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On July 18, 2015 I published a blistering review of Avenge Trading Software. The crux of the negative review was based upon the extreme lack of disclosure regarding the company. In particular, the live day trading room was publishing a fantastic track record based upon the supposed verifiable trading performance of the moderators, inside of the live trading room. These fantastic performance summaries were being used as marketing bait to entice newbie traders into purchasing their magic trading indicators. How much do these magic trading indicators cost? $25,000 for a lifetime license of the software, and an additional $2,500 per month to attend the live day trading room.

To some, it might sound incredible that any person would spend $25,000 and $2,500 each month for magic trading indicators. However, Avenge purports that if a person simply purchases the trading software, and copies the live moderators inside of the day trading room, then they can also, reasonably expect that they will also be able to replicate the performance from within the live trading room. Just how good is the supposed performance inside of the live day trading room? Avenge claims that by simply “copy and paste” the moderators, then a person should be able to replicate at between $150,000 and $200,000 per year in trading profits trading only three contracts. The company claims these performance figures have been “fully audited”, though I am not really sure how they define fully audited. I define an audit as a registered CPA putting some sort of stamp of approval on top of actual account statements. However, Avenge simply provides only a spreadsheet that is emailed out to only interested parties.

Think about this a moment, suppose that you have little experience at trading, you are relatively naive about futures trading and you are looking to supplement your income. You hear an advertisement on AM radio about magic trading software that turns your personal home computer into a virtual ATM machine. You call the phone number and the salesperson tells you about the fantastic world of algorithmic trading of financial futures. He tells you that this is how the big boys on Wall Street are making their millions of dollars. They do it by trading with special software that supposedly can predict the stock future. The pitch is simple…spend $25,000 for the magic software, and in return, you receive a virtual money printer that verifiably produces between $150,000 and $200,000 in annual profits. For many folks, the allure is incredibly enticing. However, for those of us that have been around this game of trading for any amount of time can fully attest…its not that easy! In fact, making any profit whatsoever is incredibly difficult.

In addition to Avenge Trading making these outrageous claims of profitability, and describing trading as a simpleton’s chore, they also have absolutely zero disclosure about whom is running the company. In my original review, I lambasted the company about this. They wanted people to send them $25,000 for magic trading software, yet the company refused to disclose whom was running the company, or whom owned the company? Whom would be crazy enough to randomly send $25,000 to person with zero proof? Apparently a lot of people.

The Magic Of Advertising

Part of the research that I conduct with trading vendors is to figure out how they are marketing. How are they spreading out, into the public space, and getting their message out? I find this part of writing the review process to be immensely interesting. Some of these trading vendors are incredible marketers. So how does Avenge Trading lure folks into the marketing net? The method is primarily AM radio and Google advertising. In particular, Avenge Trading taps into the right wing, angry and disaffected conservative base of voters. They tap into the resentment of “Wall Street Fat Cats”, the political elite, the well connected and secretive financial types that apparently have monopolized the easy opportunities of fast cash being doled out daily on Wall Street. Avenge Trading is exactly what is sounds like, its REVENGE against those that have all the easy money opportunities. Finally, a person can spend only $25,000 and they will be avenged and finally be part of the American dream. That dream of wealth and personal freedom, that American dream that we all believe in our teens and twenties, but begins to fade as we enter middle age. Avenge Trading is that last chance to finally grasp that dream and be somebody really important, and achieve the magnificent status of being wealthy and a proud American.

