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Want to learn the trading secrets of a 21 year old Forex trading millionaire? How to quickly buy your first Lamborghini with easy Forex trading profits? Then you really need to learn about the fantastic and fantasy lives of Amy Sangster and Lewis Mocker. Where money is never a problem and the world is their oyster! For only $549 you can now learn all of their trading secrets.

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Pros: Excellent marketing. Very clever presentation.
Cons: A complete and total scam. Neither of these 20 something, trading millionaires can prove that they have ever made a penny trading Forex. A trading course produced by people with absolutely no verifiable record of trading profits. Custom tailored trading product that mainly appeals to the ignorant, uneducated, desperate and naive. Get rich quite con artists.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Infinite-Prosperity.Com

What is Infinite-Prosperity? Infinite-Prosperity is a Forex education website that specializes in turning young people into Forex trading millionaires! The site was founded by Amy Sangster, Robert Himler, and Lewis Mocker. A quick review Archive.Org shows began marketing in 2012.

The website originally came onto my radar this past summer, 2015. One of the things I like to do is maintain a massive list of all of the trading educators on the internet, then I pass the list through several software programs that measure and estimate the amount of web traffic that each website is likely receiving. In addition to the estimated web traffic, I also measure that amount of keywords that the website has ranked on Google page one. Once I know the estimated traffic and the keywords ranked on Page one of Google, then I can estimate the value of the web traffic as well as the general interest from the viewing public.

Suppose that a website ranks first for the keyword “FX Trading”, what you are probably not aware is that 12,000+ people are searching Google each month for this exact keyword. This traffic is valuable, in fact, advertisers are willing to pay approximately $18.50 per click for anyone that searches this exact keyword, and then clicks on the advertisers ad. Why am I telling you this? Because the website is currently ranking very high for some of the most valuable keywords relating to Forex trading. In fact, I would estimate that their crappy looking little website is generating approximately 50,000 visitors each month. This is very impressive. Of all of the websites that I currently rank, monitor and write reviews… is always ranking towards the top of the list. Pretty amazing actually. As each month passed, I kept seeing their numbers consistently high, and I found it really perplexing and interesting on how they were able to generate so much web traffic. This review is as much about their marketing efforts as it is about their trading product.

Lets talk about the trading product

Firstly, one of the things you will notice about the Infinite-Prosperity website is that there is very little talk about trading Forex. There is very little talk about the trading educational program. In fact, I had to dig around to find the price of $549 for the educational product. In addition to the trading course priced at $549, there is also a monthly advisory at $60 per month. However, there is no talk of trading performance whatsoever. There is no live trading room, nearly zero trading charts, no talk of economics, or the driving forces relating to the Forex markets. The Infinite-Prosperity website is simply devoid of actual Forex information or relevant news stories. It all seemed so odd to me that this Forex trading website is receiving so much traffic regarding Forex trading, and yet has nearly nothing useful regarding the trading of Forex. What is going on here?

And then if dawned on me. That pale and barely useful light bulb in my head suddenly flashed inside of my barely functioning mind. They are not selling a Forex trading product. They are selling a lifestyle, they are selling imagery, they are selling a fantasy. A fantasy life of make believe Forex trading millionaires. The Infinite-Prosperity website barely talks about Forex, and it spends zero time talking about market moving events, economics, or anything complicated whatsoever. This website has been custom tailored to appeal to the ultimate day trading newbie. They are targeting the person with nearly zero financial experience, zero trading experience, nearly zero understanding of market function. They are targeting the get rich quick, highly superficial, dull minded nitwits that are easily tricked by pretty pictures and fantastical stories.

I have to give these three charlatans a lot of credit. They are doing a great job at selling the dream. Lets take a look at the marketing efforts that they have employed.

The First Con Job

It appears that the first coordinated fraud of Amy Sangster, Robert Himler, and Lewis Mocker originated with the website FarFrom.It. This website appeared back in 2011 and was part of a FarFrom.Itmarketing effort to sell an ebook titled: Far From It. This little ebook was sold on the well known affiliate marketing website ClickBank. The little ebook tells the story of Robert Himler and Amy Sangster and how they went from being a couple of “broke kids” to Forex trading millionaires. You can find the book for free floating around the internet. Its just a short little marketing piece of fantastical stories of making millions of dollars trading Forex and how these profits allowed them to buy houses all over the world and purchase exotic sports cars.

