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Ken Calhoun is long time salesman of trading systems, courses, advisories, software, etc. Has been selling trading “wet” dreams since the late 1990’s. Onward he continues to dance, sing, and entertain the masses with his stories of day trading glory and day trading lifestyle. Has he ever traded successfully? Yes. He is certainly not the world’s greatest trader, but at least some of his trading records are verifiable. For this, he does deserve some credit. Most trading educators, in a million years, would never disclose performance, at least with Ken you have some sort of history. A luke-warm endorsement of a first-rate entertainer.

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Pros: An excellent internet marketer, public speaker, and top-notch salesman.
Cons: An entertainer, trading hustler, and performance artists that have spent the past 17 years convincing the gullible and naive into purchasing his ridiculously corny trading products.

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What is Day Trading University? Day Trading University is owned and operated by Ken Calhoun. I would consider Day Trading University to be one of the few “legacy” day trading educators. Anyone that has been selling day trading courses, day trading rooms, trading advisories for more than 15 years is an old dinosaur. And Ken Calhoun is a very old dinosaur. In fact, it would be fair
to say that Ken Calhoun has been selling trading products since the birth of the internet.

What exactly is Ken Calhoun selling? A better question would be, what is Ken Calhoun not selling? assigned our best online sleuth (Reyna) onto the job of curating the entirety of Ken Calhoun’s trading product offerings. It was no small job. In fact, it took her 3 days of digging, researching, and organizing. And yet, she is confident that she has only found about half of Ken Calhoun’s differing trading products and websites. Let us start with the websites we were able to uncover. The following is a list, and we assigned a year in which the website became active and products began to appear for sale:

Website #Website NameWebsite Year Founded

In total, we found a whopping 61 websites that Ken Calhoun is selling his amazing trading secrets. What is incredible is that all of these websites contain significant amounts of written content, as well as creatively produced promotional videos. Some of the videos are quite entertaining, creative, and expertly produced.

Ken Calhoun is a marketing wizard. He is a restless, non-stop marketing and messaging machine. He cranks out trading courses and trading websites like elephants crank out elephant poop. And websites, advisories, video’s, courses, and ebooks are only part of his marketing arsenal. A deep web search of and Traders Expo archives reveals that Ken Calhoun is one of most frequent speakers on this well-known trading circuit.

The Money Show and Traders Expo

Let’s talk a moment about The Money Show and Traders Expo. Every newbie trader, at some point, is going to bounce through a Money Show or Traders Expo convention. It’s almost like a “right of passage” for all new traders. These conventions are as predictable and reliable as the sun rising in the morning. Every quarter, of every year, for the rest of your life, you will find a Money Show or Traders Expo convention in every major city, on every continent. Today is September 15, 2016. And tomorrow is September 16, 2016…guess what? There is a Money Show happening in Toronto, Canada. Can’t make it to Toronto, no worries because the Traders Expo will be in Las Vegas on November 16.

The Money Show and the Traders Expo is packed to the roof with ridiculous trading charlatans selling everything from software that uses moon cycles and mystery algorithms, to some guy selling a penny stock in aKen Calhoun company that markets perfume derived from pig droppings. Every ridiculous and nutty investment idea that is known to mankind passes through these conventions. Keep in mind, the investment opportunities found at The Money Show/Traders Expo are the stuff that no venture capitalist would ever touch. And no bank would ever fund. The Money Show/Traders Expo is a carnival attraction. The Money Show/Traders Expo draws in the ultimate newbie, the senior citizen with too much time on his/her hands, or the wild-eyed kid looking to turn $500 in $5,000,000 in day trading profits. But what most convention attendees do not realize is that anyone can be  a “Featured Speaker or Featured Presenter” at these glossy conventions, all you need is to pay $7,000 to $20,000 for the loftiest perch in which to sell your wares. Heck, the Money Show is so unscrupulous that they would probably let Bernie Madoff pitch his amazing investment opportunity. But since Bernie is currently residing in the Federal Penitentiary, then the fraudster known as Jason Bond will have to do. (read about Jason Bond Picks here)

At the Money Show/Traders Expo, you will find Ken Calhoun up on the stage, talking and dancing and gesticulating wildly with his hands. “Day Trading is so darn easy!” And, “My newest trading indicators are guaranteed to make your underwear sizzle!” Or, “My newest stock scanner picks winners like Warren Buffet!“. The Money Show is a show, meant to get your money. Ken Calhoun is akin to a TV evangelist, preaching and praying, and dancing and hustling the crowd. Note: Ken never said he can make your underwear sizzle, but you will be so excited by his presentation that your underwear will feel sizzly with anticipation.

Is Ken Calhoun a con artist?

