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Petra Picks is yet another stock picking service — spawned from the Raging Bull family of investment ridiculousness and advertising gimmickry. Unsavory to the core.

Petra Hess of Petra Picks is supposedly the “star student” of our favorite serial hucksters: Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop of Raging Bull.

However, upon closer inspection, we discovered that Petra Hess was recently arrested for alleged embezzlement and fraud in Canada. Raging Bull official representatives refused comment and instead attacked the legitimacy of the Canadian authorities.

Petra Hess, a former ostrich farmer, claims to have earned over $2.6 million dollars trading stocks. But apparently, can provide zero evidence that she personally has ever achieved these outrageous and facially implausible investment returns.

The lawyer for Raging Bull, an ambulance chaser from Miami, assured us that Raging Bull would contact TradingSchools.Org to comment on Petra Hess. But alas, the comment never arrived. Another broken promise from a company that specializes in broken dreams.

Avoid all of these serial hucksters.


World class marketing

Absolute pros at “selling the dream” to the financially naive



Thanks for reading today’s review of Petra Picks

What is Petra Picks? The Petra Picks website and marketing materials claim that a Canadian person named Petra Hess discovered some sort of investment magic, is now extremely rich, and she wants to sell you her ‘Proven System’ so you can also ‘get rich like her.’

Petra Hess is a self-described star pupil of Jason Bond. Yes, we are talking about THAT Jason Bond…the guy that claimed he had been “invited to speak at Harvard.” Which turned out to be complete and total nonsense.

What exactly is Petra Hess selling?

  • Petra Gold: $699 per year.
  • Petra Platinum: $3,999 per year.
  • Power Trading System $1,999.

Petra Gold: The Petra Gold program is a standard stock picking service. Each of the securities recommendations is delivered through an alert system which includes broadcast email and/or text messages. Each alert tells you exactly what security to buy, at what price, and exactly when to sell. This investment advice is specific and individual to the subscribers.

Petra Platinum: The Petra Platinum program is described in promotional materials as a “proven system” and will “generate impressive investment profits” and “potentially can get rich quick.” As described in her promotional videos, she will “hold your hand” during the securities investments decision-making process. That members will have access to specific securities buying and sell recommendations and that members are encouraged to “follow her lead.”

Petra Hess implies specifically, and implicitly that since she is a 100% proven and verifiable multimillionaire securities trader, that she achieved this success virtually overnight, and now you can be part of her inner circle. All secrets will be revealed within this ‘secret circle.’ You just need to pay her fee of $3,999 for her securities training.

Power Trading System: The Power Trading System is a 4-week securities training program that will “put you on a proven path to steady gains” that you will acquire the “skills you need to become a master securities trader” and “generate higher investment returns while getting richer quickly.”

As outrageous as all of this sounds, we are only getting started.

Who is Petra Hess?

According to her self professed biography, she recently owned an ostrich farm in Canada. For those not familiar with ostrich farming, I would recommend that you simply Google search (ostrich investment scams). What will pour forth upon your screen is the stuff of investment horror. To be sure, I am not declaring that Petra was running an ostrich farm investment scam. But the overwhelmingly negative press is certainly not encouraging.

With equal hilarity, Forbes posted a list of Top Ten Investment Scams and placed ostrich farm investments directly above Ponzi schemes, and directly below swampland investments.

At some point, Petra then moved from ostrich farming to taking a job at a Canadian cosmetics company that sold some sort of magical elixir that made your nails grow quickly. I have yet to know a woman that didn’t want long, luxurious nails that grow quicker than God intended. This elixir promised just that.

Apparently, the company did quite well. But Petra Hess was not satisfied with meager scraps and decided to allegedly swindle $700,000 from the owner of the company. Of course, I am not an expert in Canadian criminal laws, but I do know that I must use the disclaimer ‘allegedly’ in describing the alleged criminal activity of Petra Hess. Regardless, this is certainly not very encouraging information.

With a bit of shoe leather, I was able to find an article published in Canada, in 2013 that described the alleged fraudulent fiasco.

Included in the article was a video where several local Canadian television stations hounded and publicly shamed Petra Hess. The Canadian newscaster described Petra Hess as a “cold criminal act.” What is so funny is that Canadian folk are very cordial. They hardly ever say derogatory statements towards each other. For a Canadian to describe Petra Hess as “cold criminal act” is quite telling.

For your viewing pleasure, I have included a video that was published by local Canadian news:

Is this the same Petra Hess as Petra Picks at Raging Bull?

Truthfully, I wasn’t even sure myself. So I next screen captured an image of the police ‘mugshot’ and compared it to the public images of Petra Hess.


