Jason Bond Picks: Millionaire Roadmap? Or Pathway to Financial Disaster?

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TradingSchools.org reviewed Jason Bond Picks in 2015. In short, we were not impressed. Fast forward two years, we are less impressed.

Recent marketing chicanery gives Jason Bond yet another ‘black eye’ and we caught him red-handed lying about his affiliation with Harvard University.

Claims that in 5 short years, he has earned over $26,000,000 million with his day trading penny stock mumbo-jumbo. But where is the proof?

A twitter feed that displays 100% winning trades. Day after day showing supposedly easy profits by day trading highly dubious penny stocks. No mention of ever losing money. Sure sounds “too good to be true.”

In my opinion, avoid this carnival barker.

Thanks for reading today’s Review on Jason Bond’s Raging Bull

On June 13, 2015, TradingSchools.Org published a highly detailed and extremely negative review of Jason Bond Picks.

In that review, TradingSchools.Org detailed how Jason Bond Picks was essentially operating as a penny stock ‘front-runner.’ What does this mean? In a nutshell, Jason Bond issues Buy/Sell trading alerts in highly illiquid, penny stocks. Jason appears to be taking a position before he unleashes the Buy/Sell recommendations to his massive following of paying subscribers.

After the alert is issued, there is usually a mad scramble amongst the financial lemmings, only too willing to push the penny stock to ever higher or lower prices. As this financial insanity unfolds, Jason and his cohorts are only too eager to dump their shares of nearly worthless penny stocks upon the ‘greater fool’, in my opinion.

Is this ridiculousness even legal? Yes. There are no securities laws or protections that protect against financial stupidity. However, if Jason were a broker, or was being compensated by these companies, this would securities fraud.

Many of these companies that Jason Bond recommends are highly dubious at best, and outright frauds at worst. No investor in their right mind would make a long-term investment in some of these companies. Hence the extremely illiquid nature of many of the penny stocks that Jason Bond recommends.

However, if you can cobble enough fools together into a day trading chat room, and you can convince them that you are some sort of ‘Financial clairvoyant’ with the power of divination, then many will gladly throw themselves off a financial cliff in the sad hope of replicating the actions of the puppet master.

Jason Bond: A Financial Wizard?

Jason Bond would love for you to believe he is some sort of financial wizard. He tells the quaint story of how he very recently was a humble gym teacher at a public elementary school. He was broke and desperate, and then he discovered the amazing world of penny stock day trading.

Since 2012, Jason Bond claims that he has now made $26,000,000 through his financial wizardry. How much of his story is true, and how much false? That is an open question. In my opinion, its hard to tell where the bullshit ends and the truth begins.

Since we don’t really know what is real, and what is financial mumbo-jumbo, we are forced to look at the clues that Jason leaves us. In my opinion, the marketing gimmicks that Jason Bond deploys is the greatest clue. It speaks of his credibility, candor, and honesty. Let’s take a closer look at some of Jason Bond’s recent marketing gimmicks…

Jason Bond: Invited to speak at Harvard Business School?

In a recent promotional email to potential subscribers, as well as public Tweets, Jason Bond declared to the world…

“One of my greatest personal achievements was being invited by Harvard University to speak with aspiring student entrepreneours.”

“Speaking at Harvard. Never thought it would happen, but through my passion for trading and educating, I made it a reality. Always believe.”

Wow, Jason Bond was invited by Harvard Business School to speak? What an honor! Such an amazing life achievement! He must really be something special! He must be the real deal. Have a look at the following video…



Well, I wasn’t convinced. So I next emailed and called Harvard University. I was referred to the Provost, a person named Alan Garber, Ph.D. Alan graduated from Harvard back in 1977. If anyone is officially invited to speak at Harvard, they must first receive permission from Dr. Garber, the Provost.

Unfortunately, the Provost of Harvard has never heard of any Jason Bond. Nor has Jason Bond ever received an official invitation to speak at Harvard. Ever.

Next, I was referred to Rick Calixto the Executive Director of the Harvard Trademark Program. Mr. Calixto oversees the office responsible for protecting and licensing Harvard’s trademarks throughout the world. When his office took a look at this promotional video…they didn’t seem very amused.

Real Harvard

In a strange bit of delicious irony…please notice the “Veritas In Negotio” on the promo banner directly behind the head of Jason Bond. This is obviously a ‘knockoff’ of the real Harvard logo which contains only the word, “Veritas.”

What the Provost of Harvard found laughable and is that “Veritas In Negotio” translates from Latin to English as “The Truth Is Negotiable.” Whoever created the banner mistakenly believed that it translated to “Truth In Negotiation.” I guess they would call this a Freudian slip.

Whatever your own personal interpretation, the Provost of Harvard did not find any of this very entertaining. The Office of the Harvard Trade Program was also very interested in whatever else I could dig up.

