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WB Trading Review
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WB Trading is a total shit show of fraud and deception. The owner of the company, William Brown, claims to be a 10-year full-time professional trader consistently delivering over 100% annual returns and that students will also earn over 100% annual returns.

The company salesperson, Rubin Mehta, a New York-based, former registered investment advisor was caught red-handed guaranteeing 8-12% monthly returns to prospective students. The guaranteeing of returns is in fact a violation of the Commodity Exchange Act and the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. Additionally, guaranteeing students monthly returns and proferring unsubstantiated account statements is a violation of numerous state and federal consumer laws, most notably the FTC Act.

This company is likely on a collision course with a securities regulator. Anyone that was suckered into purchasing their “coaching” and “trading systems” should immediately file a complaint with the CFTC and seek justice so that no one else is scammed.

Prospective students of this company should avoid this flaming turd at all costs.


Absolutely nothing to recommend.


Violating securities laws by guaranteeing investment returns.

The account statements showing 120% investment returns on all five accounts are pure hogwash and blatant fraud.


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Thanks for reading today’s review of WB Trading. What is WB Trading, and what are they selling?

According to their website, social media postings, YouTube videos, and numerous YouTube advertisements, the company is claiming that anyone can quickly become a rich and successful trader by purchasing their seemingly magical trading system.

The cost of the trading system and individual “trading mentorship” is $5,000.

Before we jump into the meat and potatoes of this review, let me first caution the audience that WB Trading is highly litigious. In fact, numerous individuals have contacted TradingSchools.Org complaining about WB Trading. Three persons located in the United States claim to have received threatening letters from a lawyer that if they did not immediately remove their online reviews, and immediately halt speaking negatively about the company…that they would be sued for defamation.

At TradingSchools.Org, if there is one thing that really upsets me, that would be legal threats aimed at actual customers speaking out “their truth.” In fact, I know of no better way to get a negative review (from me) than for a company to hire lawyers to threaten actual customers.

In short, if you make legal threats against people that you scam, be prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. That’s a guarantee.

Now that we got that messy rhetoric out of the way, let’s quickly list and explore the WB Trading web presence, social media, and forensic investigation of the company.

WB Trading: history, websites, social media

The WB Trading website can be found at the following link. According to Archive.Org, the website appeared sometime in mid-2019.

The owner of the company is a person named William Brown, and he claims that he has been a full-time professional trader for several years. In some instances, he claims to have been trading for 10 years, in others instances, for 5-8 years.

The WB Trading website contains what appear to be hundreds upon hundreds of consumer testimonials where individuals claim to have achieved “magical” levels of success.

Many folks claim to have started trading only a few days, weeks, or months and are now “full-time traders” that were able to quit their day jobs and now earn a full-time income. One such example is below…

$18k per month with no prior investment experience?

The positive testimonials seem to never end. In fact, I ran a word search of every page of the website and approximately 85% are “5-star reviews.”

The positive reviews cover every imaginable scenario. There are poor people that suddenly became rich, moms can now stay home with the kids “trading from the comfort of the sofa.” There are folks that “have tried it all” and “finally found the holy grail.” There are people from every corner of earth heaping mountains of praise on William Brown and how his company is making people rich and financially independent.

Websites like TrustPilot are literally pockmarked with over 150 “excellent ratings” where people claim that William Brown is some sort of financial messiah that changed their lives.

But before you get yourself all hot and wet over these positive reviews, remember that TradingSchools.Org has already written extensively on how TrustPilot is a “pay to play” marketing scheme where you pay hundreds of dollars each month to remove negative reviews, and mysteriously placed positive reviews spring forth like mushrooms on warm cow poop.

In fact, in the TrustPilot article where I detailed how both Raging Bull and Warrior Trading were both using Trust Pilot, both companies were subsequently investigated by the Federal Trade Commission.

But for WB Trading and William Brown, a website full of positive reviews and hundreds of positive reviews on Trust Pilot is simply not enough. In fact, on his YouTube channel, you will also find row upon row of video testimonials from all sorts of “average Joe” looking characters that knew nothing about investing last week and are now smarter than Warren Buffett earning massive profits.