Next, I called Ask Cosmetics in Canada and explained my situation. I simply wanted to know if Petra Hess of Petra Picks is the same person that allegedly scammed them of $700k?

Their response was “Oh yes! That’s Petra.” I then asked if they could comment on Petra’s newest job providing investment advice? This certainly elicited a hearty chuckle. The company rep said that she did not want to comment further, that I should contact the Milton Ontario Court of Justice for more information.

Next, I reached out to the Canadian Justice and asked if this case had been resolved? The Court replied that by Canadian Law, they cannot comment on the disposition of criminal matters. Darn. I sure wanted to know more.

Contacting Raging Bull

Petra Hess and her company are wholly owned by

Of course, everyone knows They are the undisputed kings of investment braggadocio. If you watch Raging Bull’s YouTube videos, your eyes will be mesmerized by the opulent displays of private jets, mansions, diamond-encrusted jewelry, unlimited shrimp cocktail, bottles of champagne popping in every possible direction, washed up former celebrities implying success using RagingBull investment products and services, ridiculously stupid looking and impractical sports cars — you get the picture.

Basically, its a carnival of financial pornography meant to lure your credit card from your pocket. It is the very definition of get-rich-quick ridiculousness and financial circus tricks that the gullible and financially naive too often stumble upon.

Anyway, I next reached out to RagingBull, Jason Bond, Jeff Fisher, and their attorney Adam Schachter, and asked specifically if they were aware of the prior investment shenanigans of Petra Hess? I included links to the videos, links to news articles, basically all of the substantive materials implicating Petra Hess.

Incredibly, Raging Bull representatives denied it was the same Petra Hess. Instead, they attacked the legitimacy of the Canadian news organizations that reported the story.

Am I losing my mind? Are we supposed to believe the official response of Raging Bull that “Anyone can plant a fake story?”

With an incredulous sigh, I proceeded to move forward in my direct questions.

Performance Claims of Petra Hess

Part of the allure of the Raging Bull investments advisors is that they are supposedly 100% true and verifiably successful zillionaire stock traders. And Petra Hess is no exception, in fact, in a recent publicly available webinar…she proclaims to have earned $2.6 million dollars as a securities trader. Evidence below:

Petra Hess Investment Performance


Really? Was this before or after she allegedly committed fraud and embezzlement at her former employer? I can certainly tell you one thing with conviction, her former employer thought this was entirely laughable.

And what is the official position of Raging Bull? Of course, we asked if they had verified this facially impossible investment performance. Their response was not surprising… “You better believe it.”

They went on to pontificate that “Most of our students are profitable” (not this student)

And that the supposed performance record on Peta Picks, which shows 100% winning trades is “Proven Profits.” You can’t make this stuff up. The Petra Picks website, in fact, and document, displays 100% winning trades.

Where are the losing trades? Who would be stupid enough to fall for such an outrageously dishonest portrayal of investment performance — no losses? This is outrageous and facially implausible, which is a nice way of saying THIS LOOKS LIKE A SCAM!!!

How could anyone with even the most remote hint of intelligence assume anything other than, THIS IS A SCAM?

Raging Bull Admits: We are not trustworthy.

It is hard to admit when you are dishonest. But when someone admits in their very own words, “We are not trustworthy,” you tend to believe them.

Amazingly, this is exactly what Raging Bull admits on their Disclaimer page. Have a look at this choice “fine print”…

  • All information contained on our website or in our newsletter is not trustworthy.
  • We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice.
  • An individual should never invest in the securities of any of the companies’ mentioned based solely on information contained on our website.
  • Individuals should assume that all information provided regarding companies is not trustworthy.
  • is wholly owned by, LLC.
  • We are not qualified to provide investment advice.
  • trades are made with a company portfolio, the funds are not directly from Petra Hess.

The left hand heals, while the right-hand steals

I was left truly dumbfounded while reading this disclaimer.

All of the marketing materials published on the website portrays something wonderful and amazing. The live seminars with Petra Hess describe the glossiest outcome, the incredible, the outrageous, but nary a mention of losses. The company proclaims in a public declaration that “Petra Hess is a successful millionaire stock trader, that all of the trades are 100% true and verifiably published within the company portfolio.”

They want you to trust them so badly.

And many do. Only later, if things don’t work out, they are led to the guillotine document. The disclaimer. That wonderful ‘trap door’ that perhaps gives license to be dishonest.

Of course, I pushed all of this towards my legal team and asked their opinion. They read the documents, watched the hyped videos, and most importantly read the disclaimer document.

My lawyers looked up at me and said, “the left hand heals, while the right-hand steals. This is classic double-dealing, a conman’s bait-and-switch.”

