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On the surface, Axia Futures looks highly impressive. They have a fancy looking trading office, excellent promotional videos, and the veneer of legitimacy.

However, just below the surface lies an infection of shady past affiliations, and a lack of transparency.

They expect users to pay a $5k fee to learn their ‘trading secrets’, yet can provide absolutely no proof of prior trading success.

I believe the owners and trainers are well meaning folk…but this is simply not enough. In actuality, there is nothing that truly differentiates Axia Futures from the myriad of other trading companies offering “the dream of day trading glory.”


***Updated Review!*** Please Read UPDATED  2018 REVIEW.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Axia Futures

What is Axia Futures? The company specializes in teaching futures day trading.

Axia Futures is located in London, England and appears to have a very nice looking, yet cramped, retail office space. Contained within this small office space are a cluster of desks, chairs, and many computer monitors.

Axia Futures goes to great lengths to portray the business as a “trading floor.” There are many images of young people milling about, looking important, and supposedly doing what professional day traders are supposed to do.

It all looks so professional. As well as highly scripted and idealistically staged.

In addition to the highly scripted visuals of Axia Futures, there is also a multitude of promotional videos that convey a sense of excitement. That gives the impression that world markets are hyper connected into a laser like focus, and that Axia Futures has their finger plugged into this jet stream of trading excitement.

If I had to describe Axia Futures in the most succinct explanation, I would say that Axia Futures is an ‘arcade’ type environment. Where individuals pay a desk fee. And this desk fee (usually $500 per month) gives that person a place to sit and trade. Included are fast trading computers, multi monitor displays, and the opportunity to sit with fellow gamblers (oops, I mean fellow traders).

This ‘scene’ also provides an excellent backdrop in which to market trading products and services. In short, it has the veneer of legitimacy. And it looks quite fun.

Owners of Axia Futures

According to, the Axia Futures website appeared on the trading educational scene in early 2017.

According to their website, the company was founded by Demetris Mavrommatis and Alex Haywood.Axia Futures: Demetris Mavrommatis, Alex Haywood

Demetris Mavrommatis claims to be a “professional futures trader with 8 years experience, and one of the most consistently profitable traders in the world.”

However, according to a competitor and former business partner of Demetris, he is more hat than actual cowboy. Better at “selling the dream, than actually achieving the dream.”

Prior to starting Axia Futures, apparently, Demetrius and several other persons now working for Axia Futures worked at a very shady prop trading company named Futex.

Futex was a carbon copy of Axia Futures. It had a fancy office, lots of fresh face people milling about, plenty of trading screens and ‘important looking stuff’, promotional videos, and a heavy helping of selling the trading dream.

At Futex, all you needed to do was purchase thousands of dollars in trading courses, rent a desk, and make a deposit to begin trading. A typical trading arcade. Where the profits are made from selling the dream at $7,000 per person.

In spite of the fancy looking office, and fancy looking people….Futex turned out to be a massive scam. Long story short, $6 million dollars in trader deposits mysteriously disappeared. I have embedded the legal brief below…

GlobalInvestorGroup - Futex administrator finds £4


After the Futex ‘fiasco’, it appears that Axia quickly appeared, in hopes of filling the vacuum.

Axia Futures, another Futex?

Are the owners of Axia Trading essentially running the same scam as Futex Trading? Truthfully, it’s hard to tell. On the surface, it appears that the hand is simply wearing a new glove.

In spite of this, TradingSchools.Org decided to review Axia Futures with a fresh perspective. Maybe these former Futex trading wannabes had something positive to offer?

Axia Futures Live Trading Experience

During the summer of 2017, we decided to immerse ourselves into the Axia Futures trading room. Which includes a 14-day trial period, and then a reoccurring $100 per month fee.