The ebook also references out to a YouTube video of Amy Sangster supposedly picking up her brand new Lamborghini Gallardo, which she apparently paid nearly $200,000 in cash earned from Forex trading. The video is sort of cute and I am sure very inspiring for the dull minded nit wits that fall for this type of marketing.

Great piece of marketing. And notice how the video links out to What I find really impressive is that they have been able to generate over 9,000,000 views on You Tube. Think about that a moment…9 million views. And all of that traffic is pointing back to Once the sucker arrives at Infinite-Prosperity, they then see the following marketing piece…

amy sangster infinite prosperity

I am sure that most of readers are looking at this and having a good laugh. However, think about it for a moment. Suppose you are some 16-24 year old kid that spends his day’s playing Xbox and watching the Kardashians reruns. This type of marketing is going to really hit home. For only $549, they can purchase a Forex trading course and turn their meager fast food paycheck into millions of dollars. With a little effort and these Forex trading secrets, they too can also purchase a Lamborghini at age 22. Great marketing folks. But the thing that Amy never mentions is that the car is just a prop that Robert Himler got from his friend “David”. The real owner of the cars can be found here. Robert simply uses the access to these cars as a marketing prop.

With the huge marketing success of putting the Forex trading millionaire Amy Sangster in that clever marketing piece, Robert couldn’t help but produce another fantastical video of Amy driving an Audi R8. The following video is Amy supposedly picking up her brand new $120,000 sports car, of course it was purchased from her Forex trading profits.

Pretty clever video. This video got 1.6 million views…all pointing back to Infinite-Prosperity, and how Amy earned her millions of dollars trading Forex.

All of this is really clever marketing. And I have to give a lot of credit to Robert Himler, he appears to be the creative genius behind all of this marketing effort. In fact, he has a website that you can view at If you spend a moment on his website, he talks about his recent graduation from Full Sail University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in web design and development. The guy is very talented and really understands marketing, imagery, and perception. It appears that Robert Himler has figured out that effectively selling a Forex trading education is more about selling the dream, than providing an authentic educational experience.

So lets take a closer look at this fantasy world that Robert Himler has created…the images below are all carefully crafted imagery that portrays Amy Sangster as a globe trotting, multimillionaire Forex trader. Notice in the images that there is very little relation or reference to Forex trading, rather there is an extreme focus on expensive items; cars, jewelry, travelling, shopping, fancy food and upscale hotels. All of this is tailor made sucker bait that is channeled out over social media and email with the sole purpose of driving people into spending $549 for Amy’s Forex trading secrets. As you click through these images, just imagine the amount of time that was spent in the careful curation of these images. Pure fantasy world. Don’t you want to be Amy?

If you looked at these images, notice how there is no mention of Amy’s Forex trading. Robert has decided to keep all of the focus on the glamour and the wealth that the sucker will accumulate after purchasing Amy’s Forex trading secrets. Brilliant marketing. Also have a sneak peak at Amy’s personal website where she gives us a glimpse of her fantasy lifestyle. Lets now take a look at the imagery and fantasy world of Amy’s trading partner, Lewis Mocker.

The Fantasy World of Lewis Mocker

If you enjoyed looking at the very pretty Amy Sangster, and her fantasy world of easy Forex profits, then you are going to really enjoy her little buddy Lewis Mocker. Apparently Lewis is yet another Forex trading millionaire that spends his days travelling the world, shopping, enjoying his wealth and quoting Tony Robbins. Of course, neither Amy Sangster or Lewis Mocker have any verifiable track record of ever earning a nickel trading Forex. But who cares!? As long as they can pump out these carefully created images, take pictures of themselves driving cars that they do not own, and filling our heads with talk of positivity, then perhaps we will forget all about asking for their trading records.

Ok, so now you got a taste of Amy, now lets take a look at the other half of this Forex day trading, dynamic duo. Have a look at the wonderful and magnificent fantasy life of Lewis Mocker…

If you looked at these images, you can see how well crafted and thought out these images are produced. Notice Lewis jumping on his bed, happily celebrating another winning day of day trading Forex, and his fancy cars, and pictures of Lewis out shopping, and drinking champagne, and travelling with his girlfriend to exciting destinations. But no talk of Forex trading. Instead, the images of both Amy and Lewis are all slowly dripped out over different social media channels, which of course attract a lot of young, naive people. If you are looking for some great marketing ideas on how to sell a trading product, without actually doing any trading, then have a look at the Instagram pages of Lewis Mocker and Amy Sangster. If you need further torture, then have a look at the Facebook pages; Amy Sangster, Lewis Mocker.

