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Summary is a mega scam being orchestrated by one of the worst financial fraudsters of the modern era. A multi million dollar, binary options fraud scheme that is specifically targeting the most financially vulnerable and the elderly. A complex fraud.

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Pros: Absolutely nothing to recommend.
Cons: A bonafide, multi million dollar fraud that is scamming citizens globally of millions of dollars each week. No kidding.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Binary Book

What is Binary Book? is a binary options trading website that allows a person to invest in “Yes or No” Binary Options Contracts. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this review, it is important that I take a moment and explain exactly what a binary option actually is. Many readers may find this investment product confusing, or difficult to understand. And from this confusion, is where you find either opportunity or peril. So let’s jump into a very simple explanation of what exactly is a binary option.

A binary option is quite simply a yes or no proposition bet. It is a bet that something will either happen, or it will not happen. Lets take a look at the price of the Euro/US Dollar, which is currently trading at 1.1279 Euro’s to 1 US Dollar. This simply means that if you have a single Euro in your pocket, and you fly to the United States, then you can convert your single Euro into 1.1279 US Dollars. A binary option will allow a person to bet that the price of either currency will go up, or go down.

Looking at, a person can trade a binary options contract that allows a person to trade a binary options contract that expires in as short as 30 seconds, and as long 5 minutes. Practically speaking, lets say that you believe that the price of the Euro is going to go up in then next 30 seconds. You can then purchase a binary option that expires in the next 30 seconds. If the price of the Euro rises, then your bet wins. If the price falls, then your bet loses. Its a coin flip bet.

The odds of a coin flip bet

If you flip a coin, then you can expect that over a series of coin flips, the distribution of heads and tails will be equal. This is a simple and indisputable fact of life. Now suppose that your best friend approaches you and offers you a proposition bet (Binary Option) that every single time that the coin is heads, you will earn .40 cents and every time the coin is tails you will lose $1. Think about this a moment, every single time a heads appears, your best friend is going to pay you .40 cents. And every time a tails appears, you are going to pay your friend $1.

Most people would look at this scenario and laugh at these ridiculous odds. Who needs enemies with friends like these? If you start this game with your friend, and you continue this game for a period of time, then eventually the math will swamp you, it will grind you down, and you will lose all of your money.

However, looking at, these are the exact same odds that they are offering to binary options investors. Take a look at the following graphic…

Binary Book Odds

So what exactly are you looking at? This is a binary options contract that allows a person to bet that the price of the Euro/US Dollar is going to either go up, or go down in the next 30 seconds. The price is currently 1.12792. If you hit the Call or Buy button, and you wager $100, and the price closes above 1.12792 in exactly 30 seconds, then you will win $60 dollars. However, if the price closes below 1.12776, then you lose $100 dollars.

Think back for a moment on the coin flip bet. A fair coin flip bet would pay you $1 every time you win and you would lose $1 every time you lose. A binary options contract bet is quite simply a coin flip bet. However, the odds are much different. If you win, then you are paid .60 cents, but if you lose then must pay $1 dollar. is not an exchange

When you place a trade at the CME or the NYSE, then you are trading against a great mass of traders in a gigantic pool of opinions and differing time frames. However, with a binary option, you are trading only against The broker is taking the other side of your trade. is not in business to lose money, these odds have been created so that even if you are an amazing coin flipper, eventually the math will catch up and drain you dry. is actually an online casino is attempting to masquerade itself as a financial exchange. However, it is nothing of the sort. Rather, is actually a casino. And like any casino, they make their money from the differential in odds. always calculates a profit margin of between 30% to 45% of every single wager that a person makes. Notice how I use the term wager instead of investment. There is no investment whatsoever in a binary options contract, you are guaranteed to lose over time. Sure you might get lucky on your initial attempt, but over a period of time, you are a guaranteed loser of every single penny that is wagered. Lets compare binary options to odds of winning an assortment of gambling games in Las Vegas, or any casino.

Las Vegas vs Binary Book

I love Las Vegas. Its a fun place. There are amazing lights and exciting games to be played. But lets make no mistake, the very moment you start gambling is the very moment that you start losing. The hotels, the lights, cheap rooms, outrageous fountains, and free booze is paid for by people losing money by playing the various games. The games are designed so that you must lose. They are also configured in such a way that in a short period of time, a person can get lucky and flip the coin “heads 10 times in a row”, and this creates a big payday. However, this same person is also mathematically guaranteed to lose everything, if they continue to play long enough.