And so I continued to dig.

The Business Expert Forum aka Fake Harvard

Fake Harvard

After digging around for a couple of weeks, I stumbled onto the character promoting this fake Harvard marketing gimmick.

The character in charge of this fake Harvard endorsement is actually a pretty entertaining and creative character. We spoke on the phone for approximately 30 minutes and he gave me the inside scoop on how it all works. Of course, he thought I was interested in purchasing his fake Harvard endorsement product…

So here is how this marketing gimmick actually works…

Once a year, this marketing character (he asked that I don’t use his real name) rents out a section of a restaurant located on the campus of Harvard University. Since he only has the room for a few hours, he quickly removes the dining tables and aligns the chairs together into what appears to be an official-looking presentation forum.

A video crew then quickly sets up lights and a portable stage. He then throws up the banner declaring, “The Truth is Negotiable.” And then fills the room with what I would describe as quacks, cranks, and charlatans. Basically, anyone looking for instant credibility and the perceived endorsement of Harvard University.

The character in charge of this fake Harvard endorsement calls this “H-Bomb Marketing.” And according to him, gullible people swallow this nonsense without a second thought.

Of course, I told him that I definitely wanted the official endorsement of Harvard University! And so he sent me a promotional flyer and an order form. Have a look at this beauty:

Fake Harvard University Endorsement
Fake Harvard Jason Bond

Isn’t this a hilarious thing? All of the people in the audience are filmed just like Jason Bond, all given 5 minutes to get up on the stage and act like Harvard invited them to speak. Instant Harvard credibility.

One of the guys in the picture was selling a ‘secret spice’ guaranteed to cure all sorts of physical ailments. Another guy was trying to pass himself off as an “Investment Banker to professional athletes.” Yet another was a selling an investment in a Mexican movie. The imagery is straight out of “coo-coo” town.

If Jason Bond is really such a financial genius that has earned $26,000,000 in the past 5 years…then why keep peddling a $10,000 course on day trading penny stocks? Heck, if I had $26,000,000 in the bank, the last thing I would be doing to peddling a “get rich quick” day trading course.

Wrapping things up

Ultimately, you need to make up your own decision on whether Jason Bond is the real deal or yet another day trading charlatan. In my opinion, there are as many red flags as the Russian navy.

This whole Harvard nonsense is just that–pure nonsense.

And if someone were really earning millions of dollars each year, with what appears to be NO REPORTED LOSSES then why would they be selling these corny trading products and services? Its just not adding up. Sure sounds, “too good to be true.”

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. And if you have ever purchased any products from Jason Bond, would love to know things worked out for you.

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It helped me from falling in the trap. I never have seen anybody predicting more than 50% accurate. For 50% accuracy you don’t want a stock advisor


Thanks once again Emmett – it is hilarious!

JB Picks and his Roadmap are not completely worthless. Much of the education (the original service) about the markets, how to look at different tickers etc.. is in itself a learning experience. Having said that I look at the roughly $1000 or so that I paid for his service initially as the cost of the game. Then when I got in on the ground-floor of the Roadmap (aka MRM) service ($3000) when it first started as the price of entering this seedy world. And it was a waste. The only thing you got was his “real” account streaming all day.… Read more »
Emmett Moore
I am really curious about Madaz. He got that interview on Chat With Traders and he really took off. I like Aaron with Chat With Traders, but he doesn’t really put much effort into vetting. On the other hand, Aaron needs to produce credible interviews else he loses his advertising base. So its a catch-22. When I first started this blog, I thought to myself that finding good services and excellent traders would be a snap. Oh boy was I wrong. It quickly manifested into tabloid/expose journalism. That sad and simple truth is that trading is really hard. At least… Read more »
Emmett, I have been following Madaz for awhile. He is very good, but IMO his drawdowns reduce him down a notch from all-star. He’ll go at a 90% win rate for a long streak, then drawdown up to $50K and more on a day. But overall a very respectable trader and generous person. Another trader you should check out is Smash The Bid. He supposedly made almost a million last year all in day trading profits. He tradess sub $5 stocks less frequently and is more consistent overall imo. This is not a plug. lol. I don’t think he’s even… Read more »

I watched the whole video about taking a private jet to Miami for the annual conference. The whole thing looked staged and some guys looked a little uncomfortable. Ive been thinking about signing up either with Jason Bond or Kyle Denis but all these reviews are giving me second thoughts. Can anyone recommend a service/website where you can get information for people who have little knowledge of trading but willing to learn and give it a shot? Thanks!

Stray Dog

www (dot) swing-trade-stocks (dot) com
forextradingstrategies4u (dot) com (forward slash) price-action-trading-course


Thanks! I will look into your suggested sites.

