m just going through all your comments. Learning…….

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