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Here we go again.

EZ Futures Trading appears to be the latest ‘copy and paste’ Futures trading website from the characters that brought us Bounce Trade and XMA Trading. I was unimpressed in 2014, and remain unimpressed in 2018. Why? They are promoting an outrageous track record of massive profits with nary a loss.

They claim all you need to do is ‘copy and paste’ the trades of the lead trader, and you can reasonably expect nearly $9k in futures trading profits, each and every week.

Performance claims are currently unverifiable. When asked to supply actual Futures brokerage statements to substantiate the purported massive profits, they replied: “We will get back to you.” Yeah right.

Thanks for reading today’s review of EZ Futures Trading

What is EZ Futures Trading? The company is offering a Futures trading system named D.O.T.S. or Derivatives Oscillating Trend System, and another named CT or Counter Trend. The combined cost of the trading systems is $1895.

The one-time fee includes lifetime access to a live trading room, where the audience is encouraged to ‘copy and paste’ the trades of the lead trader.

The promotional material claims that we can expect to earn $1000 per day, on average, by simply doing exactly what the lead trader instructs.

The company claims that this is a ‘true copy and paste’ money-making opportunity. That each trading recommendation is given several minutes before the trade is initiated. That all of the trades are executed by the lead trader with a real Futures trading account. And that the trading performance record, listed on the website performance page is 100% accurate and verifiable.

Additionally, if the person is not happy with the trading service, then they are entitled to a full money back guarantee within 60 days. But with a caveat, you must prove that the trading system does not work by losing your own money.

Reported Performance

EZ Futures Trading claims truly remarkable trading performance. The following screenshot shows nearly NO LOSSES. Every single week, the company claims to typically generate $6k-$10k in profits. Have a look below…


Once again, as per the company, all you need to do is simply ‘copy and paste’ the trading recommendations of the lead trader. And your happiness is assured with a full money back guarantee.

You can now let your imagination soar. All of your money woes are a thing of the past. Because as the company states, you will typically only need to ‘copy and paste’ the winning trades in about one or two hours each day. Hello unlimited shrimp cocktail, and goodbye to my old Toyota Prius. Very shortly, I will be upgrading to a ‘true’ electric car, its time for the Tesla.

But is any of this real? Are you starting to smell something fishy? Do you feel like your barefoot just stepped into something warm and wet?

Let’s take a closer look at EZ Futures Trading.

Contacting EZ Futures Trading

During the month of June 2018, TradingSchools.Org reached out to EZ Futures Trading (using an alias) with a series of softball questions. These questions portray an interested party that needs to make money fast to pay for Grandpa’s heart surgery.

The company responded with an unsigned email. In fact, their entire website does not contain the name of whoever is actually running this shit show. Oops, I mean reputable Futures investment company listed with the CFTC. There simply is no name attached anywhere. (Red Flag) Nor is the company listed as Commodity Trading Advisor–defined as anyone providing commodity trading advice to more than 15 persons within one-year. Check it for yourself.

In the emails, the corresponding person refused to be named and declared, “I am just working in customer service.” OK, fair enough. Next, I asked for someone with authority to please call me, that I needed help navigating the purchase order screen. This is the quickest known method to get someone to call you back immediately.

Sure enough, my phone rings and someone introduces himself as Doug. And then a few minutes later, he forgets his name and says his name is Brian. I ask his last name, at first he say’s its Hall, and a few minutes later it changes to Mac. Yes, Mac. As in the name of a computer.

We then go through the usual series of questions where I profess my love of Jesus and that I want to buy the product. But, I need to see the account statements of these exact trades listed in the performance disclosure. Of course, this sets off the usual responses that I typically hear:

  • I will get back to you later.
  • I will see if that’s even legal.
  • I need to check with the compliance department.
  • My wife might not feel comfortable with this request.
  • Someone might figure out the secret trading method.
  • My performance will not match yours, hence they don’t matter.
  • I can show you my business partner’s stock trading account from 1982.
  • The product contains a written guarantee, so why do you need account statements.

On and on, verbal diarrhea poured forth into a river of bullshit.

However, the voice sounded so familiar. Like the sound of a mating hyena. You hear it once, and the sound burrows itself within your body. Like a Candiru, which is a tiny freshwater catfish that cleverly swims into the urinal cavity of the host. It sets up shop deep within the penal shaft and proceeds to snack, snack, snack until it outgrows the host and leaps back from whence it came.

That voice. I had heard it before. No doubt about it. I just had to place it…and then like a bolt of lightning….

Anyone remember the name BounceTrade.com from 2012 to 2013? I wrote about it.

Or how about XMA Trading from 2015? Yep, I wrote about that one as well. You can read that review here.

Additionally, I record everything. So I went back and reviewed the notes and recording from those interviews. That same voice of a mating hyena. My urinal cavity began to ache from the phantom pain. The notes and sales verbiage from both websites conveying remarkable similarities. The name of the trading system matches. (D.O.T.S.)

And the supposed profits? Oh yes, those truly amazing profits. Its like he uses a cookie cutter to tell the same story. Promises of ‘copy and paste’ for $1k a day.

Of course, I could be totally wrong! Perhaps I am confusing the sounds of mating hyena A with mating hyena B? Sure sounds the same to me.

Wrapping things up

The first time I wrote about this character, whatever his name is, he folded up shop pretty quickly. That was Bounce Trade.

I caught up to him once again at XMA Trading. Wrote the review and then like a fart in the wind, he disappears once again.

Now here we go again with what appears to be the latest installment of ‘easy money Futures trading’. However, I have to give him a little more credit. I sent him an email and kindly asked that he stop playing games. That he can keep popping up with the same old magical trading system, but readers of TradingSchools.Org are getting smarter and quicker to react. I hear about these sorts of shenanigans pretty quickly.

So I pleaded with Doug, Brian, David, Mark, or whatever the name he is currently using and simply requested some sort of proof that these amazing investment returns are valid. Via email, he soothed my hurt feelings and promised that “this time I will show a redacted account statement” but that I had to wait until next week. I had to “wait until things cool down.” Whatever the fuck that means.

I have a feeling that I will be waiting for a very long time. Or, his website will simply disappear, and then we can start this over again in a few months. Using a different set of names and ridiculousness. Truly, with some of these characters, it seems like I am playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

But let’s hold out hope that he somehow comes through and produces some sort of proof. If he does, you will be hearing from me once again, but the next time I will be writing about how bad I fucked up. Hell, if he can show even one month of profitable trading, I will write this character of a positive review.

But I doubt it. Thanks for reading.


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