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Paul Scolardi is the real deal. As much as we attempted to pick him apart, we simply could not find any BS with this guy. A real supertrader.

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Pros: Where else can you spend a small amount of money and watch a millionaire trader ply his trade? Having access is a privelage for anyone looking to learn and earn, yet willing to work hard.
Cons: Paul usually takes multiple positions in a stock, which can be hard to track and emulate. He also uses mental stops and mental profit areas. You are left to fend for yourself in this area, which is the only reason why I gave him a 3.5 user experience. Clearer exits would be beneficial.

Is Superman Trades Really So Super?

The following review is for superman trades, a day and swing trading advisory that specializes in stocks, and is managed by Paul Scolardi. I originally read about Paul Scolardi on Twitter in and about 2008. He seemed like a know it all pushing stories on stocks and preaching how awesome he was performing. I remember thinking that his posts were hot headed internet nonsense, classic stock trader puffery. About once a year, a random trader would send me a message asking if I had ever heard of a guy named Paul Sclolardi and that he calls himself Superman? That he trades stocks like a superhero and is selling an advisory type service. I remember thinking to myself, what sort douche bag would think so highly of himself that we would take upon the name of the worlds greatest superhero. Why did he have to steal superman’s name, why not come of with his own superhero name? Maybe something like Stock Picker Man, or Awesome Stocks Ninja Master, or Wall Street Wonder Women. Anyway, I didn’t take this guy seriously, not even one bit. Just another internet loudmouth pushing his stock picks. I mean really, he was pushing out twitter posts proclaiming yet another $10,000 or $30,000 day, who believes this nonsense? And if he was making so much money, then why even bother selling a $200 a month advisory? It made no sense.

The Truth Begins To Emerge

In 2013, I noticed that he joined Investimonials and began reporting his live trades. What is Investimonials? It is a website where actual brokerage statements from TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers accounts can be submitted directly from the broker, and the information is culled out of a brokerage account and posted in all of its ugliness or awesomeness, for the entire world to see. No chicanery. Investimonials was a real game changer for the investment education industry because it exposed a lot of frauds, and also allowed the real traders to start receiving the respect that they deserved. And so, in Paul Scolardi’s case, I simply watched his trades for a few months. He trades in some obscure names, went both long and short, added to winning positions, added to losing positions, did not mess with penny stocks and stayed in the mainstream markets.  He was trading big stocks, little stocks, high volume and low volume, there was no apparent bias. He is not a Timothy Sykes type position trader that sniffs out penny stock pump and dump schemes and then specializes in shorting. No, Paul’s method was more mainstream. And so, in 2014 I decided to take the plunge and join the live trading room.

The Trading Room Experience

The trading room is moderated by Paul and a few of his proteges, whom have also proven themselves to be pretty good traders, as verified by trading statements. However, I was only interested in what Paul was trading, I just wanted to copy his trades and make money. I didn’t want to follow anyone else, just the guru. I found the room is to be well managed and in comparison to be quite lively and entertaining to ponder the day’s events. However, keep in mind, that I mainly screen record trading rooms. And I typically will have about 6 different computers all recording different trading rooms. My assistant will later go back into the raw footage and time stamp when trades were called for entry and for exit.

Types Of Trades

What we discovered with Paul is that he has three different types of trades. The first would be the classic news scalp. The second would be a chart pattern swing trade. And the third and most interesting would be the fundamental position trade. All three compliment each other quite nicely, but be aware that you have to be ready to quickly to pull the trigger quickly on the news scalps. A few trades, he was in and out very fast and sometimes had quickly banked over $10,000 in profit so quickly that I could hardly believe what I was seeing. The Second type of trade would be the chart pattern swing trades.

The chart pattern swing trades were interesting in that Paul would take a large position, and then he would add to the position. Even adding to a a losing position, which is counter intuitive and many would say is crazy, but Paul would add up to two additional positions on top of the original position. Some of these swing trades would last a few days. He would take a portion of profits, let it run and take more off, then attempt to take off the last portion on a parabolic move in his favor. He would use mental stops and not allow his big exit stop orders to be exposed to other trades. He would also say things like, “I will exit in this area” or “I will take a loss in this area”. This can be confusing and irritating for someone attempting to copy his trades. However, one cannot argue with the end result, and the end results are all verified. The guy just makes money.

