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TradingSchools.org reviewed Jason Bond Picks in 2015. In short, we were not impressed. Fast forward two years, we are less impressed.

Recent marketing chicanery gives Jason Bond yet another ‘black eye’ and we caught him red-handed lying about his affiliation with Harvard University.

Claims that in 5 short years, he has earned over $26,000,000 million with his day trading penny stock mumbo-jumbo. But where is the proof?

A twitter feed that displays 100% winning trades. Day after day showing supposedly easy profits by day trading highly dubious penny stocks. No mention of ever losing money. Sure sounds “too good to be true.”

In my opinion, avoid this carnival barker.

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Thanks for reading today’s Review on Jason Bond’s Raging Bull

On June 13, 2015, TradingSchools.Org published a highly detailed and extremely negative review of Jason Bond Picks.

In that review, TradingSchools.Org detailed how Jason Bond Picks was essentially operating as a penny stock ‘front-runner.’ What does this mean? In a nutshell, Jason Bond issues Buy/Sell trading alerts in highly illiquid, penny stocks. Jason appears to be taking a position before he unleashes the Buy/Sell recommendations to his massive following of paying subscribers.

After the alert is issued, there is usually a mad scramble amongst the financial lemmings, only too willing to push the penny stock to ever higher or lower prices. As this financial insanity unfolds, Jason and his cohorts are only too eager to dump their shares of nearly worthless penny stocks upon the ‘greater fool’, in my opinion.

Is this ridiculousness even legal? Yes. There are no securities laws or protections that protect against financial stupidity. However, if Jason were a broker, or was being compensated by these companies, this would securities fraud.

Many of these companies that Jason Bond recommends are highly dubious at best, and outright frauds at worst. No investor in their right mind would make a long-term investment in some of these companies. Hence the extremely illiquid nature of many of the penny stocks that Jason Bond recommends.

However, if you can cobble enough fools together into a day trading chat room, and you can convince them that you are some sort of ‘Financial clairvoyant’ with the power of divination, then many will gladly throw themselves off a financial cliff in the sad hope of replicating the actions of the puppet master.

Jason Bond: A Financial Wizard?

Jason Bond would love for you to believe he is some sort of financial wizard. He tells the quaint story of how he very recently was a humble gym teacher at a public elementary school. He was broke and desperate, and then he discovered the amazing world of penny stock day trading.

Since 2012, Jason Bond claims that he has now made $26,000,000 through his financial wizardry. How much of his story is true, and how much false? That is an open question. In my opinion, its hard to tell where the bullshit ends and the truth begins.

Since we don’t really know what is real, and what is financial mumbo-jumbo, we are forced to look at the clues that Jason leaves us. In my opinion, the marketing gimmicks that Jason Bond deploys is the greatest clue. It speaks of his credibility, candor, and honesty. Let’s take a closer look at some of Jason Bond’s recent marketing gimmicks…

Jason Bond: Invited to speak at Harvard Business School?

In a recent promotional email to potential subscribers, as well as public Tweets, Jason Bond declared to the world…

“One of my greatest personal achievements was being invited by Harvard University to speak with aspiring student entrepreneours.”

“Speaking at Harvard. Never thought it would happen, but through my passion for trading and educating, I made it a reality. Always believe.”

Wow, Jason Bond was invited by Harvard Business School to speak? What an honor! Such an amazing life achievement! He must really be something special! He must be the real deal. Have a look at the following video…

Well, I wasn’t convinced. So I next emailed and called Harvard University. I was referred to the Provost, a person named Alan Garber, Ph.D. Alan graduated from Harvard back in 1977. If anyone is officially invited to speak at Harvard, they must first receive permission from Dr. Garber, the Provost.

Unfortunately, the Provost of Harvard has never heard of any Jason Bond. Nor has Jason Bond ever received an official invitation to speak at Harvard. Ever.

