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Jason Bond Picks is owned and managed by some of the worst penny stock, pump and dump con artists, that we have seen in recent years. This is a classic front running operation where Jason Bond will enter a trade, and then immediately direct thousands of paid subscribers to enter immediately afterwards, at higher prices. The end result is that Jason Bond wins, and the subscribers lose. Jason Bond refuses to answer allegations and affiliations with known fraudulent penny stock promoters. Avoid this guy like the scam artist that he is.

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Pros: A template on how to run, manage and execute a front running, pump and dump stock picking service.
Cons: Subscribers are stuck in the hopeless position of chasing Jason Bond's trades. He gets in early, you get in late. He exits for a profit, you exit for a loss. A complete and total fraud, a front running operation that is designed to fleece subscribers.

Today’s review is Jason Bond Picks.

A swing and day trading service that focuses on low quality, highly ambiguous pump and dump penny stocks, and thinly traded stocks typically less than $3 per share . The service has a fee of $297 each quarter. There is no monthly subscription option. There are no free trials. No exceptions.

The swing trading service is moderated by Jason Bond, a self described, former New York school teacher that taught in public schools for 10 years and was miserable, depressed and broke. However, once he discovered his penny stock investing system, he quickly realized that he could be very rich like the people on Wall Street. In a spirit of generosity and good will towards his fellow man, he has decided to reveal his penny stock investing secrets to the world.

The live day trading room is moderated by Luke Murray and specializes in short term, quick scalp trading with a daily goal of $500. Jason Bond describes this type of trading as “perfect for greedy, trigger-happy traders”.

Initial Observation

My initial observation of the Jason Bond Picks website is that everything is well organized and the sales presentation is very polished. There are a multitude of proclamations about profits earned in very short periods of time. For instance, “$39,076 Profit In Just 2 Days” and “$20,205 Profit In Just 4 Days”, etc. There is a streaming quote box that contains accolades from subscribers and how average people are becoming rich and realizing huge profits of $100,000+ in a few weeks of trading. The standard marketing fluff that we see is all there.

However, one thing we do not see are any mention of any losses. In fact, after spending nearly 3 hours reading through over 90 blog posts and scraping through every page of the website, never is a loss ever mentioned. This made me curious whether Jason ever has any losses. And so I began emailing Jason Bond and asking him questions.

Speaking With Jason Bond

My original conversations with Jason Bond began this past February. I attempted many times to initiate a phone call with Jason, but he claims that with 7000 paying subscribers, he does not have the time to speak over the phone. Since he refuses to speak with anyone over the telephone, I was forced into a series of email exchanges. I asked him plainly, where are your losses? He was cordial and obliged in sending me a spreadsheet of all of his trades. Admittedly, the spreadsheet of trades looked really good. Lots of winners. Very few losers. However, as I began to look at the stock symbols, some patterns began to emerge. Some of the names on his spreadsheet were the names of the some of the most notorious and fraudulent pump and dump schemes that we have been seen in recent years. I began a series of conversations with Jason Bond about some of these symbols and trades that he had made, in particular how he was always long and he always made money. This is were our conversations ended, he refused to answer any questions at that point. Next, I attempted to get closer to Jason and the truth of these suspicsous trades by creating multiple personas and emails. I always got stuffed and shut down whenever I starting asking specifics on how he would always make money, and always seemed to be “early” before the stock would breakout. He never would get into any specifics, but this superhuman ability left me suspicious.

Many readers of my blog may be unfamiliar with penny stocks. Basically, investing in a penny stock is really just a lottery ticket. Nearly 99.999% of the companies listed in the penny stock universe are complete frauds and scams. In fact, using the word stocks implies value, and penny stocks implies even less value. In fact, penny stocks are really just a game of hot potato, where each party is attempting to hustle the next party into purchasing at a higher price. These penny stock companies have zero value, are riddled with debt, and many are run by bonafide criminals. They are unregistered, unregulated, garbage paper that is not fit to wipe the shit from one’s ass. The only people that purchase a penny stock as an investment are the desperate, the naive, and typically the most vulnerable to fraud. This is the realm where Jason Bond feels most comfortable, sloshing about in the shit filled sewer of penny stock trading. But in reality, my question to Jason Bond is how in the heck does he always win at trading penny stocks?

