Rightline Trading -Update-

Thanks for reading today’s update for Rightline Trading.

On November 6th, 2015 I published a review of Rightline Trading. The original review can be found here. If you have read the review, then you might of noticed that I had spent a great deal of time talking about how honest the vendor seemed to be. And that the trading product was very close to being a recommended trading product. The only reason that I backed off giving the vendor a higher rating is because the vendor was not showing a trading DOM during the live trading room sessions. Normally, when a vendor does not show a trading DOM, or trade from the charts, then the vendor can pretty much expect to get a poor review. With this in mind, I sort of went out on a limb for the vendor, simply because he was so upfront in admitting that his trades could be difficult to replicate.

In addition, I had spent a good deal of time speaking with Dr. Mark Sachs, the founder of Rightline Trading over the telephone, about his product and how he can provide a better and more credible experience for the end user. At all times, he was very cordial, well spoken and thoughtful. He seemed very interested in providing the best possible service.

After speaking with Mark, he agreed that he would immediately begin showing a trading DOM on his screen, at all times. This is a very positive step forward and it gives the consumer a healthy layer of additional information in which is evaluate the trading product. As of November 16, 2015, Rightline Trading is now showing a live trading DOM inside of the trading room. I have to commend Mark for taking this step towards being completely transparent.

However, there are several issues that I failed to uncover and talk about during the original review. And these are not minor issues.

A Red Flag

When I write these reviews, part of the vetting process includes doing a deep search on the internet, looking for customer complaints or any negative information regarding the vendor. I felt that I had done a decent job in searching the internet for “Mark Sachs PhD”. Nothing negative came up. In fact, I even had Mark send me a photo of his degree. It turns out that I did a shitty job on vetting Mark Sachs.

Mark claims to have a PhD in Finance from the prestigious Wharton School of Business. I believed him. It turns out, this not true. He never graduated from Wharton, nor did he earn his PhD in Finance. Mark Sachs lied to me about this, and he lied to the trading community about this as well. As good as I believe that I am at uncovering fraud, there is a reader in the TradingSchools.Org community that is just as passionate about uncovering fraud and fakes. His name is Brain Woodrow and he lives in Tennessee. Brian has been kicked around and been taken advantage of by quite a few trading vendors and he is pissed off about it. He seems to share my own personal passion at researching and finding the truth about some of these hustlers. In fact, I offered him a job writing reviews, I hope he takes my offer of very little pay, and even less recognition.

Apparently, something didn’t pass Brian’s sniff test on my review, and he decided to do his own research. In turns out that Mark Sachs got busted for running a pill mill in South Florida. Brian dug up all sorts of sordid information on Mark Sachs. And none of it was nice reading.

Who in the heck is Mark Sachs?

With all of Brian’s detailed information in hand, it was time to call Mark Sachs on the telephone. Time to confront him. Time for the truth. On November 11, Mark answered the phone. I immediately began detailing the various press releases, the sordid articles, all of the ugly things that had been written. After a long, and very uncomfortable pause, Mark replied….”Ok, you got me”. So now lets talk about who Mark Sachs really is.

Mark Sachs did in fact graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. But it had nothing to do with earning a PhD in Finance from the Wharton School of Business. It turns out that Mark Sachs actually attended medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, Mark is not your average garden variety medical doctor, it turns out that Mark is actually a plastic surgeon. Which to me, is actually much more impressive than going to a business school.

After 17 years of medical school and intense training, Mark set up his own medical practice in the Miami area as a plastic surgeon. In fact, for 11 years Mark operated his own clinic offering nose drsjobs, liposuction, and various other forms of plastic surgery. The following are pictures of Mark performing liposuction with a laser and a picture of Mark with his staff.2015-11-17_13-00-34

At some point in 2011, it appears that Mark made the most ridiculous and incredibly stupid business decision that a person could possibly make. He decided to go into pain management. Mark set up an office that basically issued pain killers to anyone that was willing to pay a fee, usually $250-$400 per person. A person would came into Mark’s office complaining of pain, and Mark wrote a prescription for an opiate. The scheme was so preposterously stupid and ill conceived that I am simply dumbfounded that a respected plastic surgeon would stoop into such a ridiculous scheme. Lets call it what it is…Mark was simply acting as a drug dealer.

I find it so very odd, weird, and morbidly entertaining in watching extremely smart people, with so much to lose…do something so incredibly stupid. Can you imaging spending 17 years to learn to become a surgeon, and then throw it all away on some get rich quick scheme to issue prescriptions to a bunch of drug addicts? Its just nutty. And I am the first to absolutely throw Mark under the bus for making such an idiotic and stupid decision.

In speaking with Mark, he is still in a bit of denial about the whole thing. In our telephone conversation, he attempted to push the blame onto what he describes as rogue medical technician that had stolen his prescription pad and had gone willy nilly all over south Florida. This maybe true, however once a person reads the official complaint from the State Surgeon General of Florida…Marks story that he was actually the victim in this scheme is complete nonsense. In fact, I called the office that prosecuted the case against Mark and they simply laughed at the ridiculous notion that Mark was the victim in this scheme.

