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From 1995-2008, Kai Whitney appeared to have a stable job working for various reputable financial institutions. And then, for whatever crazy reason, he appears to have morphed into a day trading educator. In the past several years, he has bounced around the trading educational scene selling all manner of trading products and services from several shady characters and outright carnival barkers.

Currently, Kai Whitney is selling a trade mentoring program with a magical indicator. Unfortunately, Kai Whitney has no track record of ever trading successfully. Was uncooperative, sullen, and whiny about having this review written.

Would love to draft a positive review about what appears to be a somewhat qualified individual, but since he has no track record of ever trading successfully, then a positive review is impossible. At this time, avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Redbridge Capital Consulting

Redbridge Capital is a trading educational company offering “Elite Trader Training” in the form of a 7-week private mentoring course. Kai Whitney believes that markets are a “complex organism” and that the techniques used in DNA sequencing can also be applied to financial markets. In short, he believes that DNA sequencing techniques can be used to “isolate the price and location where large institutions are present.”

This approach appears to be similar to many of the ‘Order Flow’ trading educators and indicator hustlers that are currently very popular in the trading educational industry. Every few years, the trading educational industry tends to morph and reinvent itself with new, fancy sounding terms and techniques. Words like: order flow, institutional flow rate, hidden order flow harmonics, sequential volume flow, volume delta balance flow, Fibonacci volume harmony, shadow volume, dark volume omega edge, etc. The truth is that the list is too long and arduous to list. A tome could be written about this current fad of order book divination.

As with all things in the trading educational business, this technical trading fad is already starting to fade away. The newest and hottest trading educational products are already emerging in the form of AI or artificial intelligence based trading huff-puff. Before I go too far off topic, let’s jump back to Kai Whitney at Redbridge Capital Consulting

Kai Whitney

Kai has been selling trading products for awhile. For a short period of time, he sold trading indicators and mentorship programs for

After Global Trade Room, it appears that Kai began selling another trading product through a company named NOFT. I wrote a review about NOFT than can be viewed here.

In addition, it appears that Kai also had some sort of selling affiliation with Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun. I have written reviews about both of these carnival barkers.

What really worries me about Kai Whitney is what he has written about Ken Calhoun…

After I went through the 14-DVD Stock Trading Success System and was introduced to Ken throught the DVD’s, I quit my 12 year career on Wall Street and went to a prop firm to trade for myself. The absolute best investment I ever made!

I was pretty shocked by this quote. Kai claims that after he purchased a 14-DVD Stock Trading Success System from Ken Calhoun, he “quit his Wall Street job?”

Considering that Ken Calhoun is the ultimate trading circus clown, it certainly does not look good that Kai Whitney is endorsing such an obvious huckster. Regardless, we took this review with a fresh perspective and attempted to contact Kai Whitney.

Contacting Kai Whitney

During the month of May 2017, TradingSchools.Org sent out a series of emails to Kai Whitney requesting information regarding his personal trading performance and product offering. Honestly, we could care less what trading techniques he is using. The only thing that matters is if Kai can turn a profit while trading the markets. With his supposed professional trading career at Bear Stearns, UBS, and Swiss Bank, could he show the TradingSchools.Org audience a profitable account statement?

Unfortunately, Kai Whitney has no verifiable track record of ever trading successfully. He simply refused to cooperate with verifying any of his claims of being a full-time professional trader.

I find it incredulous that anyone would send Kai Whitney thousands of dollars for a “trading mentoring program” when Kai Whitney has no verifiable track record of success himself.

Wrapping things up

Perhaps in the future, Kai Whitney will have a change of heart and decide to cooperate with a fully verified trading review. Will stop posting lame trading videos on YouTube that contain little financial nourishment, or constant Tweet storms on Twitter that appear to be the ramblings of a man with too much time on his hands.

Thanks for reading.


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