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Please read update dated November 17, 2015

A very honest trading vendor, with what appears to be a pretty good trading product, however he refuses to show a live trading DOM inside of the trading room. Vendor needs to make that final step to complete and total transparency by showing the live trading DOM or trading from the charts. I recommend that the trading community band together, reach consensus, and convince vendor to take that final step. Prospective purchasers currently in the evaluation stage should protest by requesting more transparency.

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Pros: Highly credible trading vendor, very honest, very smart, and is a warm and engaging person that cares about the welfare of his customers.
Cons: No live trading DOM inside of the trading room. No trading from the charts. The industry is rapidly and irrevocably moving towards this new minimum standard, the vendor is attempting to hold out.

Please Read UPDATE Dated November 17, 2015

Thanks for reading today’s review of Rightline Trading

What is Rightline Trading? Rightline Trading is a live trading room, an accompanying indicator suite, a personal mentorship package, and a Ninja DOM trade execution add on module. Each of these products can be purchased individually.

The live trading room is moderated Monday-Friday from 8:15 am EST until 12:30 pm EST. The cost of the live trading room is $299 per month, or a lifetime pass at $2,499. The indicator suite comes at a cost of $3,999 and includes: 2 months of the live trading room, indicators, videos that describe how the indicators are to be used, as well as phone and email support. The personal mentorship program is an 8 week, one on one course with the owner of the company Mr. Mark Sachs. Finally, there is a Ninja trader auto execution module where some interesting entry and exit combinations can be auto programmed into Ninja Trader.

A quick review of Archive.Org shows that Rightline Trading came online and began operations in late 2013. They are listed as a Ninja trader educational partner. A deep web search also shows a parallel website titled: Rightlinetrading-Forex.com.

Rightline Trading Online Reputation

A deeper search of Rightline Trading, specifically looking for any negative information pertaining to the company could not be found. I searched the usual sites where negative comments can usually be found: BigMikes (futures.io), RipOff Report, as well as ten levels deep searching on Google for any negative commentary or red flags. None could be found.

Next, I searched the owner’s name, Mark Sachs, specifically looking for any negative online commentary. Once again, I went several levels deep on Google and could find no negative information whatsoever. This is not too surprising considering that the company has only been in operation since 2013. I also searched for variations in the company name and as well on Mark Sachs at the CFTC, NFA, SEC, and any prison records at BOP.Gov. (Bureau of Prisons). Once again, I could find nothing.

Finally, I did a background search on a few specifics regarding Mark Sachs. He claims to have a Phd in Finance. Whenever I see PhD, the red flags starts flying. The last PhD trading educator that I reviewed turned out to be Dr. Vance Cast, a charlatan scam artist that got a mail order Phd and spent 18 of the past 20 years in prison for two separate drug trafficking convictions. When I saw PhD in finance for Mark Sachs, the alarms began howling in protest. In addition, Mark Sachs claims the following: “Mark Sachs has a PhD. in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. He is a former professor at Jefferson College, Philadelphia”. This is pretty loud resume, the Wharton School of Business is a very famous business school the turned Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, etc. You can read the names here.

To be quite honest, I was 99% sure that this Mark Sachs character had no PhD in Finance from Wharton, and so I picked up the phone and did what I do best…ruffle feathers and make people feel uncomfortable. However, my phone call was met with quite a nice personality named Rory, whom then passed the phone to an equally nice personality…the PhD himself, Mark Sachs. I quickly explained to Mark that I have had more than a few people lie to me regarding resumes and I would appreciate if he would please take a picture of this supposed PhD and send it over. Approximately 10 minutes later I got the following picture…

Mark Sachs PhD

Ok, so I guess Mark Sachs is actually a PhD and went to Wharton. Yep, I was pretty shocked and little embarrassed. But at least everyone now knows the truth. Let’s move to the live trading room.

Inside of the RightLine Trading Room

From October 5th through October 16th, we recorded each live trading session in its entirety. During this time, we used 3 different alias’s to gain access as trial members. We also logged into each trading session using three different IP addresses to remain anonymous.

The live trading room is moderated by Mark Sachs. Before the trading day commences, Mark gives detailed instructions on how each trade should be exited. In fact, he has a web page dedicated to how each trade should be managed, he refers to these as ATM configurations. Below you will see two screen shots. The first screen shot is for the ES, please notice that Mark builds the ES chart as a 5 tick range bar. Each trade is entered using 4 contracts, with a 6 tick initial stop. The trades are exited as per below. What I really like about this disclosure is that I was able to very clearly build out the automated exits on my own trading platform. The following screen shot would be for the CL and the TF configurations.