Ken Calhoun is not a con artist. Ken Calhoun is a performance artist. He is like the guy at the carnival, trying to tempt you into spending a few dollars to win a stuffed animal worth only a few pennies. He is like that guy on the street corner, selling a fake watch for $15, or the guy at the stoplight that hurriedly washes your car windows and then guilts you into giving him a dollar for his unwanted labor. He resembles the guy you see on late night TV, selling a toaster oven, or a kitchen knife that stays sharp forever. Ken Calhoun is a great salesman. He can sell anything to anyone, at any time. He is the quintessential used car salesman. Like this guy…

Should you be taking investment advice from Ken Calhoun?

In my opinion, the better question to ask is whether Ken Calhoun has ever traded successfully? Sure, Ken Calhoun loves to make wild claims of trading success. However, he is never willing to admit whether he is a net-profitable trader or a net-losing trader. And this is the genius of Ken Calhoun, he pushes right up to the edge of what the financial authorities will allow, and then only tempts the line. He is never willing to cross the line and make wild claims that he has earned millions of dollars each year, or even had profitable months. His performance claims are a strip tease of “give me a little money and I will show you a little-bit of my charms.” He doesn’t cross the line. Everything he does and sells is a show, a performance, an exciting potential of how great your life could be if you only know the trading secrets of Ken Calhoun. As much as I would love to scream and holler that Ken Calhoun is a con-artist, the simple truth is that Ken is just a performance artist.

Let me give you an example of how Ken Calhoun is crafty with his marketing. Notice the following promotional video, how these lovely ladies pronounce that Ken is a “real trader” and the rest of those “so-called traders are just fakers and phonies”.


Ken Calhoun Trading Performance

Ok, so the lovely twins are very clear in stating that, “Ken Calhoun is a real trader” and that “Before anyone purchases a trading course, they should ask for real results”. This is great advice from the twins. But now let us take a closer look at Ken Calhoun’s trading record, which can be found at Ken Calhoun’s online forum located at

We dug through and in an attempt to curate a complete trading record of “real trading results” from Ken Calhoun. Unfortunately, the “real results” listed are a little skimpy. There is no complete record, by any means. Example: Ken will upload a grainy screenshot, from a camera phone and say, “Look I made $500 trading Apple!” And I have little doubt that he really did successfully earn $500 trading Apple, but a singular screenshot posted once a week, really tells me nothing about Ken’s ability to trade. The key takeaway is that Ken Calhoun gets close to the line by insinuating and suggesting how successful he is, but he never crosses the line and makes claims that he has ever made a consistent income from trading. In fact, the fine print on his trading forum contains the following:

Most of my personal income is from training active traders, not trading.

The posted trades is not by any means a complete record of all my trades (sometimes I may make many dozens of trades a day, which I do not take time to document or screencap). I take many stops as well as wins, which I have not screen capped or included here. This is a partial record of some of my winning trades, and stop-losses, to illustrate what my more successful days look like. It is not a complete record of all of my trades.

I want to continue to make that clear, for transparency and compliance; eg I’m primarily a trainer of traders; that’s what I do for a living. I do not claim to be a hugely profitable trader making a fortune trading, nor do I claim that my training will do that for others. It’s all about learning from wins and mistakes, with our goal to be learning how to trade more successfully.

Ken Calhoun deserves at least some applause

Ok, so now that I bit a chunk out of Ken Calhoun about his skimpy trading records. Let me talk a moment about the positives…first and foremost, he does have a positive track record of trading. In fact, during the year 2009, Ken was able to produce a profitable year and earned nearly $20,000 from his trading. Some readers might scoff, and be thinking to themselves that this is a paltry sum. However, in the world of trading educators, the fact that Ken does disclose at some verifiable results puts him in a class of his own. In fact, since I began writing reviews of trading educators, Ken Calhoun is only 1 of 5 trading educators that I have been able to verify, at least some performance. So he deserves credit for that.

Wrapping things up

In my opinion, and this is only my opinion, Ken Calhoun does not deserve to be thrown into the same class of charlatans and hucksters that consume so much space on the internet. Is he a world class trader? Probably not. And he admits it. In fact, in a telephone conversation, he was very open and honest and preferred to not to have to sell trading products at all. But selling the products helps to make ends meet, and he sincerely feels that he has something positive to offer the trading community. One of the other things I found interesting about Ken is that during our telephone conversation, he is very quiet and non-excitable, this stands in stark contrast to so many of his promotional videos. When asked about this, he simply replied, “hey, I want to give a good presentation and people deserve to be entertained. Ok, Ken. You are certainly entertaining. With this in mind, I will leave you with Ken providing yet more entertainment to the audience…

One of the other things I found interesting about Ken is that during our telephone conversation, he is very quiet, reserved, and non-excitable, this stands in stark contrast to so many of his promotional videos where he resembles a wild-eyed televangelist. When asked about this, he simply replied, “hey, I want to give a good presentation and people deserve to be entertained. Ok, Ken. You are certainly entertaining. With this in mind, I will leave you with Ken providing yet more entertainment to the audience…

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