Of course, if you contact Amy and Lewis directly and ask for any sort of proof of these magnificent million dollar trading profits, then they simply ignore or respond with some BS quote from Donald Trump or Anthony Robbins about avoiding people that are too negative and not willing to believe. Somehow, I felt like an apostate from the Church of Scientology. I was not willing to simply drink the cool aide and wanted proof of success, but you wont get it from Amy or Lewis. Instead, they will reference student stories like the amazing Benny Lane. Apparently, only 159 days ago, little Benny didn’t even know what Forex was. But he ponied up the $549 and in short order, only 159 days, he is now a full time Forex trader. Big profits are easy if you follow the teachings of Amy and Lewis. Have a look at this character. I am sure that next month, Benny Lane will have his own carefully constructed social media profiles and custom videos of Benny driving a convertible Porsche through downtown Honolulu. Hilarious nonsense for the sucker class.Benny Lane

Wrapping Things Up

Infinite-Prosperity is the very epitomy of what is wrong with the trading educational business. These carefully crafted  and highly manipulative charlatans spend their days on nothing more than finding the next awesome image that can be posted on Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter, or YouTube. There is no trading. No talk of trading. None of that messy, boring economics stuff. Who cares about that anyway? The only thing that matters is the next shopping trip to Rodeo Drive, the next vacation to Fiji, the next video of an expensive sports car. The only thing that matters is that new Apple laptop and laying in bed all day, displaying a Forex chart on a large screen TV, giving the appearance of trading success. And of course, the fantastical lives of Amy and Lewis can only get so outrageously wealthy and opulent, they must now foster in the magnificence of the students like little Benny. The wonder boy that become a full time Forex trader in only 159 days. Only a few months ago, little Benny didnt even have a car. But now he has the Forex trading secrets and is pulling in big bank from Forex. If little Benny can do it, then we can too! Pure nonsense.

2015-10-13_0-17-33What drives me the most nuts about these idiots? Its how they take these naive kids from the internet and feed them the false hope that they will be able to soon quit their day jobs and become full time Forex traders. Its pathetic.

Another thing that drives me nuts? As a father of a teenager, I am desperately trying to keep my son focused on getting good grades and moving on to college. Keeping his mind focused and learning and expanding, not getting himself caught up in the material world BS that people like Amy and Lewis are teasing and 2015-10-13_0-20-18tempting. The real key to a successful life, and the path with the greatest chance at success is through the attainment of top level education. But people like Lewis and Amy send the message to these kids that education and learning is secondary, and that a short cut can be obtained by the purchase of some trading secrets.

Well, I will get off my soap box for now. Another review written about some really terrible people, with a really bad trading product. Please don’t forget to leave your comments below. Even the trolls and haters will find that their voices are heard.

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dave (@guest_4055644)
1 year ago


dtchurn (@guest_3054096)
1 year ago

LOL! Looks like Mocker and Amy Sangster have parted ways since May of this year. Where he’d “resigned” from IP ,
No wonder the IP site looked frozen/”under renovation” since this summer. (dead site since Dec. 2018:

Log In

) Well Amy got her new house (with the split off IP member churned profits, lol,

)attempted starting some other clothing or “wellness” gig. aaannd seems to have had a new bf within the past year or so. lol, one can imagine what drama happened…
My bet is IP is dead and no more IP Ball 2019, or a new one next year with in her new standout dress with new beau beside her. (old beta orbiter(s) dropped, lol!)

dtchurn (@guest_3050576)
1 year ago

Lol, they’re still at it. I was curious how Amy Sanger & Lewis Mocker were doing. Wow, they could at least be decent web designers for lifestyle mags. From a review ( the following updated info:
​Number of members: 7,000+​ , ​Price level: ​$497 to $1,999, Free trial: No, “Last in the offering is the Pro Trader Live Trading Sessions. Subscriptions are priced at $100 a month or $997 annually.”
The main website only has a blog section with articles. No wonder, per the review post by ManipulatedByIP where you now have to log on to their private facebook so they can keep their sham upselling private and members are moderated to keep the duping scam as privately internally churning as possible!, lol. And they’ve been continuing their web media influence. Her new websites: ;Hey being a wellness glamour guru is fine if she can pull it off. But no way in heck are their displays of wealthy living due to trading for a living. It could be their IP forex scam is diminishing somewhat due to boiling point of duped newbs complaining outside. (

they must be one of the biggest , most glamorous shamshows ever, not just down under. Puts most all the other female vendor scammers to shame. Alla Peters of alphawave second up lol.