Next, I was referred to Rick Calixto the Executive Director of the Harvard Trademark Program. Mr. Calixto oversees the office responsible for protecting and licensing Harvard’s trademarks throughout the world. When his office took a look at this promotional video…they didn’t seem very amused.

Real Harvard

In a strange bit of delicious irony…please notice the “Veritas In Negotio” on the promo banner directly behind the head of Jason Bond. This is obviously a ‘knockoff’ of the real Harvard logo which contains only the word, “Veritas.”

What the Provost of Harvard found laughable and is that “Veritas In Negotio” translates from Latin to English as “The Truth Is Negotiable.” Whoever created the banner mistakenly believed that it translated to “Truth In Negotiation.” I guess they would call this a Freudian slip.

Whatever your own personal interpretation, the Provost of Harvard did not find any of this very entertaining. The Office of the Harvard Trade Program was also very interested in whatever else I could dig up.

And so I continued to dig.

The Business Expert Forum aka Fake Harvard

Fake Harvard

After digging around for a couple of weeks, I stumbled onto the character promoting this fake Harvard marketing gimmick.

The character in charge of this fake Harvard endorsement is actually a pretty entertaining and creative character. We spoke on the phone for approximately 30 minutes and he gave me the inside scoop on how it all works. Of course, he thought I was interested in purchasing his fake Harvard endorsement product…

So here is how this marketing gimmick actually works…

Once a year, this marketing character (he asked that I don’t use his real name) rents out a section of a restaurant located on the campus of Harvard University. Since he only has the room for a few hours, he quickly removes the dining tables and aligns the chairs together into what appears to be an official-looking presentation forum.

A video crew then quickly sets up lights and a portable stage. He then throws up the banner declaring, “The Truth is Negotiable.” And then fills the room with what I would describe as quacks, cranks, and charlatans. Basically, anyone looking for instant credibility and the perceived endorsement of Harvard University.

The character in charge of this fake Harvard endorsement calls this “H-Bomb Marketing.” And according to him, gullible people swallow this nonsense without a second thought.

Of course, I told him that I definitely wanted the official endorsement of Harvard University! And so he sent me a promotional flyer and an order form. Have a look at this beauty:

Fake Harvard University Endorsement
Fake Harvard Jason Bond

Isn’t this a hilarious thing? All of the people in the audience are filmed just like Jason Bond, all given 5 minutes to get up on the stage and act like Harvard invited them to speak. Instant Harvard credibility.

One of the guys in the picture was selling a ‘secret spice’ guaranteed to cure all sorts of physical ailments. Another guy was trying to pass himself off as an “Investment Banker to professional athletes.” Yet another was a selling an investment in a Mexican movie. The imagery is straight out of “coo-coo” town.

If Jason Bond is really such a financial genius that has earned $26,000,000 in the past 5 years…then why keep peddling a $10,000 course on day trading penny stocks? Heck, if I had $26,000,000 in the bank, the last thing I would be doing to peddling a “get rich quick” day trading course.

Wrapping things up

Ultimately, you need to make up your own decision on whether Jason Bond is the real deal or yet another day trading charlatan. In my opinion, there are as many red flags as the Russian navy.

This whole Harvard nonsense is just that–pure nonsense.

And if someone were really earning millions of dollars each year, with what appears to be NO REPORTED LOSSES then why would they be selling these corny trading products and services? Its just not adding up. Sure sounds, “too good to be true.”

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. And if you have ever purchased any products from Jason Bond, would love to know things worked out for you.

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Mico (@guest_5057072)
6 months ago

Thank you for this! such an eye-opener!

Rudy (@guest_5056091)
11 months ago

You missed your calling as an investigtor…lol. I watched the video, and asked myself, “what is Emmett talking about? Clearly Jason Bond is speaking at Harvard.”

Then I continued to read…lol. Man, these scammers are slick.

Yanser (@guest_5056032)
1 year ago

Guys i joined 2 Kyle Dennis services… and oh boi have i lost all of my money… i wish i had found this review before…

Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy (@guest_3053782)
1 year ago

The guy who runs the laughable Harvard Business Forum’s name is Clint Arthur and he is a MASSIVE scam artists.

