Stock Brokers 2015

BrokerStocks & ETFOptionsPlatformMinimum
Options House$4.95 per trade
$9.95 per$1,000
Interactive Brokers$0.005 per share
min $1.00
max 0.5% of trade value
$0.70 per contract min $1.00TraderWorkstation WebTrader MobileTrader IB API FIX CTCI$10,000,$5,000 clients of brokers or advisors
$7.00 per trade
$17.00 per phone trade
$27.00 per assisted trade
$7.00 per trade + $1.25 per Scottrader ScottradeELITE Wireless$500 $25,000 (Scot.Elite)
TD Ameritrade$9.99 per trade
$34.99 per phone trade
$44.99 per assisted trade
$9.99 per trade + $0.75 per StrategyDesk CommandCenter Wireless$2,000
$0.00395 per share + $0.001-0.004 per share exchange fee
$15.00 per phone trade
$0.50 per contractLightspeed Trader$10,000
$9.95-14.95 per trade + $0.015 per share over 1,000$15.00 per 10 Xtend$1
$4.95 minimum
+$0.005 per share over 5000
$0.95 per contractMBT Navigator Pro MBT Navigator Web MBT Navigator Wireless MetaTrader4 (forex)$1,000 $400
$9.99 per trade$9.99 per trade + $0.75 per MarketTrader Power E*TRADE Pro Mobile Pro$1,000
$0.01 per share $0.006 per share over 500
$6.99-9.99 per trade + $0.005 per share over 5,000
$1.00 per contractTradeStation$5,000
$4.95 per trade$4.95 per trade + $0.50 per$1
SogoTrade$5.00 per SogoElite$500 $2,500 (SogoElite)
Fidelity Investments$7.95 per trade$7.95 + $0.75 per Active Trader Pro Fidelity Anywhere$5,000
Trade King$4.95 per trade$4.95 per trade + $0.65 per$1
Just 2 Trade$2.50 per trade$2.50 per trade + $0.50 per contractJ2Trader$2,500
Trade Monster$4.95 per trade$0.50 per contract min $$2,000

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Michael Bahmann
Michael Bahmann

First, Great work, I wish I would of found it earlier….
What can you say about “Techni Trader” or Martha Stokes?
I would like your opinion.
Thank you,



Traderking charged $10.95 for trading penny stocks under $2. You may wanna add that info to your list.


Can you do a review of Suretrader please?