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Mark Deaton is back. And YouTube is happy because he is currently spending money on paid video advertising like a pimp on Superbowl Sunday.

We have lost count of the now-defunct websites offering all manner of investments advice from this serial huckster. His latest incarnation is a “Powerful Options Strategy that generates $1000’s weekly from tiny $50 trades!” No kidding folks. He claims its a ‘secret formula.’

Well, this isn’t the first time Mark has been offering ‘secret formula’ investment advice. In fact, we have uncovered a venerable treasure trove of now-defunct websites offering all manner of investment whack-a-doodle.

Oh, and Mark is also selling an “FDA Approved” pill that is guaranteed to cure all manner of intestinal maladies.

Mark Deaton is a ‘quack’ of the highest order. Hide your credit card. Avoid this carnival barker.


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Thanks for reading today’s review of Renegade Trader

Here we go again. Mark Deaton is back.

Most readers have never heard of Mark Deaton. But at TradingSchools.Org, we hear about Mark Deaton all-the-time.

In fact, in the past month, Mark has been plastering YouTube with all manner of financial nonsense. Apparently, he has discovered his latest ‘secret’ trading method that is virtually guaranteed to make you rich in record time. This latest get rich quick investment method is called “The Rainmaker Options Trading Method.”

As per Mark, a very long time ago, some very astute investors discovered a secret options trading formula and turned $1,600 into $200,000,000. Virtually overnight!

But mysteriously, this ‘secret formula’ was lost to all of humanity. But Mark is very clever and he somehow unearthed this mystical formula and wants to bestow this great wisdom upon thee-only $795! And some other upsells that we won’t mention.

Turn $50 trades into MILLIONS!

As per Mark, his secret formula will magically transform $500 trading accounts into “thousands of dollars in extra income, each week!” And, you will “Generate Cash Like Clock Work!”

Mark claims that his super-system is virtually loss-free! Winning trades at 80 to 100% accuracy, and that folks are getting rich left and right!

Of course, we have heard all of this nonsense before. The sales pitch…custom tailored to the financially vulnerable and the outright desperate…looking to turn a tiny trading account into millions of dollars overnight.

But before you get your wallet out, lets a take a closer look at Mark Deaton…and his very shady past.

Let’s take a step back in time.

Mark Deaton: his earlier scams

One of the earliest get-rich-quick investment websites that Mark bestowed upon humanity was a website named CandleStick Genius. It’s now defunct.  According to Mark, for a fee, he will relinquish the innermost trading secrets of Candlestick Patterns. This site first appeared in 2006.

Apparently, people started to discover that Mark wasn’t really a genius. Time for a new gig. The next whack-a-doodle investment scheme was Commodity Tycoon. It’s now defunct. According to Mark, “Wall Street is terrified that you’ll discover this shocking method that safely earns 45%+ each and every week!” Can’t make this stuff up folks. Its right on the sales page.

Sure enough, only a short time later…a whole new ridiculous investment product named Bollinger Band Genius. It’s now defunct. For a fee, Mark will once again bestow great wisdom upon thee! Until the website disappeared like a fart in the wind.

Shall we keep going? How about Blue Collar Millionaire! Yet another investment scam that takes “only 20-seconds to find each trade” and “it’s really easy” and blue collar workers are now earning an extra $5k to $10k each week. This guy is like a venereal wart–he just keeps on reappearing. Let’s keep moving…

Would you like to conquer any market? Would you like to hit the jackpot? No problem. Just purchase the Bollinger Band Jackpot. And you will be “picking off winning trades like a bald eagle picking off a rabbit from 10,000 feet.” And its accurate at 90%! Your money problems will quickly melt away like butter in a microwave oven. And “even a teeny weeny account can earn 86% every two weeks!”

Do you want to enjoy life traveling in an RV, hitting your favorite vacation spots or just relaxing in the sun at home–All while making $1,000’s weekly from your trades? No problem! Just head on over to Dead Simple Swing Trading and learn the “$1 Million Dollar Trading Secrets.” But don’t forget your credit card, because these secrets ain’t cheap.