What did we witness? Truth be told, it is a very entertaining environment. The ‘lead trainer’ is a guy named Brannigan Barret, and in my opinion, he really wants people to succeed. You can tell that he is pouring everything into these live trading sessions. But is Brannigan Barret simply a midget trying to qualify for the Olympic high jump? As good natured and helpful as he seems, is he really a full-time professional trader, as he claims?

At no time did we ever witness any live trading from Brannigan or any of the other traders at Axia Futures. Instead, the trading recommendations are served as live commentary. With little flashing dots on the screen that declare that somebody within the organization went either long or short in random trading instruments. It reminded me a fast paced dice game, where you never really knew what anyone was really doing, but it sure had the feel that something exciting and fun was happening.

Of course, exciting and fun does not pay the bills. What TradingSchools.Org really wanted to know? Do any of these supposedly professional prop traders have a verifiable track record? Unfortunately, they do not.

We reached out to Axia Futures and requested some sort of proof that anyone was live trading? And what were the trading histories of these supposed trading professionals? The company responded that everyone is a professional day trader, that trades successfully, but was unwilling to show any proof.

We explained that we truly wanted to spend $5,000 for the ‘career training course’, but we had to see something, anything that proved that these guys were actually trading. Nothing could be provided.

Instead, the company responded, “Just look at our professional offices, read our online reviews, judge our materials from the professional YouTube videos, talk to people.”

Sadly, in my experience, simply trusting people has not been a very profitable experience.

Wrapping Things Up

In my opinion, Axia Futures is all about ‘surface and texture’, there is little depth. And certainly no legitimacy.

The trading office is simply a prop. A showpiece. It is meant to exude confidence and diversion from what really matters. And what really matters…do any of these guys actually trade? Since they refuse to verify anything, then this appears to be nothing more than a fancy looking trading school. A sort of Donald Trump University, where your eyes are focusing on the glittery objects, you just need to spend $5k to learn the supposed secrets.

Another thing that irked me, these guys are heavy promoters of scalping with ‘order flow’ tools. Ok, that sounds fine and dandy…but you are scalp trading from London? All of your trades must travel across the Atlantic ocean, and then eventually find its way to the CME exchange? Highly unlikely. Geographically, this is a highly dubious claim. Scalp trading from the other side of the planet seems highly unlikely.

Of course, TradingSchools.Org could be wrong. But that would require some sort of proof that any of these clowns are actually trading. And trading successfully at that.

As it currently stands, no proof exists. Thanks for reading. As always, your opinions are appreciated.

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Budd Fox
Budd Fox (@guest_4054873)
1 year ago

From the point of saying Futex was a shady company. Immediately discredited the author of the report.

Also the write seems not to have a clear idea about trading and proprietary trading companies or trading arcades.

I am glad that they corrected themselves with their update. There is a danger of Rushing to Judgement especially if one is on the outside looking in.

I could see clearly that Axia Futures is the real deal very much like Amplify Trading.

That said there are many dodgy one’s that do not trade but sell courses.

Jim (@guest_33642)
2 years ago

what actually irked me is this part

” Scalp trading from the other side of the planet seems highly unlikely. ”

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so all the people should be living in Chicago then?
what kind of rationalization is it?

Pixelated (@guest_32936)
2 years ago

Poor form for not updating this yet and posting new reviews despite Alex and Brannigan posting and inviting you.

CakeMan (@guest_32902)
2 years ago

I come from the future , the year is 2189 and people are still waiting for update

Rob Juck
Rob Juck (@guest_32896)
2 years ago

there will be no trading statement. I have all of the courses you can find much much cheaper they have very good info in them. They have youtube videos where you can see that the reviews they do are on demo.

CakeMan (@guest_32863)
2 years ago

pls give us the update already

David (@guest_32866)
2 years ago
Reply to  CakeMan

Update please.

jv jv
jv jv (@guest_32716)
2 years ago

Will the update be posted this century?

CakeMan (@guest_32740)
2 years ago
Reply to  jv jv

i blame the russians

CakeMan (@guest_32672)
2 years ago

still waiting for the update …Why is it taking so much time ?????