Charlie Truth
Charlie Truth (@guest_3053660)
1 year ago

These two deserve each other before anybody invests a dime with these two low life’s Jeff Bishop & Jason Bond go immediately to the Better Business Bureau WEBSITE n research people both of these JERKS they have multiple complaints against them personally & their companies!!! I’m going to make it my PERSONAL MISSION to sound the alarm on these FRAUDSTERS Bond robbed $3,000.00 dollars from me I will spend that and much much more to do negative advertisements ROT N HELL J.BOND !!!

Charlie Truth
Charlie Truth (@guest_3053659)
1 year ago

These two SCUMBAGS deserve each other before anybody invests a dime with these two low life DOUCHEBAGS Jeff Bishop & Jason Bond go immediately to the Better Business Bureau WEBSITE n research people both of these Faggots have multiple complaints against them personally & their companies!!! I’m going to make it my PERSONAL MISSION to sound the alarm on these FRAUDSTERS Bond robbed $3,000.00 dollars from me I will spend that and much much more to do negative advertisements FUCK U BOND ROT N HELL!!!

Mike McDonald
Mike McDonald (@guest_3051897)
1 year ago

Terrible service. He front runs on his alerts. Isnt interested in helping you succeed, just wants your money.


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Steven (@guest_3049931)
1 year ago

They lose and They Win.


I remember when I belonged to Jason Bonds service for I think two months. I couldn’t keep up with the trade alerts do to my busy life and in one week I watched him lose 55k! That’s right 55k! Then the next week he I watched him make it back! In one trade on a Fishhook Chart he made 30 thousand!!!! That week.
These guys trade tons of shares and have a lot of trades open.
I remember watching all his videos they really do know what they are talking about but…here comes the but.
They do no stress enough about risk management. Lose your whole Portfolio? HOW WHY? Don’t you have stops, even a mental stop.
or if you aren’t around about an OCO order?

Oh and Jason when he went to just using Paper Money with thinkorswim lost 10k turning his back away from a Breakout Trade as an example to people in a live trade for the net.

Want to say they are scam artist maybe, but they really do make money and they really do know trading.

I think Jason had over 30 videos on trading on his site for Bond Pics.
In order to make money trading you have to understand those Videos like the back of your hand!

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Jm (@guest_3049667)
1 year ago

This is an awakening moment and knowing it’s a scam saves me money.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Nic (@guest_3048866)
1 year ago



A promise to make back more than double the $999 you spend on the service in just the first month and with just $1000 trade deposit, or you get another year free (but no refund). A promise of free swag for hitting profit milestones including computers and a porche. For quite measily profits you can be earning more swag that the $999 you spent on the service … how is this even possible? He would go out of business unless all his students failed. I nearly fell for the hard sell as he is good at that, but I do my due diligence always and things just don’t add up. Petra Hess (one of his accomplices) also has a record for fraud (google it). Jason seems so nice and honest, though he does remind me of that movie Wolf of Wall Street as he talks things up the same way. I am surprised he is allowed to continue his business. I have never taken one of Jason Bond’s services and I don’t know much about him, but nothing adds up with this guy or RagingBull. If in doubt stay out. It all sounds too good to be true and I suspect that it is.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Sandy D.
Sandy D. (@guest_3048153)
1 year ago

Just finished watching a Jason Bond’s webinar, call his hotline and asked two questions.

1. What is his track record?
The answer was they don’t keep track of that.

2. All he talked about was profiting, how does he manage risks?
Again, they cannot answer that because every trade is different.

This all seems too good to be true and I’m glad I looked him up and found this site.

Emmett Moore
Emmett Moore (@superflyjewel)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sandy D.

Rule #1 with Raging Bull: Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Petra Hess, or any of these characters…is to believe NOTHING.

