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Louis Navellier: Florida's Finest Snake Oil Salesman?
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Louis Navellier wants you to know that he is a very rich man. That he lives in a big mansion in Boca Raton, Florida. That he owns a fleet of exotic cars that he calls “land yachts.” And he owns a private jet, and lives next door to Donald Trump, and eats unlimited shrimp cocktail.

Louise Navellier wants to manage your money. For a fee, of course.

And he wants to sell you his “secrets” of wealth in the form of books, courses, and stock picking services. He wants you to believe that you can earn 600%, 762%, or 1725%. He coos “Want to learn how to 5X, 10X, even 20X your stock gains?”

All of these “secrets” can be had…for only $12,970 per year.

Except there is only one problem. He owes the United States Securities and Exchange Commission over $30,000,000 for fraudulently misrepresenting his actual trading performance, fraudulently marketing a “hypothetical performance” summary as a 100% verifiable performance summary, defrauding his advisory clients, and defrauding his potential clients.

Absolutely avoid this slick talker.


Lives in a mansion

Owns a private jet

Owns a fleet of “land yachts”

Keeps a bevy of bikini babes on speed dial


Owes the US Taxpayer $30 million from his last investment scam

Purveyor of unproven “snake oil” investment systems using hypothetical performance

Involved in more lawsuits than Judge Judy

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Thanks for reading today’s review of Louis Navellier.

Since January 1, 2021, TradingSchools.Org has received a large cluster of review requests regarding the products and services of Louis Navellier.

I always find it interesting whenever a cluster of review requests arrives regarding a specific trading educator. Usually, this indicates that the trading educator has commenced a large-scale advertising campaign and is attempting to push into a specific market.

As many readers are aware, after the FTC’s Raging Bull bust, and the subsequent wave of investigations triggered from Operation Income Illusion, I have been curiously watching to see who would be willing to “fill the void” after Raging Bull left the stage.

It appears that Louis Navellier is gunning for the top spot of America’s Douchebag Trading Educator.

Let’s see if Louis Navellier can stand up to the heat of a TradingSchools.Org review.

Who is Louis Navellier?

Who is Louis Navellier and what is he selling? Many readers are probably already familiar with Mr. Navellier, he is the author of the ultra-popular book, “The Little Book That Makes You Rich: A Proven Market-Beating Formula for Growth Investing.”

The book is sold in many retail bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, and the monthly sales figures indicate that the book averages about 200 copies each month.

Our first step was to actually read the book, and figure out whether the book was worth the time and energy. Unfortunately, the book was thin on specifics and thick on ancilliary marketing.

Essentially, the book’s primary function appears to have only one goal in mind — to push consumers to a website where consumers are lured into buying yet more expensive “education” and “stock picking” services.

I was not alone in my evaluation of the book, in fact, on the Amazon book review section, some of the readers left very telling commentary including:

Hype. Self promotion and marketing machine at work.

The Author Has Not Beat the Market for 10 years

 I am the suffer of this book

Do not waste your $$$$$

 Don’t waste your money!

Now that we have taken a closer look at the book reviews, lets move onto the Navellier websites that are selling products and services.

The Navellier websites

It appears that Louis Navellier operates three different websites, which include:

Navellier.com is a money management website where Mr. Navellier will accept investor funds and then invest those funds on your behalf. It appears that Mr. Navellier charges roughly 3% per year.

NavellierGrowth.com is a website where Mr. Navellier claims that if investors purchase his “trading education and stock picks” then they can become fabulously wealthy, like Mr. Navellier.

InvestorPlace.com is a website that I would consider to be a general market news website that gives tips on investing in dividend stocks, crypto-related companies, and whatever the news and gossip of the day.

The marketing synergy is well optimized and very well executed. The InvestorPlace.com website brings in tons of organic “foot traffic” where readers arrive to read an article, but then are subtly pushed into Navellier.com (for money management) or NavellierGrowth.com (courses and stock picks).

Its all very clever, and well polished.

The Navellier Direct Marketing Strategy

Prior to January 2021, Louis Navellier did very little direct “web advertising.” A web advertisement is quite simply: a Google ad, a YouTube ad, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

However, in January…Louis burst upon the direct web scene. In fact, using our analysis platform, we discovered an incredible 346 individual and unique ads.