Another thing that struck me as odd about Jason Bond is that he is not very sharp. The guy is sort of a dullard. He strikes me as having less than average intelligence. Of course the professionally produced videos on his website convey a very articulate and capable person. However, as you begin to converse with him, and get to know him, you quickly discover that perhaps he has a learning disability. He knows nearly nothing about the stock market. Very little about how the exchanges function. And my god, dont even ask him about the financials of a company…like a deer in the headlights, he is just clueless and lost. Once I began to really grasp that I was speaking with someone of below average intelligence, this made me very curious about how he was so good at investing in penny stocks. In particular, from the long side.

Peeling Back The Layers

As I came to the realization that Jason Bond is not a very bright person, I became increasingly curious about the long winning streaks of his trades in some of the worst of the worst penny stocks. How could a complete stooge with a likely learning disability, and zero understanding of the stock market become such a huge success at the most fraudulent trading game in town: penny stocks? And so, for the next four weeks, I dedicated myself to learning everything that I possible could about Jason Bond. I was determined to peel back all the known layers and get to the very core of Jason Bond Picks. Something was not adding up. And I was determined to find the truth.

Jason Bond Picks-The Beginning

If you visit Archive.Org, you can type in the name of any website, and it will reveal the prior versions and histories of most any website over time. The JasonBondPicks site dates back to late 2012, and so I dug through each page, scraping and searching and picking and poking. Something was fishy. I have this guy with the mental capacity of a small child that is always right and making money on these fraudulent pump and dump penny stocks. How could he always profit? The smell of fraud grew. And then I found the clue I was looking for, it turns out that JasonBondPicks.Com was at one time, actually owned and managed by a company named BlueWave Advisors, LLC. What is BlueWaveAdvisors? They are an investor relations firm specializing in promoting crappy penny stocks.  In other words, Jason Bond is in fact the nearly brainless stooge that I suspected he was. He is actually an employee of BlueWave Advisors. In fact, since 2012, Jason Bond Picks has listed ownership as Blue Wave Advisers, and BlueWaveAdvisorsthen in 2013 it was Patriot Publishing, and then in 2014 it is Lighthouse Media.

BlueWave Advisers, Sherwood Ventures, Patriot Publishing, Etc.

As I began to peel back the layers of Jason Bond Picks, it was if a volcano of penny stock bullshit began exploding forth onto my screen. Its turns out, that at Jason Bond Picks listed address of 835 E Lamar Blvd, Arlington Texas 76011, is also the address of BlueWave Advisors, Sherwood Ventures, Patriot Publishing, and a long list of other penny stock promotional companies that are all owned by the same group of petty hustlers. So, you really need to think of Jason Bond as just a semi ignorant stooge, or a clown performer for the actual circus owners. Below you will find the connections of the owners and the different companies. All of this information was pulled and parsed directly from several state corporate filing offices. In fact, in order to for me put this together in an accurate and digestible format, I had to contact one of my readers, whom also is a practicing civil litigation and trial attorney. Without the help of my state and federal lawyer friends, none of the dots of this complicated web could of connected.

Jason Bond Picks

If you look at a breakdown of companies above, you can start to see the players and their roles. The companies to the left are all confirmed pump and dump penny, stock promotional companies. Some of these LLC companies have upwards of 70 websites under the corporate umbrella. In total, I was able to track down over 1000 websites who’s sole purpose is to collect email addresses and pump penny stock companies.

The players in the middle are the people involved, and to my surprise there are even a couple of church organizations involved in the scheme. In particular, Modern Day Missions has listed Elias Reyes, Jeff Bishop, and Nicholas Lesmiester as directors. These three buffoons are all penny stock hustlers with a long history of penny stock promotion, and it turns out that they want people to also give to their church. Amazing stuff folks. How could these guys be involved in some of the worst and most egregious penny stock scams in the past 10 years, and yet hold themselves out into the community as religious leaders?