Nikki (@guest_3048295)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

@Sandy… smart move! If my honest review of his service can help others than the review is serving its purpose. Months ago Jason Bond told all his members in the Million Road Map chat that he would “NEVER” trade options again and if he did he guaranteed a free membership to all his subscribers. Well he reneged on his promise and took an option trade on TSLA and the way it looks now he will be out of thousands of dollars! So why would anybody want to buy a service from a man who lacks integrity? In my opinion, a person is only as good as their word.

Ronald Wacik
Ronald Wacik (@guest_3048090)
1 year ago

Another “snake oil” gimmick.

Nikki (@guest_3048082)
1 year ago

I gotta tell you Jason Bond is awesome at selling his service but not at trading. He is not consistent, constantly changes his services from your original agreement and if you read the fine print it states that they can make changes to the services at any time. He is not consistent with his watch list. Some days you will get them and other days you won’t. His trading strategy is more like gambling and it doesn’t properly teach you the correct way to be a successful trader. Your equity curve will look like a violet yo-yo. He now has his students teaching the room. Some have only been trading successfully for a couple of years. The only reason why they are making big bucks which Jason brags about on Twitter is because the members in the room are playing follow the leader. Highly recommend that you study and learn on your own and save your money! If you do decide to follow a service stay away from this one and make sure the service offers some kind of satisfaction guarantee.

Joe (@guest_1040643)
2 years ago

I have been in about 3 different trade alert services and I’ve come to conclusion that you just need to learn how to trade from them, not mirror the alert. It’s no way any of these gurus can give you exact position they take at exact same time without sharing their screen, which I believe you gotta pay way more that. After trading Via alerts and losing cash about 4 years ago, I kept learning how to enter, when I should exit, and my risk / reward of the trade I want to make. I’m finally back on and I’m pretty good st it thanks to them. So if I was a paying member I would just look at the position he takes, see when he get out, and take a look at the watch list he put out and trade on your own.

Rwangeyo (@guest_1047511)
2 years ago
Reply to  Joe

And you calling them gurus or scammer. They use your monthly fees you pay to them to gamble and if they are luck to hit they sell the win to whoever is naive and when they loose they hide it quickly. Jeff Bishop is a gambler. If you subscribe to the weekly money multiplier expect to lose all your capital

Augustine (@guest_5061911)
19 days ago
Reply to  Rwangeyo

I subscribed to Jeff Bishop. I love his credit spreads. He knows how to manage risk, and I made a lot of money just copying his trades. He is a great trader. Sorry!

Nadina S
Nadina S (@guest_6061915)
18 days ago
Reply to  Augustine

We believe you. Thousands wouldn’t.

Now how about some proof . . . statements of the last 6 months will suffice.

You should have learned by now if you venture to this website this is the question you will be asked. Sorry!

Casta Spellonmi
Casta Spellonmi (@guest_1040217)
2 years ago

Just STOP looking for some fake guru to tell you what to trade. Don’t pay money for alerts. Get off your butt and learn the process yourself. Steve Nissan Candlestick charting book – read it. Anna Couling Volume Price Action – read it. Your never gonna make money following someone else’s calls -you have to know how to trade your own plan. Stop being sheep. Or just send me all your money- it’ll be faster since your just trying to give it away anyways. Then you can get on with your life.

K. Elliott
K. Elliott (@guest_1040595)
2 years ago

Why am I not surprised that Bond’s talk was a total fake? Just like everything else he does.
I haven’t signed up with Bond, aka Kowalik, but with Kyle Dennis, another in the Bond domain. While Kyle Dennis is actually a very impressive trader and does indeed make a fortune in the market, it is his renewal policy that I find disgraceful.. Not only that, but let’s say you buy a program for $4,000 and a few weeks later it is on for $2,000. Can you get half your money back? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. And don’t EVER leave your credit card information with them if you get a service. Cancel the auto renewal feature immediately. If you don’t cancel and you forget to do that, a year down the road they will re-bill you for the same amount whether or not you want the service. By that time you will be so tired of their hogwash you will wish you had never heard the name. That happened to me, even though I told them via email that the a/c was not to be renewed.