Are you sick and tired of not earning 24% monthly investment returns? How would you like to do this for the next 6 years and the best part is that you only need 45-days to learn this super-secret trading method that a mathematician discovered during the Renaissance period! All you need is Trading Domination to supercharge your investment returns.

Just how many investment websites has Mark Deaton created and then quickly closed? Good question. We simply could not keep count. Large portions of the internet are littered with this dudes nonsense.

According to Finra.Org, Mark Deaton isn’t qualified in any way, shape, or form, to offer investment advice. Yet here he is…offering all manner of investment advice. Securities and Exchange Commission…are you listening?

Mark Deaton: multidimensional scammer

Every good magician has more than one trick. And Mark is without exception.

Are you constipated? Do you suffer from “Protein Bloat?” Do you need to burn fat and drop those extra pounds? Do you hate exercise and watching those carbs? No problem! Just head on over to Digestion Matters and discover what scientists are not willing to tell you. Mark’s got all the secrets that you will ever need. Magical herbs, exotic potions, heck even a magical oil that Jesus blessed.

Are you tired of not eating what you want? Do you want to gorge on Pizza, crackers, greasy hamburgers, and whatever else is on the menu? Do you dream of spicy Indian food, unlimited tacos, pies, Greek food, sushi, and ice cream? Does it make you want to shit our drawers?

No problem! Mark has a secret pill this “backed by rock solid, proven science” and cures all of your digestive woes…its called SuperZyme XP. And it’s an absolute miracle and FDA approved.

Mark created a miracle pill and claims it’s FDA approved? Yeah right. Swallow at your own peril.

Does Mark Deaton actually trade?

At TradingSchools.Org, we will look past plenty. If you can even remotely prove any of your claims of investment success, then its pretty easy to get a great review. However, if you cannot prove your claims of investment success…

We reached out to Mark and asked if he could provide actual brokerage statements to substantiate any of his remarkable investment claims. As you can imagine, he replied: “I don’t share this information.”

When asked if he could provide a record of trades, he replied: “I don’t publish a track record because they are so easy to manipulate.”

Hmm…too easy to manipulate. Just like the rest of his marketing nonsense.

Thanks for reading.

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piptek (@piptek)
3 months ago

 I did buy from him once in 2013 or 2014 one of his package called Bootcamp trading. paid probably $39 or $77, can’t remember even now . It has been several years now. In that video there were several traders participated and I did learn something new. I always consider if I learn something from someone I should pay back somehow , otherwise I am in debt (physically or virtually or spiritually). Hence, I made tons of money. This is what I am and that’s how my thought process goes. Let’s say that video that didn’t help me at all. SO INSTEAD OF REGRETING IT WAS A SCAM. I COULD HAVE CONSIDERED buying Mark’s software is ONE OF MY LOSING TRADE DUE TO MY MISTAKE. LESSON LEARNED AND MOVE ON. I LEARNED LOT OF TRADING LESSONS FREE ONLINE AND LISTENING SAMPLE WEBINARS FROM BIG TRADERS AND WORKED IT OUT ON MY OWN. I DON’T HAVE ANY REMORSE FOR PEOPLE WHINNING HIM AS A SCAMMER. I CONSIDER WHINNERs ARE ALWAYS AS A LAZY BUM LOOKING FOR A SHORTCUT TO MAKE HUGE MULA OR BLAMING ON OTHERS. DID HE STOLE YOUR TRADE ? DID HE FORCE AND SCAMMED YOUR CREDIT CARD ? NO. STOP WHINNING AND GET MOVING, WORK HARD. THERE ARE PLENTY OF FREE TRADING MATERIALS ONLINE. IF YOU STUDY AND PRACTICE TRADING AND NOT BEING A COUCH POTATO AND NOT A SITCOM VIEWER YOU WILL DEFINITELY MAKE MONEY . LISTEN THERE IS NO SHORTER WAY IN TRADING WORLD. THAT’S WHAT I LEARNED IN MY 10 YEARS TECHNICAL TRADING LIFE. GOOD LUCK FELLOW TRADERS AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Bill (@guest_4055792)
1 year ago

