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Stephanie Kammerman of The Stock Whisperer is one heck of a musical talent and excellent entertainer. After stints on several realty TV shows, it appears that she has reinvented herself as America’s newest finanical guru. Operating a live day trading chat room that specializes in the mysterious world of “Dark Pools” and their machiavellian intentions. Yes folks, she can divine the future of the financial world by following in the footsteps of the “Big Money Players.” It’s so simple that anyone can do it! Proclaims a track record of nearly 93.6% winning trades and an annual return of 2181%. Of course verifying the authenticity of these trades is not possible. Financial exageration combined with sexual exageration = pure comedy gold.

Pros: Stephanie Kammerman is certainly entertaining.
Cons: Proclaims a nearly flawless track record of trading success at 93.6% win record and 2181% annualized return. All because of the supposed ability to read "Dark Pool" trading volume. Of course, she can provide zero proof of actual results.

Thanks for reading today’s review of The Stock Whisperer

What is The Stock Whisperer? The website is a day trading educational business owned and operated by Stephanie Kammerman. The business operates a live day trading room named “The Java Pit” that costs $99.95 per month. The primary focus of the live day trading room is trading stocks intraday.

In addition to the live day trading chat room, Stephanie Kammerman also offers various trading educational products that are sold as recorded webinars. Price list as follows:

  • $2,999 Trading Bootcamp
  • $1,849 Swing Trading Bootcamp
  • $199 Introduction to Swing Trading
  • $99 Introduction to Day Trading

On the company website, Stephanie Kammerman claims to be a full-time professional day trader with over 23 years of trading experience and has trained thousands of day traders worldwide.

The Stock Whisperer maintains the following social media profiles:

A review of reveals that The Stock Whisperer website came online in late 2013. It appears that prior to 2013, Stephanie Kammerman was an aspiring singer and appeared on several reality TV shows including American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

Stephanie Kammerman is certainly a musical talent. Several very catchy YouTube videos can be found at the following links:

The Secret Sauce

In the past three years of writing reviews about trading educators, I have certainly seen and heard a few wild and outrageous stories. The most successful trading educational promoters are usually the sort that carve out a clearly defined niche, genre, or some unique idea that only they possess. Some claim to harness the power of Jesus, others claims to know the secrets of Fibonacci, some use astrology, others use overly complicated and fancy sounding mathematics, yet others proclaim Jedi like powers to feel the force of bid/ask order flow.

Stephanie Kammerman’s niche is sexuality, the (supposed) ability to “Follow The Big Traders”, and the apparent ability to read the mysterious and nebulous “Dark Pools” of trading volume. This mish-mash of sexuality and knowing some sort of “Dark Pool” trading secret combines into a pretty tasty sandwich of showmanship, mystique, and compelling storyline.

Stripper Pole Economics

Stephanie Kammerman is a regular at the Traders Expo seminar circuit. For those of you that are unaware, the Traders Expo is very similar to a ‘swap meet’ where trading vendors rent a space for a typical fee of $4000 to $6000 per vendor and hawk their wares as attendees meander through an exhibition hall. For additional fee’s, the Traders Expo also offers the opportunity to present materials to an audience via “Keynote Speaker” format. Essentially, people are herded into a room to hear something special or unique.

Traders Expo would have you believe that these speaking engagements are reserved for the very best trading educators, but this is simply not true. These prime speaking slots are primarily offered to whoever is willing to pay the highest fee. During the most recent Las Vegas Traders Expo, TradingSchools.Org attended Stephanie’s presentation.

Stephanie Kammerman

Just enough leg.

What did we see? I can best describe the presentation as ‘stripper pole economics’. It is important to understand that Stephanie is very comfortable performing in front of an audience. And the audience that attended her presentation can be best be described as mostly middle-aged white males. Like the natural entertainer that she is, Stephanie did a great job at teasing the old white guys with just a bit of “sexy talk”. For instance, she proclaims that one of her best trading setups is when price touches her “T” spot. Of course, the guys sitting in the audience were more than likely wondering about her “G” spot, and very little about her “T” spot. I have to give her credit, she does a great job of injecting sexuality into the sales presentation. Another term she liked to use, “I am a day trader by day, and a swing trader by night.” Funny stuff.