Manipulated by IP
Manipulated by IP (@guest_31266)
3 years ago

It is a known fact by most people who have taken the course that non of it works. They bring on affiliates that took their course to legitimize their course. There is a reason why you have reviews on amazon as it gives social proof, and that is the same reason they pay their affiliates. It is a known fact amongst the forex community that took their course, that amy and lewis as well as their large group of affiliates such as irek, benny, jonny godfrey, and their secretary robin, that they go onto forums such as babypips and create fake profiles to defend themselves and the business. Guaranteed most of the people commenting here are their group of affiliates making sure they can keep the wheel spinning, and pretending like they’re real students. Their facebook group for their students, is highly monitored, and anything that questions their ability is deleted. There is a whole group of us who were very vocal about their terrible course and strategies within the facebook group that spoke out that all got banned from the group. Let me make something clear, amy and lewis have never made a live trade ever. You

dtchurn (@guest_3050578)
1 year ago

Thanks so much for coming out with the details of their scam. Yeah, pretty clever how they branched outwith affiliates just like the big-time scammer traducation organizations in the states. Similar to the “featurd speaker” shams on Tradersexpo they even bought themselves an article on Entrepreneur magazine , “content partner”, lol , ( . yeah, dam right they never made real money from forex. Forex is tough enough to trade as it is with the dubious brokers malarky where you pretty much need to be a multi-millionaire already to trade big time cash forex. Otherwise stick to currency futures trading but they never mention that at IP, probably because it’s far easier to sell a forex dream to young adult dupes.

Manipulated by IP
Manipulated by IP (@guest_31265)
3 years ago

purchase the main course and than there is many other upsells and monthly subscriptions that are all garbage, but you don’t know that it doesn’t work because as a beginner, you believe that it is because you haven’t spent enough time working on it. What’s even worst is the fact that they try to mask all of their short comings with inspirational quotes or some self help motivational garbage. Every time you buy their garbage course or pay the subscription fee, you are essentially helping them keep the wheel spinning meaning funding the lambos and vacations so that they can continue using those pictures and vlogs to scam the next batch of naive individuals. These guys are just as bad as those astrofx guys (another huge scam) except you have amy and lewis hiding behind the “holy guru messiah” complex and they honestly believe they are above everyone else. Amys boyfriend is like 40 years old as she has serious daddy issues and lewis is an alcoholic. Remember that social media only shows you 5% of someones true self. I didn’t want to post this buy you could only see the large group of us that have connected through paying for this garbage and realizing what it truly was. There is tons of content on youtube that is 10 times more useful that is FREE.

Me. (@guest_32959)
2 years ago

I would love to connect with you, IP is a scam and I have a huge amount of dirt including their poster boy Tom calling IP a scam.

dtchurn (@guest_3050580)
1 year ago
Reply to  Me.

Glad you guys came out about IP. Hopefully someday the truth about the scam of IP will be widely known with the aussie feds or media doing something about their outrageous facebook forced registration tactics. Not gonna lie where Amy has the best glamour presence of any fem trading vendor out there edging out Alla Peters of alphawave by far putting to shame such as the “Stock Whisperier” and “Stock Swoosh” , “Dark Pools” shammer ladies. ( )

Robert (@guest_30983)
3 years ago

I joined IP mid 2015 and as a student ill give you an honest NO BS review of the course. The content itself is okay. What i will say is that the mechanical strategies taught are not enough to make you a succesful trader. I have progressed through the 60$/mnth active trader program which teaches true price action and how to break down the market using multi time frame analysis. I am currently a Live Trader member and day trade with Irek the head daytrader. We have 2hr webinars 4days a week where Irek will break down the market and place live trades. There is no faking this.. If you have someone placing a trade right in front of you in a live market and it goes in the desired direction to bank profit that to me shows legitimacy. Not that anyone cares but i do bank consistent profits each month. Not because i followed thier trading strategy, but because i progressed as a trader. I do credit them for helping me through the journey however.

