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Oceanic Trades claims that “you can turn $914 into $1,146,386 in only 27 months!” You just need to pay $399 per year for the amazing secret stock picks.

As multiple readers are reporting…”its a scam” and “its a fraud.”

The company claims that “all trades are 100% authentic, and traded with a live trading account.” However, Oceanic Trades can prove nothing of the sort.

The company created a fake review website that serves as social proof to scam victims.


Clever Google Adwords advertising strategy

Marketing is unique and well designed


The company is using a phony business address

Customers are reporting being ripped off and overcharged

The track record is bogus and pure fantasy

Thanks for reading today’s review of Oceanic Trades

Oceanic Trades is a basic stock picking service. The customer pays a $399 annual fee (no monthly option) and then begins receiving 10 to 15 stock picks each month.

The company claims that their “offices” are located at 447 Broadway, New York, New York 10013. This is virtual office space managed by a company named Davinci Virtual. TradingSchools.Org called Davinci Global Management to confirm that Oceanic Trades was a registered business in this location. Davinci Virtual has no business relationship with a company named Oceanic Trades.

Ocean Trades is a frequent advertiser on Google Adwords. They target keywords like “make money with stocks” and then lure customers to their website through click advertising.

Promises of massive profits

Once the customer arrives at Oceanic Trades, they are given the following promise:

Copy Our Trades And Profit Without Having To Pick The Right Stocks

Join over 3000+ other traders who profit by copying our stock alerts.
We turned $914 into $1,146,386 since 2017 with 82% win rate.

We are the #1 stocks picks provider for 2018-2019

The company claims that in only 27 months, they turned a $914 stock trading account into $1,146,386. And they claim that all of these trades are “100% real and verifiable.” Additionally, they claim to be now over $2,000,000 (according to one user that lost all of his money.)

The company claims that 73% of investors become profitable within 3-weeks. The company claims they are “honest and simple.” Ad sample below:

oceanic trades

Oceanic Trades can verify nothing

TradingSchools.Org reached out to Oceanic Trades and asked for verification. They could provide none. Instead, they provided a link to a website named FinViews.Org which supposedly contains dozens of 5-star reviews where people have supposedly made massive profits.

The FinViews.Org website appears to be a knockoff of TradingSchools.Org. The FinViews.Org website proudly proclaims YOUR DUE DILIGENCE STARTS HERE.

In fact, Oceanic Trades recommends that prospective customer simply Google search ‘Oceanic Trades Reviews’ and they can plainly see that dozens of people are outrageously happy and profitable by taking the advice of Oceanic Trades. Lets make no mistake…FinViews.Org is simply a creation of their own making. The FinViews.Org website is classic ‘honey pot’ scam.

Who owns Oceanic Trades?

Apparently, this is a mystery. The company claims that they do not need to release their identity and “our reputation speaks for itself.”

TradingSchools.Org has received 3 complaints from very unhappy customers.

I had a question for the 3 customers that suckered into this — why would you believe something so outrageous?

Customer 1: “I purchased the product because I was desperate and had only $200 in my trading account” and “the company promised that I could make similar profits if I took their advice.”

Customer 2: “I figured that if I paid with my credit card, I could file a charge back later, if it turned out to be a fraud.” The customer attempted a charge back, but the credit card company refused the charge back dispute. He lost his trading account balance, and he lost the $399 fee.

Customer 3: “I thought the FinViews.Org looked reputable and I could trust the reviews. They claimed to have 3000+ customers.” Only later did she discover that the FinViews.Org is a creation of Oceanic Trades.

Charge Backs: they usually fail

Companies like Oceanic Trades are experts at having their customers sign ‘iron clad’ contractual terms that omit charge backs. Customers mistakenly believe that they can simply charge back these types of online scams. Charge backs nearly always fail.

People need to be aware, I hear these sorts of complaints nearly every day. In fact, I just got one (of many) from Raging Bull’s Petra Picks. They are one of the worst regarding claims of fraudulent billing practices.

It simply amazes me that people automatically believe the credit card merchants will bail them out of making stupid decisions. Very rarely do they ever.

Avoid Oceanic Trades

The company is obviously a scam. And to be quite frank with my readers, how could any reasonable person possibly believe that they are going to turn $914 into over $1 million in 27 months?

The only way to do this ‘legally’ is front running your subscribers in a penny stock chat room (Warrior Trading Review)

There is no such thing as ‘easy money’ and when it sniffs of ‘easy money’ — its a scam.

Thanks for reading.

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Maher (@guest_5056108)
11 months ago

I subscribed to Oceanic trades last year, got a few trades and then nothing. 1 made money and otherwise a loss. I sent multiple emails why I was not receiving their trades with no response. They are a total scan and will be reported to the BBB. Avoid at all costs.

Doug (@guest_3054593)
1 year ago

EmeraldPicks.com FAKE!


Same scam now under a new website. They are using the same exact equity curve showing $914 growing to $1,146,386. However, they changed the dates on the chart to reflect Jan 2017 to Oct 2019. These people are very bad and cheating people out of their money. Here’s the link to their FAKE equity curve https://emeraldpicks.com/start-389468282648921/

Also, I have verified via stock exchange time and sales that they are NOT using their money to place real trades. It’s FAKE reviews, fake profits.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE! Call your credit card company for a charge back due to false and misleading advertising.

