Delta Trading Group-Dr Clifford Vance Cast ***UPDATE***

Delta Trading Group-Update

Several days ago, I posted a review of the Delta Trading Group, and included a brief write up on the owner, Dr. Clifford Vance Cast. My review was not particularly nice. I specifically called out the good Dr. Cast for not really being a doctor and that the PhD thing was pure nonsense, fantasy that he created out of thin air. In addition, I also had some fun with him over his registration as a duly ordained minister of a church. These were just my personal attacks.

Next, I systematically took part his trading room and exposed it for the complete fraud that it is. A sham operation, specifically created to fleece the most naive and vulnerable. Specifically, AM radio listeners.

As expected, the harsh review whipped up a firestorm. And for the next several days, I was pestered, harassed and harangued by the poor fools that were suckered into paying this charlatan $7,800 for his magic indicators. When the Guru is exposed, the mindless flock of sheep that he commands will usually rush to the defense of their beloved Guru/Messiah etc. The raw challenge to their belief system is hard accept, they become quickly agitated, and they even react angrily. Many of these poor people had not only sent their money on the fake doctor and his promises of easy wealth, but they had also emotionally invested themselves into the dreams of financial freedom that the doctor was selling. Many people came onto my blog and were simply shocked at my allegations that Dr. Vance Cast was just another petty conman.

The Truth Is Now Bubbling To The Surface

Like a sewer that is having a hard time keeping the methane gas from bubbling up to the surface, the truth is getting out. And it aint pretty.

Over the past few days, I have received several private emails and phone calls from several parties that got suckered by Delta Trading Group. The stories were all the same in that he does not trade, and that his magic indicators are just stock indicators that come with every indicator package. But what was more troublesome is that these people had been intimidated by Dr Vance’s Goons. Apparently any complaints, or challenges to the legitimacy of this trading Guru will be met with counter threats of violence, and intimidation.

It turns out that Dr. Vance has a few people working for him that have histories of fraud and violence. These folks help to keep people from complaining or stirring up trouble.

Why would Dr. Vance Cast surround himself with shady characters?

Well, it turns out that not only is our Clifford Vance Cast not only a doctor, a pastor, a commercial pilot, an MBA, a top selling author, and a 20 year professional futures trader. But his also a drug trafficker that has spent the better part of the last 20 years in prison. His first stunt, he was convicted of being a methamphetamine dealer in San Antonio, Texas where he served a prison term. You can find his case here, simply download the case files for the last name C. And then search for Clifford Vance Cast. 400 grams of meth. He plead guilty and got sent to state prison. He get out of prison and what does he promptly do? He goes right back into dealing and distributing methamphetamine. Same bullshit that he just got out of prison for.

He second case was even bigger, this time he got a Federal case. They got him on a RICO charge of transporting and dealing methamphetamine’s over state lines. This second case got him 78 months in federal prison. In 2005, he got lucky and their was a case that made it through the Supreme Court named Booker vs. United States. The Booker case removed the mandatory minimums of sentences of related to drug crimes. The document below shows how he used the Booker case to get his 78 month sentence reduced to 57 months.

Dr. Vance Cast Sentencing

It appears the he finally got out of prison in 2009. You can see the release from the Bureau Of Prisons Here.

Delta Trading Group

When I look at this, I think to myself, this guy is a complete fuck up. Two convictions for methamphetamine’s. Has basically spent the last 20 years in various prisons. And now, just a few short years later he reemerges as a trading guru. Crazy world.

People Who Live In Glass Houses

They say that people that live in glass houses should not throw stones. How fair am I to criticize, while my own crimes were massively more destructive and manipulative than that of a drug dealer. At least Clifford delivered a product. I literally stole hundreds of millions of dollars, and just like Clifford, I also went to Federal Prison, in fact Clifford and myself were both in prison at the same time. Is it really OK for me to be bashing this guy? Who in the hell am I anyway.

And this brings up a larger point, I know first hand what it is like to get out of prison and have absolutely nothing. To not know where your next meal is coming from, or how you are going to feed your kids, or get a job as middle aged man, or readjust back into society. After spending three years locked up in a federal prison, it is true that I have a soft spot for anyone going through this experience. I might even have a bit of a soft spot for Clifford. In fact, I find it sort of amazing that he put all of this together and has something like 300 people in his trading room. Fascinating. Certainly not a stupid guy. Very clever.

No Reason To Be Afraid

Some of the folks that I spoke with were afraid to use their names because once they discovered that Clifford was actually an ex con, dealing in methamphetamine, they got very fearful. As if Clifford were somehow Walter White from Breaking Bad, or that some meth head bikers would show up and drive circles around their house. Shooting holes in the windows, screaming obscenities, long greasy hair flying all over the place, loud stupid motorcycle with no muffler. You get the picture? Believe me, I spent three years in a federal prison and the place was packed to the rafters (literally) was people just like Clifford. Most are perfectly nice people that got mixed up with drugs and then started dealing to support the habit and earn extra money. Clifford Vance Cast is nobody to be afraid of.

Well that’s it for the follow up. Thanks for reading.

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Clifford Vance Cast apparently has a mail-order MBA from the internet (from University of Phoenix) as well as an online Ph.D of Philosophy (from Capella University). I find it most difficult to start off with a $9,600 loss (supposedly discounted from $20,295, and it becomes a loss of $15,000 if you add a year’s membership dues.


The Bexar Correctional Facility must have had a hell of a computer department considering that’s where he spent the 1990s (and that’s not including time spent behind bars in North Carolina in the 2000s) when he was gaining all his trading knowledge and programming “sophisticated trading algorithms”. I have no doubt any “education” was gained behind bars as well. The dude is a complete fraud.

Linda Ison

The radio show was so sleazy and patronizing I felt compelled to Google its sponsor. Took awhile to link to Delta and “Dr.” Cast. Will complain to station. Thank you for exposing this sociopath.


I called them out of curiosity a few weeks ago after hearing the usual way-too-long-winded pitch on AM radio one Saturday. The guy in the other end sounded like a used car salesman and the infomercial on the radio gave the product away as a scam as soon as the host made the telltale “work from home” pitch. “I made $15K by clicking my mouse 3 times.” Enough said, except for the criminal element of robbing at the tune of 7K or whatever the figure is.


Yep that guy is a phony. I used to be a member. Place is run by a fly by night operation. It’s all dreams and lollipops. You won’t make any money. You’ll lose it all


you are so full of shit. i am a member and doc has shown me how to make thousands so far. stop with the bullying this man. you know nothing. he is a wonderful mentor and very transparent. let me guess hes competition.


“doc has shown me how to make thousands so far”

Show us your statements.

Rob B
Cap, You are the one making self-proclaimed unsubstantiated claims of making thousands via the doc method. You are the one that needs to show proof of your claims. Emmett is making no claims except that the Doc is a scammer and wrote an article about it. It is Dr. Vance that needs to show proof he can trade profitable to back up his claims. Seriously, do you shills not realize what idiots you sound like with post like this. It is like you hire a roofing company and ask for some proof they have actually done a roof before and… Read more »
shill card.jpg

Rob, Cap was quoting Donna Shill.


Slight mistake Rob. It seems that “donna” is the one making the shameless shill claim, and “cap” is the one challenging her. No?

Rob B


Sorry Cap. This is what happens when you get old and read too fast.