David (@guest_32570)
2 years ago

Wherebis new Axia review? It was briefly up, now gone.

Jon (@guest_32572)
2 years ago
Reply to  David

Axis’s Kickback Check did not clear, as soon as it does the “GOOD” review will once again reappear.

jv jv
jv jv (@guest_32623)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

hi when will the updated review be posted have you cleaned up the paragraphs. thanks.

Prophead (@guest_32333)
2 years ago

I will judge something I have not seen, people I have not met based on facts that are not correct. Do you also write critics on films you have not seen?
I have nothing to do with Axia, they don’t know who I am and I don’t know them, but I have seen a lot of their material, You tube videos, and I have taken a trial of their online daily subscription, and as someone who trades my own money for a living, I can tell you that there are live trades on x-trader, and the fact that some people might not understand what they do, does not mean that what they do is not qualitative. The things I understand nothing about are not useless, they are just out of my knowledge circle and understanding. In short what they do make a great deal of sense from a proprietary trader standpoint. this is by no mean the unique way to operate but I have not come across anything which does not make sense, even if I do not operate exactly as they seem to, which again does not mean they are doing anything wrong.
I am not sure I would show my trading statement to someone I don’t know either. What difference does that make? Do you think if Bridgewater explains to you how they work you will replicate their publicly released performances?If somebody is doing well does that guarantee that you will? Inversely if you learn solid foundations from someone who does not make great performances does that mean that you will or will not? Don’t you think it has to do with experience, account size, leverage, margins, the broker, infrastructure, data, connection, the time you dedicate to it, your existing knowledge and how easily and quickly one is able to understand and apply things?
A prop desk has collapsed so all the other ones will? If you see a BMW crashing does that mean all BMWs will crash?

CakeMan (@guest_32458)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Hiii Emmett , how much more time will it take you to post the new review ??

Dave (@guest_32122)
3 years ago

This review is not very constructive. I’m all for exposing dodgy organisations, but the author has got his facts completely wrong throughout this article, perhaps to sensationalise and attract more readers.

I’ve tried a lot of training courses, maybe 100’s, and Futex was one of the best. OK it was expensive, they are all expensive. However Futex, was the only course I actually felt I learnt something that could make me successful.

The fact that Axia have some of the successful traders from Futex is a huge bonus. These are the kind of traders we should all be learning from, they have something valuable to teach ….. and this article is a disgrace, and targets the wrong people.

I have signed up for the monthly subscription with Axia, and get a lot of value from their videos. I have paid more for absolute rubbish (like $100/month for a few support levels each day). Axia offer good value and quality.

p.s. your comment about scalping from London shows your ignorance. Of course you can scalp from London. We’re not talking about High Frequency Trading, we’re talking about making small trades. It was this paragraph that proved to me that you are only out to slander a reputable organisation, you have no interest in the truth.

CakeMan (@guest_32049)
3 years ago

Any update ???

FactsRule (@guest_32267)
2 years ago
Reply to  CakeMan


Seb (@guest_31662)
3 years ago

Here is a video from Youtube showing TT and one trader’s price ladder, TT has a yellow band across the top if in sim, I have TT so I know.
Price Ladder News Event Trading Trading US CPI Axia Futures

They are showing live trading, OK, so they are cherry picking, but nearly 70k in a session proved at least some of them know what they are doing.

Youtube search’ Price Ladder News Event Trading: Trading US CPI | Axia Futures’

I have nothing to do with them, I am not a subscriber, but I did the Price ladder course with Futex, and the Grad course.

Cakeman (@guest_31644)
3 years ago

Any update ????

Chris (@guest_31530)
3 years ago

For me just seeing they are selling that BS software from Jigsaw convince me they are worthless.
This is because I saw the trading room Jigsaw had on his own site a few years ago and the result were so poor he cancel it

Alex Haywood
Alex Haywood (@guest_31504)
3 years ago

Hi Emmett

My name is Alex Haywood. One of the Co-Founders of AXIA Futures.