After I built out the auto exits for each market, I then created the charts as described by Mark. Once everything was set up and ready to go, I then assigned my assistant, Reyna, to do her best and attempt to replicate the trades as per Mark inside of the live trade room. It is important to note that Reyna is located in the Philippines and so we can usually expect that with limit orders, such as what Mark prescribes, are going to have a bit of performance slippage. In other words, a trader that is collocated with a box within the CME’s Aurora, Colorada data center can expect to get better limit order fills than a trader located in Manila, Philippines. Regardless, Reyna did her best to copy the trades as they were called within the live trading room.

What You Will Not See Inside The Live Trading Room

If you have spent any amount of time reading my reviews then you know that I am very critical of trading rooms that do not show a live trading DOM, or do not trade directly from the charts. At no time during the review period were we able to witness the use of a trading DOM or trading from the charts. Big red flag. All of the trades that are called within the Rightline trading room are called out in a verbal manner. To Marc’s credit, ample time is given for order entry. He describes the entries as, “on next bar enter at price X, on a stop”.  However, on several occasions the market gapped past the entry price. Sometimes Mark would call the trade as missed, and other times he would take credit for the trade. To Mark’s credit, on one particular trade in crude oil, we were able to get a fill using a simulator and Mark called the trade as missed. However, we managed the trade as prescribed via the ATM (automated trade management) and the trade turned out to be a big winner of $450.

Overall, during the two weeks of watching and attempting to execute the trades called by Mark, we noticed a disturbing trend. For whatever reason, Mark would get nervous and begin hollering, “GET OUT GET OUT”. This created lots of confusion as the automated exits were already pre-programmed to exit at certain price points. Every time we took his advice and liquidated at the market, we had to take a one tick hit to execute at the market. All of these market order exits robbed of us hard earned ticks from from prior trades. Another thing, after watching hour upon hour of Mark trading, he gets nervous pretty quickly and has a delicate psyche. This might be construed as a person of weak emotional fortitude, however it was my impression that he just wanted everyone to make profits, even small profits, and felt responsible for the performance of the room members.

My overall impression of Mark Sachs is that he is honest and really wants room members to succeed. Sort of like a shepherd tending to his flock, he is a little too afraid that every shadow is a wolf looking to cause harm to the flock. Far too often, the wolf never arrived and if he would of simply stuck with the automated exits, then he would of experienced more winning trades. In particular, on October 13, this was a active trading day and we executed 12 trades. If a person had followed Mark exactly as he called the trades live in the trading room, then this person would of earned approximately $240 gross, and only $100 gross after commissions. However, if a person simply took Mark’s entries and managed the trades in an automated manner, then the same person would of earned $920 after commissions. A big difference. Too often, Mark would cave and liquidate “the runner”, that last unit meant to capture a larger chunk of profits.

Mark maybe a really smart guy with a PhD, but after watching him trade for a couple of weeks, you quickly realize that he is entirely human and has the same emotional reactions as the guy without the PhD. Not sure he is the dude that I want with me in a bar fight.

Tracking Performance

During the trading day, as each trade is exited, Mark will add a snippet of text onto the chart. Each snippet of text would give the performance for the last trade. For instance, he would mark +10 or -10 that signifies if the trade made or lost 10 ticks. I found that his marking up of the charts with text to be completely useless. Why? Sometimes he would mark the charts with the correct amount of ticks and other times he would get it all wrong. For instance, one time he marked the chart as +17 ticks, but only 30 seconds prior, the trade was clearly a winner at +45 ticks. This went both ways, on winning and losing trades. Is he being dishonest or manipulative? No. There was no intentional dishonesty. However, his memory is either getting a little slippery with age, or the markets and managing the room for so many hours is just too much for him to remain an effective thinker.

With the shoddy, in market reporting from within the trading room, I very nearly decided to just scratch the room as a waste of time. However, at the end of each trading session, a person named Leo would come onto the mic with Mark. They would then go over each trade in a verbal replay. I found that Leo’s reporting was really accurate. Very often, Leo and myself would have each days trading session match perfectly. Other days, the ticks reported would be out of whack by +-5 to 10 ticks. Overall, when Leo came onto the mic, I knew that the real results were about to expressed, and not the marked up charts that Mark produced during the trading day. Leo’s end of day reporting is quite good.

