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Matt Choi of Certus Trading is yet another huckster selling trading schemes and lifestyle dreams. A regular of the Trading Expo/Money Show seminar circus, peddling a get-rich-quick options trading system and a supposed new life, free from all financial worries.

Claims that you can “Just spend 20 minutes each week, and you will experience 75% winning trades and 100% – 200% monthly profits.” This new and amazing life of trading riches can be yours for a one-time fee of only $3,997. But hurry up, because this special pricing is only available to the first 150 purchasers.

Unfortunately, Matt Choi has no verifiable track record of trading success. Only verifiable success is selling used cars in Toronto Canada.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Certus Trading

What is Certus Trading? The company is a stock option trading educational business that is owned and operated by Matt Choi, living in Toronto Canada.

According to Archive.Org, the Certus Trading website appeared on the trading educational scene sometime in 2014.

After the website was launched in 2014, almost immediately, Matt Choi began appearing as a “trading expert” at the MoneyShow Investment Expo, as well as the International Traders Expo. For those not aware, these seminars are basically a swap meet or a flea market where aspiring traders attend and interact with supposed investment educators.

The MoneyShow or Traders Expo typically sell “stalls” for $6,000 per trading educator. A trading educator can also be a “featured speaker” for an additional fee.

Attendees wander through the exhibition hall and are tempted will all manner of investment temptation. Typically, you will find penny stock hustlers, software peddlers, magic trading indicator charlatans, brokers, and newsletter hucksters.

What is Matt Choi selling?

Certus Trading is selling a combination of products and services, which include:

  • $3997 Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint.
  • $500 per hour private coaching
  • $497 Trading BIG Moves Options Course
  • $497 monthly subscription to Options Alerts

The ‘crown jewel’ of Certus Trading is the $3,997 Advanced Options Strategy Package. An 8-week trading course that teaches users all of Matt Choi’s secret trading strategies.

The strategies come with performance guarantees of between 100% to 200% per month, for each strategy. For instance, once such ‘secret strategy’ is called the Chicken Strangle, that supposedly turned $10,000 into $330,000 in less than 4 years. The following graphic is used as part of the sales presentation of Certus Trading.

Certus Trading

The “Chicken Strangle” trading strategy. Big profits, no roosters.

In addition to the “Chicken Strangle” trading strategy, Matt Choi also has various other trading strategies that also guarantee massive trading profits. These include such colorful names like: Crocodile Condor, Double Date, and the Bear Fly.

According to Matt Choi, a person needs to spend only about 20 minutes each week fussing with research and trade management.

Once the strategies are turned on, then the profits will begin to massively accrue, it is all very simple and easy. According to Matt Choi.

Certus Trading: Trader Porn

Trading educators love to use ‘trader porn’. Where the trading educator flaunts and promotes a magical lifestyle of easy riches, all because of their magical trading strategies. Some traders claim to own their own rocket ship that they fly into space, others claim to be hedge fund managers looking to help out single mothers, some claim to be 25X world champions of trading competitions, some rent yachts and flaunt bikini-clad women, some claim to have a direct connection to God, the list is too long and too sad.

Matt Choi’s ‘trader porn’ of preference is a dream lifestyle of world travel, fancy foods, and a relief of never having to worry about money again. The following video is a tiny portion of his often watched, and highly marketed video…

Who doesn’t want to live this dream lifestyle? Traveling the world, eating whatever you desire, visiting exotic locations, etc. And the best part, according to Matt Choi is that all you need is a laptop computer and just 20 minutes each week to execute his ultra secret trading strategies, like the Chicken Strangle, and the Crocodile Condor.

All of this reminds me of Tom Vu…

Contacting Matt Choi of Certus Trading

With such truly amazing investment returns, and claims of 75% accuracy and 100% to 200% monthly profits, TradingSchools.Org reached out to Certus Trading for an official review.