I’ve been a member of Rainmaker method, which for the low entry cost (I think I paid $100) I guess you can say it was worth that price tag to learn a little bit if you know nothing. His training videos are OK at best, and the few watchlist videos he sends out each week I actually did not find that useful. He only talked about potential entries for the next day and how he might trade it, but never actually showed us any live trading process. Like, how do you prepare for the trades, how do you have things setup, how are you executing the trades. He always talks about trading options but never actually states what expiration/strikes he entered and for what price. He also never talked about take profit levels in his alert videos. Occasionally he would talk about stop loss levels but usually not. He never showed any actual trades. All he ever shows is some platform set to paper trading. I am very skeptical that he even trades. All in all, I learned some things but I don’t think his training is really sufficient for becoming a profitable trader.

Sean (@guest_4055558)
1 year ago

As I watched his videos in the promo emails, I kept thinking, “Jeez, for someone who is so ‘successful’ at options trading, I’d think he’d have a bit more than a 10 gallon aquarium with a gold fish in it…” Just saying. I mean, at least a 20 or 50 gallon tank with a few tropical fish in it. Probably sounds dumb, but that stuck out to me like a sore thumb.

Brent Erskine
Brent Erskine (@guest_5056208)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sean

Hi Sean,
Yes that stood out to me also. If you are somewhat success as he is promoting that we would be after his course, you would think you would have the funds to do a proper video. Could you PM me at brent.erskine57 gmail com

Sean (@guest_5056210)
1 year ago
Reply to  Brent Erskine

Brent, I tried to send an email to the address you listed but was unable…

dtchurn (@guest_4055517)
1 year ago

lol, I finally saw the video ad on yt that Emmett was referring to in this review.
comment image
I’d wondered why I didn’t see it before as the usual shams, Petra, Dennis, Bond, and a few others are often seen in the ads on trading related videos. Then I noticed I saw the Deaton ad on an old video documentary of the financial crisis. So I the guess current sham gurus paying bigtime marketing have ads on the more recent trading related videos while Deaton’s ad is more shown to some worried financially in general or just curious. ( I don’t really know how yt ads work.)

reggie (@guest_4055315)
1 year ago

Hi Folks, thanks for the info. Mark D sure does sound sincere and his video series do look convincing. So easy to get scammed. But I like to check. Have been burned before. In fact, even some legit company’s have proven to be very disappointing with their recommendations . Thanks again. Reg.

Roger (@guest_4055355)
1 year ago
Reply to  reggie

I knew Mark back when he was young and lived in Socal. I can’t comment on his products in reference to trading but I can tell you that back then he was always involved with some kind of product scam, but to fully understand Mark and why he sounds so convincing, you must understand that Mark always first convinced himself of his own lie. He was so bad that even his mother (SD) would warn people not to “invest” their money with him. As they say, the best liars are those that are good enough to convince themselves of their own lies. That is the mind of Mark.

Muhammad (@guest_3053753)
1 year ago

Mark Deaton is a long time scammer appearing again and again with different schemes and tactics to wring money out of subscribers.
I tried him twice and this is my personal experience.

daddy (@guest_5057049)
7 months ago
Reply to  Muhammad

literally no one asked

Michael Sima
Michael Sima (@guest_3051393)
1 year ago

forgot to add my 5 stars on last review so here they are.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

michael sima
michael sima (@guest_3051302)
1 year ago

I recently purchased marks rain maker method and I think this was a very one sided dishonest bashing of mark. I do not know the man I am a union electrician from Chicago who has spent thousands on different training programs from different people. I can only speak on his newest program which I learned a lot about price action and interpreting and reading charts. I have watched hours of his videos and this man is not a scammer, he does a great job of explaining charts and identifying when to get in and out of a stock which ive tested in real time. He is also reasonably priced. I learned more from his course for 200 dollars than similar courses of 1200. This review leaves me to question this website and I will not be returning here for future information.

Brent Erskine
Brent Erskine (@guest_5056209)
1 year ago
Reply to  michael sima

Hi Michael,
Could you PM me at brent.erskine57 gmail com

Eric (@guest_3049623)
1 year ago

Mark Deaton is a typical uneducated self procalaimed guru with little to offer you other than a 2 min screen of stocks from TOS.