Your review of our company has recently been brought to my attention.

Unfortunately, your review is inaccurate and I wish to clarify a few salient points.


– All traders on the AXIA London Trading Floor trade through FCT Europe Ltd and clear through Macquarie Investment Bank.
– FCT is a partner of AXIA Futures.
– FCT is FCA regulated and Mifid 2 compliant.
– FCT has also been around since 1984 headed by the Chairman of the group and successful Trader and Investor Roger Carlsson.
– The majority of the traders that traded at Futex lost all their trading accounts. Traders such as Demetris Mavrommatis who had a 250K Sterling trading account lost all his money and Gabriele Gandini who lost more than a £1million trading account. All this information is on the liquidators records. I’m certain that you can find this if you go searching.
– As a result of the mismanagement of Futex Traders trading accounts and the liquidation of Futex, the traders were left stranded as their trading accounts disappeared overnight. So Demetris and I, together with a group of traders that lost all their money, needed to find a new place to trade and start from ground zero. We had 2 options. Either go to another similar style trading arcade or join a company that shared our vision, had a long established credible trading history and was well capitalised.
– After much deliberation we decided to go into partnership with FCT.
– Once the traders were up and running and settled, it allowed us to switch our attention to developing the education, and AXIA Futures was born. The primary objective was to leverage the success of the traders into dynamic trader training material. Our educational material and space is resource heavy, yet we try and make it as affordable as possible as we still want to bring new blood into the industry. If we see talent from the training courses, then we encourage senior traders to take a vested interest to further help their development. Our most expensive course is our intensive 8-week in-house Career Programme which costs approximately £4,000 and is significantly cheaper than those of the competitors, with some costing twice as much and lasting only two days. We are happy for you to interview our recent graduates who have done the training and are trading live with FCT.

Your description of Brannigan and Demetris is completely unjustified.


– Brannigan did a lot of live trading where you could see him execute. This is highly commendable as I am not aware of another trader happy to execute on the live markets in front of an audience.
– If you are familiar with the TT platform which is a global futures platform used by professional traders and hedge funds across the world, you will immediately know if someone is trading on a demo account or a live account as the platform tells you on the top of each price ladder.
– Here is a youtube sample video of Brannigan’s Live trading on TT which is streamed once a week. You can see him live executing 24 minutes into the video, in a few markets.

– Here is another trading youtube video of Demetris executing on the TT Price Ladder platform:


– Your opinion of Demetris Mavrommatis is misplaced unfortunately.
– Firstly, on the website we make no reference to him being one of the most successful traders in the world.
– However, he is an incredibly successful trader with a couple of €100,000+ up days in 2017.
– He is a full time trader and leads many of our team meetings for strategies in which the trainees from the classroom next to the trading floor are welcome to participate.


– Emmett, we have no record of you trying to contact us to discuss your interest in reviewing our firm or how you went about gathering your information.
– Traders statements is a personal matter and not something firms give out publicly. People in whichever industry do not like to show their earnings, however Brannigan did tell me that he invited you to come visit our trading floor where he was happy to show you his performance statements.
– Furthermore, due to the accusations and false information you have directed towards AXIA, I have some of our traders happy to show some of their statements over the past year, if this is a burning desire of yours.


– Emmet, I invite you this week to either a meeting on our floor or a one-on-one telephone conversation to discuss the contents of your review and to correct all the misinformation.

I look forward to meeting you

Kind Regards,
Alex Haywood
Axia Futures Co-Founder

FactsRule (@guest_32266)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore


Louis (@guest_5056903)
8 months ago
Reply to  Alex Haywood

I have to say that answer convinced me. Good job Alex.

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_31412)
3 years ago

axia i couldn’t tell if Brannigan was cumming in one webinar or not ..

Nothing wrong with Donald Trump’s university tho.

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