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David C

What happened to The Trading Clan review?


I am curious as well. Emmett, do you delete those reviews? Why?


Hello Emmett. I thought I saw a few reviews about a trader named Superman and another was the trading clan. I can’t seem to find them. Do you delete those that have proven to be OK in the trading rooms. Thanks for your time and talents. It makes for great reading.


Hello Emmett. I really enjoy your reporting on these people who try to screw the inexperienced want to be traders. This guy that runs the Emini trading room seems a little arrogant and boastful. Have you done a report on him before and if not would you take a look at his trading method. Thanks for your fun reviews especially the one about Jason Love, hahaha, very descriptive and “Funny”

Kristi Eddy

Hi Emmett,

First I wanted to say thanks for all your hard work in developing this website. What a refreshment to have someone actually doing complete, honest reviews. I was wondering if you have reviewed Mark Sach’s website rightlinetrading. On google, it looked like his site was referenced, but I could not find it on this website.

Much thanks,



hi Emmett
can you do a review on GLOBALTRADEROOM.COM
thank you for all your hard work

I tried the Tradeshark room a while ago and that was a really bad experience. He only tried to sell you his products and it is impossible to follow his trades. If you ask him anything about what he do he say that you need to buy his E-books. (several) If you cant duplicate a trade he did then it is because I am stupid or havent read his book. Very unpleasant experience. Save your money. Another one you should stay away from and not listened to is Dean Handley. The reviews he does is BS. He only do the… Read more »

any information about ?