What we really wanted to know, does this guy even trade? Does he have a verifiable track record? Can he substantiate his claims of earning massive profits from trading? Finaly, during the month of June 2017, I got Matt Choi on the telephone.

The conversation started pleasant enough. Prior to becoming a full-time professional trader, Matt sold cars in Toronto. Apparently, after reading some books and attending investment seminars, Matt Choi developed his own strategies that have unlocked great riches and amazing wealth.

He described how he wanted to help out average people, that were just like him and struggling. That he wanted everyone to live his dream lifestyle.

This all sounded so wonderful. However, words are just warm air. And so I asked Matt Choi very plainly, could he show me something that verifies his supposed trading greatness? At this point, the conversation turned very slippery and Matt Choi ‘the car salesman’ came alive. He began a series evasive excuses why he could not verify his trading performance. Some of these included:

  • “I am a very private person.”
  • “My lawyer said NO.”
  • “Canadian securities regulators could come after me.”

On and on this pathetic stream of excuses fumbled from his lying mouth. As each excuse rolled off his tongue, I became more and more disgusted.

I even offered the option that he give me a private screen share, that simply verifies that a trading account exists. That nothing would be shared with my audience, nothing regarding account balance, performance, or anything whatsoever that could possibly be construed as illegal. But the more I asked, the nastier and more pathetic he became.

I explained that all of my positive reviews contain some sort of performance disclosures and that disclosures are not illegal. But he kept up with his pathetic charade and in the end, he resigned to the fact that a negative review would be written.

Wrapping Things Up

My final email from Matt Choi included his whining about being “picked on.” He felt that it was unfair that I was going to write about him, yet I have written nothing bad about Rob Hoffman, or Timothy Sykes, and the rest of the trading hustlers at the seminar circus.

Well Matt, take a few minutes and read some of the reviews at TradingSchools.Org, you will find that nearly all of your marketing brethren have also been reviewed. In fact, your review is quite tame.

Thanks for reading. Avoid this hustler. No track record. And a complete and total waste of time.

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Mike (@guest_5057058)
7 months ago

Thanks. Just reading Mat Choi’s review where he is now using the strategy of “data-mining” using options. Just checked Certus trading Trustpilot reviews and they are 4.7 stars as of this minute. Makes me wonder is Trustpilot even trustable?

dtchurn (@guest_4055397)
1 year ago

Lolol! The tradingschools spotlight over “CERTus” has passed “Why me now?”-Choi has emerged from the termite log to spam out again on the tradersExpo cess-circus! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh2B6HB6tlE), LOL! Even tradersExpocess has been putting out free video recordings on YT! And Choi’s video is today’s moneyshowcess showcase, lol! (http://www.youtube.com/user/Mscomvid09/videos?disable_polymer=1)
These shamshows/whack-a-moles just wait a month(s), even a year or longer after the TS spotlight has passed before ramping up their hunt for new newbs to monthly churn and paying off traderExpocess and other compromised “trader”-media. Now it’s the zero-commission , hey more newbs want to start trying to trade, fad and you see these ol despicable shamshows peter out from the log and the depths hungry for their no-live-trading sustenance and enjoying fancy restaurants. They all should be rounded up and their expensive suits (paid for by unfortunate duped and churned newbs) confiscated also and it would still be a small comeuppance experience compared to Emmett’s purgatory back to truth in tradingschools. Even Ken Clownfuls buddy Nison is making the rounds again. And Oliver Velez! Someone tried to shill spam Weinstein’s book again on a forum. They do it every few years or so on places like elite. They are ALL SHAMSHOWS.

