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A very good trading room. All trades are transparent, recorded with accuracy, and replicable to the subscribor. The moderator can be a little irritable at times, but what is most important is performance, and I can honestly say that Raven Wood is an excellent performer. I highly recommend giving this trading room a try.

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Pros: Complete transparency. Moderator is hell bent on providing an excellent trading service. I found the results to be excellent and a good value to the subscriber.
Cons: Raven Wood is a bit of curmudgeon and definitely has a short fuse. Does not appreciate any sort of critique and is prone to bouts of shouting and screaming.

Thanks for reading today’s review of RevsFuturesDayTrading

What is RevsFuturesDayTrading? RevsFuturesDayTradingRoom is a day trading website offering live trading signals for the stock index futures at a monthly cost of $299, also a mentoring package that includes one day of private mentoring at $1499, as well as a 5 day mentoring package at $5499. The site is managed and maintained by a trader that goes by the name Raven Wood, though I am not sure what his real name is.

Raven has sort of an interesting back story, at one time he was a moderator for the PureTick trading room, which has a pretty sordid reputation. A quick check on reveals that Raven left PureTick in 2011, and founded his own trading venture in 2012.

Initial Observation

The website is certainly not a beautiful website. It loads slowly, and appears to have been roughly pieced together, with different parts being added over the years. I typically like to look at the general appearance of a website, as this gives some sort of clue as to whether the owner takes a lot of pride in appearances. However, a website that looks too good and is full of hyped statements about outsized performance is also a red flag. When I look at Rev’s website, I cannot help but think that he is certainly no internet marketing.

However, what is most important on a day trading website is whether the trading  performance is fully disclosed and clearly displayed. Raven Wood certainly passes this test. As you will see, he maintains a spreadsheet of all of his trades that can be viewed here. As you will see, the performance is certainly impressive. One of the things that I liked seeing is that he posts the gross profit and loss as well as the net profit and loss. Showing the net profit and loss is important because commissions play a big part in whether a trading room is profitable or not. I have witnessed other trading rooms that show a very healthy gross profit, but the volume of trades is high, and the commission eats into a large portion of the profits.

A quick perusal of the spreadsheet reveals that Raven Wood is certainly not a high volume trader and that the majority of his trades are during the early morning of the trading session. All in all, I would say that it looks great. But I have seen many spreadsheets from many different vendors that are whole fabrications, so I next needed to witness actual live trading, from random trading sessions to authenticate.

Inside the Trading Room

Over the past several months, I have received approximately 25 requests to review this trading room. However, Raven only offers a one day free trial, which is simply not enough time. Thankfully, a reader was a paying member, had some nice things to say about Raven, and allowed me to access the room via his paid portion. Without revealing the name of the subscriber, I will say that the bulk of this review is predicated upon a single week in July.

In addition to the single week in July, I also managed to cobble together an additional three days of screen recordings in August. These additional trading days were essential in determining whether the July sample was a fluke.

The Results

During the one week trial in July, all trades were recorded using Camtasia screen recording software. Everyday, I would check to see if the trades that Raven called inside of the trading room matched perfectly to what I was witnessing on the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, Raven does not update the spreadsheet daily, so I had to wait an extra week to see if the results matched. In particular, I was looking for any performance inflation, or if he omitted any losing trades. Once Raven updated the results on the spreadsheet, I was able to review the trades. In truth, I was pretty amazed to see the exact performance reported and accurate.

A few weeks later, in August 2015, I also conducted three more additional screen recordings. Raven finally updated the trades for the month of August onto the spreadsheet on August 15. Once again, the trades matched perfectly. Truthfully, I was impressed.

The Trading Room Experience

So what can you expect to see inside of the trading room? And, are the trades able to be replicated?

Everyday, the trading room opens at about 5 am. But dont show up that early, I did and I basically just sat there waiting for someone to do something. A better time to show up would be at about 9AM EST. You will usually find Raven begins talking around 9:15AM EST and he begins prepping for a trade at about the open of the market.