They next went on to explain that they are attempting to employ something called a “No Reliance Clause” to effectuate a contractual dichotomy of assertions.

You have to love lawyers. They always have to put everything into some form of legal mumbo-jumbo, that only they can decipher–for a fat fee. So I next asked, please describe this in such a way that I can understand, please use the language of ‘stupid’ which I am master.

They replied with a perfect analogy…

Can you legally rob a bank with a disclaimer?

They went on to explain, imagine if you wanted to rob your local bank. And you want to devise a clever scheme to get away with it. So you create a one-page document that you intend to hand to the bank teller. On the front side of the document, it says the following:

  • Give me all of the money in this bank.
  • Place the money into a bag.
  • I am a dangerous person.
  • Do this now. And I will leave quietly. Nobody gets hurt.

And so you hand the note to the bank teller. She reads it and does as instructed. You then take the money out to your car and drive home to enjoy.

About an hour later, the police arrive at your door. You then calmly tell the police that the note handed to the bank teller contained a tiny note on the bottom that reads, “Please read Disclaimer” on the back of the demand note.

The police then take another look at your demand note. On the back, in the fine print, it reads:

  • This should not be considered a bank robbery.
  • Monies placed into the bag should be considered as a charitable donation.
  • I would never actually commit harm to any person.
  • Everything in this disclaimer supersedes all prior warranties.

Can you now see how Raging Bull is blatantly attempting to use legalese to effectuate and legitimize scammy conduct?

Is this shit even legal?

Not A Chance.

In the example of the bank robbery, you would be laughed at and immediately hauled to jail.

But what if you are a trading educator, incorporated in Delaware? And someone wanted to sue for fraud, in Delaware? Bad news for you…

(2015) Delaware Court of Chancery in Prairie Capital III, L.P. v. Double E Holding Corp. held that, as a matter of Delaware law, there are no “magic words” to disclaim reliance on extrinsic representations. In other words, you cannot simply hide fraud behind a layer of well-crafted legalese.

And what about consumer-friendly States like California?  The State in which I live, this sort of contractual bullshit simply won’t work on any level. There is a library of case law that supports consumer rights. You don’t pull this shit in California. We destroy fraudsters in this State.

Perhaps, this is why most consumer class action lawsuits are filed in California. As many lawyers will gleefully proclaim, “California is the place where fraudulent misrepresentation comes to die.” Perfect examples of destroyed companies lay about California like landmines on the North Korean border.

In California, you only need to piss off the right person. And before you know it, they are collecting the names, addresses, and declarations of parties located in every imaginable state across the United States as well as throughout the world. This is what we call a ‘class’ of afflicted parties. And with the disparate nature of the internet and wide distribution of potential victims locations, these ‘classes’ of victims usually seek justice in the most hospitable venues. One such place is my backyard: San Diego, California.

Here in our beautiful town, the broken and destroyed bodies of corporate fraudsters are swarmed and pecked upon like a band of angry seagulls at a music festival. It’s not pretty to watch.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Donald Trump how things worked about for his fake and phony Trump University, also located in Delaware. The Donald believed that he could hide his business behind a Delaware Corporation and their fraud-friendly corporate laws.

Instead, we dispatched a taco truck and a “Mexican Judge” named Gonzalo dragged the golden douchebag from his ivory tower, back to San Diego to face justice in a civil RICO charge.

Poor Donald Trump. We tied him up by his ankles and proceeded to administer an unlubricated artifice named The Dildo Of Justice. Poor Donald, all of his fancy lawyers could not save him from a potential jury pool that included an angry vegan, a pack of lesbians, a reggae singer, and a surfer living in his van.

We do things differently down here. And Donald Trump quickly realized that he was in a no-win situation. He agreed to refund all of his students approximately 85% of the monies spent on his courses, which included a title: “Secrets to Day Trading Real Estate.”

The Rumblings Of Litigation

Lately, I have been hearing from certain students of Raging Bull and a company named Warrior Trading about various shocking allegations. Both companies are branches from the same tree, both sprang from the same soil.

Apparently, both of these companies have recently been attempting to bully and silence anyone that speaks out publicly to express their honest opinions regarding their purported ‘magical investment techniques.’

I find this very interesting that a company that purports to want to ‘help people get rich quickly’ would go through such efforts to silence former students, and consumers at large, from speaking publicly about their personal experience. Isn’t that suspicious?

Perhaps it is now time ‘rip the scab’ off this infection and expose these companies to a level of scrutiny that neither will want to experience.

At TradingSchools.Org, this is what we do. And we do it well.

How do we do it? With your help. If you are a current or former customer of Raging Bull and their affiliated websites. Our legal team would love to hear from you.

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