No Spellonmi
No Spellonmi (@guest_4055339)
1 year ago

Right on! Thanks for the references.

sacha (@guest_38202)
2 years ago

HI I purchase Jason bond picks and weekly money multiplier. I lost at least 15 K. and I agree that Jason does not care about his subscribers. He pumps penny stocks and just leave you in your position once you take jump on board it already had move in a way that only him can profit. When you ask him, howcome the alert went that way. he will say do not copy trades. which does not make sense

Blake (@guest_38260)
2 years ago
Reply to  sacha

If you lost money following Jason Bond you didnt listen to a thing he teaches! He says upfront DO NOT MIRROR MY TRADES!!! His service is not to mirror trades but to learn how to trade. I have been in his chatroom and some others his Millionaire Roadmap is the best investment I have made in myself. I dont need him to trade! I can trade by myself from the knowledge and education I have gotten from him and his moderators.

People take things way out of perspective Jason Bond and his services are the most straight forward and honest services out there! Who else will share there screen with you live? LIVE!!

All Raging Bull services are good services very honest and they will mirror there account with you. So there trades are verified real time right on your own monitor in front of hundreds of people.

In that video he didnt say he day traded and made 26 million dollars he is valuing his service with his trading. This site is so Jealous of Jason Bond thats why they create BS articles like this.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_38432)
2 years ago
Reply to  Blake

The problem Blake, with the claim that Jason says don’t mirror his trades is that he sells his service as a trade alert service which is mirroring.

Ang (@guest_3053987)
1 year ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

Exactly Stray Dog, and if he’s doing so well it’s cos he’s taking loads of money from unsuspecting buyers, and the only people that are probably praising him, will be friends he helped get started. Scammers everywhere in this game. If he really wanted to help he has enough to say you can have it for free, but no, they always want more, Greed greed and more greed

Stay a thousand miles away from Jason Bond Picks

Rwangeyo (@guest_1047512)
2 years ago
Reply to  sacha

This guy is gambler and he uses clients’s subscription fees to gamble with naked calls. If you touch it you will lose all your money in one hour. Stay away from his weekly money multiplier

Emmett Moore
Emmett Moore (@superflyjewel)
2 years ago
Reply to  Rwangeyo

And he boldly claims, “I am one of top options trader in the world!”


Bill (@guest_37040)
2 years ago

These comments just saved me a boat load of cash. Thank you all, that being said, has anyone had any good experience with any subscription service for investing stocks or options? I get bombarded with emails from people like Ian Wyatt, Ken Trestor etc.

Longshot (@guest_37120)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill

Options Alpha is one of the few services that has pretty good performance, though I don’t think it’s verified by a 3rd party. However, I’m personally not interested for a few reasons
– They don’t show annual returns, only returns by types of trades. It’s hard to know how you’d do annually. It all depends how many trades you take and how much you’re willing to risk

– They’ve made their returns in a very strong bull market. While selling premium (their overall strategy) is more profitable in bear markets, it can also be disastrous, as the risk:reward is very unfavorable and trading can be less liquid.

– Approach is similar to TastyTrade (which you can for free, but maybe the teachings aren’t as clear and direct). OA relies on taking many small trades. In a small account you may not even be profitable when considering your subscription costs and a bunch of commissions (including adjustments) to make small profits. See more here:

An Honest review of Option Alpha from options

– On a really bad day (major crash), you may be forced to close a bunch of small positions for a big loss, at a time when it’s hard to close trades. Good luck if you have a day job or anything else that keeps you from watching the markets that day.

Nikki (@guest_3048084)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

I’ve been having great success with learning how to trade options with Tastytrade which is free and a paid subscription called SimplerTrading. Highly recommend reading these books as well listed below:
The Candlestick Course by Steve Nison
Fibonacci Trading How to Master the Time and Price Advantage by Carolyn Boroden
Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter
Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J Murphy
Can also watch Mark Douglas’s seminars free on YouTube

Emmett Moore
Emmett Moore (@superflyjewel)
1 year ago
Reply to  Nikki

Would love to know more of your opinion regarding SimplerTrading. I believe that is John Carter’s service?

