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Stelios Stylianou wants you to believe that he earns millions of dollars each year by day trading. He claims, “It’s so easy” and “I want to teach you — for free!”

All you have to do is attend the Discord live trading room and copy and paste his trades for easy day trading profits. And it’s totally free!

But before you get worked up into a frothy lather over this free offer, you should know that Stelios is only trading on a simulator. In fact, the trading simulator is being provided by none other than perennial scammer — Meir Barak of TradeNet. The same Meir Barak that was recently caught working with Raging Bull selling bullshit investment products at Mar A Lago before the FTC shut it down.

Stock Lock Trading is an affiliate marketing scheme run amok. Where phony trading educators are encouraged to produce whack-a-doodle performance summaries from simulated trading accounts, with the endgame of convincing consumers to deposit their money into illegal offshore “brokerage” accounts through a trading education scheme.

What Stelios Stylianou is not telling you is that his “free” trading education is nothing more than a scam where he earns a 20% commission and his trades are 100% simulated account nonsense.

Avoid this scammer.


Clever social media marketing



Best buddies with Meir Barak of TradeNet

Simulated trading nonsense

Students are encouraged to open investment accounts in shady third world countries

The “free offer” is a Greek horse filled with financial tricks and traps

Thanks for reading today’s review of Stock Lock Trading.

What is Stock Lock Trading, and what are they selling? According to the Stock Lock Trading website, they are selling nothing! It’s totally free! A free day trading education.

But what is “free?” According to Stelios Stylianou, he is a professional day trader and he wants to help you become a fabulously wealthy day trader — for free.

Stelios is a kind and generous Greek, and he is “bearing gifts.” But before you trust this Greek, perhaps this is a story analogous to the Trojans’ war. Who trusted the Greeks by wheeling into their fortified walls a glorious wooden horse. A horse painted with bright colors and beautiful to the eye. Built with such an exquisite hand that the Trojan soothsayers immediately declared that it “must be a free gift from the gods!”

The Trojan warriors looked around. They saw no sign of the Greek warriors that had been attempting to storm their walls for the past many years. All to steal their loot, to rape their woman, to butcher and enslave their children. The Greeks had simply disappeared. And all that remained on that gloriously beautiful morning was the exquisite wooden horse.

The horse was big and it was beautiful. It was nearly fifty feet high. And it was adorned with glittering things. The Trojan soothsayers wanted those glittering things. But the Trojan warriors were wary. The greedy soothsayers were not. For the soothsayers believed in mysticism and gods and fantasies. They saw this beautiful wooden horse that stood before the gates as more than just a “gift from the gods” to “signify victory over the Greeks.”

As the story unfolds in the Aeneid, the Trojan soothsayers saw the wooden object as a way to further solidify their power over the Trojan populace. But the Trojan warriors remained wary. They looked upon this glittering massive horse reluctantly. The Trojan warriors were seasoned and had experienced much, and had learned from their forefathers that the Greeks were sneaky bastards.

Well, at the end of the day, the soothsayers got their wish. Their greed got the best of them. They convinced the populace to wheel into their gates the glittering and artfully adorned wooden horse. But again, the Trojan warriors cried out, “this looks fuckin’ fishy!”

The soothsayers cried out, “Its not fishy. Look, the Greek ships have left the harbor, they are gone. Let’s throw a huge party! We have finally defeated the Greeks”

And so they wheeled into the gates the beautiful wooden horse and proceeded to throw a huge 10 keg party. Everyone got wasted. Girls were tearing off their clothes and dancing naked in the streets. It looked like the scene from a Girls Gone Wild video.

The Greek after party

Approximately three hours after wheeling the gigantic horse into the city of Troy, while everyone was boozy and well oiled, one of the Roman soothsayers said, “Hey, lets build a 25 foot ladder and climb up that massive horse.”

A ladder was quickly erected as several of the hottest girls promised to dance naked on top of the Greek horse.

The first to climb the ladder was a soothsayer named Aris. He was feeling a little boozy but somehow he made his way to the underbelly of the massive wooden horse. He giggled at the sight of an erect prong, for it was expertly hewn from spruce and painted a bright red. He thought to himself, “This is yet another sign that the gods want us to party hard.”

As he moved his face closer to the erect penis, he noticed that the pee hole had something shiny protruding through the end. He moved his eye closer still. And in that moment, a mighty blade of iron shot out of the pee hole and drove deep into his eye and into his brain. He died instantly and fell to the ground with a bloody thud.