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John (@guest_3054332)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jill E White

Regardless of what website URL is used the bottom line to all should be, If it sounds to good to be true then it probably isn’t true……emeraldpicks.com, diamondwinners.com, whatever URL it comes with it’s the same……We turned $914 into $1,146,386 since 2017 with 82% win rate—-sounds to good to be true right……

JW (@guest_3054267)
1 year ago

I believe the company is now using the name EmperalPicks.com.

Jill E White
Jill E White (@guest_3054305)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Its the same model as oceanic, Here is the website they used for reviews also. https://trustcaptain.org/emerald-picks-reviews/

Jill E White
Jill E White (@guest_3054306)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jill E White
KEN WILLIAMS (@guest_3050159)
1 year ago

Total scam top to bottom. Right from the beginning I wasn’t getting text notices and only occasionally emails. I sent an email to notify O/T of this and would they would correct it for a week then back to the same thing. Now after sending two more emails to O/T, I have heard nothing for 4 weeks, no reply, no email, no text, no nothing. If that doesn’t sound like a textbook scam I don’t know what does!

Quang Minh Pham
Quang Minh Pham (@guest_3050060)
1 year ago



Well, something is wrong, they are not answering emails.

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Peter (@guest_3050048)
1 year ago

I unfortunately bought in and see now that it seems to be a scam. Started looking when they did not answer my emails. But to be fair on their picks ( just joined recently)NBEV and SRRA lost but BLCM and BPMX were winners with BPMX being up almost 50% yesterday.

MJ (@guest_3049940)
1 year ago

Oceanic Trades is a complete scam or not a very good stock picking service. Although I joined for $399 in late May ’19 but only followed on one stock suggested (NBEV) and lost a little money. I then stayed on sideline and watched their stock picks (BPMX, SRRA,BLCM) which all went down pretty quickly. There has been zero trade text since Jun 10.
Stay away from this service and site.

Mike Larkins
Mike Larkins (@guest_3049203)
1 year ago



Complete scam. I am in the process of also writing an article about this bogus company and site.

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Alex (@guest_3049110)
1 year ago

Hello Emmett!

I would love to see your side of the argument with the gentlemen that are running this website:


They seem really angry.

Alex (@guest_3049162)
1 year ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Thank you for the response, Emmett!
I also managed to get my hands on a course by Tim Grittani, who is an “apprentice” of that lemonade stand seller by the name of Tim Sykes. Although I was unsure at first, the basic information seems to be rather good , but I’m new to trading and I wouldn’t know if he is as talented as Steven Dux for example, or just shite.

Harry (@guest_3048760)
1 year ago

This article proves nothing.


So have you actually examined the picks Oceanic provide? Without proving their picks wrong, this whole article is worthless. So try them out for a month or two and then make a worthwhile appraisal.

I have given Oceanic 4 stars until you prove their picks are worthless.

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John (@guest_3049357)
1 year ago
Reply to  Harry

You tell ’em Harry! Just one thing, can YOU prove that you made the money you claim to have made? Supply proof that you made money with their picks and doubters will melt away. This service, OceanicTrades, should supply proof of their claims because, honestly, any idiot can go through a list of stock symbols and develop a list of great trades that happened and then say they picked these stocks too. It’s not rocket science to develop a fraudulent list of mostly winning trades that are supported by the past results. I am finding nothing to disprove the age old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.”

Philip (@guest_3048655)
1 year ago

Oceanic Trade Alerts is absolutely legit.


My experience with Oceanic trades has been very positive. In less than a month, I have made more from their picks than the cost of the “lifetime” membership. The trade alerts (both buys and sells) align perfectly with the trades listed on their trade history page, which has been regularly and accurately updated since I joined; so I definitely trust the results they are claiming. I banked on their SESN, INSG, and VTVT trade alerts. This service is absolutely legit! …. I have no affiliation with this company other than being an enthusiastically satisfied customer.

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Money Lost
Money Lost (@guest_3049315)
1 year ago
Reply to  Philip

Watch out for these guys! I joined a few weeks ago and with them and have lost money on three consecutive trades they recommended NBEV, BLCM, and SRRA. All fell below stop loss- wipe out.

John (@guest_3049356)
1 year ago
Reply to  Philip

Look at their claimed results and you will see they never Sell a stock except to “close” an alleged position. If you divide the total trades for each of the years of results you will see that the results, fictitious or not who knows, come nowhere near 10-15 picks per month as stated by the owner of this website. Their last “posted” loss was back on 5/22/19 but I know that since then they have lost at least one trade that they have yet post. The website has zero transparency in that they refuse, by ignoring requests, to post a list of open trades which would include date they sent the Buy alert. Sorry Philip but how do we really know who you are and as for your claim, where is the proof that YOU made a dime with them? We should trust no one when it comes to our money and since I’m seeing their “results” first hand I doubt what you are writing is reality but if you care to supply the supporting documentation that would be helpful.

John (@guest_3049358)
1 year ago
Reply to  Philip

To Money Lost—what were the dates of those 3 losing recommendations? (on NBEV, BLCM and SRRA) At present I do not see any of these symbols on their claimed list of Closed trades.

Chris (@guest_3050087)
1 year ago
Reply to  John

I too signed up for the service – it has worked well, but the last 4 picks, 3 did break the stop loss.
the stop loss is clearly outlined in the original alert, but was not notified.
in the past they have stopped out of a positive trade as it wasnt moving.
the three losses were : NBEV, BCLM and SRRA.

the last trade alert was BPMX – that had positive news and a huge spike, netting me a 35% return.

there is no update on the website though.

Srujan (@guest_3048567)
1 year ago

You saved one soul from this scam. Thanks very much.

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