In summary:
1) IP is legit
2) NO trading mechanically will not make you rich.. to think this is ridiculous.
3) Is it worth it? To me it was. I joined ip to learn how to trade and now i dont see anything else id rather do than make consistent profits each month.
4) trading successfully is fucking hard. They do make it seem like its easy but in reality its not. I can see why some people have a negative view towards them because this does come off as being fake/scammy.
5) Success isnt achieved by taking a course.. its achieved through hours of practice and the right mentality.

Ex IP Student
Ex IP Student (@guest_30571)
3 years ago

You want an honest review? I can give you one.
There’s the technical side of the IP content and a psychological component.
Technical stuff can work, and allow a modest profit if you stick with it. Mainly because it’s nothing new, and has been repackaged by different trading schools with different names. Same shit, different people spouting it. What they teach in the basic program will only take you from the basement to the penthouse of you have an account size so big you can already buy the building. If you wanna build an account, it’ll take you years.
Psychology side of the program is a dumbed down, repackaged version of Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas, written by someone with no credentials or qualifications to give that sort of advice to anyone.
Where they really start to get you is if you sign up for the “exclusive” day trading program, which is again, repackaged and rebranded technicals from much more successful traders and marketed as a magic bullet for success. Again, proven, time tested, and stolen from someone more successful.
That’s not all though folks, cause you can sign up for market breakdowns for $60/month, and if you’re in the “elite” day trading group you can pay another $80/month for access to the trading floor with the amazing people. All that for just another $140/month! On top of the $350 for “Silver” or $550 for “Gold, and if you’re “Elite” enough, another $1800 to be a “Platinum” day trader.
Although unless you’ve already shelled out the money to be in the Platinum group, don’t expect to get any sort of useful advice either. They just send you excuses or roundabout “you have to check that out yourself” responses. It’s almost like the people in charge don’t really have that much money to look after, seeing as no one can answer any question specific to tax law or financial advisors in any of the main countries these “Elite” traders operate from.

TLDR Version:
Technicals work because they’re stolen from more successful people.
Psychology information is good because it’s stolen from Mark Douglas, and seemingly re-written in crayon because words are hard.
Help for students? Only if you’ve paid extra.
Actual useful technicals that you can make a tidy profit (which are also stolen and repackaged from more successful people)? Only if you pay extra.
Transparency regarding results or real assistance regarding taxation, finance or trading large sums of money? Non-existent.

Average trading system. Poor service. People in charge trying to look rich. Move right past this one if you want something real.

donavin moreno
donavin moreno (@guest_30488)
3 years ago

lol the course has changed my life and made my trading 100x better so this whole article is irrelevant your completely wrong about everything

dtchurn (@guest_28295)
3 years ago

lol, first glimpse of IP “ball” 2016. And then their mega-yacht ride. have fun.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_28298)
3 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Three words: pointless, shallow and vacuous, but what else would you expect from the generation that have been raised in the age of (un)social media, (non)reality TV and the Kardashians.

dtchurn (@guest_28304)
3 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

Exactly. They continue to dole out these vacuous supposed rich lifestyle videos due to forex, as marketing lure which the review pointed out. They’re as bad as Fous where in the spam email they encourage college age kids to ditch higher education and trade forex instead with a bunch of shill videos on yt, pathetic.

Lane (@guest_27437)
4 years ago

Wow, you people are nutts, IP is a lovely course and I hold a lot of respect for Amy and Lewis. I guess some just want to cut them down because they are trying to help people like they helped me in so many aspects of my life. Pretty sad but also funny that people live their lives purposefully torturing themselves into the system. Just because something I try doesn’t work for me does not mean I will go around bashing it. Why? Because it might not be the truth for other people. Such a careless selfish act reserved for the child trapped in an adults body.

Have fun being sad.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_27446)
4 years ago
Reply to  Lane

@ Lane, Business must be suffering because the shills are out again. Read the review and the comments. The criticism leveled at them is because they claim huge successes but will produce no proof of the income they claim to earn through their trading. Perhaps you’d like to sen Emmett your redacted trading statements as proof that what they teach produces the results they claim it does. No? I didn’t think so.

Lane (@guest_27450)
4 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

Why don’t you think so? I have no problem with this, not that he deserves it.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_27452)
4 years ago
Reply to  Lane

Looking forward to hearing about those statements in the near future.

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_27455)
4 years ago
Reply to  Lane

The problem is they make wild claims yet show no proof of their claims. You did hear about Bernie Madoff? My guess is you are a relative and want to defend these people. If they are so profitable then get them to show Emmett some proof. Gee Emmett just gave some TR operator 5 stars for showing all of 1 Months worth of proof; which IMHO is a ridiculously low standard. Surely they can do that; Right!