Nikki (@guest_3048195)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Yes, it is part of John Carter’s service. Simpler Trading offers a variety of instruction from knowledgeable and experienced traders. I am a member of his Options service along with his “Small Account Mastery” program”. The education that they offer is the phenomenal! They provide members with a chat room as well and John provides live education along with live trading about 3 times a week. As a bonus, there is always a live instructor scheduled between 9:20am to 4:00pm est. All the instructors are excellent and very responsive to any of your questions. I am very satisfied with the services they provide and plan to learn from the other instructors once I master John’s education and Fibonacci Queen’s materials.

Nick (@guest_3054123)
1 year ago
Reply to  Nikki

I followed John Carter’s method for 2 years. I have lost more $15,000. I have followed every one of his trade alerts to the dot. I even get better entries when I use basic chart reading.

If JC’s expensive indicators and methodologies work – can you tell me why most of their trades lose? They also wouldn’t itemize all the trades they took – they said they are an “educational” company. But if you dowload their chat history on every trade they took for the past 3 years – you will see that most of them are losers!

Many are still following him because of the great fundamental insights he shares. And newbie traders play the blame game where most gurus out there will always push the blame to you.

See other complaints here:


When I finally left SimplerTrading and dumped all of JC’s “fundamentals” and Fibqueen’s and relearned everything from scratch by reading books and listening to other no BS traders who does not charge an arm and a leg – I am no profitable.

Do your work – I won’t tell you who or what I sought to prove to you this isn’t some shill comment to roast someone in order to promote another one.

Mike (@guest_3054228)
1 year ago
Reply to  Nikki

I wish I found this blog sooner...


I was a paid subscriber to Simpler Trading from May 2017 to December 2017. In the first few months, I have followed John Carter’s and Henry Gambell’s trades and I was so happy I am very profitable. But after that, everything came tumbling down with most trades losing. I particularly blamed myself for not entering at a bit later than them hence at a slightly worse price. I also bought an Indicator as John promises that it will be soon available to Tastyworks in which I have. (After a year, it still didn’t come for Tastyworks and I asked for a refund – they said it was too late and I am with a useless indicator).

After pooling in some funds I re-establish my subscription again on October 2018. This time I had more knowledge and vowed to follow John’s entries and exits on all the trades I can afford. Come March 2019 I was down more than $1K+. That said, most of his trades are losses. I became reluctant and even chatted in the chatroom and asked for a full history of trades placed – they said they are an educational company so the trades they place are for “educational” purposes only. They won’t even own up to their own trades – by their own proprietary indicators (which are expensive as well).

I stopped in April 2019. John and his team are very good speakers. And the fundamental knowledge they part is eye-opening. However, you can read them somewhere for free. You are supposed to be in his room for his trade alerts – but for $197/month it is not cheap. Plus the expensive class which you purchase separately and indicators (I also bought Danielle Shay’s class).

I have reviewed Simpler Trading in Trustpilot. It was flagged and removed by their compliance. I already furnished them the PayPal receipt for the subscriptions and still, the review has not been reinstated.

I bumped into this blog just a few days ago – and has opened my eyes on the fakery of such review sites such as Trustpilot.

I have been swindled by Bettertrades, Forexmentor, and other trading gurus. And now, John Carter.

I wish I had seen this blog sooner.

I think I’m going to quit trading soon as I am now reduced to a petty micro account forex trading (struggling to do algo trading with a petty $500 account is my last hope) after I lost a lot with these gurus. Out of job, and my family hates me for losing our life savings – I’m thinking I’m better off dead.

Nikki, if you are ahead – quit while you can. Or I hope your luck continues and you won’t suffer the way I did. I wish you well.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Ang (@guest_3053985)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

Me too Bill when l found this

Stay a thousand miles away from Jason Bond Picks

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