Mark Slobodnick of PureTick is a FRAUD.

In the past week–the CFTC put the “pimp-hand” on Mark Slobodnick of

Who in the hell is Mark Slobodnick? For those who have been around the Futures trading educational scene for a while…you know Mark Slobodnick. 

Mark got his start scamming ‘mom and pop’ investors back in 2007, while he was a so-called Futures trading educator at a company named Mark the “head moderator” of the live trading room, would sit on his plump ass all day, and pretend to make winning trades.

The ‘sheeple’ in the live trading room trusted Mark. And they paid a heavy price. Usually, an upfront fee of several thousands of dollars and a monthly subscription fee to watch this turd blossom demonstrate his supposed trading greatness.

Former ‘BigShot’ super trader that never was.

The scam started off innocent enough. Honest folks would show up to the live trading room and Mark would tell all sorts of stories about his former glory. Some BS about how he was a big shot, former floor trader on the CBOT and how he made millions of dollars buying and selling SP500 Futures contracts.

The only thing true about his story was the part about being a former floor trader. Which he was. However, there is much debate whether this turd blossom ever earned a nickel at trading.

And besides, if he made millions of dollars as he claimed, then why was he peddling a live Futures Trading room for table scraps? It does not add up.

Anyway, scamming ‘mom and pop’ for a few bucks each month for his trading room grew stale and tiresome. At some point, he decide to just steal whatever these poor folks had in their savings accounts.

And so, with his partner in crime, a royal douche bag named Richard Carter, they spent $10 at Rocket Lawyer and created an LLC named Blue Guru Trading LLC. 

Guaranteed Investment Returns? Nope.

This so-called ‘prop trading’ company was supposed to deliver 8% annual, guaranteed interest payments, and 50% of whatever profits these bumbling fools could generate from trading Futures contracts.

Ultimately, and until December 2017, they raised a total of $1,763,848 for their ridiculous investment scheme. What did they do with the money? Glad you asked.

A total of $1.2 million was deposited into a trading account, of which they promptly lost $501,000 day trading the Dow and SP500 mini futures contracts. $62k was paid in broker commissions, and Mark fraudulently paid himself $45k for the pleasure.

All the while, both Slobodnick and Carter proclaimed to investors that ‘Another winning day folks! As anyone with eyeballs can see, we did it live and for everyone to witness.’

In real time, in the live trading room, the customer thought they were watching the work of trading maestros. They thought that it all looked so simple and amazing. Amazing profits, all they had to, was log into the live trading room and their retirement concerns were a thing of the past.

Little did they know, neither of these bumbling idiots had a clue how to profit. It appears that their only proficiency was losing massive amounts of investor funds.

At some point, and naturally so, these poor investors wanted to pull their money out. To pay for things like putting their kids through school, or building a new chicken coop in their back yard, or the unlimited fried shrimp at the Red Lobster. And this of course is when the shit hit the fan.

Investors simply could not get their money back. When they asked, they were met with some of the most amazing stories that even a Hollywood screenwriter could not imagine. Truly rediculous, absolutely pathetic, and 100% fraudulent.

On about January 2018, the CFTC had seen enough and immediately froze the assets of both of these idiots. The insanity had finally ended. And of course, the website they used to promote their scam mysteriously disappeared like a fart in the wind.

One can only imagine how those poor investors must have felt on that day. They faithfully awoke that morning, attempted to visit the PureTick website and were met with a blank screen. Oh, the horror.

Finally, on December 6 2018, the CFTC lowered the final boom:

  • $1.4 million restitution
  • $1.4 million disgorgement
  • $4.2 million civil monetary penalty.

Considering that these morons had to borrow money to trade, then you can imagine the chances of the victims recovering any of their lost funds. Sorry folks–the markets are cruel. But they are especially cruel to the naive, the greedy, the gullible, and the just plain stupid.

I don’t want to call the victims stupid; that would only bathe their losses with yet more pain. But this is just a ridiculous.

The moral of the story…

There is nothing wrong with subscribing to a live Futures trading room. Some vendors do sincerely try to help. And some of these trading rooms provide a bit of companionship and camaraderie from the lonely task of staring at a computer monitor.

But, as I have learned, from writing hundreds of trading reviews…this is the exception, and not the rule.

Whenever a trading vendor claims to have earned millions of dollars trading, there is nothing wrong with asking for some sort of verification. If they cannot, then they probably setting you up for a fantastic fraud. Hide your credit card. And Grandma’s jewelry.

And most importantly, don’t ever let anyone day trade Futures on your behalf, especially in some sort of rediculous scheme where they offer a monthly percentage guarantee and a percentage of the potential profits. Why? Because if they were truly a success at day trading Futures contracts…they would have no need for your money.