Some readers might believe that my marketing hypothesis is as incredible as the promised returns of Avenge Trading. However, the marketing of Avenge is quite direct, and makes no diversion away from conservative voters. One of the paid pitchmen for Avenge Trading is none other than Ben Shapiro, a right wing wonder boy that is often seen commenting on Fox News about something horrible that a democrat did. I am not going to drag politics into this review, however I am simply stating the obvious in that Avenge Trading is using right wing media as a means to specifically target the conservative voter demographic. The following Google ad is being prominently displayed on most conservative news outlets.Ben Shapiro Avenge Trading

In addition to Google adwords advertising, and purchasing advertising space directly to be directly displayed onto right wing websites, Avenge Trading also invests heavily in AM radio shows. In fact, if you Google “Avenge Trading radio show”, you will find links to radio shows in nearly all major markets in the United States. Are these live radio shows? No, these pre-recorded, one hour radio infomercials that are expertly produced and hosted by Geraldo Rivera. Have a listen:

If you listened to any of this well produced infomercial, you have to agree that the marketing is excellent. The messaging is amazing. Just imagine for a moment, you are a middle aged guy that works a middle class job, administrating the delivery of sewer pipes from point A to point B. You earn $50k to $90k a year and you just know that this is the best life has to offer. Your wife drives a 10 year old car that needs new tires, and your kids are in community college. Life is a grind and it is not getting better, all the while you keep getting older, you have little savings. Those hopes and dreams from your youth are now becoming unattainable fantasies. Your resentment boils over, you are mad. Mad at the “takers” in our society, you know those people…they pay no taxes and get all sorts of government handouts. You are mad at the politicians, mad at the Muslims, mad at the illegal Mexicans driving down wages and having anchor babies, mad at planned parenthood. And your only tribe in which to commiserate can be found on AM radio. Those amazingly sympathetic talking heads that understand your frustration, you know know whom I speak of: Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, all of them exciting those base resentments. And then all of a sudden, nestled in between all of this negativity comes this amazing infomercial about financial prosperity and personal freedom.

This infomercial speaks to you. It is full of hope and promise. Every sentence is about freedom and personal wealth and a better life. The music is exciting and pulses with the promise of better Geraldo Riveradays ahead. Then Geraldo Rivera asks you, “image having unlimited wealth and personal freedom by working only two hours a day?”. Imagine travelling the world and having the freedom to what you want, when you want, how you want…its time to be Avenged! And so, for the next hour you listen to how simple and easy and amazing it is to have magic software that generates a fantastic daily income from the comfort of ones own home.

Well, if it is so easy…then why sell the software? Why would the developer sell the software? If it were me, I would sit in my underwear all day and crank out profits and have scantily clad bikini models waiting on my every beck and call. Heck, I would buy a fleet of yachts and a few islands, and a gaggle of beautiful models, and some fancy sports cars. And unlimited Grey Poupon. And an NFL team, where I would name myself the head coach and design the cheerleaders uniforms with loving detail.

Of course, we all know that life is never so easy. There is no free lunch. And if it sounds too good to be be true, then it probably is. And in the case of Avenge Trading Software, apparently the story of this software is much more potent than the hard cold reality of the software.

Introducing Gordon Driver

The common theme among all of these magical trading software developers is that they are all great at telling the story of their magical trading software, but none of them is ever willing to actually prove the software works by trading it themselves. All the time, I ask for proof in the form of account statements, and the response is always “NO”. However, they are more than willing to provide hundreds of testimonials from hundreds of happy customers that are supposedly generating huge profits. But once I contact these supposedly outrageously happy purchasers of the magic trading software, none of them is willing to provide me any proof that they have ever made a profit at trading.

Gordon DriverIn the case of Avenge Trading Software, the developer is named Gordon Driver. And apparently, he believed so much in his magical trading software that he went out and solicited over $17,000,000 in investor funds in which to trade his magical day trading software. Unfortunately, the software did not perform as well as hoped and Gordon Driver quickly lost $3.5 million dollars out of a $3.7 million dollar account. Amazingly, Gordon lost 94% of his account.

So what about the other $14,000,000 that Gordon Driver raised from investors? Approximately $2,100,000 went into his pocket to “support a lavish lifestyle that included meals, housing, and gambling trips to Las Vegas casino’s“. The remaining funds were paid back to clients in the form of supposed profits from the amazing day trading software. This whole story is so zany that most people simply are not going to believe what I am writing. The following is a press release directly from the FBI, in which Gordon Driver was just sentenced to 12 years in Federal Prison (October 21, 2015).