Heck, William has so many positive reviews that he even created a whole new website named WbTradingReview.com where a potential customer can spend hour upon hour reading hundreds of positive reviews and watching hour upon hour of positive testimonials. Everyone is getting rich!

It is truly “Positive Review Overload.”

But is any of this real? The sales pitch

In my own interview with individuals that purchased the mentoring and trading systems, they described the sales process as ultra-slick, and that the best way to discover the scheme was to subject myself to it.

And so, I decided to take the trip down the rabbit hole and see what everyone was complaining about.

My first step was going onto YouTube and searching for “day trading.” As you can imagine, the usual BS poured forth upon my eyes like acid rain. And sure enough, in between videos popped up a WB Trading advertisement.

The ad was the usual drivel about how anyone can get rich trading futures, options, stocks, crypto…but you needed to first obtain the magical trading system. So I clicked on the ad and was taken to a sales page that had a “secret” but in order to obtain the secret, I needed to enter my phone number and email.

I entered my phone number and email. Almost immediately, my inbox flowered with marketing hype talking about magical profits and positive review after positive review. We have all smelled this barf.

The entire goal of the marketing funnel is to next entice the sucker into scheduling a phone call with a “former hedge fund investment banker” from JP Morgan and Chase Bank.

When I read, “former hedge fund banker at JP Morgan and Chase Bank” this really piqued my interest. I thought to myself, “Who in the hell is behind this?”

Well, I wasn’t disappointed for very long, I scheduled a phone call for the very next morning and sure enough, the phone rings right on time.

Here comes the bullshit.

I answer the call and then am directed into a video Zoom presentation with a person named Zubin Mehta.

Zubin then starts with 20 minutes of discussing his qualifications as an investment banker at two of the premier investment banks in the United States: JP Morgan and Chase Bank.

Now, I have been involved in many of these sales presentations, and I knew immediately that this Zubin Mehta character was very sophisticated. He explained that he worked in Manhatten and eventually discovered this amazing investment opportunity with William’s trading systems and its changed his life.

The next thing I do (while on the phone) is pull up the broker check on FINRA to see if this guy is actually licensed with JP Morgan and Chase Bank. Yep, the guy actually was licensed and in fact, recently worked at both banks. The following is the FINRA link for Zubin Mehta.

At that moment, I thought to myself, “this guy is extremely sophisticated, but what is he doing with what appears to be an obvious investment scam?” It immediately smelled bad and felt shady as hell.

And so, I just shut my mouth and let Zubin do all the talking and presenting with his dozens of slick presentation slides.

Guaranteed investment returns

The investment presentation starts slowly. Zubin begins by asking qualifying questions, like “How much money do you have in your investment accounts? How much do you need to earn each month to quit your job?” And, “If you like this investment opportunity, can you make an investment today?”

I thought to myself, this guy has 12 years of registered investment advisor experience, he should know better than to cross the threshold of asking specific investment questions to a prospect. When you do this, you are now firmly acting as an investment advisor. But he continued to march forward with his ultra-slick sales presentation, always narrowing me down to make sure I had a credit card and if I like what I saw, would I invest today? And with loaded questions like, “How would it feel to be a full-time trader and quit your job?

Truthfully, the level of pressure and hype was like something out of a boiler room sales presentation. The level of sophistication and graceful maneuvering were very, very good. This guy was an experienced operator.

And then, he starts moving onto the dangerously thin ice. For anyone selling these sorts of investment products, you NEVER EVER make promises on how much a consumer is likely to earn from their participation. But this dude just charged right onto that thin ice without even a second thought.

He must have truly thought he was dealing with a naive rube. A complete newbie lamb ready for the financial slaughterhouse. I just followed him right along, laughing, giggling, and playing his game like a vice cop plays a drunk hooker. All the while, recording every single word. Making him think my credit card was about to explode forth like an excited teenager watching a porno.

He stroked me with promises of financial glory. He told me that 8-12% per month was something I would achieve almost immediately. Frankly, I was so shocked at what he was promising that I had to include the audio below…you have to hear it for yourself to actually believe something so outrageously unlawful.