If you would like to see the performance for the Rightline Trading room, the results are posted here. How accurate are these results? On average about 85% would be a good and conservative point of reference. In other words, if Mark is reporting $5k in profits, then a more accurate reflection would be $4,250.

Another major issue that is not talked about, nor is mentioned on the performance page is the cost of commissions. The Rightline trading room averages about 35 trades per week. Each of these trades averages 3.5 contracts per trade. So if a trader is paying $4.25 per round turn, and executing 122.5 trades per week, then they would be spending $520 in commissions per week. This big bite of commission will consume about 25% of any profitable trading week. Do not underestimate the cost of commissions. Its spendy, and Mark should mention this.

A Telephone Call To Mark Sachs

After I had recorded the trading sessions, collected the evidence, reviewed everything, made a list of positives and negatives…I will usually call the trading vendor on the phone. I introduce myself and explain that I am writing a review and that I have a few questions. What the vendor does not know is that I have all of my bullets ready to be fired off. Some of these vendors get really touchy, clam up, and some even get downright nasty and begin screaming like a lunatic (That would be you, Mr Rev). Most have heard of  me, that nasty ex-convict at TradingSchools.org and its quite shocking to hear that I have already spent a couple of weeks inside of the trading room, recording every little detail. They know a grilling is about to commence. I have to say that Mark took it like a champ and we actually agreed on most every point of contention.

I grilled him on the use of verbal limit orders and how I quite often was not able to get filled at specific price targets. I was totally shocked what he said next, “Yes, I am aware of this and agree with you. At the end of each trading day, Rory will come into the trading room and report what he was actually able to get filled”. How can I argue with someone that agrees? As we went through the list, I was quite surprised that he was absolutely aware of each point of contention. Refreshing to have such brutal honesty coming from a trading vendor.

My Overall Impression

Mark Sachs is not a hustler. The guy is honest. Really honest. And he is really, really smart. He doesn’t proclaim to have any magic indicators or “hidden order within the universe” or Gann crystal ball, magic order flow analysis, or any of that BS. Rather, in speaking with him, he attempts to explain that the basis of his trading was formed over 30 years ago,

For my thesis I helped develop, along with the US Navy “AESOP”, Automated Engineering and Scientific Optimization Program. Thirty years ago it was a breakthrough, back in the day when the University of Pennsylvania had the only computer in the United States and it was programmed via the use of punch cards. The mathematical principals of AESOP are what drive our trading software today.

Mark Sachs is credible, and he gets in that live trading room everyday, in front everyone. On that brutal stage and does his best to guide everyone to a daily profit. Its tough. He does it live for all to see. But the one big hiccup is that trading DOM. He needs to make that final step, that one final push that so many others have now taken. That last piece of ultimate transparency and credibility…the live trading DOM.

Wrapping Things Up

I so badly want to give Mark an awesome, 5 star review. But I cannot. In the past year, I feel like I have done an effective job at convincing many trading vendors to make the leap and show the DOM or trade from the charts. I dont know what’s holding Mark back, but at this time, he just wont commit to doing it. The trading educational industry is now quickly adopting this new standard, and the folks that resist are going to see their businesses suffer. I hope to bring just enough suffering  and pain to Mark so that he makes that final move into the grand pantheon of complete transparency. I hope that my review is warm and bright, but not so glowing that Mark continues on the current path. Come on Mark!

The path to sustainability for this wretched industry needs to be begin with a standardized minimum of showing a trading DOM for all live trading rooms. Once the trading rooms are on this path of transparency, then the focus needs to be an all out, brutal offensive on the indicator salesman.

Well that its it for today. Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave your comments below. Even the most vicious, hateful, vulgar ornery trolls with find that their voices are heard.