He runs his scam by claiming option plays that are OTM options sure to rack up big gains.

Apparently he can’t make any money trading so he resorts to starting websites that make ridiculous claims.

Mark (@guest_3048160)
2 years ago

Well I’m certainly pissed you guys slammed me so hard in this thread. The only people I need to be accountable to are my members with solid picks, places to enter and trades I’m watching.

I do all this very transparently. I don’t reply to strangers for account info. requests and honestly have very good reason to keep it private.

I trade a few small accounts for a living, I trade for friends and I offer my services to those that want to learn how to pinpoint low risk breakouts continuations and reversals.

Even when I’m wrong I’m right. 🙂

I’m that confident!

I teach price based principles that work like clock work for me, and do the same for others that take the time to learn my method.

I teach it 100 times more easily than anyone, and I can get even the most novice trader FLUENT at pinpointing super high odds setups in a snap.

Maybe some of my 10 year veteran traders will chime in and tell you how accurate they are now vs. how the brick wall they hit for 10 years solid.

Large accounts make me nervous and i tend to make bad decisions when making big trades, so I’ve gravitated to out of the money options in the range of $100 to $300 per trade.

I find up to 6 solid trades a week with my little method and most weeks we do pretty dam good.

If anyone wants to ask me questions feel free

Mark (@guest_3048171)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

That flashlight is the BOMB! Im currently working on a new model, Ill let you know when its ready!

Longshot (@guest_3048193)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark

It doesn’t change the fact that you gave an undeliverable address for the book(s?) you sold years ago and didn’t honor your refund policy. I tried returning it 2 or 3 times. Once you’ve broken trust, it’s game over for me.

Longshot (@guest_3048207)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark

“I do all this very transparently… I trade a few small accounts for a living, I trade for friends and I offer my services to those that want to learn how to pinpoint low risk breakouts continuations and reversals. Even when I’m wrong I’m right”

Ok, if you’re that confident, get your trades tracked by a 3rd party like Collective2, Striker, etc. You could even go to Fundseeder and try to start a legitimate hedge fund (I have a friend doing that right now). Either do that or it’s all talk and no proof.

dtchurn (@guest_3051835)
1 year ago
Reply to  Longshot

Exactly. I’d bet those small accounts are actually the leftover live busted accounts most failed traders and shamsters have like SchooOfTrade. “transparent”, where was the transparency when Emmett asked for it in the review. gollum peet thanks Emmett fof the Al B_ooks review. Delaeyd, but I thank you now Emmett, for this review as I’d encountered then had been reminded by the hilarious ads for most of my trading journey. There must be a million or more aspiring traders duped since trading via internet became easy for the vast retail masses. And unfortunately there will be more duped in the years to come with all the new sophistication in the websphere. But tradingschools has been pretty much the only beacon to show the light of truth of these shamsters and the cess industry of sham trading education products where if not for it, most of the thousands of duped know that they were in their hearts, but would have never seen it this exposed in our lifetimes.

Wes (@guest_3048099)
2 years ago

Not really sure why you are so “down” on him. He provides tips for me weekly and has really taught me a lot about trading options. Say what you want about him, but he hasn’t scammed me.

elias (@guest_2048039)
2 years ago



I saw his rainmaker trading method on a youtube ad so I decided to take a look at his page. and saw a video where he explains how he does it well most of the so-called “strategy” so I downloaded it and watched it a good ten times to know exactly how he does it and come to find out im up 80.4% this month on my live forex account which was at about $9 when i logged in and now im over $15 and only lost a trade or 2 starting april 2 2019 you can check them here

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Longshot (@guest_3048081)
2 years ago
Reply to  elias

Any strategy can have a good month. It’s called “fooled by randomness” (Nassim Taleb). Come back when you’ve had consistent profits for a few years.

