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A slippery hustler of a penny stock promoter that has figured out how to parlay sophisticated Pump And Dump deception into a new venture of selling worthless DVD’s and subscription trading advisories.

Pros: Very, very slick marketer. Is extremely skilled at harnessing the implicit legitimacy of into massive amounts of sales of DVD's and monthly advisory newsletters.
Cons: Trades cannot be verified. The chat room is a poor quality experience where no specific trade entries from Nathan are given. Yet another trading charlatan that will not verify real trades.

A Closer Look At Nathan Michaud and Investors Underground

Investors Underground

Investors Underground

Underground Scan Advisory

Underground Scan Advisory

In today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at Nathan Michaud of Investors Underground and Investors Live. Both Investors Underground and Investors Live are stock day trading rooms that offer live trading recommendations for a monthly fee of either $197, or $297. In addition to a live trading room, Nathan Michaud also markets and sells an educational DVD titled Textbook Trading for $1,197 and another educational DVD titled Tandem Trader for $1,147. Both of the DVD’s proclaim to teach you all of the techniques and talents that you will need to make money. How much money? A lot. Millions of dollars. In fact, on, Nate proclaims verified gains of $6,700,000 from the Investors Underground subscription advisory, as well $226,000 from the Underground Scans advisory, and then finally a profit of $4,180,000 for the Underground Elite advisory. The following are proclaimed to be verified gains from actual account statements that were uploaded directly from brokerages and are certified “tamper proof”. The platform was designed and is maintained by Mike Mosseri, whom I have conversed with multiple times regarding the veracity, honestly, and robust fraud prevention techniques at Mike Mosseri stands by these numbers.

Investors Underground Elite

Investors Underground Eliteveracity and authenticity of his platform.

Tamper Proof Millions?

As I look at these equity curves, I really am amazed at the marvelous slope of profits. In only a short period of time, just by purchasing a DVD and copying the Investors Underground Trades, I too can have the possibility of starting with nothing and being a multimillionaire within a couple of years. And since all of this comes with a guarantee that all of these trades were executed, why should I not just quit my day job and become a millionaire trader just like Nathan Michaud?

Is Really Real?

Well folks, unfortunately is literally a vipers den of hustlers and cons submitting fake trading data. In fact, I am so sure that is total BS that I set out to be the VERIFIED WORST TRADER on You can read about the BS of by reading either of my previous posts Located HERE and HERE.

Back To Nathan Michaud

One of the things I enjoy about Nathan is how well he markets his service, and the slick approach that he executes the marketing strategy on a daily basis. On one platform…, he is active and uses the platform as a proxy performance location where “real trades”, from supposedly real account statements are posted. is a massive traffic source that lead directly to his website. Which of course is strangely devoid of any charts showing those multiple million dollar trading profits. And so, on one hand Nathan is using the implied  third party credibility of, and on the other hand, which is his website, he does not need to show massive trading profits. Showing massive returns on his main website only opens him up to scrutiny. However, Nathan was always not so careful, in fact he used to constantly trumpet his success on his main website. You will not find any trace today, however if you were to peruse and search, you will find that actually randomly saves screen shots of previous website images and text. The image that you see to the right was scraped from Investors Underground I dont know about you, but verified profit of $9,000,000 for Investors Underground seems a little rich. The best part is that this supposed profit happened over ONE TRADING DAY. Amazing! Sign me up!

Of course, I have had quite a few doubts for several months about Nathan Michaud. I have reached out to him multiple times. I always ask the same things, can you send me a spreadsheet of the trades that you called live in your trading room? I want to see if the live calls inside the live trading room really match up with the services. Ask, ask, ask. I try and try and dig for the truth. Thus far, the only thing that Nathan will provide are the logs inside the chat room. He says that everything is revealed in those logs. What you see below are a typical day’s trading logs, which contain all of the proof that I need (so says Nathan). Have a look…the following log is from March 11, 2015, and according to, nearly $100,000 in verified trading profits were accumulated during this single trading session. See if you can find the profits, this is what Nathan Michaud sent me, this is supposed to constitute as proof of his trading success.


Well, if you are like myself, after reading this hodgepodge of word scramble, then you are probably more than a little confused. However, perhaps confusion and misdirection are all part of the ruse? Perhaps there is a certain genius to the method of providing information from source A, which implies credibility and then using this information to induce someone to take action at source B. I dont know, but the more I look at this and think about this, the more this whole thing appears to resemble a stock manipulation or a pump or dump. Did I say pump or dump? Yes. Lets continue.

Slick Marketing, Deception, Pump And Dump, Nathan Michaud

How did Nathan become such a deceptive marketer? The truth is that he got his start a few years ago as a pump and dump con artist. What is this? A pump and dump is where a slick internet marketer colludes with a penny stock operator to create artificial demand for a virtually unregulated security. The scheme is pretty simple actually, you create a bunch of internet press releases touting some incredible breakthrough for a little known company, and then have several counter parties that hold large portions of virtually worthless penny stock trade huge quantities of worthless stock among themselves. The effect is to create a massive amount of hype, fake wealth creation and huge trading volume. The volume, internet hype and hysteria begins to take on a life of its own and the price of the worthless penny stock spikes higher. Once the spike hits, the promoters quickly dump the shares of stock for a profit. The little guy with the stock trading account loses his money. Pump and dumps are fraud. But at their heart, its all about deception. Creating the illusion of something legitimate and exciting happening at location A, while steering the target into location B, and location B is where the profit motive is executed. So, within the context and relationship that and Investors Underground currently coexist, it becomes highly apparent that Nathan Michaud has taken his learned power of deception in promoting penny stocks into a similiar parallel relationship in selling fraudulent investment advisory services. Great for Nathan. Probably not for you.