Thanks for reading. And for those that love all the bloody details…read the court docs.


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1 year ago

Alex from Puretick is back! Take the trial from – their main moderator I believe is nasty Alex W. from Puretick

Jerry lancer
Jerry lancer (@guest_3054445)
4 years ago

There is no debate weather or not this man made money trading the S&P 500 down at the board of trade. Like I said he is at CNNs millionaires under thirty. He started at a brokerage firm and made 330000 dollars in his first year. That was more money than the firm he was working at made. He then went down to the board of trade and bought himself a seat, which lead to him making tens of millions of dollars. It’s funny how innacurate this page is. Also you said he worked at PureTick in 2007 doing mom and pops. He retired from the board of trade in 2010 and then started working for pure tick in 2014 when he came out of retirement. Your information is just so false. Go find anyone who traded at the board of trade when Mark and ask them about Mark Slobodnik and oh my god the stories and the glory that you will here will be breathtaking. The man walked into the board of trade for 30 minutes one day, made 1 million dollars in that thirty minute span, then walked right on out back into the city and wrapped it up for the day.

Jerry Lancer
Jerry Lancer (@guest_3054444)
4 years ago

Also to talk about his weight is really funny because he was a D1 college baseball catcher who got drafted to the MLB. You guys just have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to this man Mark Slobodnik. You don’t even spell his last name right.

Nick (@guest_1047584)
4 years ago

I have tens of emails from Alex threatening me with corrupt police action because I turned down his PureTick offer. I had to connect with a lady called Tiffany and get a lawyer – he mentioned coming to my house and found out where I lived.

Please tell me that douche bag got fined?

dean handley
dean handley (@guest_1046430)
4 years ago

Emmett – you will appreciate this- emailed Joe Duerr of Dow Daddy complaining that site was front for Alex, videos were done by Alex who writes likes a 5th grader (according to Flesch Kincaid Grade level), has 2 independent psychiatric diagnoses of psychosis, has over 1200 negative postings (the most of any trader); uses massive profanity, vulgarity, and obscenity at will, has been accused of every form of scam while in Puretick, hired corrupt traders like Rick Carter and Mark Slobodnick (both convicted by CFTC of multi-million dollar frauds). And presto, Alex emails back with his moronic dribble. Dow Daddy is the new scam version of Puretick – probably will hire Carter and Slobonick again!!!

Emmett Moore
Noble Member
Emmett Moore(@superflyjewel)
4 years ago
Reply to  dean handley

You wrote, “Alex who writes likes a 5th grader (according to Flesch Kincaid Grade level)” Oh my god Dean, you had me laughing at that. Spit my coffee back into my cup. You still have your sharp wit.

Do you think Alex is the guy behind Dow Dowdy? Or do you think he is just sort of helping Joe Duerr on this Dow Daddy venture?

Honestly, I haven’t gotten much feedback on Dow Dowdy. The site is thin. They don’t really do much advertising. They don’t rank for shit on Google. No social media presence. And, about a year ago, Alex called me on the phone (for once he didn’t scream at me or berate me) and announced he was officially “retiring” from doing any more trading rooms.

I don’t know. Maybe its time to bury the hatchet? This old feud is starting to get “old.” Just my thoughts.

Do you see some of these youngsters on social media making millions stock trading? I just interviewed this kid (24) that turned $20k into $3 million in 4 years. Really impressive. Yes, I called the broker and verified it. Writing the story now.

As reviewers, both of us, are losing our relevancy. I for one have made a big mistake by not engaging on social media. You have done a pretty good job there, but your content is not consistent enough. Time for both of us to ‘pick up our game’ or fade into oblivion.

Dean (@guest_3048094)
4 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I see a lot of failed dotcom futures sites pop up late on FB, Instagram, even YouTube streaming. They use those sites as a default free perch for their trading sales tactics. So it seems to be a corrupted as any other platform. Oh and ps – it is Dow Daddy – Dowdy. And pss – Alex did not retire, just reinvent himself in Dow Daddy, as in my video:

take care,

Jerry lancer
Jerry lancer (@guest_3054442)
4 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