One of the things that I really like is that there is plenty of time to follow along and attempt to copy what Raven is doing. As you can see from the following screen shot, the trades are executed directly from the chart. There is none of that BS where the moderator simply say’s, “I AM LONG! LONG! LONG!”. Raven will clearly, at all times display the trades. Which is quite refreshing. Have a look at this recent trade that I captured via screen recording…


Only on a few occasions did I find it difficult to follow along. In particular, he would attempt to execute a trade on the YM for a long trade, while he was concurrently short in the ES. Its seemed a little bit counter intuitive to be long in the YM and short in the ES. However, my opinion does not really matter. The only thing that matters is results and transparency. Raven is certainly transparent.

During the review period, I found only one red flag. It appears that he is trading on a simulator. Every so often I would catch a glimpse of the trading DOM which clearly displayed the dreaded “SIM101” which is the standard simulated trading account at Ninja Trader. Is this something to be concerned about? Truthfully, I am not sure. My suspicion is that sometimes he takes trades on his personal account, and sometimes he takes trades on Sim. Considering how well his individual performance figures look, I am curious why he would ever take a simulated trade.

The simulated trading was definitely something that I wanted to get some feedback on from Raven. And so I called him on the phone.

My Telephone Call With Raven Wood

Usually, when I call a trading room vendor and tell them who I am, they immediately clam up or get defensive. And rightly so, I currently have thousands of people that read my blog on a daily basis, and the vast majority of my reviews are downright ugly. Nobody wants a bad review! Well, things didn’t go so well with our phone call. Apparently Raven had a shit list of issues with my reviews. In particular, at some point on my blog I was rough on Dean Handley about charging a fee to be on his Trading Titans list and that I implied that Raven had paid to get a good review. This really rubbed Raven the wrong way and he proceeded to express his opinion, lets just say he wasn’t happy. In truth, some do pay Dean Handley for his positive reviews, but in my opinion this is not really a big deal. As long as the product is good, then a paid review for the hard work of preparing a trading review is warranted. However, Raven did not like what that might imply towards him. I explained that I believed him and that was not the issue.

The only issue that I wanted an explanation was the use of a trading simulator. A simple explanation would of sufficed, but Raven proceed into a 10 minute diatribe calling me a criminal (true), a former inmate at a Federal Prison (true), a former member of the Boston mob (true), a scoundrel and a thief (true), and whole host of other things, none of them nice (mostly true).

In truth, I just wanted a bit of clarification on the use of a simulator.

Wrapping Things Up

Whether Raven Wood likes me or dislikes me is really not important. The only thing that is important is whether this guy is running a trading scam. I have to say with complete honesty, the guy is certainly no scammer. I found that his trading signals are spot on, highly replicable, and they guy is damn good trader. I honestly feel that something positive can be learned from him. Writing this review is certainly a breath of fresh air for me, the vast majority of my reviews are downright ugly. I only wish that I could of gotten along a little better with Mr. Raven Wood.

Also, I want to give a big thumbs up to Dr. Dean Handley for being the person that originally found this trading room. Without his hard work and efforts, this room would probably still be languishing in some dark corner of the internet. I have been critical of a few Dean’s reviews in the past, but on this trading product, he certainly got it right.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below. Even the haters will find that their voices are heard.



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Joe R.
Joe R. (@guest_31058)
3 years ago

Reven Wood is now operating under Have you had a chance to check him out Emmett?

mike (@guest_6435)
5 years ago

Does anyone know WTF is going on with Rev?? He has stopped his track record on his website “while website is under construction” and says its now listed somewhere on Facebook. Apparently his website has been under construction for 6 months now!

Then about 6 weeks ago I get an email from him saying his room is now entirely free to everyone!! Just get there early to get a seat…???? One of the few guys with a positive review and he’s acting strange….