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Brian Woodrow
Brian Woodrow

I also Googled this, “Mark K. Sachs, MD, FACP” and I found this, http://newsroom.doh.state.fl.us/wp-content/uploads/newsroom/2011/09/ESOMarkKSachsMDMiami.pdf

Barry K

The evidence is mounting that Mark K. Sachs, the pill mill pusher, indeed the same person who operates Right Line Trading. Or perhaps this is a just a one in million coincidence.


barry k
Well, I have some more bad news for those who wish Mark Sachs were honest. Emmitt, you need to do a better job at searching. When Mark first stated RightLine, he told me he is the same person in this press release. Notice the last paragraph. https://www.rjobrien.com/about/pressrelease/id/97 In addition, when Mark was being evaluated by Handley, it was discovered that Mark would occasionally show his DOM and claim it was from hisreal trading account, when it turned out to be SIM with a fake broker account number. Mark is at best a fraudster and at worst, a pathological liar. Perhaps… Read more »
Case 4Schiller
Case 4Schiller
I did the free trial in that room TWICE this year because i really tried to make it work and really tried to match their trades. First of all the trading room is on a HORRIBLE chat relay service I think HOTCOMM. The standard should be either GO2MEETING or OMNOVIA i don’t know why they use such cheap-ass screen sharing service that feels wrong. He trades on RANGE charts and it’s very gappy and it is NOT EASY to get filled on many trades (GC and TF especially) will gap away from you like a bandit….. he’d be better off… Read more »
J Santos

Case 4Schiller, I am interested in pursuing your recommendation of Craig Hill. I didn’t find any recent reviews. Some on BMT and ForexPeaceArmy are very old. If you wish to send a private message: joaobucks ‘at’ gmail.com. Thanks

David C

The other interesting thing about that diploma in the picture is that it doesn’t have his middle name. Most diplomas that I have seen include the recipient’s middle name, in part to help differentiate that person from someone else who has the same first and last name (although I don’t think it’s a hard-and-fast rule).

David C

BA, as Brian already mentioned.


Hey Emmett
How about harnessing all these research people that are here by posting a list of who you are going to look into.
You could add a tab above with pending or potential reviews.
Oh and I think BA must mean Bad Ass?

Brian Woodrow
Brian Woodrow
Jim, A few things to keep in mind: Emmett works undercover, so he doesn’t want the vendor that he is scrutinizing to be aware that he is watching them. Also, there is no vendor that is exempt from scrutiny: the full list would include ALL vendors. Furthermore, after the review is posted they still must be monitored to maintain their integrity. Emmett has written that he wants to develop a team of full time reviewer/traders to be able to keep on top of as many vendors as possible. He would encourage you to submit your own leads to him and… Read more »

How’s that review of OTA coming? I have all of their courses if you want to trade notes.

David C

The degree in the photo is a Bachelor of Arts, by the way. Artium = Arts

David C
Now this is interesting. There apparently is a MEDICAL doctor who went to Penn, and then went on to teach at Jefferson MEDICAL College, by the name of Dr. Mark Sachs (see below links): http://ezinearticles.com/expert/Mark_Sachs/437951 http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Mark-Sachs/1867630436 What are the chances that there would be another Mark Sachs, who got his Doctorate at Penn, and then also went on to teach at Jefferson College? I suppose it’s possible, but it has to be unlikely. I wonder if our good Dr. Mark Sachs might have actually went to Penn, but really got his Bachelor of Arts there (no Doctorate, and no professorship… Read more »
Brian Woodrow
Brian Woodrow

His ezinearticles.com profile says to “Google: “Sachs MK”, to see a complete listing of his publications.” I did. I did not see a complete listing of his publications, but I did find this publication: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2011-10-11/story/doctor-charged-oxycodone-trafficking-miami-saw-significant-number

His mug shot seems to line up with his other photos.

Brian Woodrow
Brian Woodrow

By the way, you have to Google “Dr Sachs MK” to find the article at jacksonville.com. “Sachs MK” turns up nothing.

David C

Nice find. It certainly looks like the same guy to me.

Brian Woodrow
Brian Woodrow
Mark is honest about everything, except for lying about his Ph. D. He doesn’t even have a fake one. Emmet, I don’t speak Latin, but I do speak enough English and French to suspect that BACCALAVREI ARTIVM does not spell Ph.D. Ask him for a photo of his Ph. D and he sends one back of a BA. Obviously this guy thinks his victims are idiots, so why give him a five star rating on honesty? Because he admitted to you on the phone about how hard it is to get fills on limit orders? Fine, but this is not… Read more »
A typically good review Emmett that captures a lot of my thoughts – good and bad- after attending a trial in Mark’s room last year. Come on Mark! Just get the DOM on view , or even better chart trader. It’s a crucial final step that will get me and no doubt others beating a path to your door. Otherwise – what is your reservation about showing the DOM? You know deep down there is no legitimate reason to hide it from your subscribers. See it from our perspective please. We need 100% clarity & transparency. As they say –… Read more »