The third and final type trade are Paul’s fundamental type trades. Understand the Paul is a former accountant and apparently won some corny award for best CFO in his state. Which is great, but hardly applicable to trading, or at least I thought. Apparently Paul finds it interesting to carouse thorough obscure SEC filings and balance sheets, looking for god knows what. He also uses some very odd news sources to gather information. On one particular trade, he referenced a Taiwanese news blog, which to me looked like an amateur attempt at reporting the news. I would never base a trade on such flimsy reporting. He even gets trade ideas from Newsmax, which is just a cess pool of nonsense and political propaganda. But whom and I to say what works? I remember reading that the famous trader, Victor Niederhoffer, that his favorite source for trading ideas came from the National Enquirer.

Results Are All That Matters

Superman Trades Performance

Over $3,000,000 in VERIFIED PROFITS since June 2011.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is performance. Opinions cannot feed your family. You have to take a position and then hope for good results. The bottom line is that we closely watched and live recorded Superman Trades for a full two months, and we followed his brokerage statement and twitter posts for an entire year. He made over $1,000,000 in 2014. An amazing feat. And definitely worthy of super status.

What Matters Most

In my opinion, the truest and most useful evaluation method is to jury the students. Sure, we know that Paul trades, and we know that he is an excellent trader. But he has been doing this for 17 years, can he teach us neophytes his methods. Can this fisherman teach us to fish?

Well, in early 2014, Paul sent out an email for his one and only live education course. Of course, it looked like every other course on the internet, all promising the riches of King Midas. You know exactly what I am talking about right? Anyway, I did not purchase. Now lets jump forward to November 2014 and Tim Sykes of Investimonials holds a conference in Las Vegas on investing in penny stocks. Paul Scolardi gave an hour speech which was highly entertaining. During the speech he revealed that several of those students that took the course back in January 2014 had all earned over $200,000 in profits trading Pauls methods.

Not only did I verify the students and their performance, but I also visited there personal blogs and found out their stories. I was amazed. Not because they were able to make a profit by following Paul’s trades, but because they had taken the base of what Paul had taught and come up with their own “special sauce”.

It is truly amazing when a trading educator proves his worth and ability to this degree, it is nearly a miracle that he is able to teach others his methods, and then turn the students into their own unique success stories. I have to take my hat off to you Paul, you truly are a superman trader.

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SuperINVESTOR (@guest_5061423)
2 months ago

Just invest. No need to trade. I made over $3MM in one trade off $50k lol.

Frakos (@guest_5056170)
1 year ago

How to read comments?

Ichi (@guest_33488)
2 years ago

I thought this was the guy using the scam platform ?
Am I wrong?

mike cook
mike cook (@guest_3048108)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ichi

Ichi, you are not wrong. To find the truth disregard trading school reviews. All you have to do is ask superman a question. “superman how much money percentage wise could someone expect as profit by following your trades? ie 2-3% per month…”
I asked superman the above question but never got an answer. I made it clear i wasn’t asking for a guarantee

mike (@guest_3048109)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ichi

Ichi, you are not wrong. Just ask superman how much you will make by following his service. He will never answer you hahahaha

beasiswa pascasarjana 2018 (@guest_31351)
3 years ago

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3 years ago

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Mike (@guest_30940)
3 years ago