The truth of the matter is that the audience (myself included) were a bunch of older white guys, with plenty of gray hair, a few extra pounds around the waistline, in need of viagra, and 20 or 30 years removed from having any woman pay them much attention. For just a fleeting moment, Stephanie gave us some sexy talk and the sort of attention that we no longer receive. She is entertaining. Funny. And I enjoyed the clever word play. However, I have seen dozens of these technical analysis presentations, and it was pretty obvious to me that Stephanie is certainly no Buffet or Soros. An economist she is not. And certainly not a professional investor.

Track Record of Trades

Stephanie Kammerman posts an outrageously ridiculous record of trading results. She claims that she is accurate at 93.6%. In fact, TradingSchools.Org compiled the previous 12 months of supposed trading results from her website and recorded the following:

  • 526 total trades
  • 506 winners
  • 20 losers
  • 4.15% average return per trade
  • 2,181% annualized return on investment.

Many readers are already probably having a good laugh. In fact, this track record ranks in the top 5 of BS track records that has recorded. Why am I calling this track record BS? For starters, we reached out to Stephanie and asked for a brokerage statement or some sort of proof of these super-amazing investment returns. As you can imagine, no reply. It appears that the track record is some willy-nilly list of trades that she feels is somehow believable to her target market.

Of course, some folks are incredibly gullible and will believe just about anything. And so, to put this into proper context, if a person were to invest $1,000 and compound the returns, then after only a single year of taking Stephanie’s magical trades…then you would have trading profits $250,245,972.

I don’t know about you, but Stephanie needs to be immediately referred to Donald Trump’s transition team. The country is currently $20 trillion in debt. If Donald Trump gave her only $1,000 to invest, then she could pay off the entire national debt in only 23 months.

stock whisperer

What the heck, I nominate Stephanie Kammerman for Secretary of the Treasury! In all seriousness, the track record is pretty laughable. Anyone that believes such a thing needs to think about seeing a doctor and taking medication. For those interested, I have included the following spreadsheet of her supposed trades, it is only the prior 12 months. I left out the previous performance, I am sure you get the point.

Symbol - Gain/Loss %       

What exactly is going on here?

Usually, whenever a trading guru presents these sorts of truly incredible investment returns and provides zero proof, this is motivation for a really nasty review. But with Stephanie, her record of amazing trades goes beyond the realm outrageousness and into the realm of juvenile comedy. There is almost a childish and immature tone to her sales pitch. Am I going to be upset that a naive child is promising to build a flying elephant rocketship and join the galactic circus? Nope. Just going to smirk and encourage the child to follow their dreams and join the galactic circus. Same goes with Stephanie, her entire sales pitch has the feel of naive simplicity combined with teenage sexual tension.

What the heck, Stephanie still has a few years before the luster of youth vanishes once and for all. She might as well use every tool in her toolbox, while the tool still exists.

Wrapping things up

Thanks for taking the time to read today’s review. The Stock Whisperer has the look and feel of a “Life Reinvention” project. I wonder if Stephanie awoke one morning, battered and bruised from the rejection of American Idol and said to her middle-aged self, “what in the heck am I going to do now?” Gotta get that rent paid someway! And after carousing through the internet, browsing between jobs opportunities of envelope stuffing and selling makeup at the local mall, she stumbled onto a Timothy Sykes or Ross Cameron promotional video. A light bulb went off. She thought to herself, “If those jackasses can pull this off, then why not me?”

You know what? She is right. The lady is a pretty good marketer. The heck with actual trading results. Just fake it till you make it.

Thanks again for reading. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

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James Nichols
James Nichols (@guest_5061473)
2 months ago

Did you actually read her book? She explains the Dark Pool concept succinctly. So, try her trading room for a month.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_5061476)
2 months ago
Reply to  James Nichols

Post your brokerage statements please James.

Dave (@guest_5061461)
2 months ago

I signed up for the Training Pit and found it, unlike any course I ever experienced. Not at all what I was expecting. It was presented like it was some amazing magic going on in the “pits”. All I see is a bunch of material at a presentation quality of a middle school newspaper. But here is the thing that really convinced me this is an unethical business. The intro page you are first brought to reminds you in bold to download the links pdf from “the room drive” once you log into the ” training pit”. I logged in and did exactly that. And this oh-so-important file is just a list of links. No letterhead. Nothing at all professional about it. As though someone put was just taking some notes in Word.

Not at all feeling good about my purchase, I go to look at their refund policy which says this “ does not offer a refund of class(es) once the purchaser participates in the class(es) and/or accesses/downloads the archive file(s). Please note that accessing the archive file(s) is an act of participating in the class. ” Note here since I downloaded the link file which they instructed me to do first thing, I am now ineligible for a refund. That is crooked. And I’m a fool for not following my instinct on this as being a sham.