A moment later, the belly of the wooden horse dropped open and six ropes fell to the ground. And from these ropes snaked 30 of the nastiest Greek warriors that anyone could ever imagine. In a flash, they began slicing and butchering anything and everything within range. The crowd shrieked and screamed in horror as heads began to drop from lifeless bodies and entrails began to drop from sliced open bellies.

It all happened in a horrifying moment. Then the 30 Greeks raced toward the mighty wooden gates of Troy and threw a black sticky substance upon the gates and lit it aflame. They then formed a defensive position around the wooden gates as they burned. The Trojans tried to reach the gates to extinguish the flames as they knew that if the massive wooden gates were destroyed, then the stone walls could no longer protect the city within.

The hinges on the massive wooden gates quickly began to weaken. And within a few minutes, the entire doors dropped from the hinges and crashed onto the ground.

Off in the distance, the great Greek ships could be seen on the ocean horizon. But little did the Trojans know, that the ships were actually empty. For the Greek warriors were actually hiding outside the city walls, about a half mile away behind a hilly outcrop.

In the span of 30 minutes, the entire Greek army flooded into the city of Troy. The Trojan war, which had spanned 10-years of bloody fighting quickly ended with the boozy and disorganized Trojans slaughtered within their own precious walls.

Beware of Stock Lock Trading and Stelios Stylianou’s “Greek Horse”

Once again, Stelios Stylianou wants you to believe that he is a millionaire day trader. His face is handsome and soft around the edges. His hair is perfectly cut and well-groomed. He speaks perfect English. And his voice sounds like the ballad of honest angels.

I want you to be a millionaire day trader, like me, for free.

Stelios is a man bearing free gifts. And his free gifts include a live day trading room that he offers on a Discord channel. Additionally, he is very active on social media, with thousands of followers on his very active YouTube channel.

Stelios also promotes on Twitter, with thousands of followers, where he tweets out his supposed entries and exits — after the market closes. (how convienant)

But the most powerful and highly hyped social media channel is Instagram, where he has amassed nearly 70k followers.

The Instragram channel is truly an amazing display of riches and day trading glory.

Stelios Stylianou’s Instagram channel is his GREEK HORSE.

Behold the Greek Horse

Once again, Stelios is offering this rich assortment totally free. Just show up to the live day trading room, and then behold the great riches and day trading profits that he posts on a nearly daily basis.

In fact, during the past several years, you will find that Stelios claims that he “typically earns $50k per day from day trading.” And he “wants to give something back to traders because he knows your struggles.”

Below are images plucked from his very colorful and well adorned Greek horse, oops I mean Instagram channel. Notice the exotic locations, the beautiful lady, and most importantly — day trading by the pool, and on the beach…

Day trading is so easy. And I want you day trading with me, at a resort, while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Not that you have sampled his “lifestyle” you must see what he claims to earn on a daily basis…

Its so easy! And free!

This is but a small sampling of the ridiculous claims that Stelios makes. In fact, to make a complete collage of what he claims to earn, I would likely consume 10% of the entire internet.

The key to remember is that everything is totally free. Stelios just wants you to be rich, like him, and his “free gift” is financial independence and a life of lounging by the pool on your laptop earning millions of dollars each year.

Most smart Trojans would simply laugh at this silly Greek and his ridiculous horse. They would be readers of TradingSchools.Org and know that we have spent years debunking these sorts of internet scams.

But since its all “totally free” then how could it possible be a scam? I mean, this friendly Greek is selling nothing! He just wants you to show up at his live trading room and “copy and paste” his trades so that you can also “earn $10,007 in one hour”…

Earn $10k per hour while sitting by the pool.

How the “scam” really works

Does anyone remember Meir Barak? TradingSchools.Org has written several articles about Meir Barak.

Meir runs a phony brokerage/prop trading firm that supposedly “employs” professional day traders. But in order to become “employed” you must purchase a $16k trading package.

The trading package is more slippery than an eel. A person deposits his money into a brokerage account located in Vanuatu. The monies that are deposited are then converted into “credits” where aspiring day traders can then speculate on a stock trading simulator.

The person can never withdraw their $16k deposit. Instead, they must first earn $16k, trading on the (rigged) simulator and then desperately hope to earn a profit beyond the $16k.

All the while, each “employed” trader must pay a monthly fee and high commissions for each simulated trade.

Essentially, this is simply a phony stock brokerage hidden under an offshore book-making operation. And it’s totally fucking illegal in the United States.