This comment is from a prior subscriber experience. Superman, assuming all his trades are real, is very good at what he does. He has a 6th sense for momo before it happens. How? He follows the market very closely and develops THEMES as to what is happening. Is Oil on a tear from all time lows? Buy all the super depressed oil companies with excellent fundamentals and overblown short interest. Thats just an example. In another example, there was a strong tide for cyber-security company momentum and the leader of the group was on a rampage. Superman bought, and posted in real time, a huge investment in its call options and perhaps a week later, sold them for a $100,000 profit. He posted the exit too. This was not a low float pump job as it was a large Nasdaq company. Although, he is not afraid to buy low floats and sell the ensuing momentum. But, unlike Sykes, he is buying in sectors where the tide for all boats is lifting at the same time. The bio-sector in play? He may buy 5-10 companies that are either undervalued fundamentally or have great news coming out, i.e. he researches and believes in their value proposition/competitive advantage, that the market has not see yet. He combines the sector momentum with his research and lastly his 6th sense, which can only come from experience. But, the ultimate question is can you duplicate his results? Probably not, as you’d have to have a huge account to follow every trade. Also, at times, the trades are very fast “scalps” on news that may run for a day or two. I saw him buy one company that had some news in the afterhours market, and he sold the next morning for like a $20,000 profit. He posted his buy, but of course, the stock has already moved up like $.20 by then, and I was scared to buy, thinking I was too late, but it went up another $2.00 by the following morning (it was like a $4 stock). Can you learn what he knows? Probably not, trading is about experience and developing that 6th sense. Maybe, if you are with him for a long time, you can learn enough to develop your own sense, but in the end, you are the trader for your account, not him. You can listen and learn from the best, but at the end of the day, even if Michael Jordan taught you to play basketball, would you have the innate skill to be a pro. That is the question.

Chuck R
Chuck R (@guest_30048)
3 years ago
Mike M
Mike M (@guest_30041)
3 years ago

Could someone explain to me why Superman is filing for bankruptcy? Did he forget how to pump his stocks and dump them on his clients? Do we think another review may be in order? Also, if you follow a man that claims he trades like Superman, shouldn’t that be a red flag. Not to mention the fact that he may have more customer complaints than Ross Scameron. Could it be Trading Schools is having a negative impact on these subhumans? I think he may be fitted for some bracelets that he can not break out of. I can’t wait to see every one of these deplorable so called traders face justice then get a real job. What is the hourly wage in prison nowadays?

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_30042)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

What are you talking about he got a 4.6 Star Review. That is 0.4 stars higher than Dekmar. But I am sure Emmett cannot be fooled twice. LOL. If anyone lost money at Superman based on this review I think Emmett owes them their money back.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_30046)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

I hear you Rob. Maybe they are just catching on to all of them regardless of the good review since it was early on.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_30051)
3 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Emmett you made a mistake, it happens. You have said that these guys are master manipulators. Also, didn’t you go into this work to try and find some good rooms for traders to find value. Obviously, like all of us, our eyes are now opened and I can honestly say it is because of this blog. I never thought the rate of online trading cons to be 99.99%. I use to believe a lot of what I read online which made me think I must really suck if I can not pull down 100% returns a month. By reading this blog and the negative reviews which you backed up with facts, I now feel comfortable with my trading results. In fact I can say my trading improved because I finally accepted the realities of trading. I use to cry myself to sleep when I couldn’t produce those fabulous returns.

Lets’s take Ross Scameron, he took $583 and turned it into 100,000, I believe in 3-4 months. That’s a return of 17,000%, I know, I know it shouldn’t have taken him that long. I was so upset that I barely made single digit monthly returns. Even worse, I would actually have a negative ROI during some months. Hey, with returns like that Ross doesn’t have to explain himself. He is actually the world’s greatest trader to ever walk the face of the earth. I heard Buffet is going to become a member of his large chat room of 500k traders. Unfortunately, Buffet will have to learn like the rest of the suckers, I’m sorry i mean subscribers. We all make mistakes, Ross is the exception, but Emmett I say keep doing the reviews because I think you saved people a lot of money.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_30052)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

Mike M,

This will reveal my age, but your post made me think of this as you started at this blog as the Young Grasshopper.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_30053)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B


I remember saying to myself not everyone is a liar, but I learned the extent of the deceit from this blog. Here I go shilling again for this blog, but I would still probably believe some of the bs. It baffles me that some very educated people will believe the nonsense posted on these sites. I honestly think they start to believe their own lies. I have friends that worked on the sell side for many years and still don’t accept that 99.9999% are fake. I’m waiting for one of these students to take your bet and prove their success. I am not holding my breath.