Peter H Oltersdorf
Peter H Oltersdorf (@guest_3050495)
1 year ago

Thaaaaaaaank YOU so very much for shining light on ALL the Scammers .
I listened to MAT CHOI as he explained how to ride the coattails of the big investors and their scheduled buy/sell history .
I thought it made sense . Then I saw the price for his services and I went to to your website to investigate .HALLELUJAH for that. You ask always the right questions !!!
‘SHOW ME THE MONEY ‘ he could /would not –GOT YOU [you bastard]
you do an outstanding service to us retail traders and I for one can not thank you enough.
So THANK’S again & keep up the good work
P H Oltersdorf

Kevin (@guest_1041065)
2 years ago

Wow! Am I ever glad I stopped here before attending Choi’s webinar which is scheduled for tomorrow that I signed up for. I would cancel if I could. Since I can’t, I simply won’t attend. I thought something wasn’t right when it was said that six different option trade set-ups would be shown to me during the webinar. In the back of my mind all I could think of were delta neutral plays. I’ve had bad luck with them. I don’t like them and after reading the reviews on this site I’m convinced that the webinar wouldn’t help me.
I will say that I’m glad I wasn’t drinking something when I read the words: “trader porn”. I would have sprayed my computer monitor laughing so much. I had never heard that term before. Anyway, thanks to all for your reviews.

Steven (@guest_32957)
2 years ago

I have some information about Matt Choia 12148 El Greco Circle
El Paso, TX and his phone number +1 915-309-8421/ And i have some information about his documents 462-470-091

Los (@guest_32838)
2 years ago

Thank you for your review. I have taken a couple of courses from Matt and can say the education helps but is expensive. Being in Canada, he does not accept Canadian dollars as payment.
I joined his trade alerts at $997. They are four legged strategies most of the time. He is sloppy in sending trade exits and minimizes the infor on trading losses. His book which he peddles is not his but a compilation of articles from s several authors.

In summary you are better off elsewhere which lower cost and more professional advisers trainers the likes of Theotrade or Sempler Trading.

I believe review provided here is accurate. This is my opinion after more that 15 months as a customer of Certus trading.

Theo (@guest_4055572)
1 year ago
Reply to  Los

Theo Trade with Don Kaufman is ‘da truth’. After taking a few courses from other gurus, I became ‘consistently’ profitable with Theo Trade’s training. My fav TT strategy are….In/Out Spreads & Don’s Intra-day strategies. Very affordable too – just one monthly subscription fee to access everything – including new courses, trade alerts, indicators, etc..No upsells – period! Love it.

I’m also a fan of Simpler Trading with John Carter. Got his book. His TTM_Squeeze study is a fixture on my charts. I thinks John is an awesome trader who makes big $. He’s very legit. My only problem with him is his ‘push’ to sell indicators & other courses. Almost on a daily basis I’m being inundated with emails from S.T. about some courses I needs to buy. No thank U.

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_31415)
3 years ago

webinar moves/d fast, doesn’t make a recording available..i wonder why ..
Sad. This is, Matt’s a CMT on top of that ..

rjl (@guest_30671)
3 years ago

The address of his company, Certus Trading Inc., is given as
3044 Bloor St. W., Suite 262
Toronto, Ontario M8X 2Y8 Canada

Consulting Google Maps I find “The UPS Store” at that address. 🙂

Deej (@guest_3052792)
1 year ago
Reply to  rjl

And the UPS store that I see on Google Maps isn’t even in business anymore. The space is up for lease.

David T
David T (@guest_30582)
3 years ago

I have reservation about your comment on Matt knowing that you are a competitor. You never mentioned that his strategies don’t work.

Simon Watson
Simon Watson (@guest_28729)
3 years ago

I remember this guy. Really slick. His website advertises “live webinars” every couple days which when you join he starts by ‘naming’ a few individuals from the hundreds that you see on the webinar chat giving you the illusion that it’s packed and very popular with a lot of live chat messages from the audience begging to subscribe and praising him. It’s only when I wanted to review the webinar and searched online for an old pre-recorded video of the webinar that I noticed exactly the same webinar with the same names being called and same chat messages from the “audience”. I must admit, I’m a marketing manager by trade but this guy and others like him make me look like an amateur

Yo mama
Yo mama (@guest_4055788)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Holy shit wow what a douche bag…that is lame as hell. And 3k for this ridiculous course. No wayyyy!

