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On April 13, 2016, TradingSchools.Org published a review of Binary Book. The review was extremely critical. In short, we named the company as a complete and total fraud. Not just any fraud, but a fraud of massive proportion. In the review, we stated that the company was fraudulently misrepresenting themselves to consumers, and systemically stealing millions of dollars from customers across the globe. The review was damning and thorough.

The response from Binary Book was predictable. They denied everything. They then proceeded to hire civil litigation lawyers in a desperate attempt to quell what TradingSchools.Org had written about the company. They wanted the negative review removed.

TradingSchools.Org response was to continue to ‘pound the drum’ and keep up the pressure. In spite of the legal threats, harassment, and intimidation…we continuously bombarded the FBI, the CFTC, and multiple state Attorney General with inquiries and demands that something be done. We wanted an investigation.

The truth about the civil and criminal institutions is that you have to make a tremendous amount of noise, and remain incredibly persistent until ‘the marble finds the right hole’.

On September 14, 2017…we finally got some justice. The owner of Binary Book was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Truth be told, I could write a massive amount of material on the bullshit that this company has caused me the past 1.5 years. All in the attempt suppress the truth. Thankfully, the FBI took the case and decided to investigate. An especially big thanks to special agent Michael McGillicuddy of the FBI. This is a serious dude that specializes in fraud.

At this point, all I can legally say is that the allegations of fraud are simply allegations. The owner of Binary Book is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But the case looks extremely compelling. Hopefully, the charges stick.

Rather than meticulously walk the viewers through each allegation, along with witness statements…I have included the official criminal complaint below. Contained within this criminal complaint is a compelling story of how the fraud was executed. Hopefully, you will find the reading enjoyable and edifying.



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