Tanveer Junayed
Tanveer Junayed

Gian, I’m also new and tried few chatrooms. So far my favorite is Dekmar Trade. I found Dekmar trade from Emmett’s review here: https://www.tradingschools.org/reviews/dekmar-trades-update/. He offers 2 weeks free trial. So you’re not risking anything. Give it a shot.

Sean Dekmar is the real deal, and so affordable. He is not full of the BS of “sign up for my $5,000 course, now at $3,000, but do it before it is too late”. For $60/month you get Sean live every day, full commentary, real time trading and all the video lessons there are free with the subscription. I’ve paid thousands on training, DVD’s, chatrooms, etc. Nothing like dekmar trades. The guy knows his stuff. Not like Jason Bond picks that’s more like trial an error sh**t. Sean deakmar is also a very humble and genuine guy. can’t go wrong… Read more »
Lyle Goforth

Dekmartrades.com for sure! read his review on here, he’s basically the only one with a positive review on here. Ive been with him for 3 months. he started a “Small account challenge” in the middle of October where he took $4,000 and made a challenge to grow it to $25,000 and he actually hit his target yesterday. we all thought it would take at least over a year or so but he hit yesterday after he had a $7,000 day.

Kalyn Gaffaney
Kalyn Gaffaney

Go to Luke Murray’s chat room http://www.fastmoneytraders.com He is live on the mic thirty minutes before the bell and does true mentoring. No bs and no smoke and mirrors.

Jaques Oosthuizen
Jaques Oosthuizen

True, what’s your take on the fact that Jason Bond’s one student by the name of Kyle Dennis from https://www.biotechbreakouts.com? Jason recons he teached Kyle and now it seems that Kyle is also pushing his own interest.
Please take a look at this guy for us as well. I think his faking his yearly IRS statements to fool unsuspecting people into his programs and alert program.


Anyone can win a lot its gambling.

Ashok Jain

Wow!!!! You just hit the nail on its head. I had the same intuition after a few days. But you are way ahead of me in analysing and following thru. He is so persistent after he gets your email..he hangs on like a leech and it is very difficult to get rid of him . I had to flag him as a spam to finally get rid of him, but he keeps on appearing in new avatar with other scamming buddies of his.


Just listen his speech.. again the same manta about pool teacher and rich trader. It was clear for the beginning that there is no way to have such speech in real Harvard Business School auditory.

Emmett Moore
Exactly. This “Harvard” nonsense is a parlor trick. Custom tailored to appeal to the financially illiterate. Imagine if you were a corn farmer in Nebraska, after a long day of toiling in hot weather, and earning little…you ponder a better life. You check your email and this goofy looking character that sort of looks like you is speaking in front of Harvard. He tells his story of being broke and desperate (just like you) and miraculously earning $26,000,0000 in just a few years. You imagine to yourself…if he can do, so can I! These day trading charlatans are selling the… Read more »

It’s good to see the pink panther dick tracy sluething unravelled the snakeoiler bond’s harvard lies. remember ross scameron got his start as a moderator in bond’s daily shamshow room. better business bureau has 1 star on bond now i’m expecting some warrior trading complaints with bbb and new bond complaints based on the harvard shamshow lies exposed by emmett, right now ross scameron and bond are blathering on about the “negative review trolls” lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yYPzwAZnDA

Emmett Moore

As usual, great marketing from Ross. I guess I am the tinfoil hat character. (sigh)

Simon Watson
Simon Watson

Now that I’ve taken a look at some of the other videos of fake harvard speakers I think I’m just about ready to take a one way trip to Mars. Forget trading gurus like Jason, you actually have so called ‘Doctors’ that are using this platform to market their noble prize winning health serums. This is just wild

Simon Watson
Simon Watson

Here’s another Harvard business forum genius: https://youtu.be/budava0DzGg


That seemed rather pointless. What the heck was her purpose? Why pay all that money to a scam promoter just to tell us that you have redefined success, and that you feel good about it? So what? She does not even appear to be selling anything. I am confused.

Simon Watson
Simon Watson

@cyn I think I understand how it operates; they invite some unsuspecting guest speakers with their families just to fill up the place and give the illusion of legitimacy and charge the fraudsters like Jason bond who know that the whole thing is just a set up.

Emmett Moore

The entire audience is paying to speak on the stage. They take turns. They each pay about $6k to give a 5-minute speech.

If you want to invite a guest or family member to ‘watch’ you give your speech, this is an additional fee.

Simon Watson
Simon Watson

This gives me confusing feelings. On the one hand I find all this hilarious, yet on the other hand this makes my skin crawl.
The level of disgusting that a person would have to reach to portray that level of confidence and charm just to swindle any fool out of his money requires in my opinion any membership to humanity to be inmediatly revoked.
I beg to discover what magical concoction helps them sleep at night since if I was Jason bond I wouldn’t be able to look at any mirror without throwing up


Lol! Excellent finding Emmett. Thanks for your service to the community exposing all these scamsters.