I have serious question. Isn’t it extremely illegal to take a position before your customers whether you are registered or not? I remember some of my coworkers would create the idea, market it to our customers, make it public. Then only after their customers took a position were they allowed to take a position for the trading desk. If there was a hint of front running, compliance would make it known and you could definitely expect an SEC hearing. It just shows you why there will always be booms and busts, fear and greed run the market, always has and always will.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_30056)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

Mike M

First by link to the youtube video of Kung Fu and Grasshopper did not get included. I wonder if there is an issue with posting youtube links.

2nd no one cares if wanna be day traders are ripped off. Jeff sessions just made some major announcement not about going after day trading con artist, but stealing innocent people’s money before they are proven guilty (asset forfeiture). As you can probably tell I am a libertarian. So the Govt stealing money from folks before they are proven guilty (and using the money to arm the police force with military grade weapons) is more important that anyone ripping off day traders. I think that is like last on their list.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_30058)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B


To me I believe that hard a working retired man that worked hard, supported his family, paid his taxes, never took a dime from the govt that then loses his job let’s say of 30 years. So now this man with pride thinks about what he can do to continue with his way of life, not one of luxury, but one of responsibility. What does he do? He goes online and finds a site that has as seen on tv underneath it… CNBC..Bloomberg, world class trader…top analyst and he reads it. He does some research thinks that he can give it a try. He talks to a douche bag that only exists to make more douche bags, but this db is a slick talker and knows exactly which buttons to push. This man has some trust, has been in business and never had someone literally claim to be a mason and not know what a mason does. so this man is going to work hard and try his hands in the financial markets. Now only to get burned by all the responsible retail churns. Ninja, CNBC, research analysts from bulge bracket firms. Now this man is not a stupid person, maybe too trusting, maybe he truly doesnt understand the world of trading and that its littered with people with no ethics. Not just online db’s, Goldman, JPM, Citi, trust me i met them and I heard them laugh at taking advantage of the pensions fund they were supposed trade for. Literally laugh at sticking it to the teachers pension fund. So a guy doesn’t know that this world is out there he is involved with.

Ok to the best of the govts with very small budgets they try to warn folks. I think it is the responsibility to protect these people that don’t have deception in their heart and are trying to improve their families position. Why does it have to be a negative thing that a person thought they could improve their life by trading because a con man db defrauded them. By being a libertarian you feel everyone for themselves i guess. If we go back to that, no regulation at all on wall street…..they know how to police themselves. I think i remember the last time that happened. The US capital markets almost destroyed the world banking system. Pension funds that still haven’t come back from buying cmo’s that were rated AAA. The whole game is rigged. Why shouldnt the good honest American guy get some govt protection because if not..there will be a small group willing to take every last dollar any time they can. They won’t even lose a minute of sleep about it either. You are right it’s scary how american’s that don’t have a dime think that a billionaire pi**** down there backs and are happy to let it happen because they are gonna get rich like them. Deregulation should be balanced, not let the db’s take the last dollar of someone that trusted another person.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_30063)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

Gosh, I did not give my opinion on the regulation thing. I think what bothers me about the way the Govt regulators these con artist is they give a false sense they regulate when they really do not. Either regulate or just put a huge warning label, “this is an unregulated industry and be warned, buyer be ware”.

I think people associate this with the stock market and think it is regulated when it really is not and worst as I pointed out the disclosure statement is not just BS it literally is inaccurate. “Hypothetical Results”, that is complete BS. The results these con artist are displaying are not hypothetical they are pure made up results for the sole purpose to sucker in newbies. There is a difference. I give you an example of real hypothetical results. In the past I have invested in what is called structured products whose performance is tied to a index performance. And they post hypothetical results. In other words if the S&P does this or that they show the results you would get. Now that is and example of actual hypothetical results, not the pure fantasy results made up for TR operators.

The other area is false advertisement. People think the Government is suppose to crack down on that, yet these day TR make false claims all the time.