Mike M
Mike M (@guest_27457)
4 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

Sick people trying to influence the uneducated for personal gain. I need a shower after watching this total B.S.

Lane (@guest_27463)
4 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

Ok I get what you’re saying but please don’t fabricate me as a relative or a freind.

Rob (@guest_27340)
4 years ago

Honest feedback here:
– fx trader for many years.
– signed up to see what the fuss is.
– non trading material is great if your new! Not worth 300-500 dollars though.
– power and bounce strategies do not work. (Programmed the strategies to test for statistical significance. There is none so strategies long term do not work). But they want you to believe that it does without proof.
– any hedge fund or fx proprietry trading firm needs track record before they invest in anyone or anything. Its been mentioned no track record provided. No serious investor would go further.
– also conflict of interest as they are an IB to fxcm brokerage.

MeMyself&I (@guest_26744)
4 years ago

IP is a scam, Not one single person working with IP has ever produced any evidence of trading profits. Why would you listen to someone without seeing what they have made first…or else question how they have made it. Blows my mind. IP is a business, and that is what pays Amy and Lewis, NOT trading. Active trader is a business and that is what pays Paul Andre and Tom Russell, NOT trading. Its all bullshit. None of them have any experience working in the financial sector at all, and yet kids believe in the lie that they can quit there job, earn 10k a month trading the FX market with IP ‘s terrible trading strategy. Im sure IP lovers are reading this and think im full of crap blah blah blah but seriously ask yourself have you ever seen any of these so called Guru’s returns? you might say but Tom bought a Ferrari…AT paid for that. Lewis bought a Lambo..IP students paid for that, even the IP ball lol Christ, the student pay for all of that and IP reap the benefits its crazy.

scre (@guest_12543)
4 years ago

Man , you are awesom , I knew That they are scammers because I m a forex trader , unfortunatly there are a big mass of victims , thank you for this amazing article , and I hope to expose them more and more

David (@guest_12519)
4 years ago

I cannot speak for the credibility of Infinite Prosperity, but I do find your reasoning a little “conspiracy theory” like.

Let me put a slightly different direction on the conversation.

I am an experienced engineer with multiple university degrees and certificates behind my name and years of experience in multiple industries. However, many of my close personal friends, who did not study after school, have achieved much greater success in life without a “helping hand” from anyone.

I sometimes resent my parents for pushing me into a professional career because they believed that it would provide me with financial security.

Times have changed in the world, and a university degree does not guarantee any “success” in life.

Sure, if your child is passionate about animals, and their dream is to be a veterinarian, they should definitely go to college.

But don’t be one of those parents who believes their kids MUST go to college or else…

Rob B
Rob B (@guest_12547)
4 years ago
Reply to  David


I am not sure what post you are even replying to, but statistically speaking on average individuals with a college degree makes more money than those without. Does that mean everyone with a college degree will be successful, obviously not. Does it mean everyone without a college degree will be unsuccessful, obviously not.

But recent you parents! You should get on your hands and knees and thank them. I to am an engineer by trade. And it is always good to have a back up to fall on. I know many college professions that eventually go on to do other things. I am now a business man, but I think my experience as a engineer is a big credit has it teaches you how to identify and solve problems.

The funny thing is I knew so many that came to work for the company that I worked for a long time ago and they did not have that sheepskin and due to that they could not get the promotions and raises they wanted even though they knew more than some of the engineers.

So you wanted parents that said, hey go out and wing it and forget about college? But want concerns me most is this is a site about day trading, which is scam industry. I sure hope you are not telling people they should quit college to become a day trader. Yea I know exactly what the success rate of that advice will be.

dtchurn (@guest_12555)
4 years ago
Reply to  Rob B

Good point. It would be ludicrous to suggest a young person fresh out of highschool or even in college age years whether graduated or still in college should be encouraged to ditch all other aspirations and try to go into daytrading. Yet this is what the cadre of young “whizkid” vendors pioneered by Sykes, then now the likes of WillStockpicks, IP and a host of other very young people vendors try to sell. As this site has proven over and over again, practically all of these vendors have stopped trading live once they got a business going with a monthly churn of fees from newbs. A handful have shown some live proof yet they can not really trade for a living and have to run a churn site as a breakeven live trader which may be of value to newbs starting out live without losing their shirt. If there are any trading the dream it would be like making it to nba all stars i.e. lotto chances. So far, any young folk who “make it big” turn out to be vendors selling a sham themselves. If they choose to be a sham site, so be it, but the TS movement will call them out.