Adam (@guest_5056472)
10 months ago

What your saying is what I would suspect, however I wonder how Stefanie is able to garner such high praise with Trust Pilot reviews? Also I’ve heard other traders who I believe are legitimate praise and validate her. Just curious on your take most in regards to trust pilot

Chris (@guest_4055834)
1 year ago

On twitter she’ll have various people posting random comments thanking her for the gains on X trade, when you check most of the profiles, they seem to be fake, they’re either accounts that haven’t posted anything in years or accounts that just opened with no followers or accounts that talk about random things and nothing about stocks.

Nicole Means
Nicole Means (@guest_4055599)
1 year ago

Why do you do this to me? I loved this review as well. I was nearly falling out of my chair laughing at your hire her for the treasury comment and that people who support her after analyzing your numbers need to see a doctor. I already posted on your other review of her. Now that I know she was on those singing shows, I know why she does this, there is nothing that enrages an artist more than when they can’t get work in the performing arts. She is so angry that she did not make it in her dream field that she does not care who she lies to. Remember what happened when Hitler did not get into art school.

scott (@guest_4055419)
1 year ago

Thanks for the review: I came to you guys right away when I saw this “bad acteress”, figured she was just another Raging Bull (or Cow?) Thanks again.

James (@guest_1047493)
2 years ago

What you need to know about the secret dark pool prints and Stefanie Kammerman.
1) The dark pool prints are no secret they are called block trade indicators and are available through Schwab and others.
2)There are many variables associated with the dark pool prints such as you don’t know if its going up or down, if its a buyer or a seller, when it might impact the stock or if its a fake or canceled print. This all minimizes any benefit it might have.
3) Their winning percentages are based on hitting targets that are on both sides of the stock NOT ON ACTUAL TRADES

Stock144 (@guest_1042532)
2 years ago

23 years of experience? Look her up on BrokerCheck. 1 year of experience in 2012. How does some get away with blatant lies?

HAA (@guest_3048174)
2 years ago
Reply to  Stock144

Just look at her LinkedIn (which of course can also be fabricated), all her experience was pre2000. Hah!

Clare (@guest_37919)
2 years ago

Whoa. I am an investing neophyte and was trying to find a way to grow my assets faster than I’ve been able to do to date. 30-38K annually for the last three years using fairly simple covered call strategy. I almost bought the snake oil. Thanks for the honest look at the claims the Stock Whisperer was making. I almost recommended her to friends and family. I won’t be doing that.

Kenneth Partyka
Kenneth Partyka (@guest_33250)
2 years ago

Biggest Securites Firms? Schoenfield Securities? And you were an Assistant Trader for two years? BFD. You’re a snake oil salesman and an amateur. And yes, I was a broker so I know what I’m talking about

Bob Frapples
Bob Frapples (@guest_32994)
2 years ago

I appreciate your input and have decided to steer clear of this sketchy-sounding program, however your math is embarrassingly inaccurate. A $1,000 investement with an annualized rate of return of 2,181% equates to $21,810 after one year, That’s a ridiculous return but it’s NOT $250 MILLION as you stated. Might wanna stick to blogging & avoid the simple math equations, big guy.

Alcor (@guest_5056681)
9 months ago
Reply to  Bob Frapples

It is 2, 181 000 (two million+ and not 21K+)

louis (@guest_32933)
2 years ago

Awesome and honest review.

Mr. Mark
Mr. Mark (@guest_31492)
3 years ago

Looks like the review was based upon a free seminar at the Money Show. I’ve actually attended her online boot camp and listened to a couple of her online webinars. She has a good way to see when the composite operator is about to make a move. Despite your negative review, I think she has some worthwhile information to share.

Jake S
Jake S (@guest_30454)
3 years ago

Stefanie is still presenting at the money show. I posted a complaint about her a few months ago and I’m surprised she’s still fishing for sheep at the money show. I suggest that people who were scammed by her make a complained with the organizers of money show about how she scams people by being a making it hard for them to evaluate her performance and her claims. She doesn’t keep a history of her chat scripts, they’re delted after 2 days . Sje claims storage is too expensive …. Lol Text scripts are expensive to store when a 3 gig hard drive costs $100.00. Anyway, if you feel that hse was less than honest about her methods, make a complaint with money show so she cannot scam other people.