Firstly, anyone that runs a trading educational company, and reads my articles knows that making any sort of promises about profits is a clear violation of securities laws, and various consumer protection laws.

But he didn’t seem to care one bit. In fact, he just kept on blathering how his magical trading systems would work on ANY investment product. It didn’t matter if I was trading stocks, futures, Forex, commodities, options, or crypto….that his magical trading system was guaranteed to deliver between 8-12% per month. Once again, here is the clip…

As you heard in the second clip, he doubled down once again and promised 8-12% per month. And once again, to remind the audience…you cannot make promises of profitability. That’s a violation, and you put yourself in extreme legal jeopardy.

But extreme legal jeopardy isn’t something that WB Trading seems too worried about. In fact, he tripled down in the next clip where Zubin then proceeds to assure me that the “Trading coaches at WB Trading are all professional traders. This is what they do. This is how they make their money. They don’t have jobs.” Have a listen for yourself…

Next, I ask the names of the “trading coaches” that he proclaims are professional full-time traders. He gives me the names of William Brown, Paul Domino, and Tom Wilson.

Again, I ask him the investment returns of these supposed professional traders. He replies that each is extremely successful and begins rattling of fantastical investment returns that would squarely place each into only the highest pantheon of either super investor or super scam artist.

I ask for all of this in writing. More specifically, for him to send me the account statements that clearly show at least one year of investment returns and the corresponding person’s name.

A short time later, via email, I receive what can only be described as the purest form of financial hogwash I have ever witnessed. Included were rudimentary screenshots of basic spreadsheets proclaiming massive investment returns. It looked like something a child would produce to convince his teacher that, in fact, a dog did eat his homework.

In 2021, WB Trading proclaimed to have traded four separate trading accounts with the following “fully audited” investment performance:

  • Account A +128% total return
  • Account B +213.6% total return
  • Account C +138.76% total return
  • Account D +158% total return

As pathetic and ridiculous as the data was presented, I again asked Zubin Mehta if this was, in fact, real trading performance from live trading accounts. He assured me it was. And that this would be what all of the students could reasonably expect to earn. But of course, I needed to spend $5k to get the “secret knowledge” of New York hedge funds and “the secrets of America’s largest banks.”

It was all so slick. And so completely and outrageously illegal that I had to mute my microphone and let out a hearty laugh.

Poor Zubin Mehta really thought he had a fish on the hook. I then slow stroked the poor fool over a series of phone calls, stringing him along further and further. He called and called and called. Tried calling me early in the morning, called at lunchtime, called at dinner, and even before bed. Each time I just strung him along with a series of clever excuses that only a Nigerian scam artist would truly appreciate.

So who are these scam artists at WB Trading?

From victim interviews, and asking questions, I believe that this is a two or three-man operation.

Zubin Mehta is indeed a formerly licensed and credentialed investment advisor at JB Morgan and Chase. This deep experience and fluency with financial jargon are what makes this guy really dangerous to average folks. Additionally, this guy has been basting in snake oil for a very long time, he knows how to close and is not afraid to tell the victim whatever needs to be said in order to get the credit card number.

A sophisticated person, like Zubin, absolutely must know that what he is promising is highly illegal. And I am sure he is very clever on how and when to deploy the fraudulent message to make sure he doesn’t get caught. But getting caught is exactly what happened. And now he must deal with the consequences.

Now, what about this William Brown character? Well, after a bit of sleuthing it turns out that William Brown is actually a former United Kingdom based DJ that went by the name “DJ Compa.”

This DJ Compa character, aka William Brown, aka Tom Wilson, aka Paul Domino, appears to have a few different identities. The business address appears to be from a hotel room. In fact, we found a few different listed addresses, but who knows where this character is actually physically located.

About the best that I could find were some YouTube videos where he is mixing music in a place called “The Boiler Room.” How ironic is that? The following is a recent picture of our supposed trading guru with a snap from his DJ days…

William Brown aka DJ Compa

Regardless, it appears that William Brown (DJ Compa) has somehow partnered with, or is working for this New York based Zubin Mehta character.

It appears they are running this little scam with a UK business address in hopes of avoiding any US-based securities regulators. It’s actually pretty slick.

What should a whistleblower do?