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28721)
3 years ago

“unfair that I was going to write about him, yet I have written nothing bad about Rob Hoffman, or Timothy Sykes”

Ignoring the fact the statement is false. I find it funny that his logic is basically gee others are scamming folks why cannot I.

Making 100% to 200% ROI a month and can not show a lick of proof.

It would be nice if after the interview you said, look you are a scammer and I am going to write the facts about you, but just out of curiosity, Do you feel it is OK to just scam people?? Do you think this is a legit business to run? Did your parents beat you up as kid? It would be nice to get inside their heads and see if they think it is just perfectly OK after all others are doing it. Or maybe they think people are idiots and the suckers deserve to be scammed. Damn I wish you would ask them that

dtchurn (@guest_28720)
3 years ago

“Certus” trading. Cert-ainly now guaranteed to be a shamshow after Emmett’s persual of no proof. Reminds me of the other sham names such as TradersHELPDesk, “Pristine”, NoBSDaytrading, I remember someone asking Certus to be reviewed a few months back. Well of course it’s all the same , pathetic excuses such as showing proof is illegal, and frankly insulting that the traderpawn videos and pics often show trips and luxury paraphenalia obviously funded by the monthly churns or whatever hotdog packages sold. Interesting to hear he thought he was “picked” on. Geez, like he was just one of the later reviews out of many already on ts. The longer they pull their sham, eventually the complaints of those dupes reach Emmett and the more likely a review will ensue. Indeed, Choi’s fellow snakeoilers were well exposed in their reviews. I think these vvendors have heard of tradingschools by now, but they don’t actually read the reviews until it affect them directly , lol.

dtchurn (@guest_28894)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

I noticed, there’s no direct link or mention of Certus’ hotdog multi-$k educational packages. I could only see the $497 or whatever options signals. And half of the “products” area listed as “not available” when you click on the links now. This reminds me of TradersHELP!desk. The matronly lady sham of that site soon after Emmett’s review drastically cut down the prices of her overpriced worthless indicators, hilarious. Then about half a year later or more she raised them up again, even to double or triple and some of them ridiculously at the thousand $ or over mark. That’s another of these shammers’ reactions to tradingschools. Once the spotlight of the review and comments pass them over, they check if the coast is clear, then jack up the prices of their shammy products again hopefully so only the new unaware sheep who are not wised up yet can be churned. I expect Choi’s hotdog $4k packages will return after a number of months because Emmett is only one reviewer of the scamming truth, and he can’t keep all the sham reviews updated simultaneously. Sometimes the shills will post a comment but they learn soon enough after RobB or another of the watchdog commenters call out their shilled post real quick. As for Choi, I have a feeling he’s a lone sham, and even those shilled same actor id’s in his webinars as mentioned in a post above are just id dummy bots that he manages between trading webinars every season.

deserttrader (@guest_31445)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

I was the “someone [who asked] Certus to be reviewed a few months back” (prior to your post, dtchurn). I had seen Matt at the Fall 2016 TraderExpo in Vegas, and everything Emmett describes is spot-on. Fortunately, I had learned enough from this site to exercise lots of due diligence prior to spending a dime with this charlatan, and my experience was a carbon copy of Emmett’s: Initially comes off as “a real nice guy” – until you start asking the simple questions that he and his ilk will NOT answer. It quickly dawned on my how he earns so much money. Think about it: If he sells just ONE $4k package a week, that’s $16k a month. Sell about 7 of the $500 “bonus” courses, and you’re at $19.5k for the month. Do about 4 hours of “personal coaching” a month, and you’re over $21k for the month. And you haven’t placed a single trade. I won’t drone on, as all aspects of my less-than-pleasant experience with Matt Choi have already been described in the other posts, but just wanted to thank you, Emmett, for the work you do, and may I say, it’s not so much the individual reviews themselves that are helpful (and they are), but the collective education that you give us. It is because of this site that I knew WHAT to ask and how to spot these phonies that I was able to steer clear of Matt Choi months before your review was written. I’m glad you reviewed Certus, but even more glad that you taught me how to review Certus – and any outfit – for myself.

