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This past September 5, 2015 I published a very critical review of Global Trade Room.  If you read the original review, then you are aware that it was a really tough hit piece that was extremely critical. In particular, the lack of transparency, the claims of limit orders being filled without a DOM present on screen, and claims of $30k monthly profits with no losing months that I found to be highly questionable.

In addition to the outrageous claims of success, the trading room moderators: Bob Amico and Sandy Seghal could show me no proof, in the form of verifiable account statements that any trades were actually ever executed.

After the review was posted, there was a fire storm of comments and a lively debate ensued. Some folks that had purchased the program felt cheated, and yet other folks felt that the review was not fair. I am sure there is merit from all parties. Truth be told, you never really know if the comments and the people leaving those comments are telling the truth. I personally take a hands off approach and let just about any comments be posted. If you enjoy a salacious read, then read the comments section of the review, which is filled with plenty of vitriolic language.

However, I wanted to make note of where I personally made a mistake on this review. The owner of the company is Simon Joseph, a registered CTA was never allowed a rebuttal. During much of the review period, I was not able to collect much evidence as to his personal trading. Since my review was based upon his employees, it probably would of been a more fair and even handed review to include his side of the story. I would like to take a moment and apologize to Simon for not giving him the opportunity to provide some sort of rebuttal.

It is also important to note that Bob Amico and Sandy Sehgal have since left the company and have started their own trading educational company named TradingFuturesInAction.Com (review pending). Since they have left the company, then perhaps it is not fair to continue to post an old review based upon the performance of individuals that are no longer affiliated with Global Trade Room.

Moving Forward

In the past several months, I have developed a useful dialogue with Simon Joseph, as well as his new sales manager Mr. Scott Cooper. It has been refreshing to be able to air grievances, speak honestly and candidly, and attempt to form some sort of path forward that both repairs the damage done by the original review, as well as enlighten the audience on some much needed changes at Global Trade Room.

Since I began this blog in January 2015, my goal has always been to bring positive change and smoke out some of the worst practices in the trading educational industry. Contrary to the opinions of some vendors that received negative reviews, my goal has never been to destroy people and enact a scorched earth campaign. Rather, the goal has been to set a new standard in the industry where transparency is the accepted norm. Many companies still resist, yet others are making serious and honest efforts to offer a quality product to those striving to learn the art of trading.

It is of my personal opinion that Simon Joseph is making sincere efforts to provide a quality product, and provide a higher level of transparency to the trading community. For example, for the past several weeks, several current members have been sending me private messages indicating that Simon has been very transparent and the trading DOM has been present during all trading sessions. In addition to receiving more positive comments, Simon has also recently begun recording the trading sessions in their entirety and showing trades with the DOM present on the screen. What more can we ask for?


For the next several weeks, I will be attending the Global Trade Room on a regular basis. Recording trading sessions and doing all of the nitpicking and asking of tough questions that the audience has grown accustomed too. A new review will be posted in March. Until such time, I would ask that the audience please extend an olive branch and move forward with a spirit of reconciliation.

Some folks will perhaps feel betrayed that I am attempting a reconciliation with Global Trade Room. However, I would like to remind people of my own personal faults and failures. Many people have given me a second chance and have been willing to accept me,  and to trust me once again. In my own personal opinion, everyone who seeks honest redemption should receive it.

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