Goagal (@guest_6445)
5 years ago
Reply to  mike
Craig (@guest_6310)
5 years ago

RIP TradeWithRev


RIP Room closed without warning late Jan2016. Reven room went free without much notice at beginning of 2016. And you paid for the signals to be traded through a broker. The Broker was testing the signals in the month of Dec 2015. And got 1K per ES contract. Then went live in Jan 2016 and lost 1K per contract. Although, I think some of the signals were coming from another trader in the room in Jan and were not all Revs in Jan. If you remember Jan 2016 was not the standard Jan with the market selling off and very jumpy.
Pre-Broker Rev did allow people to communicate with each other though a message box. His trades were on the screen in advance although some were fast. Reven did have some nice unofficial swing trades. Rev did change his style of trading every several months which made is difficult for me to trade. Not know the history of the new style and wanting to trade in sim first. At first he traded in Ninja Sim which is very similar to real trading (unlike tradestations “price touch” Sim). In the last many months his switched to Real money and some practice trades in Sim. Rev clear called out this trades with 1 to 2 trades on most days. Many trades were near the market open, but some trades would be called out mid afternoon. His track record was not keep up to date properly in the last several months. Listing trades without the dates on facebook. And one final though, he was one of the best FOMC news traders I have see, but you needed a large account to trade it as he would add if the market went against him. Miss Him.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Ron (@guest_2724)
5 years ago

Big mikes trading .
Anyone familiar with Reven Wood at Trade with Rev: Revs Futures Day Trading | Live Educational Trading Room Dean Handley gives him a positve review, but not sure how biased or unbiased Handley is.

In a previous thread on pure tick i had a screenshot that showed he only trades on sim. He accidentally shared the wrong screen and i caught him red handed. Caveat emptor.

Have sat in on 2 free trials of Rev’s room. He does show his DOM and calls out his trades in advance. He also posts accurate win/loss records each day (they were accurate for the 5 days I was in the room). Is he trading live or sim? Not sure.

Was in there for a while…he is not a super-good trader and I didnt see how his trading could add to mine so i didn’t stay. And his charts are a MESS, talk about overload!

to be fair, you will have to take the Dr’s suggestions into account, as it seems that anyone that is a “vendor” that does not post with a narrow definition here gets banned, I have been accused of being in the vendor class because my cousin and I work together developing for NinjaTrader altho we do not sell anything. I have also witnessed other developers using the forum to further they own work and they do not share the spoils of the community advancing their private work, so just because he is banned here means little to me, Dr Handly as I understand it has spent time in every trade room in the us and has is being sued by Rev’s former Trading room. In which Rev thinks the guy is a tool.

So the question is who is a better source of rating a trading room, Dr Handly or the fact that he is banned here?

Jay Lightfoot
Jay Lightfoot (@guest_2634)
5 years ago

Do you have review of Tom Busby DTI? He’s rude and arrogant, i don’t think he trades.
Charges out of this world prices for crap, oh by the way thanks for review on ACE trades,


Really (@guest_2412)
5 years ago

Raven wood you are an idiot, why would any one want to be learn from you? Or is it emmett moore who is the scam artist? You put up a bad review or raven wood but then change your mind after he responds to you, with what? Sorry but you are both full of your selves!

TraderTom (@guest_2099)
5 years ago

I was in your room for the last 2 days. You did use a DOM to show your trades as they were made. You also traded on the ES (not the TF) which is good for all of us that want to scale up our trading to say 10, 20 or 30 contacts per trade. However your performance record has many errors in it. Can you use a spreadsheet like excel to correct the math errors. Why should I trust a moderator who won’t even take the time to post a mathematically correct performance record. Thanks, TraderTom

drdam-1 (@guest_2139)
5 years ago
Reply to  TraderTom

absolutely right on comment Tom. his results are littered with errors along with a very suspect trading commission amount.

Patrick (@guest_2047)
5 years ago

Emmett i wasnt sure if you were able to look back through all of his archives. I was very concerned when I noticed he had a draw down of over $6000 for 1 day -Feb 10 2014 I believe trading 3 contracts and losing almost every trade that day. His stops were at over 20 points on most trades that day and there were a host of trades around 15. anyone trading a smaller account would never never want to risk those kind of stops ever ..Maybe he was just having a knuckle head day but irregardless that is one big red flag.