Mark Deaton
Mark Deaton (@guest_3048161)
2 years ago
Reply to  elias

Good job Alias! Keep it up man! Mark

Longshot (@guest_1047710)
2 years ago

I bought some hard-copy trading book from him years ago…maybe 2006 or something? It was worthless–some vague/generic trading setup with zero backtesting or live testing to prove it was profitable. I thought I was safe because he offered a refund. When I mailed it back, the address was undeliverable. I tried contacting him via email multiple times and he never answered. If he just kept his promise and refunded me (even if I had to pay a few $ for shipping), I’d keep my mouth shut. But that really rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve sold things online and always have a clear refund policy which I honor. I expect others to do the same.

dtchurn (@guest_3051830)
1 year ago
Reply to  Longshot

Yep, I got taken by one of his sites back in ’11 somewhat near the start of my aspiring trading adventure and journey. He had some other guy doing temporary “trading room” for a short while, a webcam with the guy hiding his mouth and most of his face and wearing big earmuff headphones, lol. Back then, those long one page ads were in the style of the Forex EA or system scam ads going on from the late 00’s, where they blurb vertically on and on with “bonuses” and “you get a deal for $xxx” near the end, typical. (oldtreepublishing like) Then the site went dead and later disappeared. Later on maybe it was a year later or more I see email ad for gorillgaps. Then later I see Deaton pop up again with another site this time ripping off Al B_ooks pattern failures, you know “failed failure” concept. Then another thing another year after. Since I was already duped, I didn’t bother signing up anymore but I found his ads hilarious. “print money like an ATM!”, etc. Basically just reguritating what some other shamshow scammer came up with and trying to sell the idea into a cheaper package. A “successful” “renegade” refund scammer and site&customers ditcher for going on over a decade. Makes Adams and his refund scamming look amateurish. Per the review, whenever the new sham sites showed up, some of the new generation of trading newbs at the time were caught in the net for their months churn. Here are more sites to add to those already mentioned in the review, a decade of wasted dream selling and useless ads.
3 Step Island Trader ( )
Gorilla Gaps (
Fibonacci Genius (
Bootcamp 2012 (
Binary Options Genius (

Another comment similar to what you experienced Longshot: ( )
emg at elitetrader found a litigation of plagirism: (
The file was taken off that site, but archive has it here: (

GLENN (@guest_1047175)
2 years ago

Purchased the Blue Collar method.

It encompassed looking for trades over 3 Time Frames.

It Seldom if ever set up. Required hours looking thru charts

but never could set up . Mark Deaton never followed up to see

how I was doing or offered Helpful Tools to Automate the Process





Greg Allen
Greg Allen (@guest_1045263)
2 years ago

I have to agree on these reviews. I have bought several of his products, the original snoopwire actually did work, but when you pay for a lifetime contact on the software, his idea of lifetime must be based on some small creature that maybe lives a year or two. Just as I was starting to figure out the best tags to follow and trade, he shuts down the website, phone number access. Gone. Then he reopens with large costs, for a tool with limited quality. Yes, I agree avoid this man and his medicine show products. Surprised he does not offer snake oil to heal all your trades and ailments.

Mark Deaton
Mark Deaton (@guest_3048162)
2 years ago
Reply to  Greg Allen

Sorry Greg, Snoopwire just stopped working for us, it was algorithmic based and as we “tuned” it it got worse over the years. To the point that our programmers didn’t even know what to “tune” anymore. We filtered comments and social data in the thousands of stocks daily and again it was algorithmic in nature regarding what made the top of that list. But hey, we had a great run for 5 years! Surely it paid for itself? 🙂

piptek (@piptek)
3 months ago
Reply to  Mark Deaton

Absolutely true. Nothing works forever. Same as in trading world. I never got into snoopwire 😎  because I knew it was a baloney 🍞 . but I have some advise for whinners, why can’t you subscribe finviz and do your own scanning. or write your own scan code in ThinkorSwim. Or write your own scan code in not that hard but smart  🏃 . you don’t have to scan 100s. just few can give you enough to work on and stay focused.

Jess Bailey
Jess Bailey (@guest_1044146)
2 years ago

Also the ring leader of so called Snoopwire…, effortlessly find hidden stock trades easily…scans all the stocktwits type sites and aggregates into gobbldygook charts. On one of his sites he states: It’s Downright Criminal!

How true. Thanks for all the good work you do!

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