Mitchell (@guest_11781)
4 years ago

Hey there, long time infinite prosperity student here!
not sure if anyone still checks this blog, but I thought I’d give my two cents.

I came across infinite prosperity almost 4 years ago when they were much smaller. For a few months I followed Lewis and Amy online and eventually bought their course.

At the time of buying, I was 17, so I was only able to trade a demo account until I turned 18. over that time I made a lot of mistakes, but quickly learned from them. I have now been trading for almost 3 years using their 3 basic strategies on a live account, now averaging 35% annually, compounding on my account size.

It’s sad that people have to create false reviews like this, slandering the creators personal lives instead of actually going through the course for a real review. I saw you mention in some other comments “if I bought every forex course I’d be broke”, but that doesn’t mean you can start reviewing courses without even trying them.

I’ve not only gained the skills to trade in the forex market, but I have gained so much knowledge about business, lifestyle, personal growth and so on just from following Lewis on snapchat and youtube and watching his mini lessons.You can follow him yourself on snapchat at loopylitez if you want, he responds to almost all personal messages.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_11794)
4 years ago
Reply to  Mitchell

Business must be bad, the shills are back. I wonder how Amy and Lewis could stop people like Emmett calling them out on their bullsh#t? If only there were some way to prove that they were legit and Emmett got it wrong? Wow! How about verified brokerage statements from them or from one of their shills. That would do it! It’s very strange, isn’t it, that when they were asked to provide proof of profitable trading they couldn’t and wouldn’t.

dtchurn (@guest_11806)
4 years ago
Reply to  Stray Dog

Good catch Stray. Indeed looks like these shills sneaked in while we were all needlessly distracted by mr. bar-by-bar rodgers. Also like all those buddies at the IP ball 2015/2016 came out to “vote” on this review. Maybe Gordon-Ray Freeman was their guest mentor of shamming honor.

Pete (@guest_11808)
4 years ago
Reply to  dtchurn

Once President Trump and the CFTC read enough letters of complaint about charlatans like Infinite-Prosperity and Br–ks, widespread regulatory action will put these crooks out of business so fast your head will spin.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_11809)
4 years ago
Reply to  Pete

Yeah the Don and I are going to talk about it this weekend while eating tic tacs and petting kittens.

Chuck (@guest_11814)
4 years ago
Reply to  Pete

You think Trump gives a rip about this stuff? He is one of them, if not for settling his “Trump University” for 25 million he’d be playing checkers with Bernie Madoff.

Stray Dog
Stray Dog (@guest_11817)
4 years ago
Reply to  Pete

Pete have a look at this site. www dot 7cups dot com I think you need to take the next step. You have vented now it’s time to work on your recovery.

Peter (@guest_11755)
4 years ago

This is utter nonsense!

I am an fx trader myself, coached by Amy and Lewis and the rest of the IP team. I can tell you that I was extremely suspicious to begin with. However, after joining and being an IP student for over a year, I can tell you with certainty that this is no “scam”… These are honest, professional and last but not least exceptional trading mentors.

20 % of the IP course is focused on pure trading mechanics, technical analysis and risk management. The other 80 % is focused solely on the psychological aspect of trading. The reason for this is because 90 % of traders starting out loose 90 % of their capital withing the first 90 days (the “90-90-90″ rule” if you will).

The course, the mentors and the overall value of the course (free, silver, gold and platinum membership) is actually very good. I have tried different courses which have been way to bad (they don’t focus enough on psychology and risk management). So with Infinite Prosperity, I was pleasantly surprised with the exceptional quality. I am now a Platinum member and on my way to becoming a full time daytrader and I can absolutely advise anyone wanting to become a trader to give Infinite Prosperity a try!

This isn’t a scam, people.

Aleta (@guest_8871)
4 years ago

I knew from day 1 that Amy, Lewis and Robert were charlatans. In fact I confronted Amy on-line about this when they launched and she did not refute. What you have failed to mention is that ALL of these FX trading courses and software are scams. No one makes consistent money “trading” FX. Institutions make money by taking a few bips out of client trades, with each executed trade matched by a counterparty.

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