I could go on and on. I think there is an argument to be made that it is the perception of Govt regulations (false Govt protection), when in reality the Govt really does very little that is one of the problems. If everyone knew the Govt did not regulate this industry in anyway and it was buyer be ware then I think folks would ask for proof of these con artist claims. Again my libertarian side coming out.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_30065)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

“If everyone knew the Govt did not regulate this industry in anyway and it was buyer be ware then I think folks would ask for proof of these con artist claims.”

so true, so true…. I understand when you say that govt doesn’t care about day traders and are you are correct, but not all day traders are looking for easy money. How many times did we hear about some guy lose his small life savings to someone that doesn’t even trade live or sim. Those are the people that should have someone looking out for them or the young college kid that thinks it is going to be hard to find a job whether right or wrong. Let’s not forget about the man that lost his job. The list goes on.

You know you are always the one to ask Emmett when are the regulators going to get off their bleep. You know that maybe there has to be a strategic change to the way they are fighting these frauds and your quote at the top may be a way to start. I know we are not going to have Sessions come out on Meet the Press and talk about his plans to fight online day trading. However Rob, it seems to be we are at epidemic levels when it comes to investors/traders being defrauded online. I think we haven’t even scratched the surface of the amount swindled or lost because of these sites. Most will never talk about it. They come out with warnings when there is a prevalent scam running through the country. How about some more public service messages to educate those that haven”t even been exposed to a a CD let alone a high leveraged futures contract. I don’t know what is the answer, but I don’t like that these guys are making money off the back of retired men and women that are trying to improve their way of life. As many problems as we face as a country, these trading scams are a serious threat to financial well being of a lot of people. Just read a regional SEC office’s website, warnings and condemnations all the time. I know you have said it before, when will these agencies budgeted to fight these very issues g a little further in their crackdowns.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_30066)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

Another thought is it is hard to go after the small fish, so I would like some of the bigger fish to be brought down maybe by a class action lawsuit or regulators. NT purposely promotes these con artist knowing they cannot trade profitable. Maybe start there.

Longshot (@guest_33500)
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike M

“If we go back to that, no regulation at all on wall street…..they know how to police themselves. I think i remember the last time that happened. The US capital markets almost destroyed the world banking system”

That’s the official (and comic book) version. The truth is banks were forced to make really bad loans for politically correct reasons. I’ve researched it and personally know bank auditors. People with no business buying houses were able to…eventually it sank the system. Sure, these were bundled and sold into securities, but it’s much different than the narrative you were sold.

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_30059)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob B


I found the grasshopper kung fu video. It is relevant here because by finding this blog and reading your rants, I feel emboldened to have these con men have their day. Prison food isn’t that good I hear. I can dream.

Marc (@guest_29108)
3 years ago

Hi Emmett,
I am honestly shocked how you gave 4 starts to Superman but totally bashed IU and Nate. At least Nate is trading stocks above $5 although I think IU is also a scam.
Superman is even worse than Sykes and co. as he is trading ultra thin low float low quality garbage.
All his “research” is a simple stock pumping disguised as a financial lingo.
His chatroom is utter overpriced garbage. He is an egomaniac who silences everyone who disagrees. His “swing” strategy consists of basic chart parameters like RSI and EMA.
All he does is pump stocks to sheep that he sells later. He never provides real entry and exit prices (actual proof) .
I honestly think once SEC hits him it is going to be a hard hit. Not only him but the whole “guru” group.

Andy (@guest_9367)
4 years ago

I see mentions of redoing this review, and that was over a year ago – has anything changed?…

FedUp (@guest_7107)
5 years ago

He also contradicts himself – all trades need stop loss – I limit my losses on every trade to the amount of commission plus 1 cent – yes either the trade works or it goes against you and the minute it goes 1 cent against me I’m out. don;t be surprised for one of these clowns to add my technique to their next hype concert and take credit for it as their own original idea. Also these rants are all the same – all hype and smoke screens that do nothing but sucker people into paying to be further lead astray – these guys never just get to the chase and tell new traders what they need to know to trade. I bet all the heads in that audience were paid to set there and pretend they were potential customers. It’s very very sad that these scammers and Jim Cramer are able to buy off the SEC and authorities – for sure the average Joe would be jailed for following in their footsteps. my 2 cents 🙂

Stefan (@guest_5888)
5 years ago

What’s up with this site? last post by Emmett was in Oct. 2015? In Aug 2015 he was saying he was about to release a revealing “quite interesting” new review on Scolardi. “You are going to be surprised” he said. It was (back in Aug 2015), to be coming out “in a few days”. But nothing ever came out……. wtf the toilet needs to be flushed on this industry and its hangers-on.

