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Sasha Evdakov, the owner of TradersFly, does not trade. Yet he is offering private mentoring at a cost $20,000 to learn “The Secrets of the Stock Market”. In addition to the private mentoring, he is offering various books, courses and DVD’s on how to become a master trader. Unfortunately, he has no track record of any successful trading whatsoever. However, I must give him credit for expertly recreating already published material.

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Pros: Sasha Evdakov is an excellent internet marketer, selling products in a variety of different niches.
Cons: Sasha Evdakov is not a trader. He has no verifiable track record of any trading success, nor does he publish a track record of any trades. At least he is honest about this.

Thanks for reading today’s review of, a stocks education company offering a plethora of trading educational products. The owner of the company is Sasha Edvakov, a well know professional internet marketer. What is a professional internet marketer? Basically, Sasha creates written materials that he believes will influence people to purchase certain products, in various genres. Before we jump into the TradersFly review, we should take a quick look at some of his other offerings. This will give us some sort of idea what type of person we are dealing with.


A website that gives advice on how to buy a diamond engagement ring. The site appears to be one big affiliate link. The sole purpose of this site is to provide useful information for batchelers that need to buy a diamond engagement ring. There are useful articles like “How to Plan, Prepare, and Execute a Proposal”. ┬áIts a great website for anyone that is about to fork over thousands of dollars for a diamond ring.


A website that shows anyone how to quickly start an online business from scratch and quickly earn $100k in income.


A website that teaches online marketing and how to sell anything online. He offers coaching on how to be an online marketer for only $50,000. This website promises to teach you everything you need to know, about how to sell anything, to anyone, at anytime.


A website that teaches about personal finance. This site is basically a mish mash of his other sites. Everything from how to buy a car to how do become a dominating day trader.


A website about how to be a professional day trader, learning how to pick stocks, how to trade options for massive profits, how to build your business, etc.



Ok, so lets jump into the TradersFly review. Just what the heck is TradersFly? In a nutshell, Sasha is jumping full throttle into becoming the next stock trading guru. He is offering the following various products:

  1. $20,000 dollar private mentoring. For this one time fee, he will teach you all of the secrets that he has learned by trading the stock market. This is for 3 months only!
  2. $10,000 dollar private mentoring. For this one time fee, he will teach you many, many stock market secrets. But not quite as many as the $20,000 fee. This is for 1 one month only!
  3. Learn Stock Market Basics & Fundamentals $59.
  4. Find Out How to Learn the Markets Faster than a Bullet $49
  5. Build a Solid Market Trading Foundation $197
  6. Learn How To Plan & Setup Every Trade! $147
  7. Master Your Inner Trading Psychology To Trade Consistently $497
  8. Learn How To Day Trade By Example $997
  9. Learn Options & How to Make More Money Using Less Money $247
  10. Master Technical Analysis (10+ Hrs) $647

If you looked at this list of products, you were probably just as surprised as myself. This kid has a ton of online things going on. He has produced a massive amount of materials. He is serious about being a trading Guru. But as I looked at everything that he selling, as well as all of his other ventures, it seems like he is more interested in simply selling stuff.

Contacting Sasha Edvakov

The thing I really wanted to know, more that anything else is what type of trading experience does this kid have? He has created all of these materials and is even offering a $20,000 private mentoring on how to be a stock market master, but does he even trade. And so I asked him. I sent him an email and was very plain and direct, I simply wanted to know about his own personal trading. All of these products that he is selling are quite simply the manifestation and the accumulation of all of his trading experiences. So what is Sasha’a trading experience?

I was surprised at the answer. He was quite honest. He doesn’t trade. All of the information that he is selling was created from books, lessons and reading materials that he was able to accumulate. He simply found great material, and then had it rewritten. Call it plagiarism, call it whatever you wish. But at least he is honest about it. I have to give this kid a good rating on the honest portion of the review.

My Personal Opinion

In my humble opinion, Sasha put the cart before the horse. The smart move would of been to either learn how to actually trade successfully FIRST (build a track record), and then SECONDARY, produce all of this sales material. Or, go out and find a successful trader and produce the material based upon the experiences and the proven success of an established trader. He went about this marketing stuff all wrong. People want transparency. People are willing spend whatever the price, if they know that the person producing the stock trading advice is actually trading successfully.

As it stands now, who in the heck is going to spend anything with this kid? He doesnt even trade.

I have little doubt that Sasha is going to be successful, at something. He certainly is willing to work hard and produce the materials. But as far as offering investment advice, he should be probably do a little investing himself.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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So… Does anyone know where I can get some good Trader coaching (besides actual schools)? I’ve been reading books, but anything to speed up the process would be great.