As a whistleblower, whenever I get something like this, which is obviously a sophisticated investment scam. I ask myself, “What regulator or enforcement agency would be best suited?” Obviously, these characters want complaints to be filed in the United Kingdom, which of course, will disappear into an endless dark hole.

In a situation like this, the best option appeared to be the CFTC or Commodities Futures Trading Commission. Why not the FTC, SEC, or a State securities regulator?

With the FTC, these guys are simply too small to trigger an investigation. With the SEC, the current chairman has been extremely lax and it appears their primary focus has lately been on crypto-related scams. A New York state securities regulator might be a good fit, but it appears this scam has more of an international flavor.

And so, I next visited the CFTC whistleblower portal and proceeded to fill out the complaint form. The whole process takes no more than 5-minutes and is self-explanatory.

After you complete the form, you will immediately receive a confirmation that your complaint has been received. The following is a screen clip of the several-page document that arrives…

What happens after filing a whistleblower form?

In my many years of filing these forms, I have learned that being very patient is a necessity. There isn’t really much to do after you file.

If the CFTC initially picks up the case, you will definitely not be immediately alerted as they don’t want any secret investigation to be spoiled. However, if the investigation gains traction, then you can expect to receive a subpoena from the CFTC asking for any and all documents, videos, and correspondences with the subject of their investigation.

Keep good records, dates, times, etc. And be prepared to zip everything up and send it directly to a CFTC investigator.

What usually comes next is a phone call from CFTC staff to go over the details of what you have submitted and a few basic ground rules of what you should NOT be doing to spoil the investigation.

It’s important to remember that these things take time. Don’t expect a swat team to kick in the front door of the scam artist and deliver justice with a steel-toed boot. It definitely doesn’t work that way.

In some instances, you will be contacted by an FBI agent. Don’t freak out! If the CFTC believes that the investigation could possibly rise to the level of a criminal act, then they will refer the case to the Department of Justice. A DOJ prosecutor will then determine if an FBI agent should be assigned to the case for further investigation.

Once again, don’t freak out if you are contacted by an FBI agent. Actually, you should be elated because you now know that the Fed’s are taking your whistleblower complaint seriously. Simply cooperate and give whatever information that you have.

What you NEED to do!

Remember, when you file a whistleblower form, and submit useful information, then there is the possibility that you will receive payment directly from the federal government.

But how do you know if you are potentially going to receive a whistleblower award? It’s simple. If you go to Whistleblower.gov/notices you will notice a log of “covered actions.” This simply means that anyone involved in these “covered actions” is going to be paid for their useful information.

For instance, if you just checked the “covered actions” page, then will notice that the most recent covered action was filed on January 1, 2022. Next to this column is the Award Claim Due column. This date means that you need to fill out and submit from WB-APP in order to receive your financial award by April 21, 2022.

How much are whistleblowers paid?

That’s a great question! It depends. For instance, on the most recent covered calls page, you will notice the name William S. Evans and Frances Evans.

Yep, you guessed correctly. This was one of my cases. If readers remember, William “Tim” Evans was a long-time talking head of Bloomberg TV for roughly five years. In 2018, TradingSchools.Org started receiving complaints and nearly nobody believed that the baby faced Tim Evans could possibly be a scam artist. Little Timmy threatened me with all sorts of lawyer bullshit. But things didn’t work out for Little Timmy.

Now Tim and his skanky wife Francis are totally wrecked. In fact, Tim just got sentenced to ten years in federal prison for fraud. His skanky wife Francis is flat broke and can’t pay the mortgage on their swanky mansion. The only time these two will be spending together will be from a prison visiting room.

In total, the judge ordered nearly $17 million in restitution. But I doubt investors will ever see a dime. Tim liked private jets, expensive sports cars, big houses, fancy food, and skiing in Aspen. All wasted money from a fool that convinced others that he was a “successful trader.”

Anyway, I sort of went off on a tangent. Will a whistleblower receive a reward for providing useful information regarding little Timmy? Yes. How much? I won’t tell you.

Go out hunting for yourself–get a kill–and join the ranks.

This is a target-rich environment. Happy hunting. And thanks for reading.



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