Nicholas Lesmeister – The Penny Stock Holy Man

I find this Nicholas Lesmeister character particularly offensive. He portrays himself as some sort of religious holy man that wanders across Israel, protecting the jews from the evil arabs. You can discover his ego directly at either at http://axum.ventures/ or at http://niclesmeister.com/. I find it ironic that he describes himself on Axum as,

Nic Lesmeister considers himself an accidental entrepreneur. He started Axum Ventures with the goal of using time, talent and treasure to repair the world, however he can.

Penny Stock Holy Man

Repair the world however he can? This guy is amazing.

The whole time he also wraps the american flag tightly around himself, proclaiming his love for Texas and Jesus. In other pictures he is seen helping some poor kids in Africa, giving sermons, just a whole bunch of self aggrandizement, ego, and puffery. He is so focused on himself, and his image that he can no longer see the truth about himself. As I look at this picture above, I cannot help but think that this guy is making a penny stock pitch, “Dear poor Africans, my penny stocks will make you all rich in 30 minutes, buy now”.

Folks, dont believe the nonsense that this dude is putting out. Look at his works, look at the years of penny stocks promotions this guy has been involved with, so many frauds connected to this guy that I would need hire a team of writers to document everything. The biggest charlatans are those that hide behind the cross and wrap the flag tightly about themselves. Just because you stand in front of a bunch of poor black people and take pictures of yourself in Jerusalem does not make you good or righteous, or honest. Below you will find a small sampling of the penny stock nonsense this guy is pumping out onto the internet. These sites are just the easy to find…many more exist:


Of course, our friend Nic would love for us to believe that he is no longer involved in any sort of penny stock promotions. But dont buy into any of this nonsense. In fact, since 2013 he has gotten increasingly better at hiding his pump and dump websites. He now uses shared hosting, rackspace dedicated IP’s from different data centers, blocks his DNS settings, blocks NS look up, hides MX records. But he still leaves some big prints that are easy to track, like using the same mail servers to send out massive amounts of penny stock promo spam, using the same graphic designer that keeps unknowingly leaving his code fingerprint inside of custom coded web pages, using the same combinations of wordpress theme and plugins, variations of a similar domain name, issuing press releases using the same distribution channels, etc. Thankfully I am proficient at using Scrapebox software. In fact, I used 3 servers running Scrapebox, nearly nonstop for 300 hours in order to find the majority of Nic’s websites, as well as his partners promotional websites. It was a monumental task. But I feel that I have accumulated the most comprehensive database of penny stock pump and dump websites currently on the internet, over 2000 websites. All of these sites are pure penny stock nonsense meant to sucker people into purchasing worthless penny stocks. All of these sites are similar to those owned and controlled by Nic Lesmeister, and Jeff Bishop. I wont even get into Jeff Bishop. This is another person carrying around a gigantic bible written upon page after page of worthless penny stock promotion. Once again, the list that you see above is just a small sampling of these pump and dump sites that this Nic person is promoting. What is also troubling to me is that he is actually on the supervisory board of Kelly Community Federal Credit Union. This just seems crazy to me that the founders of Kelly Community Federal Credit Union would put this guy anywhere near a supervisory position.

How All Of This Relates To Jason Bond Picks

Obviously, I took a pretty wild ride away from the specifics of Jason Bond Picks. But I had to include how all of these parts, pieces, and how the players fit together. Jason Bond is just one small piece of this massive machine of penny stock pump and dump nonsense. Understand something, when Jason Bond makes a recommendation to his audience, he has already taken his position. And in addition to Jason Bond taking his position, so have the rest of these penny stock hustlers, in these related organizations, all spamming 100,000’s of email messages. They all position themselves to profit. And then, at the right moment, the audience is then notified of the trade. The subscribers and unwashed masses all quickly scramble into the stock, pushing the price higher and higher. As they are pushing the price higher and higher, Jason Bond and the rest of these characters are dumping their shares for a profit.