But how does this scam perpetuate with the same enthusiasm as the coronavirus? Its simple. Through affiliate marketing.

Meir Barak and Stelios Stylianou

The scam is both clever and cunning. Its relies upon trust, greed, and social media.

Potential victims are lured into the web through social media advertising (Greek horse) and are then slowly coaxed into trusting Stelios Stylianou, like the way a pervert priest slowly grooms the altar boy.

Stelios fills the potential victims heads with his social media glory of making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month by trading through Meir Barak’s phony stock trading simulator.

Meir and Stelios work hand-in-hand. Though the victim is unaware of this sticky relationship. Here is Meir and Stelios enjoying some time together…

Scammers since 2016

The victims are herded into the live trading room and it all looks and feels so legitimate. After the trading day, Stelios posts his amazing profits on social media.

But most of the victims are financial neophytes whose only resource is whatever they can borrow on their credit cards. And Stelios tells them, “Look, you don’t have much money to trade, but I have a solution for you.”

He then tells the victim to purchase a “day trading job” from Meir Barak for $16k (or whatever credit they have available) and that Meir will give them up to $300k in “credits” that they can day trade with.

The victim is star-struck. All he has to do pay $16k and he gets $300k to trade. And the best part is that Stelios is going to show him how to earn $100k “easily” by simply copying and pasting the trades in his live trading room.

“You will pay off your credit card balance in a week” Stelios coos into the Discord chatroom.

At this point, you should be thinking, “But if a trader actually makes money, then Meir Barak and his phony book-making operation are losing money.” And so why would Meir Barak be lounging by the pool with Stelios? The answer is simple…the students are not making money. The only people making money are Meir and Stelios.

But how does Stelios actually make money? What you don’t know is that Stelios and Meir have a side affiliate deal where Stelios gets 20% of whatever he can convince his students to deposit into Meir’s phony stock brokerage account.

As crazy as all this reads, this is exactly what happened to me back in 2018. Meir Barak wanted a piece of the TradingSchools.Org audience and he actually wanted me to push his dogshit phony brokerage scheme to my audience. He offered me 20% of whatever I could convince my audience to deposit. Have a look at the contract he offered me…


Of course, Meir thought I was sucking his dick the entire time. But in actuality, I was in contact with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission the entire time. Slowly dripping them the information they needed to squash this bug.

And yes, he was squashed. You can read about that here.

Wrapping things up

Thanks for making it this far. I know my writing style is rife with mistakes and difficult to consume. Hemingway — I am not. But hopefully, you came away just a little bit smarter than when you arrived.

The first thing to remember is that “There is no free lunch in this world.” Nobody in the shady trading world is going to hand you a free golden goose that is going to starting pooping golden eggs directly into your trading account. In fact, the next time you hear about a “free offer” for an investment product, I want you to think about poor Aris who climbed up the ladder to the Greek horse and put his eye close to the pee hole. Things didn’t work out for poor Aris. And it didn’t work out so well for the Trojans.

And further, it’s good to remember that day trading is primarily a rigged game. Sure, you can get lucky for a month, a year, or maybe longer, but at the end of the road…the averages tend to catch up and you become one of the suckers. In fact, I wrote an article the explores the abysmal statistics of day traders throughout the world, you can read that article here.

So what does work? Well, I can tell you from experience that a few things actually work. And it has nothing to do with learning from some idiot Guru. The first and most obvious is to simply buy high quality, dividend producing stocks and never sell them. The second would be selling options premium to suckers that believe they can predict where a stock will go in the future. The third is to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and buy small portions of speculative stocks that have business models that just make sense at your core. By doing your own research, you will have the fortitude and strength to hold them when everyone else is heading for the exits.

Once again, thanks for reading.


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Twistertrv1 (@guest_7095737)
1 year ago

More rules for RV

1) If pivot high or low breaks or it cracks before trigger, you start process over
2) No inside dailys!
3) minimum 1 million volume before open
4) 2-3R to low of day or high of day from trigger
5) No more than 3 attempts per stock
6) If going long, if low of day cracks ticker is off watch list (Same thing for high of day)
7) If taking a long, after new high wait for red candle to close before going long (If shorting wait to see green candle)
8) If significant move is made before trigger comes, not taking it
9) Stop after max 5R loss
10) Watch no more than 8 stocks per day
11) take 40-60% partial at 2R, most holding for 3R

Twistertrv1Actual (@guest_7096444)
1 year ago
Reply to  Twistertrv1

I am the actual Twistertrv1 from the MasterClass, the above poster used my discord name to try to gain credibility or something, I don’t know. I have been a Masterclass member for 6 months, and I have learned so much from it. StockLock and BagCollector and the other admins definitely know what they are doing, and the results speak for themselves. Joining the Masterclass was probably the best thing I ever did for my personal development as a trader. I am currently in a mentorship program with StockLock, and I can tell that every day I am improving.
Don’t believe the haters that post on this page. They are losers who were unable to use the information they were given to be profitable. StockLock and the masterclass are the real deal.