What is more curious is they are targeting specific keywords and groups nearly identical to Raging Bull’s ad spend. Its as if the ad manager of Raging Bull jumped ship when the FTC destroyed that company, and this person then magically reappeared working for Navellier.

Regardless, nobody can argue the brilliance of the Raging Bull ad manager as he took a crappy piece of shit company and turned it into a $140 million fraud machine. I am 99% sure this person is now at Navellier.

Currently, according to our analysis, it appears that Navellier is spending about $50k each month on direct web advertising.

This massive ad spend is very curious. And it signifies something dramatic, that Navellier is attempting to fill the void left by Raging Bull.

Web ads are expensive. You cannot spend $50k each month with the hope of recouping that through money management services. Instead, this dramatic push is targeted to a specific product and service…education and stock picks.

Unfortunately for Mr. Navellier, he is stepping right into the TradingSchools.Org wheelhouse. For the rest of this review, we are going to tear the shit out of Mr. Navellier and explore every pain point of his very existence.

Let’s get on with the beatdown…

Navellier Growth: Courses, Education, and Total Bullshit

Louis Navellier is a man with a big ego. He wants you to know that he is “very rich” and that he lives next door to Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

He lives in a mansion in Palm Beach, and it’s a very big and fancy mansion. He has 10 cars and each car costs more than 100k. He spends his days eating unlimited shrimp cocktails and flies on his private yacht, oops I mean jet. His kids all went to private elite schools, and they were chauffeured to school each day in a Bentley, which he describes as a “land yacht.”

It’s the ultimate douchebaggery from a fat bastard with too much money and too little sense. He even created a video to show off his awesome stuff…have a look for yourself…

If you watched this video, then, of course, you know that Louis Navellier has a “secret.” And this amazing secret will make you very, very rich. But in order to obtain this “secret”, you must “invest in your education and stock picks.” Let’s have a closer look…

Prices range from $299 per year to $7,677 per year. Want the whole enchilada? That will only cost you $12,970 per year.

Yep, a $13,000 bottle of financial snake oil that CNBC, The New York Times, and Forbes slavishly adore…

Do you need to earn 2,744%? No problem! You only need to spend $2,499 per year.

Do you need to earn 1,785%? No problem! You only need to spend $2,495 per year.

Perhaps you need more hand-holding? Maybe you want to touch Mr. Navellier, run your fingers through his hair, or rub his fat belly for good luck? No problem! For only $6k to $25k you can board a luxurious cruise ship and listen to Mr. Navellier pontificate on financial markets, world history, art, or his favorite bottle of champaign.

But before you masturbate yourself into a financial delerium, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Is Louis Navellier really as successful at investing as he projects?
  • How did he really amass his supposed wealth?
  • Is Louis Navellier really just a swindler and professional con artist?

Lets take a closer look.

Let’s follow the evidence

Pinning these slippery bastards down is a rough business. And Louis Navellier is definitely one of the more slippery bastards that TradingSchools.Org has had to wrangle.

That first thing we wanted to know, what is his actual track record of investing? On the Navellier.com website, there is no mention of how he has performed, nor is there any mention of any audited financials.

However, on the NavellierGrowth.com website, the performance shows 100% winning trades. Not a single losing trade! The webpage gushes only double and triple-digit returns without even a whisper of a losing trade. Have a look for yourself.

I have a question. Who would be stupid enough to believe such a ridiculous track record?

Additionally, everything about Mr. Navellier appears to be hearsay or curated stories from his goofy friends, like Steve Forbes or Stephen Moore. But where are the hard, cold numbers? Where are the audited financials?

At the end of the day, the hard cold performance numbers are all that really matters. As they say, “men lie, numbers do not.”

Well, after a tremendous amount of digging we were able to glean something very revealing. Apparently, Mr. Navellier is NOT the master investor he projects.

If fact, according to MutualFunds.com, which is a third party that collects and reports actual performance figures of money managers, it appears that Mr. Navellier is an absolutely horrible investor.

My lord, a negative return over a recent 3-year period? It’s no wonder why this guy has been relegated to selling books and courses on YouTube.