If you read this piece from the newsroom of the FBI, you were probably floored. I know I was pretty shocked at the size and the scope of this fraud. What is amazing to me is that even after the FBI shut him down, he simply took the software and decided to sell it as a stand alone investment product, ie magic trading software. All of this begs the question, if he could not get his magic trading software to work for himself, then how can a person reasonably expect a better result?

Doing Hard Time In Federal Prison

As many of my readers know, I am also a convicted investment scoundrel. I was convicted of running a ponzi scheme and served a 33 month sentence in Federal Prison. For those of you that are not familiar with the Federal Prison system, there is very little “good time” that can be earned. In fact, a person in the federal system serves 85% of the time that the judge issues at sentencing. For me, I served a little over 28 months in prison and the remaining months in a half way house. For Gordon Driver, the judge ordered a sentence of 12.58 years. And so, Gordon Driver will be serving a mandatory sentence of 10.70 years in Federal Prison. I served my sentence at Lompoc Federal Prison Camp, however Gordon was sentenced to Terminal Island. What is the difference? Gordon Driver is not in a relatively safe and easy going camp, he has been placed behind the barbed wire in a restricted movement prison.

Terminal Island Federal Prison is not a fun place to be. There are no open fields, no fresh air, no relative seclusion, no privacy whatsoever. He is currently doing his time in a what I can only describe as a terrifying and horrible place. Gordon Driver is doing HARD TIME. For the next 10+ years, he is going to be sleeping in a massive dormitory that is packed full of snoring, farting, shouting, violent, obscene, and disrespectful folk. These are not “white collar campers”, these are people with a minimum sentence of 10+ years and/or considered violent criminals. And believe me, some of these people are extremely violent, manipulative, and incredibly disrespectful. He is in with the tough crowd and every single day is going to be acutely painful. If you are one of the victims of Gordon’s investment scheme, then rest assured that Gordon Drivers life is essentially over. He is currently 58 and will not be eligible for release until he is nearly 70. And that is if he even survives…the Federal Prison health care system is beyond horrible. Have a heart condition? You are dead. Any of your vital organs go on the blink, and you are dead. Have a toothache? There is no friendly dentist that provides fillings with a loving hand. The tooth gets pulled. In fact, in the Federal Prison system, nearly everyone over the age of 60 is toothless simply because the policy is to only pull teeth. It is a heartless place where you are no longer a person, you are simply a number. And the order of the day is to keep you caged like an animal at the lowest possible expense to the taxpayer, this means that the food and the health care is terrible. Not a fun place to be folks.

For me, the most humiliating thing about Federal Prison was when family came to visit. In particular, my son was only three years old and he wanted to jump all over me. However, he had to experience the humiliation of having to be frisked and patted down by a prison guard. Imagine having your own little child, and your wife come to visit you in prison, and they have to be frisked and searched before being allowed to visit inside of a sterile room. A room that is monitored with watchful eyes and cameras. More humiliation when friends and family come to visit, these are not happy occasions, these are incredibly painful experiences for all parties involved. For me, I felt such shame and remorse for the pain and hurt that I caused others. Having family, friends, and colleagues visit you in prison is the ultimate shame, absolute rock bottom. Rest assured, Gordon Driver will also experience this. All prisoners experience this pain, shame and humiliation.

One final note on the pain and humiliation of being a prisoner is the final insult of dying in prison. I personally witnesses several people die in prison, most from easily curable diseases. When you die in prison, the morgue is called in to retrieve your warm body. However, they do not simply pick up your body and place it onto a gurney to be wheeled out. First, they shackle the dead body with handcuffs and leg irons. And they even chain the body to the gurney. Even in death, the body is subjected to this final humiliation.