David G.
David G. (@guest_2025)
5 years ago

Is it just me or do there appear to either be a lot of input errors on Revs spreadsheet regarding IN and OUT prices and the associated P/L listed for those trades or just a bunch of BS trades???

EX: June 30 2015 @ 10:06 L 2 IN @ 2075.25 OUT @ 2058.50 P/L 10 Ticks

WTF???!!!! To me that looks like about a 17 pt. (68 ticks x 2) LOSS????!!! and there’s plenty of these similar type entries on his spreadsheet… he’s either really careless updating his trades or he’s completely full of shit!

RV (@guest_2034)
5 years ago
Reply to  David G.

looks like a simple case of dyslexia. 2075.25 should be 2057.25.
10 ticks if out at 2058.50.


Drekt (@guest_2015)
5 years ago

Reven is a strange guy indeed. He can definitely trade though. I like the fact that there is a comment section in the room aswell, where anyone can comment and anyone can read it live. Not sure if the comments are filtered before being allowed in the room or not. Im guessing not though because my comments show up relatively quickly after being made. I’ve never said anything judgemental either to be screened so who knows. I’ve been seeing a Dr Dean commenting in the room im guessing its Dr Dean Handley. (He praises Reven like a lap dog which can be quite off putting). just an example is when Reven held 5 contracts on the S&P overnight and we got a small peak of them the next morning by accident, they were -$6500 at that stage, obviously sim or Reven has balls of steel, nothing was said. Later on the trade went green and showed up on the trade screen about $2000 in the green. Dr Dean Handley thought it was great and showered Reven in praise, It would be great at a risk to reward ratio of 1 to 3 maybe. who is going to trade that ratio? Not me.
Wrapping it up before this becomes a short story I would say Reven has something to teach, you’ve just got to put up with the commentary.

trader (@guest_2002)
5 years ago

ok thank you Robert, RiosQuant gives you a two week trial

Robert B
Robert B (@guest_2001)
5 years ago

Trader, I have never tried RiosQuant room. I only go to room that trade pure price action with no proprietary indicators. The last room I tried that Dean Handley recommended was the Jaquar Club. What a complete joke that room was. His students went after him on Big Mike and he closed his room after that.

I have yet to find a truly honest, show trades and show actual P/L that trades profitable.

I was thinking about trying Craig’s room. A poster above mentioned he was in Craig’s room on a trial, but when I contacted them they said they did not offer trials.

trader (@guest_1989)
5 years ago

what do you think about RiosQuant

Robert B
Robert B (@guest_1984)
5 years ago

First Emmett I wanted to thank you for your work here. Most trading rooms are complete smoke and mirror cons. And even with you history I trust you more than Dean Handley. Every room he recommended I went into and lost money. He is now recommending Global trading Room. What a complete joke. Talk about a complete circus hindsight no trades shown room. I and everyone I know that has tried their trial has lost money trying to follow their very murky calls, yet Dean claims to make money hand over fist. I would not trust Dean at all. I wish you added a spread sheet showing all the trades you take in the rooms so we can see the draw downs and etc. Another suggestion is maybe add a section where we can bring up trading rooms we have experience and give feedback. Lastly someone mentioned Trading concept. They did not seem to have very good reviews at Big Mike or ForexPeaceArmy. And I could find no posting of their results.

Chris (@guest_1983)
5 years ago

Been in Reven’s room for several trials. In my humble opinion he is a very honest guy that is a good trader and wants his members to succeed.

Colin Unger
Colin Unger (@guest_1985)
5 years ago
Reply to  Chris

How long do you think it would take to get to a point where you could consistently go in and out of his trades as he does? His strategy seems a little bit complicated.

Joe (@guest_1942)
5 years ago

Do you know why birds fly upside down over Emmett Moore?
Because there is nothing worth shitting on.

alex p
alex p (@guest_1914)
5 years ago

just sent you an email thanks

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