How could anyone possibly believe that spending $12,970 per year for “expert advice” from a dufus that cannot even beat the rate of inflation could possibly be a good idea? In fact, you would have been better off having your money sitting in a lowly savings account at .5%.

And how did Mr. Navellier obtain this fancy Boca Raton mansion and a fleet of land yachts?

Well, what you are about to read next is going to make your eyes bleed.

The truth about Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier is a scammer. A scoundrel. A pathetic financial hack. He has spent at least a portion of his life lying, cheating, and swindling people into believing that he is an honest, ethical, wholesome, and brilliant investor.

Of course, I do not expect you to believe me. But you should respect the opinions of a Federal judge.

In the course of our investigation, we discovered some very dirty secrets regarding Louis Navellier.

In fact, if you run a search on Pacer (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) you will find a plethora of lawsuits naming Louis Navellier, most notably a Federal court case titled: United States Securities and Exchange Commission vs. Louis Navellier (February 13, 2020) which describes one of the most ruthless frauds that TradingSchools.Org has ever written about.

The “Hypothetical Performance” Scam

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mr. Louis Navellier crafted an elaborate fraud scheme regarding the usage of “hypothetical performance.”

In a nutshell, Mr. Navellier purchased a third party trading system from a 20-year old kid and resold the trading system as “the investment miracle of a generation.”

According to court records, the 20-year old kid, who earned $189 the prior year, and had NO INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE whatsoever somehow convinced the fat bastard Navellier that he had struck gold with his magical trading algorithm.

Navellier, who was obviously dumber than the 20-year old kid then took the hypothetical performance summaries and uploaded them into the Morningstar database of “verified” money managers.

Mr. Navellier then proffered the Morningstar report as “proof” of actual, verified trades. In fact, Mr. Navellier then went out and marketed the fraudulently produced trading records as “100% verified trades” when in reality, none of the trades were real.

Mr. Navellier knew the trades were fake, and internal emails recovered by the SEC during their investigation revealed that Navellier sales staff continued with the fraudulent promotion — even after learning that the trades were all fraudulently produced.

This is the classical example that we always see with many of these investment educator charlatans where they have these fancy looking “hypothetical performance” summaries in one hand, and in the other hand they claim they are also live trading and with great success.

However, once you dig just below the surface…you discover that the hypothetical performance does not match the verifiable performance. That’s called fraud. Plain and simple. Of course, Navellier argued that since they had a “hypothetical performance” disclaimer on their webpage, that this would somehow disclaim away any liability — it does not.

So how much did this scoundrel scam investors? According to the SEC, there were six thousand victims that purchased $1.3 billion of the product and Louis Navellier made off with approximately $15 million.

Justice for the aggrieved?

Well, the Federal judge in the case was obviously not impressed with this financial fuctard, Louis Navellier, and he proceeded to levy a $30 million dollar fine against Louis Navellier.

You can read the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s press release regarding the matter here:

SEC Obtains Judgment of More Than $30 Million Against Investment Adviser and Principal

Will investors get their money back? Probably not. Let me explain, Florida has something called a Homestead Act which protects the primary residence of Florida citizens from civil lawsuits.

Therefore, the SEC cannot force the sale of the Boca Raton mansion to pay back the investors.

Who say’s that crime doesn’t pay?

Wrapping things up

Thanks for reading. This was an interesting investigation that took a great deal of time to fully unwrap. I had to weed through hundreds and hundreds of pages of court documents.

I think that the most important lesson is that even the most polished persona can also be the most ruthless fraudster.

With Louis Navellier, he is certainly well polished. Why do you think he is creating videos and stories of his great wealth? Showing pictures and images of his beachfront mansion, and his fleet of “land yachts” and images of his private jet?

My friends, these images and portrayals of great wealth are little more than a “red herring.” A red herring is simply a con man’s trick to distract you away from the substantive questions.

Consumers fall for this trick all the time. They see the ostentatiousness, the glamourous presentation, and they are instinctually drawn into the trap of the siren’s song.

With Louis Navellier, his presentation is simply a trap. His goal is to quickly part you from your money. Don’t fall for it.

Avoid Louis Navellier and all of his products and services.


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