Robert (@guest_28719)
3 years ago

I admit, I was suckered in by Matt but when trade after trade went bad, I got out. Some of his trades made money but most did not. I believe at the time I was charged $2,000 for his service. It became very clear to me early on that what he was offering wasn’t working. Matt is somebody who comes across as very sincere and caring. I personally don’t think he is as bad as most but he definitely deserves to be in the “stay away” category.

Cyn (@guest_28738)
3 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

“What in the hell was I thinking!”

The same as we all were: “We would become gazillionaires, starting with a small account, and regularly taking money out of the market like a salary, with very small, indeed no, drawdowns, and a very high win rate”. Needless to say, we were massively overleveraged on every trade.

Well, maybe we have wised up. Unfortunately, there are many who insist on learning the lesson for themselves, and call us dream-killers, because we try to tell them that all that crap is just a fantasy to empty their pockets into the scammers’.

Just watch as this post gets voted down by the likes of them.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_28739)
3 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Emmett, when will you release the scalping strategy that you spoke of in previous posts. The only scalpers I knew of that made money were trading in the pits. When they had to move entirely to electronic trading off the floor, every single one of them lost money. Some of these guys were long time energy traders that couldn’t make a profit when the pit was eliminated entirely. The obvious loss of reading order flow was the main culprit, but I was surprised that none of them were able to make the transition to scalping electronically.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28740)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

You can make money scalping by front running, pump and dump, insider information or any other ways you can get an unfair advantage. But in a free market of white noise good luck.

dtchurn (@guest_28893)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

True front running HFT cheaters also do the same thing as they’re in a “market” level of their own with their server farms close to the exchanges. I even remember a few years ago an obscure report about an HFT firm building an office near a D.C. office with construction machines pounding cement etc. in order to get certain gov’t economic report numbers. And they were the first and loudest to be kicking and screaming about an unfair market and tech suppression baloney against the establishment of the new exchange with “speed bumps”, aka the IEX. http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/06/iex-approved/487898/
In fact the HFT firm was the first to make a billion dollars. That’s where most of the front-runned retailers’ slipped pennies went, imo, and I think Michael Lewis and the guy promoting the IEX are heroes of a more fair market.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_28896)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Michael Lewis was one of the few if not the only one to open the public’s eyes to how these HFT firms rigged the market. It was fairly complex and out of the realm of some of the very brightest financial minds in the business. Don’t worry, trading educators aren’t the only people fleecing retail, your very trusted broker sold you out to the highest bidder. In actuality not just retail, institutional order flow as well was for sale.

dtchurn (@guest_28897)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

Yes, my comment did not mean to exclude non-retail. I. imo, retail has had the worst end result of the effects of HFT as well making the lower time frame markets that much harder to trade.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_28903)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Your comment was spot on. I watched a segment with Michael Lewis on Bloomberg where the hosts were badgering him on the premise of his book. They were having a difficult time understanding the extent of the market being rigged. They either had an agenda or didn’t read the book.

You brought up an interesting aspect into the discussion of scalping the markets for a profit. Emmett stated that he was going to post a scalping strategy to add to his trend strategy. I’m curious to read how any scalping strategy can work, especially in the equity market now dominated by HFTs.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_28911)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

Just remember Backtesting does not equal Forward testing. So easy to do data manipulation. In fact lots of scammers selling you backtested algos that never work when forward testing them. If he does I hope he sets up an account to then forward test the strategy and post those results on an on going basis.

dtchurn (@guest_4055398)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

That you were fooled by nitwit-Dewiit ( takes smiling stranger pictures with kids on a football field) helps me understand better why the review was more outrageous with a photo of actual cess shown picked up. It made me want to vomit initially, but at least I understand now you had more of a first-hand early trading journey experience with that shamshow termite.

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