Lets take a look at what Las Vegas takes per wager vs. what takes per wager. The following table is no joke.

Las Vegas Odds vs Binary Book Odds

GameHouse Advantage
Roulette (double-zero)5.30%
Craps (pass/come)1.40%
Craps (pass/come with double odds)0.60%
Blackjack - average player2.00%
Blackjack - 6 decks, basic strategy*0.50%
Baccarat (no tie bets)1.20%
Caribbean Stud*5.20%
Let It Ride*3.50%
Three Card Poker*3.40%
Pai Gow Poker (ante/play)*2.50%
Slot Machines5% - 10%
Video Poker*0.5% - 3%
Keno (average)27.00%
BinaryBook.Com Binary Options30% - 45%

Looking at this table, the Las Vegas odds assume that a person plays perfectly, in other words if a person is playing Blackjack and they are dealt 20, they do not hit (hoping for an ace). They must play these casino games perfectly. Notice the odds of See how much they are taking off of each wager? Let that sink in.

An obvious scam

This is quite obviously a scam. Its not an investment. Its a gambling wager. And it is a terrible gambling wager at that! However, how does pull off this scam? How do they convince people to deposit money and then take these terrible wagers? Well, just like how the day trading educational industry convinces us to purchase magic trading indicators or secret money flow indicators, has their own magic that they employ. Take a look at the following table. What you will see are a series of promotional websites. The websites are “feeder” websites that are heavily promoted and entice people into opening accounts with Have a peek at a few…

 Promotional WebsiteBinary Broker

Some of these video’s are quite outrageous. What is amazing is how these videos are multiple step process video’s. In other words, you first enter your name and email, which then takes you to another page with YET ANOTHER video that prompts yet more information. And then you move to a third page which prompts you for your credit card information. The final step is to hit the “magic button” where your trades start firing off at 30 second intervals. How do I know? Because to fully test how this fiesta a fraud was executed, I had to deposit $250 into an account. Within a day, my entire $250 was wiped out of my account.

But have no worries, because the very moment your account goes bust, you will receive a phone call from a “Fully Licensed and Insured Binary Broker” that reassured me that the magic trading robot still is still working and just this morning a client had earned $14,572 in only 2 days. However, this client started with an investment of $3,000 and that a larger investment was really the key to making the big bucks. I told him that my credit card had only $2,000 in remaining credit and then he said that if I deposited my remaining $2,000, then he would supplement my account with an additional $1,000 in free money. He described it as a deposit bonus and it was a one time thing for only a selected few.

Where was this broker located? The phone number came out of Florida and the person spoke perfect English. Was he in Florida? Who in the heck knows! But I could hear a gang full of other brokers in the background all selling in a cacophony of fraud of deceit. It was pretty amazing stuff folks.

In addition to being pestered by a boiler room salesperson, I next began receiving a diluge of of emails about people that were making “thousands of dollars every single day” and that I needed to hurry before the opportunity for the deposit bonus disappeared.

How much is taking in each day?

This is a great question and not easily answered. First, we had to spend a great deal of time tracking down each of the promotional domains that are offering this scam. This took nearly a week of nonstop research. After we tracked down the promotional websites, we then followed the videos to each of the affiliate promotional websites that act as a tracking hub for professional internet marketers. At each of these promotional hubs, there is a list of how many units were sold for each video promotion. Keep in mind that the professional marketers are being paid $250 for each new account that was opened with On one of these videos, there were 2,500 new accounts that were paid to marketers over a 60 day period. This means that paid out a whopping $625,000 in affiliate commissions. If the affiliate hubs are correct and accurate in their reporting statistics, then I would estimate that is taking in at least $1,000,000 per week.

As you can see, this is a massive fraud, on a scale that most people will find simply incredible. With this much money sloshing around, I really needed to dig deeper. Specifically, what I wanted to know whom is behind this company, the software, the boiler rooms, the infrastructure…how it all works.

Set up your own

Setting up your own binary options brokerage is quite simple. You can contact any of the following white label providers.

Each of these providers have set up fee’s ranging for $25,000 to $600,000 each. Each provider takes a cut of the total deposits, as well as monthly maintenance fee’s ranging from $3,000 to $40,000. Pay more and you get more features, etc.