Digging Deeper

Some of you might not need to read any further. However, if you are interested in learning more about Nathan and the pump and dump culture, you really need to understand some of these colorful characters. In Nathans last pump and dump, he was fined nearly $100,000 from the Securities and Exchange Commission. You can read all about the complaint below, I found the scheme quite interesting and reveal that depths and levels of deception that some of these characters will explore…


The Criminal Investigation

The document that you read above is the result of the SEC and a civil investigation. However, once in a while a civil fraud investigation will be so egregious and damaging to the public trust that the SEC will refer activities contained within the civil complaint to the Department Of Justice for criminal prosecution. The SEC is civil, the Depart of Justice works with the FBI and that means fail time. If you follow the progression of the criminal complaint, you will find that 6 of the 8 original defendants all served lengthy prison sentences. One defendant in particular, Pawel Dynkowski has yet to be arrested and remains a fugitive. Of the original 8, I was curious about Nathan and how he and one other person escaped prosecution.

Last month, I contacted Investors Underground and asked if Nathan would like to comment on the civil and criminal portions of the case, specifically how his co-defendents went to prison and he avoided it. He proclaims that he is innocent and since he did not go to prison, this proves his innocents. However, the truth is a little more complicated. I next contacted the US Attorneys office that prosecuted the criminal portion of the case and requested comment. They would not speak with me. However, the investigator for the Securities and Exchange Commission was more helpful. We talked about the case, the particulars of these types of frauds and how these cases are typically resolved by cooperative individuals that agree to talk, cut a deal to explain the intricacies of the scheme, and pay a fine. Such is the case of Nathan Michaud. His close insider testimony was crucial in the SEC’s investigation. In short,  the smaller fish, Nathan Michaud avoided criminal prosecution by ratting on the bigger fish, Matt Brown and various other participants. In addition to cutting a deal to avoid criminal prosecution, he also paid a fine of nearly $100,000.

I dont know about you, but a fine and the actual paying of $100,000 is serious. Nathan can claim that he is innocent and that he was actually the victim. But in speaking with the case investigator at the SEC, and asking the investigator if Nathan was actually the victim brought out a long and hearty laugh. In fact, the investigator said that the people that operate these pump and dump schemes are rarely ever prosecuted, and to think that these defendants had not operated many times prior, and many other frauds is a laughable prospect.

Wrapping Things Up

Nathan Michaud has a huge amount of customers. Many of whom act like he is some sort of financial Jesus. I will definitely be lambasted and attacked for writing this review. But at the end of the day, I have written what I believe to be the truth. And the truth, to me is pretty obvious. The obviousness of this is that Nathan Michaud has parlayed a career of scamming penny stock investors, into a new career of selling bogus educational products. He has taken the same basic principle of deception and moved it a new medium, a new platform. Well that’s if for today and thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.













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Okay, anyone with any honest experience in the field can see right through the bullshit of Nathan Michaud and his band of clowns. Have I ever subbed him? No. Do you know what an IB is? An introducing broker? Instead of an official front business, Nathan and the gang are just the face of the same scheme: to pump liquidity into a particular or multiple markets/stocks. They get paid for that kind of maneuver, whether by the company or the trading platform they’re always pumping. People who sub “Investors” Underground are literally paying twice: the front membership, and the shearing… Read more »
Jackson Five
Jackson Five

Nathan is just another artist roping in the starry-eyed. He cheers on his charities in order to ease his suffering conscience, but the fact is that he knows he does more harm than good. Shame. Avoid.

Michael Storm
Michael Storm
Pretty awesome review. I read both the original and follow up. I also am a trader of 17 years with a lot of experience. Being that trading is a lonely business and its more fun with others, I too joined this group for about 2 months. And I gave it my 100% all both in focus and attention. Try as hard as I could, I could not understand the lingo used throughout the day. A few times I did even Direct Message Nathan to ask some questions. The replies were very short, and sometimes rude. If I asked another question… Read more »
I think the major challenge consumers face is once the scammer gets exposed enough to where the tactic no longer works, he/she will move on to another medium only to continue the fraudulent behavior(just in another form). Emmett according to you, Nathan Michaud could be a prime example of this i.e. moving from pump & dump schemes to selling “worthless” educational products about trading. I still think its important to continue to raise awareness about these people especially in this unregulated space of selling so called “trading education and mentorship” through online chatrooms and overpriced DVDs. I hope people will… Read more »
just an operator
just an operator
that figures, i watched a couple hours of one of his earlier products, and it just didn’t make any sense to me. I mean i expected to understand at least half of it, but it just seemed to be mumble jumbo, i couldn’t even understand 20% of it. so now i understand, the whole thing was probably 80% bs. and now he’s got this investors charity thing going on, it figures he wants everyone to believe he’s also a good guy. and every picture of him he’s got a big smile. damn, just another con artist conning the fools who… Read more »
Good to see a truthful posting about Michaud and his fraud ring. InvestorsLive is good at promoting his trading service, posting fake reviews online, and recruiting affiliates to market his products, but the truth is he is nothing but a snake oil sales person selling a get rich quick scheme. The chatroom is BS, the trading “strategy” is complete BS and I haven’t seen one person profit long term using this strategy. Sure a few traders in the “IU” group get lucky and have some big profitable days, but in the end all of them end up blowing up their… Read more »
Phil w

Doesn’t look like it’s over 1 month. Modern rock even recommends him and doesn’t like sykes and hates gurus..

Peter Andersson
Peter Andersson

Emmet what about Tim Sykes do you have to say if you say all this about Michaud ???