About mark Slobodnik not being a big shot trader on the floor back in the day, he was a big shot trader. He made 17 million dollars in a year trading the S&P u can look on CNNs millionaires under thirty and there he is. He retired in 2010 a total success then Rick Carter dragged him out of retirement in 2014 to start a company together. Mark made 70 million dollars trading stocks at the board of trade all legally. 99% of his trades were successful throughout his time at the board of trade. Before the computers came around he was the best in the business. Also if he was the big fraud I’m pretty sure he would be going to jail. Which he is not. He is ordered to pay 370000 dollars in fines and has a 5 year trading ban. The other 5 million dollars of fines are on Rick Carter and he can never trade again, and I’m sure he is facing lots of jail time. There was a full investigation and the results were that Mark, obviously because he was the one running the company and did not notice that all this was going on, got a fine about 1/20th of a percent of the total fine while rick carter got fined all the rest and jail time. Those are the original court docs put out before the full investigation. Since Mark is the owner of the company they put his name committing everything alongside rick carter. But when the case and investigation actually went on, they found not too much that Mark did and pretty much Carter committing all the acts of crime. Mark missed them. Mark is actually the one who stopped Carter. You don’t know what actually happened. Mark had to pay 45,000 dollars for fraud purposes because that is literally all he got illegally. The rest of the money he is being fined is simply because he ran a company that commuted fraudulaent activity and stole boat loads of money all under him. Rick Carter got 1.6 million dollars illegally. The CFTC and the FBI who both investigated are some smart people, probably some of the smartest in the world, and they both investigated this case, and obviously they pinned literally all of these crimes except the tiniest sliver on Rick Carter. So obviously Rick Carter was the one committing the crimes and realing in all the illegal money. Mark was just not a good trader on the computer. He came out of retirement in 2014 after Rick convinced him to and talked him into this great business idea thinking he was gonna be able to do the same thing he used to on the Computer and make people lots of money but turns out it was all different on the computer and Rick Carter was a fraud. One day he came to realization of that and he stopped the whole operation. So yeah that’s the facts. Mark Slobodnik was Godzilla coming out of retirement in 2014. Like I said the year before he retired in 2009 he made 17 million dollars trading at the board of trade. He lost all his money and everything he had in divorce, to explain why he all the sudden needed money. He thought he was joining a good operation. He ended up just getting involved with one of the biggest crooks he’s ever encountered. If the CFTC believed he was in there with Carter just taking all the money, they would of fined him more than 45,000 dollars for fraud. But they didn’t cause they know he wasn’t the one who stole millions of dollars. Rick Carter is a fraud and that’s why he is paying the penalty. Also Dean when mark joined pure tick he had absolutely no SEC actions or bans. That is simply not true. He had been looked into a little just because he was making so much fucking money trading stocks, and basically running she city of Chicago as a 30 year old but never was there a action or ban put on him. Because never was there anything he did He was a clean, true, amazing stock market trader. He had no guilt in this fraud and that was the result, but he made an agreement.

Jerry lancer
Jerry lancer (@guest_3054443)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jerry lancer

Mark Slobodnik was probably the best S&P 500 trader to ever step foot in the board of trade. He would put a trade in and everyone in the pit would be putting in the same trade he did. He controlled the board of trade for years.

Jerry Lancer
Jerry Lancer (@guest_3054446)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jerry lancer

One time he walked into the board of trade early morning, made over 1 million dollars in about 20-25 minutes then called it a day and walked out. Whatever he did, everyone else did. Whatever trade he put in, everyone else would follow.

dean handley
dean handley (@guest_36684)
4 years ago

Alex W hired Slobodnick and Carter in 2014 to Puretick as Trade Advisors and labeled them as “Godzilla and King Kong”. At that time Alex had over 1600 negative posts about his room Puretick and Slobodnick and Carter has a slew of SEC actions and bans. After Alex dumped Puretick he morphed into Market Dancer and then Dow Daddy (a big avoid for that room as well). I did a video on Slobodnick (in MSLO) and Carter ( Alex W, Slobodnick and Carter are pure scam fake phonies. Good job posting this Emmett!

Emmett Moore
Noble Member
Emmett Moore(@superflyjewel)
4 years ago
Reply to  dean handley

A compliment from the esteemed, the exalted one, the originator of trading reviews? I never thought it would happen! The very genesis of this stupid blog was Dean Handley. The original troublemaker. I am but a cheap copycat.

Getting a compliment from you is like getting the silver star, the presidential medal of freedom, and a french kiss from Melania Trump…all on the same day!

I would have written nice things sooner, but I just couldn’t get over the hump on Scalping Emini/Trend Hunter. We just can’t see eye to eye on that one.

And of course, we don’t see eye to eye on Oil Trading Group…but we share more things in common than the minor disagreements.

Hope you are doing well Dean.

me (@guest_36483)
4 years ago

Alex Wannabeski was all a bunch of charlatans

me (@guest_36482)
4 years ago

Alex L. Wasilewske owned it before Mark . Alex threatened me at one time

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