Create promotional videos

If you watched some of these promotional video’s, then you noticed that many are very technical and very well produced. And so, after convincing that I was ready to spend several hundred thousand dollars setting up my very own “brokerage”, they then started giving me the names of the film production companies that will produce the infomercial videos that are used in the promotion. Most are based in Los Angeles, California. The range of these promotional videos was between $15,000 to upwards of $90,000. Why so expensive? Notice in some of these videos that there are some very expensive backdrops. Some videos have upwards of 20 actors all “making millions” trading binary options, some actors are shown driving a $400,000 Bentley, some are on several million dollar yachts, some videos are recorded in mansions. All of this stuff is rented. And it is expensive.

The renting of cars and yachts, and hiring actors  is only part of the fee’s. You also need to figure in a camera crew, pre and post production costs. It all adds up.

Hustling the desperate and the elderly

Who falls for these scams? Most people are going to look at these videos and immediatialy see the scam. But the people that are suckered in are the desperate, and the elderly. These are little people. People with only a few thousand dollars available on a credit card, and are desperate to change their lives for the better. Too many are the elderly, they are trusting and their mindset is from another era. An era where people trusted each other, and did not steal from one another. Many of these elderly are easily convinced into these types of scams. They are ripped off repeatedly until they either go broke, or their children finally discover what they have gotten themselves into.

To be perfectly honest, I used to be one of these scammers that preyed on the elderly and the financially naive. I know only too well how easy it is to steal a few thousand dollars from Grandma or Grandpa. All you really need is to call them on the phone and be their friend. Many are lonely and live by themselves. They are closer to the end than the beginning, and so money has a different meaning to them than it does to people that working everyday. There is nothing honorable about stealing from someone, yet many make a business of it. Sometimes the universe evens the score, and some of these scammers are brought to justice.

One of the worst  binary options scammers: Oren Shabat Laurent

Oren Shabat Laurent

Oren Shabat Laurent “Mega Thief”

Oren Shabat Laurent owns Bank De Binary, and you can read how he was recently fined by the CFTC for $9,000,000 for running the Banc De Binary trading scam.  You would think that this guy would be out of business, but truthfully, after speaking with several of the film production companies, he is still the largest and most outrageous villain in this shady industry. He base of operations is out of Israel and Cyprus, and his newest angle is to decentralize the scam by spreading it out through several affiliated companies and individuals. I don’t want to make this an issue about Israel, but the simple truth is that nearly all of these binary options companies are being run from Tel Aviv. The Jew haters can now start posting nasty comments, but I have to give some credit to the Israeli authorities, they are now starting to crack down on the scam.

A great article on the size and scope, and allegations of fraud against many Israeli binary options companies can be found by reading the following article. Its a great read. In my opinion, a really big problem is that it is nearly impossible to extradite an Israeli citizen from Israel. Most of the binary options victims are located inside of the United States. However, its just too politically unpopular to mess with an Israeli citizen, even the worst of the worst are left alone to scam as they please. Hopefully Israel will start doing something about it.

Wrapping things up

This was a long article. It took a tremendous amount of time and research to fully understand how these thieves execute the scam. There were several layers that needed to be investigated and researched. Truthfully, I didnt even want to write about this subject because its just too large, cumbersome, and time consuming. But the deeper I digged, the more interesting the topic became.

The research continues. The CFTC did publish an article last year about binary options scams and created something called the “REDLIST“. It lists a few of these binary options scams, but these scammers just pull down their website and create a new website in a matter of moments. In order to combat this, I will be publishing a more up to date and current list of binary options scammers that users can quickly reference.

Thanks for making it this far. A long story that probably gobbled up too much time. But the story needed to be told. Don’t forget to leave your comments below and thanks for reading.





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James Morrison
James Morrison (@guest_3053612)
1 year ago



I almost lost everything I had to this company , I didn’t know they where a scam company so I kept investing till I needed to withdraw some of my earning, that was when the whole story changed….they stopped picking my calls and later deleted my account. Fortunately I was able to contact Ying Yue 76 at yandex com . I lost about $47,000 and I got everything back.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Jack Glenn
Jack Glenn (@guest_3050591)
1 year ago

Be Careful Investing


It has come to the notice of authorities that many unregulated companies are using clone websites to target citizens and hence it has issued a warning to all traders not to deal with any unregulated companies and not to be lured by their false propaganda of unrealistic returns on investments, and not to fall in their trap. Their advertisements can be mouthwatering, but at the end of the day they will run off with your capital too. Thanks to a binary option recovery solution that helped me recovery most of my lost funds, you can contact: Bitcoinrecoveryteam{@}yandex,ru or via Text: +19294372060 and share the testimony they shouldn’t keep ripping people off