Bob (@guest_28263)
3 years ago

Regarding the Stock Whisperer comments posted on this forum, please know that if you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the word “Previous”, that link will take you to the first page of the comments regarding the Stock Whisperer where there appear to be over 100 comments posted. It appears to me that there are many unhappy people. I agree with the author of this review in that I have noticed a lot of what I feel are misleading statements and claims made in promoting this service. If a person touts his/her own trading success in order to promote a paid service and/or costly trading courses and promotes him/herself as an experienced, successful trader, then that person most definitely should be willing and able to substantiate that claim. The success, profits, and returns touted should be backed up with proof. At least one year of brokerage statements showing that the person has taken, with actual funds, all of the trades and has achieved all of the profits that were touted in the marketing materials and seminars should be available. In my view, failure to do that is outright fraud. If Stefanie and her associates involved in promoting the Stock Whisperer services are taking money and/or profiting from people who have been misled in any way into purchasing such services then, rightfully, in my view, all purchase fees should be refunded to those people as well as ANY and ALL LOSSES that have incurred as a result of following the advice and trading recommendations of the Stock Whisperer Co. Additionally, any and all of the brokerage statements in the names of the Stock Whisperer promoters should be made public and an investigation should be made into any and all possible “shills” (phonies), if any, that may have assisted in the trading rooms touting profits and successful trades which may actually have been false. It is my understanding that there are many government agencies that would be in agreement with me on this issue as well. Those people who feel that they have been defrauded, deceived, or misled into departing with their hard-earned money by verbal claims and/or misleading marketing, should know that there are ways to recover their losses. There are laws that protect the consumer and there is a common term known as “Consumer Redress”. Keep your receipts of all fees/tuition paid to the company as well as your own brokerage statements which show any losses achieved by your trading as a result of following the advice of the Stock Whisperer and associates. You may need this information in the future. All of this, of course, my opinion. I thank Emmett for sharing this information and allowing people to post their comments. He is providing people with a valuable service here.

Bob (@guest_28265)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob

The above comment was meant to be posted on page 2 where it has been re-posted. The 100 + comments appear to be on this page (page 1) Thanks

Ha An
Ha An (@guest_3048175)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob

As a former Series 7/66 holder, I agree if she were giving financial advice, but as I’m sure you know, she has positioned herself like so many others (John Carter being one of the biggest) as an educator, so she can legally dodge that bullet. One group in the office I worked with charged its clients 2.5% (about 1.5% more than other financial advisors) and justified it by offering annually updated aggregate statements showing the alpha in their portfolios AUDITED BY A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED CPA FIRM. I thought that was brilliant. If she can afford $400/mo for Lightspeed LIVEVOL, she can afford $10/mo 2TB storage from Google or Amazon and to be audited professionally. Hah! Her method seems to be look at the big prints, if the current price is on one side, go with it since the HFTs have taken over and are pushing it “beyond”. That seems pretty simplistic. Like staying on the side of VWAP. I think it’s interesting that Martha Stokes, a CMT, likes to use Time Segmented Volume (Worden TC2000 proprietary, but reverse engineers on TradingView) and Balance of Power (price based: close-open over high-low) to track the aftermath of these big off-market prints, assuming that the HFTs actually control the market and are waiting in ambush at consolidation/trading-range platform levels to move “on a flash” nano-seconds after the big prints, but before retail traders can respond with their conventional price-based indicators. Then there is the whole “point of control” crowd using number of transactions (TPO) or volume profiles to track where support and resistance manifest in the auction. Everybody is selling something. The fact remains that 40% of market activity is dark, but eventually gets publicly reported only weekly on FINRA’s site, but not the market charts you use in retail. The reason for these special OTC markets is to avoid front-running by HFTs when big institutions (banks, insurance, etc.) want to reallocate. If you bother to check her linkedin (easily fabricated, right?) you notice all of her 4 years of trading experience was pre-2000 and she claims to have been trading professionally in all the intervening years. That is a bold-faced lie by her own admission. Odd, inexplicable behavior that only a psychologist can explain. Think about her hypothesis, if a retail trader had access to real-time dark pool prints, wouldn’t also the HFTs thereby nullifying the reason for dark pools. The fact that they are delayed to the NYSE/NASDAQ “normal markets” is their value-proposition. Be careful out there. Peace out.

Bob (@guest_28248)
3 years ago

It appears that many people are losing a lot of money based on misleading claims. Maybe it is time for the FTC to look into this and maybe people should be returned their money as well as reimbursement for their losses. Just my opinion.

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