If you are curious and want to read about all of the sordid details on a how a talented medical doctor screwed up his life, then you should read the complaint filed by the State of Florida.


If you read this document, its pretty damning stuff. I am still trying to wrap my head around the descriptions that investigators provided regarding the people that showed up at Mark’s office looking to get their fix. Literally, dozens of people waiting in Mark’s office. Sometimes over capacity and overflowing into the common areas of the commercial space that was shared with other businesses. Some detailing “shady characters roaming the hallways”. All waiting to get their script.

As I visualize this in my head, I have a difficult time wrapping my head around how a thoughtful, smart plastic surgeon could possibly get himself into such a wacky scheme! He spent 17 years learning to be a surgeon, another 11 years building what appeared to be a successful medical practice…and then he abandoned it all for the lure of the quick buck. A clinic that enabled drug addicts. Mark is probably going to read this and be horrified at my description. Surely, its going to be painful. But its the cold hard truth. And it ugly for sure.

At the end of this massive blunder by Mark, what was he left with? The State of Florida revoked his medical license and confiscated nearly $700k in cash. His life savings. Overnight, he went from being a respected plastic surgeon in the community to being without a source of income and having his life savings snatched from him. In addition, his name was dragged all through the local press and local television. A reputation completely destroyed.

Mark Sachs: after the shit storm

After Mark lost his license to practice medicine, he was left with a few options. He could pack up and practice medicine in either Pennsylvania or New York. However, in speaking with Mark, he was very candid and explained that he was close to qualifying for social security and simply does not have the energy or the drive to start all over again, from scratch, and with the lingering issues regarding his credibility.

Mark and I also talked about some other personal issues regarding having to deal with our past mistakes. For me, I prefer to be open and honest with people about my incredibly stupid past, felony convictions, time spent in prison, etc. Mark talked about how difficult it is to move forward after making such big mistakes, how this has caused his immediate family shame and embarrassment. How people can be cruel and unforgiving. I get it.

Mark Sachs: the trader

Ok, so now that we have dug up all of Mark’s skeletons and laid them out neatly, for all to see, lets now talk about Mark the trader. In spite of Mark’s massive fuck up, does he have any right to address the trading community? Does he have anything positive to offer? How did he get involved in trading?

In speaking with Mark, he originally caught the trading bug back in 2003. For the first couple of years, he was just like you and me. Wasted money on courses, charlatans, seminars, magic software that was supposed to be able to predict the future, purchased hundreds of books on technical analysis and trading, etc. And just like you and I, he lost money. Lots and lots of money. Mark becomes quite animated and colorful when speaking about his early failures.

In about 2010, Mark feels like he really started to turn the corner in his trading. He became completely obsessed with trading. It was at about this time that he began to drift away from being a plastic surgeon and wanted to become a full time trader. He describes this time as simply losing his intellectual curiosity regarding medicine and ready to do something different with his life. As a person looks at Mark from a broader perspective, it appears that Mark was tired of sucking fat out of wealthy housewives, wanted to make some fast cash and trade full time. The only problem is that his plan of getting out of the medical profession was pure wack-a-doodle. He is lucky that he didn’t end up in state prison. I know prison, guys like Mark Sachs do not last very long in state prison. Not a nice place for a mild manner medical doctor.

Wrapping Things Up

Ok, so now we know all there is to know about Mark Sachs. Like a pinata, we have beaten the hell out of this guy. A former plastic surgeon that likes to trade. And if you attend his live day trading room, you will hear what I heard…the voice of a caring medical doctor. And Mark really is a caring guy. Sure, he made a really stupid mistake and as a result, he lost everything. Now, he just wants to trade and teach trading. Tired of being a doctor. But he needs to stop trying to hide is past, accept it and move forward.

Mark has asked me, “Is it possible for people to judge me for my trading and not look at the stupid mistake that I made?”. My response is simple. Treat people with compassion and offer a product that you can prove actually works, in real time. You will be surprised at what people are willing to look past. Just be honest with folks, put a live DOM on the screen, show your trades. Document all of your trades, be honest about it. Let your trading record speak for you. If you can trade, then folks will buy your product.

Well that’t it for today. I apologize to the community for not rooting out Mark’s “pill mill” past. Definitely should of caught that. But a big thanks to Brian Woodrow for putting in the hard work and uncovering Mark’s true identity.

Going forward, if a person is still considering purchasing Rightline Trading products, I would definitely do the following:

  1. As of Monday, November 16, Mark is now showing a trading DOM. Do yourself a favor and only use the performance data from November 16 forward. Simply disregard the reported trading results prior to November 16, 2015. What you are interested in seeing is whether Mark can trade with a live DOM present on the screen. I would personally want to see 30 days of trading with a DOM.
  2. I would also recommend that you speak with Mark in person over the telephone. Be very candid and explain that you are very suspicious after discovering the pain clinic fiasco.

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below.






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