Stefan (@guest_5906)
5 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Thanks for replying. Appreciate it.

BigLou (@guest_6665)
5 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Emmett maybe he heard about your Bot and wants no part of that. I often wondered if a super trader making millions why would he want students at 5k a pop…

JamesBond (@guest_5506)
5 years ago

Sounds fishy to me… scams, suckers, and scoundrels.

Former Protege Member
Former Protege Member (@guest_5424)
5 years ago

I was a part of the protege program for a year. Cost was $5,000
In the program you get access to the following for a year:
– Bootcamp videos of an online bootcamp that he held in 2014 (lifetime access – I have yet to try access after the program ended for me)
– Two webinars per week
– Access to his chat room

Before I talk about those, first I want to talk about signing up. Before I signed up for the program, I had also asked about Tim Sykes program as well. I ended up deciding to go with Paul because a big part of Tim’s strategy involves shorting, which is something I cannot really do with my broker. After I decided to join Paul’s program, literally one day after I paid, I received an email from the same guy at profitly asking me if I’m still interested in Tim Sykes program, which made me think these guys just want to sell. At $5,000, if only 100 students join per year, that’s $500k. I’m sure they enroll a lot more than that because honestly Tim Sykes has a great marketing team.
When I signed up, I received a welcome email and was asked to answer a few questions about my goals and what I wanted to achieve, what my weaknesses are, etc., so they can monitor my progress. I never received a confirmation that someone received the email nor did anyone follow up with me for the year I was part of the program.

Now onto details of the program:
Bootcamp videos
You are advised to watch all of the videos before asking questions in the webinars, which makes sense. I watched all of the videos more than once. There is nothing groundbreaking in the videos that you cannot learn on your own. Like how to go through a press release, or how to read financial statements. I personally have learned on my own about the stock market and the types of orders that you can make, etc., before joining so a lot of it was repetition for me. And he says that in the beginning. A lot of the material was reposted from online sources, like definitions of terms. The only videos I found to be useful were his detailed explanation of his chart rules/trades, and a lesson on biotech stocks. But if you join his Super Pro service for a month, I’m fairly certain you can find similar detailed videos in his video lessons library instead of paying $5,000 to access them.
Paul prides himself in being a great swing trader, but you never really see a lesson where he deconstructs a swing trade in full detail from beginning to end and see why he made the trade.

Two webinars per week
As part of the Protege program you attend two webinars. One is a Q&A and the other was supposed to be a Strategy Session, which promised to show you exactly what Paul sees on his screen. Honestly, the Strategy Sessions were part of the reason why I joined. I wanted to see what Paul looks at when he’s trading. To my disappointment, both sessions every week were Q&A sessions. Students would come in prepared with their research done and ask their questions. It was good to see how other students were doing and how they were doing their research. But you would have had to complete all of homework. That’s something I liked about Paul; he makes sure that you do the work so you don’t take the lazy way out of just asking him. He wants to make sure you’re thorough with your research. He also always stresses that you follow his trading rules which you get if you subscribe to his monthly service.

Access to his chat room
People have been to his chat room. Some of the guys in there, and there are a few, have some good trade ideas. My main issue with the chat room, or any chat room for that matter, is that 1) trade alerts (not ideas) are shared after the fact. So the price would have appreciated and you would end up chasing. But it was intimidating to ask questions in the chat room especially for newbies who are new to the stock market. Some people would get ignored by everyone else. It was not a place to ask questions. It was better to ask in the webinars. So it was just a place to see people share their trade ideas.

