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Huz Farooq of Trade Simple claims to be a multi-millionaire futures day trader. He also claims to be a money manager for several Fortune 500 companies, claims to have been mentored by Jesse Livermore (died in 1940), claims to easily earn $50k each month from trading, and claims that students can turn a $2k investment into 1 million dollars in only 18 months.

Huz Farooq is a con artist. And he wants you to pay him $5,491 for his super-secret trading systems.

Prior to supposedly being a full-time futures trader, we documented a long list of promotions that can only be described as despicable get-rich-quick scams. Some of these include a pyramid scheme named Instant Downline Network, a course on how to pick up beautiful babes, vitamins that cure all of life’s ailments, earn money at home by simply clicking on ads, a ridiculous secret shopper scam that claims you can earn $50k each month by purchasing goods, and the list goes on and on…

Huz Farooq is a petty hustler attempting to graduate into the big league scammer Hall of Shame with his latest hustle…Trade Simple.

A moron that should be quarantined from grandmas checkbook.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Trade Simple

What is Trade Simple? The company is a day trading educational company owned and operated by a person named Huz Farooq.

Trade Simple is currently selling a set of trading systems that are primarily focused on the futures and Forex markets. The trading systems are importable through the MultiCharts trading platform. The cost of the trading systems and educational materials are $5,491.

However, the consumer must also purchase a copy of MultiCharts. The cost of MultiCharts is either $99 per month or $1497 for a lifetime license.Therefore, the total investment to own everything outright is $6,988.

A quick review of the Trade Simple website reveals that the website is a ClickFunnels or Infusion Soft brand website. What does this mean? ClickFunnels and Infusion Soft are conversion focused website builders where the consumer starts at point A and progresses through a series of progress points that finish with an offer to purchase a product or service. I call these sorts of websites…’primrose path’ marketing regimes.

In the past, we have written about the effectiveness of these sorts of conversion based websites. A prime example would be Warrior Trading and Certus Trading.

Primrose path marketing usually begins with a tempting offer to view some sort of ‘secret’ webinar, where the trading educator will offer some sort of proof of success via screenshots of supposed trading accounts, which leads to the display of the magical trading indicators, and then finishes with an amazing offer.

The offer is always some sort of ‘special’ that can only be obtained by purchasing RIGHT NOW. Only at this very moment. We have all seen it before. It’s tempting.

Huz Farooq of Trade Simple has designed his website as a strict conversion funnel.

Trade Simple: the primrose path

It all begins innocently enough. The consumer wants to earn money. The consumer arrives at the Trade Simple Official website and is immediately greeted with a pleasant video that promises that Huz Farooq will teach you to “Make consistent growing income everyday form your computer” and Huz will “Grow your income to 5 or 6 figures monthly by taking one trade per day.” Sounds awesome, if its true.

The consumer is intrigued with the 2-minute teaser video and then signs up for the ‘Free Live Webinar.’ The supposedly live webinar is scheduled for the next day at a specific time.

The night before the webinar, the consumer will receive a video proclaiming that “Today was an awesome trading day” and that Huz Farooq supposedly executed 39 trades and 37 of the trades were winners. Think of this video as a teaser video. Something to wet the appetite and build a hunger to watch the webinar the following day. Admittedly, it’s effective marketing.

Once the consumer arrives for the official webinar, they are greeted with what appears to be dozens of fellow traders, also arriving for the ‘special webinar.’ Of course, its all a recording with the intention of deceiving the consumer into believing that they are attending a live event. But it sure feels live. And it feels warm.

The webinar begins with ‘proof’ of trading success from Huz Farooq. I won’t beleaguer you with every fine detail of this one-hour infomercial, so the following are several key points that we recorded from the webinar.

  • Huz Farooq claims to have “earned $3.5 million the prior 36 months of trading.”
  • Claims to have spent 10 years managing all of the investments for several Large-cap investment funds.”
  • Lives the laptop lifestyle of trading and traveling. A life of complete freedom.
  • Claims that Jesse Livermore was his personal mentor and the “Worlds greatest stock scalper.”
  • Claims that students that start with $2k can reasonably expect to earn $1 million dollars within 18 months.
  • Claims to typically earn $50k per month, with ease.

Obviously, from reading this list of supposed claims, you should be a little bit skeptical. I certainly was. This has all the hallmarks of a get rich quick scheme, yet another work from home scam.

Digging deeper into the life of Huz Farooq

Huz Farooq claims that he is a professional money manager, an algorithmic trading system developer, a multimillionaire day trader. But is he really? We dug a little deeper and uncovered a web of what I would consider being shady promotions. Let us take a closer look…

Prior to being a “professional futures trader” he operated a series of now-defunct websites that catered to the lowest of the low, get rich quick scam artists. He had a company named HF Marketing and What was Huz Farooq selling? A better question would be, what was he not selling!

  • A pyramid marketing scheme named Instant Downline Network.
  • A job scam where you would earn $2k per week through social media.
  • Earn $3k per day by placing nearly free ads on Facebook.
  • A guaranteed system on “how to attract the most beautiful women on the planet.”
  • How to beat any casino slot machine with a magnetic device.
  • A computer program that is guaranteed to pick the lotto numbers.
  • Earn $45k per month as a “mystery shopper.”
  • A vitamin supplement that cures obesity and hair loss, at the same time.

As you can read, this is pretty funny stuff. There are quite a few promotions. To streamline and narrow his many promotions, I took screen clips to give you a flavor of what he has been serving the public…

[foogallery id=”8555″]

These images and many promotions paint a more complete picture of Huz Farooq. The question you should be asking yourself…do you really want to be taking investment advice from a person that has spent the past 10 years of his life executing what appear to be petty confidence games?

‘Real’ account statements?

Yes, the webinar does proclaim to show “real account statements” of supposedly successful trading. However, as we dug deeper into the supposedly real performance summaries, we could not help but notice that these supposedly “real account statements” were nothing more than screenshots from within the MultiCharts platform.

Anyone, and I mean anyone can recreate a fictional mockup of “real account statements” that appear to be legitimate. Below is a screenshot of what Huz Farooz displayed during the webinar…

Trade Simple Review

Does this appear to be a real account statement?

In spite of the ‘House of Cards’ in which Trade Simple appears to be living within, TradingSchools.Org reached out and requested for proof in the form of verifiable account statements. Unfortunately, Huz Farooq of Trade Simple ignored all of our email requests.

Thanks for reading. Would love to know your thoughts and opinions.


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