Mike M
Art, how green are you at this time? Do you know the basics, such as symbols, months, type of products to trade? If you do, some on here will vehemently disagree with me, but I would start with a basic charting package, I like candles just my preference. Set up a workstation with multiple time frames with a good working dom and watch how the market trades on certain days. Trending days which don’t happen everyday then look for chop. IMHO before you think about executing a trade become proficient in discerning what type of day you are analyzing. If… Read more »

Whatever you do, do not take advice from random strangers on an anonymous forum on the internet. Lots of trolls and bullies here with hidden agendas. And I certainly realize the irony in me posting this “advice.”

Mike M

Art, absolutely do your own homework. Take what you read on forums with a grain of salt. Also, J Dalton’s free stuff on you tube can be very helpful to learn a lot of the basics. I think it is very good, but I wouldn’t pay for his expensive course.


The $20K is just a marketing trick guys….
It is meant to be so high that people will think:”he must be good” and “OMG, I can buy this “cheap” course from him for only $600″.
When u conpare $600 to $20K it looks like a bargain so u r more inclined to buy it as opposed to just seeing $600 and thinking it is expensive.


Im a fan of his page
This is surprising
I like his teaching style but 20k is ridiculous for no experience


Sounds like he was a smart industrious kid who wanted to get rich so he read a lot about trading. Then he realized it’s a lot harder and more boring than he imagined so he decided to sell worthless coaching services instead.

Ryan Rose

are there any good online trading schools?


There aren’t. I would suggest trying some cheap kindle books on amazon on trading. Then making up your own system(s) and simming it until it comes up with some positive expectancy. Then keep some money management rules on trading, and that’s the best shot at consistent retail trading imo. This is a good example thread on elite:

Christopher D.
Christopher D.
I’m sorry but I have to completely disagree with this article. I’ve been to this website (tradingschools) serveral times to read reviews on these “gurus” AFTER I’ve already put my cold-hard cash into their BS. Tim Sykes, Jason Bond, Investors Undergound & FousAlerts – I’ve tried them all and I have to agree with everything you wrote on all of them. Sasha on the otherhand, he’s a very knowledgeable individual and I have learned way more than I ever thought possible and 99% of this was for free from his youtube channel. Instead of $200-250/mo for a chat access where… Read more »

Hi Chris,

Thought your comment was excellent.

It’s been some time since you commented and it looks like you have experience with “stock trading course.” Have you found anything truly of value?

I’m reading books, but want to speed up the learning curve. (Not a business major) There is quite of bit terminology that I don’t exactly understand, and a lot of questions that I would like answered.

Any help would be great. Thxs


YES this kid is a natural grab freebies ans his courses well written.exscuted.then develop your flash cars here…but great info.

Hi guys, I have just joined this guy, i watched a lot of his utube videos, and believe that he looks the goods, it is a technical trading style which I used many years ago, probably one of the first around. The way he markets it or explains it is very good very easy to follow, so for that I appreciate. There are thousands of ways to make money of software packages out there, and this is just one view, Now in saying that it is but one of my tools that I use but from experience works well, but… Read more »
Ugh. I REALLY like this style, so it’s disappointing to read this review. Because if his information was built on real experience (either his or a flagship trader) I would pay into the education. But one of the first things I learned was “Don’t buy education from someone who isn’t a real trader”. But it makes sense. Yesterday I watched a few videos. One was his in which he says to never trade in the first 30 minutes of opening. And then a video by a real trader who said the best trading is in the first 30 minutes of… Read more »

Yeah I’m subscribed to his YouTube and he has a lot of good general info but you’re right about the first 30 min. I was a little taken back when he said that, in my experience the first 30 minutes plows hard in one direction because of over nights so if you do your research the night before you can really do good trades first thing before it levels off and starts getting a bit looser as the day progresses


I think what Sasha ment was should not trade in the first 30 min .. if you are a new and being trader… witch is good advice .. I would say the first hour… way to much volitility for a beginner. ..


Where did you find this guy from? ??
Why give him good ref links?

I’m sure this ‘kid’ will grow up to be a role model citizen.. not!
This guy is a fraud like most on your site.
Why rank him high on honesty.. he’s an honest fraud? no he’ll steal the candy of a baby.

Emmett, you inspire us to set up honest/fraud trading sites.. these guys just make it look so easy!

Kaiser Soze
Kaiser Soze

Good. I was going to email this site in literally just this morning and saw this. What a scum bag. He is good, a ton of views.


why a scumbag,he’s a natural teacher for newbies too get there toes wet. then find a trader on the next part of your journey.does a bit of info hurt, did he rape someone you know.hmmn a good trader will loose money from time too time.before they become really good.


Thank you for checking this guy out. I was wondering…


OMG, where do these bozos come from ? Yesterday the ice cream lady pretending to be a hedgefund manager, now this kid charging 10k a month. Unbelievable.

Stray Dog

“WACK” TradersFly – You got the Emmett rolled up newspaper treatment kid.