If you:
Are a complete newbie to the stock market
Know nothing about how the stock market works or the difference between a limit order and a market order
Have a portfolio larger than $50,000
Then you will find the program beneficial. But honestly you can learn everything on your own. This is just more structured and you learn his types of trades.

If you however have some experience/knowledge of the market, I recommend that you learn on your own or join his monthly program for a month or two and see if you like it and learn as much as you can from his video library. He has plenty of video lessons. $5,000 is honestly a lot for the program, or any program for that matter.

Scott (@guest_4830)
5 years ago

Took a called daytrade for 38% last week. And yes, posting here looks fishy. Sorry about that. 30 days for free though so nothing to fear. Thanks

Scott (@guest_4762)
5 years ago

I was tempted to sign up w Superman. Then i found this guy:

seriously need to review grok star chat room

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_4770)
5 years ago
Reply to  Scott


If you wanted Emmett to review this trading room you should post in review request. Posting here makes it look like scam advertisement. I love these YouTube videos cherry picking a chart and showing how much money you can make and their made up results. If they could really trade profitable they would say this:

1) We show our DOM and/or Charts with clear entry, targets and stop loss before any trade is called,

2) We keep accurate accounting of the trades we call on a daily basis, which are the real results with slippage,

3) We show our trades executed on our brokerage account so you can see these trades where actually placed,

4) We offer a free 30 day trial so you can see we do just as we state.

I could literally go on for pages on how easy to is too make trade calls .vs actually being able to place a real world trade and trade it profitably. I will even give you a good example. First most trading rooms just make murky calls and claim winners that no one else can even follow, but I will give you a real world example for a trading room where they actually clearly posted their entry and exit yet no one could make the trade including them.

The call was a short and it went straight down like a rocket. Looked great in hypothetical world. But in the real world if you could even borrow the stock you could not make the trade, I know because I tried. You could not get a fill, maybe it need an uptick. But the room operator was exiting this trade and calling it a big win when I still could not even get a fill. This is one reason I think simulation is meaningless on whether you will be profitable or not. 99% of trading rooms are nothing but an illusion to sucker fools out of their money and yes as I have openly admitted I was one of those fools once. They could not trade profitable if their lives depended on it and solely make their money on scamming others into buying their education and trading room fees.

Scott, I will even go further and piss off the delusional traders. The 95% of people that follow these trading room and vendors and lose money get what they deserve. These people have no sense of money and realistic return on money. Many are just desperate and most are way underfunded to day trade. So the trading rooms gives them exactly what they want. Promises of riches, where they will make $250K with a $5K account. Heck it can be promises of $50K with a $5K account, it does not matter. The only problem is it is all a fantasy and they just lose money. They would have better odds on making money playing PowerbBall or much better odds going to Vegas and Vegas would be much more fun.

Brian (@guest_4580)
5 years ago

I have studied some of Tim Sykes DVDs and I also participate in his chat room. I have seen him get out of plenty of trades before they even went anywhere close to where he predicted. I have seen him lose on trades that went up way further. Many of his students actually call out the trades before he does. His DVDs have been excellent as have his webinars. For all of you idiots saying you can’t get in at the same price as the traders, of course you can’t. They are buying a momentum stock and then alerting. By the time you get the alert what do you expect to happen? The stock price to drop? Any of my losses through following Tim have been completely my own fault and no fault of his. I am interested in Super-Trades though and I appreciate the review.

THE SLAP (@guest_4637)
5 years ago
Reply to  Brian

Hey Brian yea your right but if you look closely at how it works when Tim or anybody else alert these low float momo trades they tend to move when you have thousands of there subscribers chasing it up. the gurus then sell there shares into that spike, why do you think tim keep saying sell into spikes. you have to remember for every buyer there is a seller. I personally think Tim is a sly pump and dump artist. I was watching one of tim grittani Vegas conference an he also openly state sometimes he scalp those trades that tim alert because with almost two thousand subscriber buying and chasing it, it makes for a quick pop and a quick profit.

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