Fake Investment Schemes: Ponzi’s, Magic Trading Software, Fraudulent Trading Rooms

People that sell “magic trading software”, are really just selling a fraudulent investment scheme. There really is not that much difference between the person selling a full blown ponzi, a person selling magic trading software, and a person selling a fraudulent day trading room. They all cause financial loss and intense emotional pain on the victims. I am sure that many will argue that a fraudulent day trading room and magic trading software are not as bad as the person executing a ponzi. But I would argue that they are nearly identical. All three have the same conclusion, and that is financial loss and intense emotional pain.

The people that sell “magic trading software” and live day trading rooms will argue that they are only responsible for the fee’s that they charge. But do they ever think about the countless victims that take their advice and lose thousands of dollars in savings? The ponzi scheme is easier to reconcile, you have a list of victims and an amount that is easy to count. But what about the guy that spends thousands of dollars to sit in a live day trading room, where the moderator does not trade successfully nor has he ever traded successfully. The moderators of these live day trading rooms know that they are losers and cannot make a profit, but they have no problem watching the masses pile into their trading rooms and take their losing investment advice.

The charlatans selling the magic trading software are by and far just failed traders themselves. In interviewing many, the story is all the same in that they had previously attempted to trade successfully and simply were net losers. They could not make a profit with their technique or their approach, but in their own personal desperation decided to go the dark side, they took their failed ideas and packaged them into a bundle of failed ideas that could be purchased for a fee. To me, the magic trading software hustlers are the worst because they are the most sneaky in the execution of their scheme. They sell hope in the form of squiggly lines on a chart and convince the victims to repeatedly throw themselves repeatedly upon the fire of a failed approach.

Some of these indicator hustlers and trading room charlatans are quite cynical. Most are prior victims themselves. They got into the trading game and got hustled and swindled themselves by other indicator hustlers. They spent thousands of dollars on books and seminars, and indicators and systems and feel like something is owed to them. They were mistreated by others, and so they feel that their own actions are now justified. One such charlatan that recently rubbed me raw was John Novak of Nexgen Magic Trading Software. I wrote a scathing review of his product and highlighted his inability to ever produce a verifiable profit during his 15 year career of indicator hustling. His response was to blame his victims. He say;s that the problem is not himself, but people are not willing to work hard enough. Complete BS. John Novak proclaims himself to be highly successful on a daily basis, and yet multiple governmental agencies have already proven this man to be a fraud and phony.

Truly, I could spend a week talking about all of the hustlers that I have encountered in the past year of writing highly detailed reviews of the trading educational industry. John Novak is just one flea on the body of a big shaggy dog on a hot July afternoon. Lets get back to Avenge and wrap this up.

Wrapping Things Up

At this point, its simply amazing that Avenge Trading is still hustling magic trading software. Even with this negative review, I doubt that my message will be heard over the paid endorsements of Heraldo Rivera or Ben Shapiro. These right wing guys have massive audiences and are fully aware of the shenanigans of Gordon Driver, yet they continue to peddle the software.

Well, that’s it for today. Sorry for yet another negative write up.

Oh, one last final note…Avenge Trading Software used to have a couple of salesman: Dr. Vance Cast and Bobby Fusco. Many of you reading this are probably scratching your heads, but these bozo’s left Avenge Trading and started their very own fraudulent magic trading software named Delta Trading Group. The good doctor, aka Dr. Vance Cast has spent 18 of the past 22 years in various prisons for drug trafficking and got his PhD for only $69 from a fake online university. And of course Bobby Fusco is another charlatan that has been scamming people for many years with a grant writing scam. The scam is simple, pay Bobby Fusco $2,000 to $4,000 and he will guarantee delivery of a government grant for between $50,000 and $500,000. Bobby Fusco is along time con artist, I recommend that you Google “Bobby Fusco Fraud”. A portion of the internet is dedicated to the various hustles of this idiot. Apparently drug trafficking and fake government grants is not as profitable as selling magic trading software.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment below. Even the haters and trolls will find that their voices are also heard.


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