Carlos (@guest_7105910)
1 year ago

Mesaorias, 6, Kaimakli, 1026, Leykosia, Kypro the adress of this scum ,if u ever feel like talking to him

Nathan Kirby
Nathan Kirby (@guest_7095338)
1 year ago

SL1 (9EMA Strategy):

Gap at least 2.5%, 30k pre market volume. Wait for the stock to touch the 9EMA, look for a long or short entry after the 9EMA touch.

SL2 (Momentum continuation Strategy)

Look for a stock breaking out to new highs. On the break of the previous day high, look for a entry over that level.

SL3 (Four Soldiers)

Look for a stock that has 3-4 15 minute green candles straight, short the lower high.

SL5 (Afternoon trade)

Look for a stock that is extended from the VWAP and has been running down all day when the market is strong. Look for an entry, target is VWAP.

SL8 (VWAP fade)

Look for a big push off the open, on the retest of the VWAP look for a short

SL15 (Inside bar consolidation strategy)

Traded on the 15 minute time frame. Look for a stock at 90 day+ highs. You want the inside bar to be small, take it long.

jack (@guest_7096440)
1 year ago
Reply to  Nathan Kirby

im surprised you have this much time to type all this out, arent you busy doing drugs and ‘being homeless’

Nathan Kirby
Nathan Kirby (@guest_7095334)
1 year ago

This is the game plan for members which no one uses as they don’t work anyways

Game Plan (CST)

Scan for gappers
Scan for yesterdays runners for SL-2 candidates
Scan for multiday runners for the Zeus hammer strategy
Analyze the charts by drawing important levels on the daily, weekly and intraday chart. Also draw lines at yesterdays high-low and todays pre-market high-low (SL-6) if it’s a gapper

8:30-9:00AM SL-1 (9 EMA)
SL-2 (Momentum Conitnuation)
SL-4 (Parabolic short)
SL-6 (Opening Range)
Zeus Hammer

9:00-10:30AM SL-15 (15min time frame)
All other strategies except SL-5
SL-15 30min after 9:30

10:30-1:00PM SL-15 (30min, 1hr time frames)
SL-3 (Four soldiers)

1:00PM-Market Close SL-5 (Afternoon trade)
SL-15 (30min, 1hr time frames)
SL-3 (Four soldiers)

Nathan Kirby
Nathan Kirby (@guest_7095323)
1 year ago

I was in the masterclass. It is a waste of money, nobody uses any of Stock Lock’s garbage from the masterclass. Everyone is trading this RV strategy which can be traded on any time frame, save your $1k and here you go.


1) Wait for a lower low
2) next wait for a green candle (doji, hammer or inside bar preferred)
3) short below this candle, stop above candle or pivot high


1) Wait for a higher high
2) Next wait for a red candle (doji, hammer or inside bar preferred)
3) long above this candle, stop below or pivot low

jack (@guest_7096564)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

You’re an idiot, and what you don’t know is that this Nathan guy is a violent, confirmed druggie and homeless who has threatened to murder members of the community on numerous occasions. Im not mad at you but i for sure pity the fact you have nothing better to do with your time or life than to post reviews, thats why you’re living month to month Emmett, you’re a keyboard warrior but a little bitch in the real world.

have a good pathetic average little life.

jack (@guest_7096439)
1 year ago
Reply to  Nathan Kirby

too bad you got the strategy wrong retard

Last edited 1 year ago by jack
Mickael A.
Mickael A. (@guest_6070584)
2 years ago

Here’s my review about StockLock,

First off, this guy trades on a demo account. I have nothing against that, but at least be honest with your students.. Same for an admin called BagCollector. He trades on a demo as well.

As written in the review, he is using the Colmex platform.

Now, let’s talk about the ‘famous’ strategies….

The one they use the most is called the ‘RV’. What a joke.. This is basically a lower high on the 5min chart. So, you wait for a new low, then wait for a green candle, and then look for a doji, hammer, or an inside bar. That’s your trigger. The members are going to take a partial at roughly 0.8R to 1R. You just need to start over if you break a pivot.