  • None


  • Delay in payments until no withdrawal

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No (@guest_30716)
3 years ago

I am a victim of a binary scam. I had to hire a refund professional to recover my money. I’m glad I got my funds back.

dtchurn (@guest_26771)
4 years ago

TradersHelp!Desk carnival mercer lady also branched out to the binary options fad. for $99/month signals.

lex (@guest_26763)
4 years ago

its huge in europe too. in germany these scams run wild and regulator can care less, people are wictims of their own greed and stupidity

dtchurn (@guest_26770)
4 years ago
Reply to  lex

Are there any worthwhile european trading schools review sites? Or is Emmett’s site the only one in the world that asks for live proof in each review?

Amarant (@guest_26775)
4 years ago
Reply to  lex

Bravo. This is what I tell family members of people who die in workplace accidents. If they weren’t so stupid and greedy they would be working in retail or white collar work.

Murk (@guest_10602)
4 years ago

Many of the folks around invested in gold & saved from the wrath of market.
Perfect technical analysis of stock trends

sam (@guest_8468)
4 years ago

lol. another site teaching how to trade binary options has a list of “scams” vs. “trusted”.

no name
no name (@guest_7029)
4 years ago

All things written here is sooooo true. I had a job proposition to work as sales rep for one of the biggest binary options brokerage (if you can call it like that). Second day I left the office why I was disgust how these “licenced brokers” scam people for the last dime.

My name was changed, IP phones were used to make the calls look like they are coming from any country you wish and if the clients are non EU they will not get their money back.

sam (@guest_6658)
5 years ago

Thanks for the review and info Emmett. Enlightening to see the odds are worse than a typical casino but with no comps or buffet points. And shocking how big this rabbit hole of loot this particular organization goes.

Mike (@guest_6627)
5 years ago

Good read Emmett.
These brokers make crooked educators look like saints!

I agree with other comments, these brokers only take money and pay out peanuts.
Forex brokers work on the same principles.

I wouldn’t call anything without an exchange as ‘trading’, instead it’s called “betting”, this isn’t my opinion but tax law, at least it is in Australia anyway… brokers will never tell you that tho.

These brokers control their own price feed, and they know where the stops are.. like taking money from a baby really.

Mike (@guest_6613)
5 years ago

Anyone know ??

Todd (@guest_6619)
5 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Traders Den 24 and Night Scalper UPDATED Review

Simple search

Mike (@guest_6626)
5 years ago
Reply to  Todd

wow, thanks

chuck (@guest_6587)
5 years ago

The main thing I got out of this review is I need to learn how to play Craps

BigLou (@guest_6589)
5 years ago
Reply to  chuck

LOL best comment EVER!

Vlad (@guest_6576)
5 years ago

In that Times of Israel article, 2 companies iForex and bForex are mentioned. Oh man, these were doing some really terrible advertising in Romania a few years back – something along the lines of: here is this shop assistant (nice looking girl) or this electrician or construction worker (rugged looking, Marlboro man type) who knew nothing about Forex, read the guides from these companies and now are making like $2,000 a week. Totally ridiculous.

Ravidr (@guest_6570)
5 years ago

It might have been that company Banc de Binary, or 24 something Options or something similar. There was someone I knew online with a small account, around $200-$300. They had 5 minute option I believe it was, or maybe some were 15 minutes. It was maybe a couple years ago and not my account. I had been predicting some timing on options, and I was doing fairly well at it. The problem was getting the option to move far enough to make any money. However, it didn’t seem getting a couple pennies or ticks in the right direction 10 or 15 minutes later wasn’t too hard. I forget exactly how I did it. it didn’t make me money on options and I dropped it, but I explained to my friend online. He said he practiced for a little while, and then tried with real money. According to him, he hit like 7 or 8 in a row once, and was around 30 for 35. Anyway, he supposedly grew the account from $200-$300 to a little less than $5,000 in only 3 or 4 days. Sounded too good to be true to me personally. The rest of the story, he tried to take out $1,000 and claims he never could get them to send him any money at all. They had all kinds of excuses.

I do know that what I showed him was predicting short term direction very accurate. It just didn’t tell the difference between a good move and a nothing move. Other than that, it was all hearsay more or less. I never cared enough to verify all the information one way or another as soon as I heard he couldn’t collect his money. If you can’t get the money, it is worthless. That was my only real exposure to binary options. The brokers reputations were terrible. I never really thought about them again.

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