The Audience Does Not Lie

Over the past 2 months, I have now received 16 unsolicited emails from former subscribers of Jason Bond Picks. The story is always the same. Jason enters a trade (along with the rest of the penny scammers) and then sends out the advisory. The recommended stocks are usually lightly traded with very thin volume. There is no warning from Jason on the recommendation. Just a signal from Jason and then a mad scramble among thousands of people to pay Jason and his buddies a higher price for the shares that they previously purchased. The unwashed masses hit the market orders to fill as quickly as possible, and course, as this is happening…Jason and the rest of his co-conspirators are dumping their shares and draining your trading account.

The most recent email I received from a current paying subscriber…quoted in verbatim,

You receive the alert in chat, via email and via text message AFTER he has entered. So, if he buys 10k of a $3 stocks, it might pop up .10c, then he sends out his alert and his 3k members start racing to the buy button causing an epic move in price. It’s nearly impossible for him to NOT make money on trades like that. If you are at work, part time trading like his service “caters” to, you will never EVER get an entry where does. His watch lists tells you which stocks he is watching, but NEVER gives his entry price or target exit/stop. It’s really just a mirroring system where you wait on him, and hope you are quick enough to execute orders before everyone else. It’s sad really.
When he alerts a trade, he says his target is 5-10% but NEVER gives prices…because that would dissolve his advantage and he couldn’t advertise his massive wins if people were cutting him off in trades. It’s called front running…huge issue in the financial world. Let’s say you are a stock broker or financial advisor and you have a wealthy client who wants to buy 1 millions shares of ABC stock. You say sure, I’ll do that for you. You go into your personal account, buy your 5-10k shares, THEN put in your clients massive order and ride the wave and profit from it. Front running in a chat room where you know your subs will buy 100’s of thousands of shares after you is no different than that.

How Does Jason Keep His Reputation?

Well, I can tell you that its not from people making money from his advisory. Rather, Jason keeps this shit circus moving through the financial sewer system by offering a very aggressive affiliate program. What does this mean? Simply put, he pays a commission to anyone that is willing to market his service. And so, if you were to run a google search for either Jason Bond Picks, or Jason Bond Picks Review, you will find literally hundreds of websites promoting this guy. These are mostly people with hastily thrown together websites that all rave about how much money they are making by trading Jason Bond Picks. Jason claims that many of his affiliates are making $20k per year pushing his nonsense. One guy in particular claims that he made over $10 million last year trading Jason signals. Another claims that he is a hedge fund manager that manages over $200 million dollars and that Jason Bond Signals has made his hedge fund investors all very wealthy. Another guy raves how Jason Bond changed his life and he married the girl of his dreams. Heck, even little 18 year Ashley is getting rich from Jason. She made $6k in only a few hours and created a video testimonial for all to see. I don’t know about everyone else reading this…but 18 year old Ashley singing for Jason really conveys a sense of trust and reliability.

Wrapping Things Up

The review of Jason Bond picks was an epic journey for me that spanned several months of research. I needed the help of a lawyer that donated several days of his time, energy and connections to reconstruct the web of related promotional companies and all of their affiliated corporations and limited liability companies. I also needed the help of a network security specialist to scrape through millions of web IP addresses in order to build out the database of penny stock promotional websites. The irony is that both of these persons that helped me, both have been hustled by a penny stock promoter for a combined amount of $200k, and both needed some sort of justice, helping with this project provided both with some small measure of relief. All of this really opened up to me the world of penny stock promotions. In a nutshell, penny stock trading is just a game of buying worthless dogshit stock, and then convincing someone else that your worthless dogshit stock is worth more than what you paid for it. A lot of you reading this might be thinking…this is OK, because I can just dump my dogshit stock on the next guy. Well, this is not as easy as it seems. You have to remember…every single time that Jason sends out his alert, he has already purchased the stock. The very moment that the alert is released, Jason has his finger on the sell button. Waiting for the sucker (YOU) to pay him a higher price for his shares. This is just a classic game of front running.

Thanks for taking the time. Don’t forget to leave your comments below. Even those that disagree and hate my opinion will find that their voice is heard and their opinions are posted.


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