Do you really think that you are the first one to find that? Seriously? hahaha

Other than that, it’s all common strategies that everyone is using already. Basically, the SL1 witch is a ‘VWAP fade on the 5min’. Then there’s the SL8 witch is a ‘VWAP rejection on the 1min’.

Then, there’s the SL15. Basically, a break of consolidation on the 15min chart.

Now, seeing that he gets fewer new members, he started a Zoom live trading group. Obviously, there’s a fee every month. You think you will see him trade right? NOP. He will share his TC2000 charts and that’s it.

Please please please, don’t fall for this scam. Same bullshit as Meir(Tradenet).

If you think what i’m saying is dog shit, ask those guys for trading statements. Not only an excel file or a screenshot. A REAL trading statement. What they will show you is only P&L pictures!!

joesmoe (@guest_6074808)
2 years ago
Reply to  Mickael A.

Wow, thanks dude. I actually thought they were making legit profits. You seriously have me doubting that now.

jack (@guest_7096443)
1 year ago
Reply to  joesmoe

Thing is, they are. This entire review is complete horseshit. always will have sour characters who cant get profitable thyre angry about it and have to lash out and find some reason behind it, cant accept that they just suck at trading no.. no we cant do that cant take responsibility for ourselves we have to blame someone else

Mike mar
Mike mar (@guest_6062438)
2 years ago

I have pie 1000$ for his courses and I spent 2 years doing everything according to the system which never worked he hires people like Dave that encourage everybody to pay for the course and send everybody bogus information, he is a real scammer and I really know after spending so much time using his useless strategies

Psilo (@guest_6062389)
2 years ago

I really don’t know why you are so sour with Meir and Stelios? Are you such a bad trader? I guess you are or maybe you don’t understand some aspects of this whole game, like for instance the fact that CFDs are legal in Europe (get. Over. It.)

luis (@guest_6062140)
2 years ago

i have the course of stocklock 50% off if anyone they have, PM me.

dtchurn (@guest_6062111)
2 years ago

So this is what Meir wanted Emmett and tradingschools to become with that vig deal offer. Glad Emmett was just putting on a show of consideration , entertainment in that first review with Barak. Kind of like the wine and chat segment with the big bad in a Bond film, before getting down to real shutdown business.

Last edited 2 years ago by dtchurn
Nadina S
Nadina S (@guest_6062112)
2 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Yes how about it? Affiliation with Meir! I always new there must be another reason for this great forum to exist.
You and Cyn can be moderators. Don’t worry you’d be trading on Meir’s simulator. Let’s tone advertising down – no planes or jachts. Show we are a real deal. Just make sure you two get a pic of yourselves with 8 monitors in the background and with Emmett’s French bulldog Jewel sitting on your lap. She will be our maskot. Heck if people prefer poodles let’s get a poodle! Emmett would be the point of contact with Meir since they have such good relationship. Boondoggle can sort the legal stuff and keep us out of trouble. Stray can answer any potential refund requsts threatening people to be fed their bollocks – no one would ever ask for a refund. Also he can ask his great grand aunt (the one married to independent court monitor) to deny people refunds if the whole thing ends up in court. But if we have Boondoggle to guide us that would never happen. We can even get Cardinal Cash to advertise us on his youtube channel. And we are set.
I could take payments into my PayPal account if everyone is OK with that.

JoeSmoe (@guest_6062100)
2 years ago

What I find funny about this is that I think Stocklock is a straight up legit, talented trader, but now he’s getting shit-stained for associating with CFD’s and Meir Barak. Rightfully so and no way for him to prove he’s actually profitable.

Stelios, why don’t you try your hand at real securities trading (yeah, we know CFD’s are legal in Europe). But see how well your “short below X” works without your pending order guaranteed in front and liquidity sometimes questionable. Nice guy though. I like him. Surprised w/ his personality he ventured into some of the trader porn tactics on Instagram. You think he’d be frustrated with his relatives and friends hitting him up for $.

Cyn Wedding
Cyn Wedding (@guest_6062080)
2 years ago

And so they wheeled into the gates the beautiful wooden horse and proceeded to throw a huge 10 keg party. Everyone got wasted. Girls were tearing off their clothes and dancing naked in the streets. It looked like the scene from a Girls Gone Wild video.”

This description is just too hilarious. People around me as asking why I am LOL at the computer. “Girls Gone Wild” in ancient times? “10 keg party”? Only 10?

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